Irresponsible, Unaccountable And Violent Black Females – The Saga Continues

Please take a look at this short clip from Judge Judy which adds even more credence to the fact that the majority of black women behave like petulant children. In addition this video demonstrates that black women as a whole are clearly not fit for motherhood:

Between them these 3 black women have 8 children and none of the fathers are involved in the children’s lives. Haven’t I stated before and don’t we free thinking black men all agree that the overwhelming majority of black women deliberately choose to procreate with black men who are NOT fatherhood material and then further attempt to modify these same fellows from black male dregs to upstanding individuals with little to no success? Black women CHOOSE to be single mothers.

A man is not going to change on behalf of somebody else, he is going to change because the desire is in his own heart to do so, however because of the disjointed mentality that has been injected into the psyche of black women through their allegiance to feminism, they still believe that they can change cruddy boys into good men.

This yet again illustrates just how stupid the majority of black women are, the lower dregs of black male society attract the most women out of all groups of black men, black women as a group as stated in Negro Wars aswell as numerous times on this site are attracted to black men who are no good for long-term relationships and certainly unfit candidates for fatherhood. Why does the unproductive black male have to change when it is his very unproductive nature that brings in the women from far and wide? Here is yet another black woman who illustrates this point:

Do you hear how dumb this woman is, she honestly believes that a professional black man cannot have a leisurely side to himself. Do you see how the picture continues to look grim for black women as a collective? If they aren’t having multiple children outside of committed relationships, raving and partying all week through the weekend and fighting like street brawlers in night club car parks then they are making stupid and idiotic statements about professional black men who wear suits not being able to wind down and have fun.

Remember, your so called “educated and professional” black female is exactly the same when it comes down to thug love, J.Boogie from the block will drop her off at work and be riding around in her car all day burning up the petrol, in his case she will actually spend money on him in exchange some penis every so often(let’s be honest, normally everyday). Yet with black men of upstanding character she will immediately tighten her purse strings and expect them to pay for any and everything.

If only Judge Judy knew that the deplorable behaviour she reprimanded those 3 black women for taking part in is the standard and the norm amongst black female society today. And many black women wonder why they remain chronically single. How many times have we seen videos of black women fighting in miscellaneous locations with their children in the background crying?

Yet deceitful and pestilent black female buzzards such as Sophia A Nelson, Christelyn Karazin, Simone 56, Ms ArchDuchess, Breukelen Bleu, Egypt Ann Unstoppable, Faith Jones, Deborah Cooper, Izidora Storm, Chrissie and the rest of the YouTube angry and bitter black sisterhood would have us believe that black men pointing to the shortfalls and the ills of black female society is the reason why black women are catching a negative wrap.

No, the reason why black women as a group are viewed negatively by others is simply because by and large they are evil individuals who believe that they have the right to treat everybody around them in particular black men like garbage. Remember the video that came out just over 2 years ago in which a white woman laid out the facts concerning why now more than ever black men are choosing to deal with non black women instead, in this case white women:

Note the main points mentioned, white women have no problems wearing their real hair, they are willing to try new things sexually, they have no problems with oral sex, the most important reasons of all is white women care about their men, they listen to their men, they support their men, they don’t feel the need to raise their voices, they don’t nag and argue all the time and last but by no means least they allow the man to be the head of the household.

Mind you raising the issue of sex black women will throw their sexual inhibitions into the toilet whenever they deal with non black men, we already know this is a fact from race play pages on Tumblr aswell as porn sites such as Ghetto Gaggers, Cumbang, Round N Brown etc. There black women willingly allow themselves to be sexually degraded and dehumanised by white men, after all you must always remember that in the eyes of black women white men are gods.

You’ll also notice from your own observations and personal experiences how most black women take pride in being masculine, unpleasant, difficult and violent yet non black women by and large will aim for the complete opposites of these, hence why more black men are beginning to seek love and companionship amongst them.

Of course there are certain pro black pundits who disapprove of black men expanding on their dating and marriage options ie going interracial:

Notice how Dr Umar Johnson continually fails to address the black woman’s many problems and major faults, yet according to his narrative we are still expected to deal with individuals who for the most part are defective beyond repair. No thanks, not me, I have standards and integrity. I’ve already dealt with some of the other points Dr Umar Johnson raised in previous articles dealing with him specifically, simply type his name into the search bar on the right hand side of the page.

