Black Men, Most Black Women Want You Dead!


Remember Victoria Marie from my article on black women continuing to hate on black men while promoting their white lord and saviour:

Also don’t forget that Victoria Marie appeared on the Jerry Springer show in 2011:

The thoughts of Jerry Springer Marie represent the thoughts of most black women today, as I stated in Negro Wars they complain about black men yet at the same time they fail to acknowledge that the same black men they complain about have been produced via their own hands. Single black mothers have manufactured the overwhelming majority of the problematic black men that roam the streets today.

This is the same type of black woman who has been responsible for the recent onslaught in black men’s YouTube channels being flagged, reported and taken down. Are you beginning to see what I talked about before, how in a dysfunctional society division is actually beneficial because then you get to see people’s true colours, who they really are and what they really stand for?

Could you imagine us pushing for and attempting to implement black unity at a time like this whilst having sharks like Victoria Marie lurking within our midst? Unity is only beneficial once you have a society that is majority functional, black society because of black women working hand in glove with the state has now become majority dysfunctional, therefore not only would the unification model not work, it would also bring down the few parts of black society that still remain intact.

When you walk the streets and you see black women you ought to immediately think of Victoria Marie as she represents the standard black female model, this has been the case for the last 40 years, the difference now is more black men are finally beginning to accept the writing on the wall and are making the necessary adjustments in their lives accordingly.

Black men must begin to discard of black women like the scourge and the pestilence that they are, outside of those black females who are feminine and beneficial to your lives, black men ought to be treating black women like lepers. Do not engage them in any way, shape or form unless absolutely necessary, when you see them coming towards you cross the street to the other side, don’t even look at them or look in their direction.

Black men, don’t believe the lies about educated, professional black women being different from the ghetto sisterhood, the educated professional black female during the day is the same hoodrat running amuck on the streets at night after she has finished college, university or work. Remember hood rat is a mindset and sometimes the hoodrat mentality will actually manifest itself in premises to do with business or education as can be seen here:

These are the type of scum bag black women that thinking black men must begin to separate themselves from, let the simps, the manginas and the white knights chase after these non reciprocating, violent menaces to black society. Here we have a black woman talking about culture appropriation yet black women fail to check themselves committing the same acts though wearing non black/European hair upon their heads. Do you see how stupid and mentally damaged black women are and how they are constantly leaving themselves wide open for criticism? What about this culture appropriation right here:

Of course black women at this point will immediately reach for the usual retort, “white women do it too”. Do you see how retarded and childish this modern day black woman has become, everything she does wrong she must inject white women or white people into the equation as if her stupidity or insanity is now all of a sudden justified, she can never stand on her own two feet and be judged based upon her own merits alone. Black women are the true definition of cowards.

When you begin to examine them black women are not strong at all, they are very weak individuals. If black women were strong then they would be able to take criticism, if black women were strong then they would be able to accept fault without introducing other races of women(especially white women) into the equation. If black women were strong then they would embrace femininity, if black women were strong then they would embrace their own natural hair.

If black women were strong then they wouldn’t go around engaging in mentally insane behaviour just to seek attention, if black women were strong then they would accept the fact that they are black and wouldn’t be trying their utmost to become white. If black women were strong then they would accept the fact that they can be wrong sometimes ie they are not always right, if black women were strong then they would respect black men. If black women were strong then they wouldn’t embrace feminism or single motherhood.

Lastly, if black women were strong then they would look after and love themselves aswell as their children. There is not really much else to be said here on my part, as per usual I faithfully bring forward the evidence and place it on the table for black men to see and examine for themselves, it is up to individual black man what he decides to do in light of what is being illustrated.

There is clearly a problem with black women which neither they nor their supporters wish to address, however that is not the way that things run here at Slaying Evil. I am not afraid to examine black women and place them under the microscope of scrutiny, nor am I afraid to call them out on their dysfunctional behaviour. Black women have no right to be excluded from having their feet held to the fire of accountability whenever required.

Thinking black men already know what time it is and will take the necessary steps to purge black women out from their lives as far as is possible, the simps however will be left to their own fate and will perish fighting for the very women who have destroyed them and most of black society. Again, always remember that in 2017 Victoria Marie represents your standard black female, as I have told you many times before black men, this modern day black woman is not your friend but rather your number 1 enemy.

She hates herself and hates anybody who reminds her of who she is, this is one of the main reasons why black women are incompatible with black men and why they go out of their way to slaughter thousands upon thousands of unborn black children in abortion clinics each week(light-skinned and mixed babies however are spared). Sorry, I don’t associate nor fellowship with killers of the innocent and many black men like me feel exactly the same way. #SYSBM.

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The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

23 thoughts on “Black Men, Most Black Women Want You Dead!

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  2. And I have an immense hatred/disdain for the majority of black women. What I wish had happened in that video was that the white dude just choked and beat the crap out of that woman.

    These “classy” black chicks are the opposite of feminine. I’d rather get a blowjob from a lion!!

    We need to BREED THEM OUT!!! Stop having sex with them! They hate n1gg@$ that look like Ving Rhames anyways, let’s make sure they get their wish and that the black race is mixed and redeemed (their words).

