Another Black Pastor Set Up And Busted – No Surprises Here


I already warned folks about these so called “pastors” in my book The Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure, I told you that most of them are simply semi professional actors who have been trained or trained themselves in the art of appearing to be preachers and “anointed” servants of the Most High. Pastors like Billy Leveille above are nothing but grade A swindlers who take advantage of decadent women who attend church in order to hide their whorish practices.

These two black whores set up pastor Billy Leveille up from the beginning, you would have thought that this guy would’ve told them to stop recording in order to avoid being caught, but no, dumb dumb Leveille decided to put on a performance with the camera rolling. I told you in my church beast book that most of these individuals calling themselves pastors are simply sexually depraved delinquents who use their positions of power to sex down any male and female congregation member.

And to think that many of us black men have been taught that church women are some of the best candidates for dating and marriage. Not in the black community, black women who attend church typically lead more of a loose and slutty lifestyle than black women of the secular world. Pastor Billy Leveille works at an SDA(Seventh Day Adventist) church by the name of Florida Conference Of S.D.A located in Orlando, Florida. He is also the president of the Coalition of Christian Haitian Pastors of Central Florida Inc. I believe he also runs his own church called Bethel Adventist Church which is in the same location.

Would you believe that there are many folks who are attempting to label the two women who were involved as victims, even though they went out of their way to set the guy up by recording him and thereafter released the footage??? However, you already know the score here at Slaying Evil, guilty and dysfunctional black sluts will not be receiving any victimhood cards over here. They voluntarily participated in having sex with this so called pastor because they are whores themselves, this isn’t rocket science to figure out, how are they the victims, why are some individuals attempting to claim that those women were sexually assaulted???

You have to understand, thugs, pimps, gangsters, criminals, Arab and Lebanese corner store owners etc all have the right mentality when it comes down to how they treat black women, they all treat and use them like sluts because this is how the overriding majority of black women present themselves to the world. As I have stated before black women must be treated according to their own behaviour and how they carry themselves.

This is why your average black simp is simply a laughingstock and a joke, he is going out of his way to defend gutter trash black females aswell as trying to make the same garbage look like fine gold. In dealing with the church black men need to stop looking at the black women therein as integral and upstanding characters and instead look upon them for the whores and the sluts the majority of them are in order to avoid heavy disappointment.

When the Most High states not to take his name in vain(Exodus 20:7), it is this kind of behaviour that he is talking about, not saying “Jesus Christ” or “God damn it” whenever you are upset or angry. These pseudo slickster pastors have deliberately twisted the meaning of that verse so that you will remove your eyes off them and their behaviour and be continually focused upon yourself.

In the black community setting up a church is one of the easiest ways an individual can have sex with many different women, there is no effort involved other than hiring or purchasing a building, choosing a name for your church and waiting for the women to roll in(which they will). As I stated in The Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure aswell as in Negro Wars, black women strike “special deals” with black church leaders behind closed doors, this is how they are able to run amuck in the church with little to no discipline and not be reprimanded for their slack and uncouth activities.

Black women bring death, destruction, misery and debauchery everywhere they go, if the overriding majority of black women were chasted and held to some sort of sexual integrity then pastors like Billy Leveille wouldn’t have the room to swing his ding-a-ling, however because most black women love feminism, the slut lifestyle and positively enjoy channelling Jezebel all day everyday, pimp pastors like Billy boy do not have to travel far in order to act out their sexually deviant behaviours. Black women both old and young who attend church are the enablers who facilitate and cater towards buzzards such as Leveille.

From what I understand pastor Billy Leveille is of Haitian origin, however it doesn’t matter where you travel to in the world, the majority of black pastors are doing exactly the same things, swindling their parishioners out of their money aswell as sleeping with whatever member of their congregation they please. Be sure to check out my book dealing with the institutional church beast infrastructure aswell as my second book Negro Wars where I deal with the modern day church, the many lies and deceptions it has spread aswell as the black woman and what part she has played in the assassination of the black church.