I’ve explained many times before how because of the contractual obligation black women have towards the state to keep black men on their faces, in the gutter and to ensure black society remains broken, black women cannot afford to relinquish their position of leadership as this would automatically lead to an immediate loss of their government privileges and benefits.

This is why the black man simply cannot build with the black woman, she is an enemy combatant who is employed by the state to bring about and ensure the complete downfall of black men and black society as a whole. The modern day black female is the Agent Smith of the western matrix system and she has no intention of terminating her employment at Government HQ.

SYSBM black men, as always I will continue to stack the evidence on the table concerning the dysfunctional modern day black witch.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

44 thoughts on “Irresponsible, Unaccountable And Violent Black Females – The Saga Continues

  1. So Dr. Umar Johnson has reared his gerbil head again to dick police in public? Haven’t seen him in a while. Wonder what he thinks about the movie “Get Out” lol?

    Another type of propaganda I keep noticing online is “white women have sex with children and dogs”. It’s tiresome having to coming across this well-worn KC shuffle. These pro-black cowards who say this always ignore/overlook the BW’s sexualisation of young girls and emasculation of boys in the household, not to mention the different baby daddies entering the household (speaking from personal experience). @Verbs wrote a page all about the BW’s paedophile activity posted online, all in plain sight.

    Pro-Black simps stay trying to use Jedi mind tricks to stop the SYSBM avalanche. SMH.

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    • Michel,

      That video is an old one(around 2-3 years old) however you already know the score with Dr Umar Johnson whenever the subject of black men dating out is raised. Did you hear the amount of stupid black women in the back cheering him on, had he been a man and turned his focus towards them they would not have had such cheerful and jolly sounds in their voices.

      As I have stated many times before, black women and their pro black simp advocates are not placing black female society in a better position by constantly talking about the shortfalls of other races, however they just don’t seem to have gotten it yet.

      These pro blacks are indeed cowards, they point blank refuse to look at black women and their innumerable problems. I am NOT obligated to accept defective beyond repair goods. Deliberately ignoring the problems black women have is straight up dishonesty, this is why I have no time for the overwhelming majority of black women and their simp/mangina/white knight advocates.

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      • Umar Johnson sticking to Simp class 101. ‘ Black men with non black women are getting the ugliest non black women available’. ‘ White women don’t have your ‘back’, and won’t ‘fight’ for black men’. ‘ Black men with the white women don’t actually love that Whitewoman, they are with her because she is a symbol of white supremacy’.
        How stupid are these pro black morons?
        I don’t know if this guy actually believes the nonsense or if he’s just saying this stuff to scam people out of money. Either way he sounds utterly ridiculous. Does he actually think that he’s going to shame Blackmen away staying away from non black women?
        I suppose in the world Umar Johnson lives in, Blackmen are supposed to be miserable in a relationship with a psychotic black woman, simply because she is black. And a beautiful, friendly feminine, attractive White woman should be avoided simply because she is white.
        The utter stupidity of most black people never ceases to amaze me.
        And Umar Johnson actually said that young black girls were coming up to him asking why Blackmen when they get successful or not with black women. What a liar he is.
        You know damn well no little black girl came up to him and said any such thing.

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      • I’m reading the comments to Mad Bus Driver and there’s the usual hidden pro black troll with a menacing avatar posting the same usual nonsense…

        White women smell like dogs… White women are gold diggers… White women are only after black dick…White women are cave beasts… White women will accuse you of rape…
        And the classic: ‘White women will get you killed, her father hates niggers, she will set you up to be killed”.

        These semi-illiterate, anonymous coward troll simps lurking in the shadows, attempting to mind trick black men into staying away from white girls. It’s desperate stuff. Do these idiots not think that crying wolf will never ever not work?