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Seeing the forever mounting evidence day after day as far as I am concerned is self edification, I really don’t understand why anybody would still want to deal with with black women as a collective. I honestly cannot think of any positive qualities black women bring to the table, this is how bad things have now gotten.

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    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      Victoria Marie stays dysfunctional, she is a classic example of the mentally ill, mentally unstable and mentally damaged black female that I talk about frequently here on the site.

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  3. Halle Berry. Barack Obama. Jesse Williams. Aside from the fact that they are all considered to be black, what’s the one common denominator among them?

    They all have white mothers.

    Black men can create black children, and have black families, without the treacherous black Jezebel. Science is now proving that children carry more of their fathers’ DNA than their mothers’.

    Check this out:

    I believe Kirigakure Jones has touched on this fact in some of his YouTube videos.

    If the black community is to be saved, it will be by black men who save themselves and create, strong intact families with non-black women. Whether one goes overseas to find them, or gets them home-grown, a non-black woman is a 1,000-times better option for the black man in today’s western society. The treacherous black Jezebel will never change. She will never be OUR women, and she never was. Time to leave them alone and allow them to go extinct like the Dodo bird.

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  4. Add Tiger Woods to the mix in that he has a Thai mother. The problem is not the black man’s sperm; the problem is the black woman’s womb. On another topic, compare Michelle Obama (former first lady) to Craig Robinson, her brother. Michelle Obama, even in the White House, had a hood attitude about her. Craig Robinson lacks the hood attitude. A black man will often notice that the black females in his family will often have a different world view than himself. The black men in the family will often be okay guys. The black women in the family will usually be ratchet.

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    • Yeah…I noticed that, too. Of course, she was an admirer of Beyonce and once referred to herself in an interview as a single mother. The ratchet attitude has certainly made its way to the so-called “educated” black woman.

      But, I will give Michelle Obama props for doing 2 things that the vast majority of black women would never do. (1) She dated Barack when he was making no money and she was a high-paid attorney, (2) Despite being a partner in a Chicago law firm making 6-figures, she put her career on hold to follow Barack’s vision of being the first black President of the United States.

      I don’t know what the Obama household is like behind closed doors, but in public at least, she clearly followed his leadership. Although she did step out of line from time to time. I tend to think she did so out of boredom than anything else. I mean, being First Lady isn’t necessarily a busy job.


      • Morpheus2275. Easy on the credit. The typical medical doctor, lawyer, MBA holder has no money in the beginning. Michelle Obama knew that Barack Obama had future earning potential. As far as putting one’s career on hold to get a good government position, that is common. The typical justice on the US Supreme Court could make much more money outside of the government. People often choose to be a senator, governor, etc. over money. This also applies to the spouse of the person seeking high-ranking government positions.

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  5. Yea Michelle Obama saying she admires Beyoncé a hood rat with weave she lost all credibility with me for that one. Keep in mind Beyoncé threw her father under the bus the man who created and built her career see how they do when they make it. What has Beyonce done to uplift the black community not a damn thing and a First Lady admired her smh.

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  6. So, Victoria Marie wants Black men dead? What’s new… And has she looked in the mirror before calling anyone “overcooked hot dog ass niggaz?”

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  7. The insecurities and lack of self-esteem of black women control their every thought and action. Black women seem to be capable of mimicking nonwhite women in appearance but black women seem incapable of mimicking the feminine womanly attitudes of nonblack women. Black women want to destroy Blackmen, because all black women know how to do is destroy.
    Black women seem confused and mystified by the feminine, womanly, and pleasant attitude of nonblack women.
    I went into a Greek restaurant today and the woman who took my order was a beautiful mid 30s woman, born in Greece, with beautiful jet black long hair, a nice dark shade of skin, beautiful teeth, and just such a pleasant, nice, sweet way about her. It was just so nice interacting with her. She was a joy to be around.
    Black women on the other hand seem to think that being pleasant is weak. Being feminine and behaving in a ladylike manner is the definition of strength. Black women seem to have an inability to comprehend anything related to peace and happiness. This is why black women make stupid statements like ‘ you only want a White woman because you can’t handle a strong black woman’.
    Black women have the mentality that they are something that needs to be handled. People handle animals. But being that black women behave like animals, I completely understand why they feel the need to be handled.
    The only black women you see who acts like actual women are those black women who were raised in predominately white areas or communities. Those black women were able to learn at the feet of white women and observe white women and learn from Whitewoman on how to behave like actual women.
    But most black women were raised around other mentally ill black women, who knew nothing about how to be actual women, because their mothers didn’t know how to be actual women.
    Of course black women want Blackmen to die. What do black women desire other than destruction, violence, wrath, and strife?
    99% of the time when you see a black man with a black woman, you are looking at a man whose life is being destroyed or is about to be destroyed. Only the black man doesn’t realize it.
    There is simply no hope for a group of women that hate themselves, hate everything around them and literally want to kill everyone and everything around them.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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    • Most black women who act somewhat feminine, especially those valley girl wannabes, are simply trying to attempt to gain some white ding-o-ling and the white stuff that comes along with it for a half breed baby.

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  8. Afrofuturism1, yes very true. Those Black women who overtly try to imitate the mannerisms of white women, always are looking for white men to be in a relationship with. And yes while their attitude is more feminine than your normal black woman, they are just as evil, just as disgusting and just as untrustworthy as any other black woman.

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