Stay away from these churches, the overriding majority of them are full to the brim with slackness and all manner of sexually deviant behaviours. A church building, a pastor and church congregation members are not a requirement for an individual to have a true personal relationship with the Most High, don’t allow these jackals who call themselves pastors and church leaders to persuade you otherwise.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

34 thoughts on “Another Black Pastor Set Up And Busted – No Surprises Here

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  2. Looool

    No joke, I know a girl from my old Adventist school who’s last name is leveille, and she’s Haitian, aaaand she’s from Florida! Wonder if she knows/is related to this shine!

    These pastors are FREAKS, but will get mad at you for not going full on Little House on the Prarie when you “court” a woman. They control the paritioners, namely the other men’s sexuality because they can’t control their own and need free reign to roam the yard and slap every woman they can with some DICK!!!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      What makes me laugh is typically black women are more obedient towards the pastor than they are to their own boyfriends/husbands. The pastor really gets a slap up deal, sack loads of money plus the opportunity to sleep with any individuals within his congregation.

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      • There’s been cases where these pastors convince the women to divorce their husbands because he isn’t “saved”. Next thing you know, she’s taking more meat to the face than a chick in ghetto gaggers.


  3. If you can’t dunk a basketball or catch touchdown passes but still wanna fuck a lot of big-booty bimbo black women, then become a church pastor. You’ll be rolling in money and pussy in no time. I used to tell a friend of mine a long time ago, if I had no scruples at all, I’d start a church. I’ve always been good at public speaking. I can do the song and dance once a week and get paid in cash and ass. I wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror, though. But damn, that would be some easy money. If Creflo can get a private jet, I could get a yacht. Lol

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  4. Verbs, I have been stating what you stated for the longest how black women are more obedient to their pastors more than their husbands or boyfriends funny thing is I spotted this as a young man in my early 20s in my 40s now. I think behind white men black women are the biggest sluts for their pastors i knew a girl who was dating a pastor who was married she really thought he would leave his wife and make her his woman lmao. Guess what happened she found out he was sexing many women at the church and told his wife his wife stayed with him why would she leave with all the money and power he has his wife is a slut who does not care what he does as long as he keeps her lavish lifestyle up. The side girl was mental as all black women to think she was the only one also she had left her boyfriend of 4 years to be with the pastor I used to work with this girl she was so angry after everything blew up in her face served her ass right though.

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  5. …….And another preacher gets caught being generous with his time… and his dick.

    Ok, so like most red blooded men, Mr Pimp Pastor wants the finger things in life: access to power, money and pussy. Fine. But save us all the holier than thou sermon from the mount, hell fire and brimstone bullshit.

    Not one of these pseudo preachers can ever live up to their own ridiculously high standards, so don’t please expect your congregation to either. It’s the self righteousness that gets me here.

    And don’t think God isn’t seeing this either, just ask Eddie Long…

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  6. The church is more evidence of how degenerate black women really are. A black woman could participate in a 10 man gangbang on Saturday night, but as long as they show up to church for an hour, all is forgiven, and they can justify going back to being the whores they are.
    The black church is simply a cesspool and breeding ground of whores, hustlers, sexual deviants gossipers, perverts, homosexual Blackmen, and thieves.
    The pastor shows up one day a week, rants and raves for a few hours, using a few scriptures, and spends the rest of the week spending the money he collected on Sunday, and having sex with the members of the congregation male and female.
    I don’t deal with black women anyway, but any time you meet a black woman who is involved in church or believes her church or pastor has some sort of authority or power in the name of the Lord, you are in contact with a particular type of mentally ill, delusional, deceitful, lunatic.
    If Christ is the way or the door to get to the father, then why are black women so involved in going to church? Black women are so involved in going to church because it makes them feel no guilt about all of the evil things they do in their lives.
    And of course most of these churches are filled with nothing but black women, and effeminate/homosexual black men. Anywhere where there are majority black women, you can believe that the level of evil, negative, destructive, deceitful, lying, behavior is at a high level.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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    • Pastor Fred ChickenBone: “All youz needs beez in heaven, so give me yo montey so I’s can live like dat now!”