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    • Michael, Umar the clown Johnson did like it three hour rambling video about the alleged ‘hidden messages’ in the movie ‘Get Out’. These pro black, black women worshiping idiots actually believe they’ve unlocked the key to white supremacy worldwide by watching a movie.
      Not to mention the writer and director of the movie is a man with a black father and a white mother, and a white wife.
      But these bird brain Negroes are running around screaming ‘stay away from white women, you saw what that Whitewoman did to the black man in the movie ‘Get Out’!!!!!!!!!!!!
      This is the infantile and juvenile mentality of most black people sadly.
      Pro black simps and bitter, jealous, angry black woman are attempting to use a freaking movie, to shame Blackmen or scare Blackmen into staying away from white women, because of a fictional story written by a black man with a white mother, and a white wife.
      I just can’t deal with the mentality of most black people anymore. It’s laughable house stupid most of the more.

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    • Yeah, a Klingon tried the white women have sex with dogs line on me, she said it was statistically proven so I asked her to show me the stats, ………..I’m still waiting.

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  2. Judge Judy is a very smart woman. She has been a judge in the New York City Family Court system for more than 40 years. Judge Judy is very aware that this is the norm and black society.
    I don’t even think that black women choose the lowlife Blackmen to have children with, because they are hoping to change these men. Black women are choosing these lowlife scumbags to have children with, because all black women care about is being able to have a child and control that child.
    The three black women in the video with eight fatherless children between them, never gave a damn about the father, the type of person that father would be to their children, nor a thought about if the father would even be involved in the lives of the children.
    Black women are simply psychotic narcissists, who don’t even care about their children. Black women just want children for the purpose of exercising their insanity upon those children. Black women have children in order to get attention on a consistent basis from the other dregs of black society. Black women have children for the ‘looks at me, I got my baby’ reason.
    Black women don’t have children with the thought of providing a better life for that child, they have babies because they want to control those babies, and have control over the fathers.
    Black women only care about themselves. Children for black woman is just an attention grabber and something to boost their ego because the only way black women get any attention or are able to have any power is by having children. The cicumstances in which these children are born, the financial situation of the black woman and her ‘baby daddy’, and the relationship between that black woman and her ‘baby daddy’, are all irrelevant to black women.
    Black women are just selfish, and have no consideration or thought for the child and the life that this child is going to be born into. Black women are gonna have their children no matter what the circumstances are.
    Planning, consideration, and practical thought are foreign concepts to most black women. Before having a child, most rational and logical people would think about their financial situation , their living situation, and if they had the ability to give that child a decent life.
    Black women on the other hand are not rational people or logical people. So they have children in any type of situation without giving one second thought about what type of future this child will have. Black women simply don’t care about their children. If they did they wouldn’t have children, when there is no father in sight, no stable financial situation, and have babies in neighborhoods that are violent, dangerous hell holes.
    One of the black women had four children ages of 1, 2, 4 and 12, no father around, and she’s fighting in the parking lot of a club at 12:30 in the morning.
    Does this sound like the type of woman who actually gives a damn about her children? I don’t think so. But this is the mentality and attitude of most black women .
    This is why you have black communities full of delinquent black youth running around terrorizing other black people. Black children are simply born, they are not raised.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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    • Black women have children to control the children and the men, but they can’t even control themselves.

      They know that they’re the ugliest group of women, and use the kids as proof that SOMEONE found them sexy long enough to cum inside of them. Bonus points once again if it’s a half breed, because that means that some non black man, maybe even their white snow king, found them beautiful!!!

      Black women get paid when the kids are born through welfare and subsidies, and now through gofundme, they get paid when they die!

      I think it was in Tennessee or Georgia where 3 black men had like a total of around 70 or 80 children by the local women. And y’all still think I’m going overboard when I talk about how incest has ruined the average black genome? How could it not?!!


      • @afrofuturism1 Indeed incest has ruined the average black genome but pro-blacks and Hoteps will sweep it under the rug by saying “White People do it too”. This illogical statement reinforces just how backwards and undeveloped their thought processing is. I wonder if their is any correlation between incest and low IQ?

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  4. Good article. The woman in the second video I got a huge problem with from watching this video a week ago. Look at how she was acting while being interviewed, what else can you expect from a woman who might have black friends and she herself I think is Puerto Rican and most Puerto Rican women like her in the New York City area where this interview was conducted has a huge stereotypical bad attitude almost like the black American women of being loud and ratchet. The woman here looks like she’s possessed by something evil.

    The third video when Umar was delivering his message, listen to the black female members in his audience agreeing with him when he was talking about black fathers, black coaches, education and the 1% black men in football and basketball but these are the same black women that wants to benefit off of those 1% black men but what they have against these two or more sport professions is the white woman benefitting from it when she get involves with a black male ball player. Also, look at how Umar is dressing. If he was so professional, he should have casually tucked in his shirt in his pants and weared a belt.


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  5. Afrofuturism1, exactly. A child for a black woman translates into a free place to live, free medical care, food stamps or benefits, cash assistance, and the ability to walk around in public with the attitude of ‘look at me, I was wanted by someone, I was worthy of being chosen to birth a child, someone loved me, I’m special because I have a baby, I’m mommy now, I now am in control, I now make decisions for my baby’, etc etc etc etc……
    And there is definitely a high level of incest and inbreeding in the black community. Because black women are only concerned about having children for benefits and attention, black women will have a child with any Negro in the neighborhood. Many black people never travel more than 10 or 15 miles outside of their neighborhood. Many black children in the black community have the same father, but don’t know it, and end up marrying their half-sister, or some relative, simply because black women will have sex with any Negro with a penis.
    The dynamics that take place in the black community are beyond disgusting, beyond irrational, and beyond anything that even slightly resembles logic.
    And the majority of this garbage in the black community begins and ends with black women, because they have been given the upper hand by white daddy. What black women don’t realize is that they don’t have the upper hand. White daddy gave them a false sense of having the upper hand and a false sense of security, because white daddy knows and understands that black women don’t have the capacity to produce anything positive at any time.

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  6. Lol and just saw s video where in the comment section, a simp tried to dick police and state that black men don’t have to hate on black women and bash them while “worshipping” white Women

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  7. Ok, I want to make sure that I understand the logic of Umtard Johnson. He said that a black woman will put my business out on the street AND sell my ssn during tax time, but at the end of the day, she’s got my back. How does she have my back after she just completely fucked up my finances? Can someone answer this?

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    • There is no answer. Nothing these pro black simps say makes any sense at all. It’s funny how Umar Johnson and these black idiots will make a light of or make a joke out of the fact that a black woman would commit multiple acts of deception against black men.
      But in the same breath, claim black women have the ‘back’ of black men. As usual the brain dead Simp Negro will justify and excuse anything the black woman demon does. If any black man out there is dumb enough to be shamed into being with black women, then he deserves his fate.
      Other than promoting this black woman worshipping nonsense for financial gain, I don’t see how any sane black man could actually believe that black women actually support or really love or respect black men.
      These pro black clowns will scream about white people and how white people are responsible for destroying the lives of black people. Interestingly enough, these pro black idiots never seem to mention the role that black women have in the destruction of the lives of black children and Blackmen.
      I am actually convinced, with the exception of a small remnant, that the majority of black people have been cursed, and delivered up to evil, and can only resort to vile, destructive, deceptive, violent, and overall negative behavior, because this is their fate.
      Is there any free thinking black man that can’t see how the negativity among black people (beginning with black women) is something that cannot be cured or corrected?
      The prevalent negativity among black people is only something that should be avoided.

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      • That’s one of the main reasons that blacks really don’t have ANYTHING world wide. They’d rather kill each other.

        And to a pro black, a black woman could kill 800 orphans and be fine, but a white person could fart and he’d be keeping the black man down.

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      • @BillSmith Indeed. It’s most likely I’ll end up with a non-black women to ensure that my progeny has the best chance to succeed in life. What do you think about the curse of ham in relation to black people?

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  8. @TheAmazingSecularist

    There’s extremely high correlations between incest, low iq, and mental retardation. In Muslim countries, Pakistan especially, incest is so prevalent that they have a term called chua (sp?) people. Basically, this is a condition caused by inbreeding where the people are severely deformed to the point of looking like rats, and so retarded as to be invalids. They live lives of beggars because they literally can not function enough to do anything else. America, blacks are your chua people!