      “Money ain’t the most important thang on dis erf, but give me dat 10% or we gots a problem!”

      I can honestly say I hate the majority of people in these churches. For one thing, they’re many times way worse than the “sinners” that they rant/rave/throw fire and brimstone threats at on the regular.

      Pentecostal/word of faith types especially suck. White people and black people have them as a problem, but we black people really shouldn’t deal with them, because we can’t afford to.

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      • @Bill Smith @Afrofuturism1,

        Talking about 10%, do you remember pastor Creflo Dollar(Create A Flow Of Dollars) coming out a while back talking about how he would like to line up and shoot down all the non tithers in his church with Uzis? I talked about this in my church beast book. The thirst for money and maintaining the high on the hog lifestyle is real with these clerics:

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      • When I type Creflo Dollar’s first name, autocorrect came up with the following suggestions:


        Sometimes technology knows better than us humans.

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    • Fair analysis of the state of the black church women and their pimp pastors. Those whores, including the pastors’ wives, make excuses for their slutty pimps’ behavior. Those whores say that it’s Satan trying to destroy the head of the church. The pimp pastors are treated as little popes.

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  7. Yeah, I saw that garbage. The truth is tithing was a practice of the ancient Israelites that related to land, Sabbath, and leaving a portion of the harvest unharvested for the poor.
    Tithing is a scam used by preachers on people in the church who don’t know the first thing about the scriptures. These pastors are some of the most evil people you could ever imagine. And the people who follow these preachers are some of the dumbest people on the planet earth.
    Is there anything positive going on amongst the majority of black people? It certainly doesn’t seem that way.

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  8. …For those of you who are familiar with The Master Teacher Dr. David Carroll, He spoke accurately yet strategically on this taboo subject regarding the black “pullman porter” simp pastor!! which he stands Corrected in my book…

    (Facepalm) Smmfh!!! NOOOOOOW I see why these black femicunts aint NEVA SINGLE!!! Yet claaaaaaaim to be so but really, The Black B*tch Cunt is indeed, in fact, and in truth in a love/love relationsh*t with their pastor….and The Gov’Ment!!! If we know this for a FACT!! Let’s NOT Play Games Brothas!!! Why yall think think when we challenge the b*tch by asking logical counter-feminist questions with constructive critique?? According to her….I’m “mentally ILL!!” for asking such questions…OR!! get threats like “Ima sen Ma Suuun up Hurrr” OR! claim to come from a “pro-black family” but say “I’m insecure!!” and the list goes on…

    You know? for the life of me…even though I dont and as I try my adrenaline best NOT TO engage in black tratchets in all areas, and uh? we all know the one-drop exception rule code of conduct that we follow; and I just basically give the 1-5% of the real “sistahs” that(because I have to feel their spirit first) but 97-99% of em are seasoned, uncouth, white identified/europeanized MAMMIES!!! Either she’s an advocate for black men and boys and The Black Race in general…OOOOOR SHE’S THE FAITH MAMMAY!!

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  10. Hey I am a member of that church who you called the two girls whores….. that’s wasnt the real case if you looked at the news it’s said that she manipulated into doing these things… some of these things u have said are true but a lot is truly offensive you speak of it like you actually know what happened you speak as if this is something you watch started from the start… it went out yes but dong go around calling girls whores just cuz you saw this one video…


    • M. We know their TYPE. These TYPES of women are all the same. What decent woman, GROWN WOMAN NOW, videotapes herself having sex and distributes the material. Wanna live like a Kardashian REALLY. They are grown and came up with this scheme so I and other thinking individuals will not fall for the rhetoric. Most Black women are just like these guys say and that’s too bad but it certainly is true.


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