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  9. Let’s these Simps get suck into the abyss called the black community because by the end of the day they are going to finally wake up but by then it will be too late.

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  10. “All I can tell you is these eight children didn’t ask to be born, and they are entitled to at least one parent to set a good example, one parent to put them in a place in the world, where they can say, ‘look, I grew up with a reasonable role model and that’s what I want to be, I want to be like my mother.’ Because all three of you picked losers to father these children because none of them are around. So you made bad judgments eight times! You have to start acting like a grownup. Grownups take care of their children. They don’t only provide them with food, they provide them with a moral compass!”

    Thank you so much for sharing this clip Verbs, it truly illustrates our plight. I grew up in a lot of lousy ghettos and hardly any mothers loved their children, nor did they care to instill their children with morals and values. It’s not about the racist myth of IQ. It’s not about erecting skyscrapers or fancy condominiums, or uniformity. And it’s not about building the fucking nation that idiots like SWP are stuck on. It’s about having a culture based on reason, morality, and humanity. And when you have a culture that exhibits those characteristics you can do anything and people will naturally be responsible and do what’s best for their communities.

    Yet black racialist don’t want to accept this fact. No, they rather spend their time on vague and meaningless concepts like “building” and “infrastructure” because that’s what black women tell them. But when it comes to concrete things like culture and morality which any civilization needs to sustain itself, pro-blacks are nowhere to be found because it’s not white supremacy that’s to blame for black people having a regressive culture resembling something out of the Stone Age. Nope, these idiots won’t dare blame those who are mostly responsible because they wouldn’t be able to get access to their purses or skirts

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  11. TheAmazingSecularist, there was no curse upon ham. Genesis 9:25. The curse was placed upon Canaan to be a ‘servant of servants’.
    There was never a curse on ham.
    Genesis 9:1. Ham was blessed by the Lord along with his brothers.
    The curses upon black people today I feel are related to the disobedience in former times to the creator. But this is a personal feeling. Whenever we get into discussions of religion or faith, we are opening up a can of worms that really can’t be settled, because it comes down to matters of faith for every individual.
    But to answer your question, there NEVER was a curse placed upon ham. Canaan was cursed and called a servant of servants.

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    • As far as the biblical curses go, the Israelites were cursed, exiled, and were to be an outcast amongst the nations. The nation of Israel was to be scattered throughout the nations, and to be in derision. The curses that were to fall upon the nation of Israel seem to resemble the situation among black people scattered in the four corners of the earth.
      But once again, this is speculation, and really comes down to individual faith. There are tangible things we have clear evidence of, like the insanity of black women.
      I enjoy discussing these topics, but people have been speculating about these biblical issues for thousands of years. Let us focus upon that which we can see and touch.
      Actually, the focus should be on the anointed one. But for the sake of this forum, I will stick to calling out black women.

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    • @BillSmith Thanks for the insight brotha. I don’t delve in to religion either I’m a nonbeliever(secularist). Black people should leave religion alone because it does not benefit them in any way, shape, or form. These are just two things that are immiscible and don’t collage together very well.

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      • TheAmazingSecularist, yes religion (organized) is folly. But I do have faith in the anointed, holy one of Israel.
        But my believe is a personal thing. Every man should be persuaded in his own mind. As (black) men, we simply have to choose the right (thing to do), always do unto others as we would have them do unto us, and refrain from all appearance of evil.
        I’m not saying I am living up to what I just said. But we must strive to be better. Peace to all.

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  12. afrofuturism1. LOL. True. For example, blacks who shout, in Arabic no less , that Islam is the true religion of the black man. If Islam is the true religion of the black man, then why do you speak in a handful of Arabic phrases? Silly blacks decided to get with Islam, the creator of the out of Africa slave trade.

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    • And let’s not forget our dumbass seventh day Adventist friends, many of their black number being made up of super black Haitians.

      Ellen g white, who founded 7th day Adventism, believed that non white races came about by whites having sex with animals.

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    • Any black who subscribes to an organized religion which was used as an instrument to enslave their ancestors is STILL a slave.

      Brothers – If you want to maintain your sanity, hard-earned resources and any semblance of freedom, steer clear of organized politics and organized religion. Avoid the bull!


      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off.

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    • False brother. Not Islam. The “arabs” were the creator of the out of Africa slave trade. In doing so they destroyed the greatest source of military might the Islamic world ever had. Ever since then, they have been humiliated and gotten there butts kicked by everyone else in the world. Whether you know it or not they are under a similiar generational curse as the one we are under. This is why they have no unity. And why they are fighting a losing battle to stop western influence from corrupting their societies.

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      • Verbs is 100% correct. The spiritual dimension to this struggle is real. The reason Dr. Umar and other pro wacks have become useless tools is because they have fallen for the same foolish idea as the black women they are defending. That is to say, following what white people are doing. Because most of them are materialists in their hearts, they have never truly been “religious”. Now they are abandoning even the attempt to grow their inner life and many black men are repeating the same foolishness. Namely that we just need to focus on material needs and that we dont need to be concerned with anything deeper. This is what blacks as a whole are doing and it has brought us to our lowest point.

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  13. Indeed, there is nothing wrong with having a personal walk and faith in the Most High, the problems arise when swindling jackals decide to place themselves over and in charge of your personal faith, set up establishments, manipulate you into handing them your hard earned cash and act as if they are mediators and necessary prerequisites. This derailment is called the modern day church in general, the black church in particular as it relates to most blacks today.

    There is most definitely a spiritual aspect to what this modern day black female is doing in terms of destroying black society, I feel this is the most important aspect and the part that most black men are missing which is why so many of them are being repeatedly snagged. Black women have given themselves over to and are in league with dark forces, I don’t call them black witches for nothing.

    I have already illustrated in previous articles how most black women involve themselves in witchcraft, sorcery and black magic whether knowingly or unknowingly(the overwhelming majority know full well what they are doing). As we go into these dark and uncertain times, to omit the spiritual aspect of black female skullduggery from the equation would be complete and utter folly on my part.

    As I have stated before in 2017 the modern day black women’s ultra dysfunctional behaviour cannot be explained efficiently simply looking at it from a secular standpoint, for the overwhelming majority of a particular group of women to completely derail to the point of no repair, there has to be a greater force behind such destruction, a force that we cannot see………yet.

    I’ve talked about many spiritually related issues in many of my archive articles, however I feel that the Most High has directed me to talk about this black female and her dysfunction as there are very few people who have the balls to deal with the topic and many of the folks who were talking about this issue before it have now flaked, gone soft and are now choosing to break bread with the same devils they once were calling out and exposing.

    I have chosen to prioritise speaking about the ills of the modern day black female because as it stands today she is the number one problem affecting black men and black society in general. Though others have chosen to sell out concerning the topic, that won’t be happening here.

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    • Amen. I have been a lurker here for awhile and have just begun posting.

      Verbs I just want to say that the more I read your posts, the more I feel in tune with you. I dont think I have seen anyone else online who has so clearly stated the thoughts I have about the spiritual dimension of the black womans fall. This is NOT a joke. There is a dark shadow over the black womans seemingly suicidal pact with each other to avoid repentance at all cost.

      Whenever I have had this sense, I have tried to call it “fanciful imagination” on my part and to go back to a more superficial assessment of the situation. Which I would then be able to discuss with others and not be looked at as if I were some nutcase. But the feeling in the back of my mind will not go away. I have a subtle awareness of people and situations and have always been sensitive to details most others miss. I have seen too much that conventional left-brain skepticism simply cannot explain away.

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      • Xstopalopoketi,

        Welcome aboard, yes the modern day black female is indeed a literal devil straight from the pit of hell, she relishes bringing about destruction upon her people and she is not sorry for the woes that black society has suffered as a result of her evil ways. The spiritual wasteland most black women inhabit is the number one reason they should be avoided at all costs, they are not good for the souls of upstanding, morally upright black men.


  14. Black Women are mindless beast when they are not killing unborn children they are having kids in the worst of conditions all because they want to be taken care of by daddy. These savages have been let free to roam and to do damage its is time for them to be put down because this has become a modern day plague.

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