Kali Muscle Exposes An Angry, Jealous, Insecure And Bitter Black Female – The Saga Continues

On the 8th April 2017 Kali Muscle released a YouTube video in which he got his girlfriend Helena to read some of his Instagram direct messages. Of course we already know that a member of the bitter black sisterhood who happens to go by the name of Real Cherry Coochi had to have been lurking about and had to make her feeling known regarding the fact that Kali’s girlfriend is white, smh. The part of the video concerned is between marks 5:06 – 8:15.


This is the black woman named Real Cherry Coochi:



Of course you’ll notice that her Instagram page has now been set to private, no doubt this was as a result of Kali and Helena’s fans rightfully bringing Real Cherry Coochi some well deserved heat. We already know that black women as a collective heavily crave attention being the most attention starved individuals on the planet, so it would be reasonable to assume that her Instagram profile was open at some stage.

Real Cherry Coochi, this is the name she has given herself, yet these are the same black females who demand that black men respect them, treat them like queens, goddesses and worship them. Question, where is her own self-respect? Look on her Instagram page, she labels herself as a queen and a diva. Whenever you see black women adorning themselves with such titles know for certain that you are simply dealing with a modern day black Jezebel.

You’ll notice that most black women believe that the vital components of a relationship consists of breasts, “a phat ass” and sex. They never consider their character, personal qualities or personality to be part of the equation, something which I talked about extensively in my book Negro Wars under the chapter of Black Women And Relationships.

Most black women stay whoring for life, they themselves know that they aren’t worth anything past sex which is why they are constantly advertising themselves to the world as sex pots and sexually depraved Frankenstein beasts. Just go and take a look at Real Cherry Coochi’s YouTube videos and you will see exactly what I am talking about, all this woman is about is breasts, buttocks, twerking and the usual sexually charged garbage.

Now because Kali has a brand to protect to a certain degree he is bound to political correctness, however that is not the case here at Slaying Evil. Let’s just be honest here, Kali grew up in the hood so he is fully aware of how dysfunctional and mentally unstable most black women are, his ex-wife I’m certain amplified the feelings he has towards them, therefore once separated in his good wisdom Kali decided to opt for a white female instead.

As I have stated many times before most black women today are simply not built for relationships, we must also always remember that black women view black men as slaves. As far as they are concerned the black man’s purpose is to satisfy the black woman’s childish lusts for money and material possessions. In their eyes we are to perpetually bring them our own assets and resources for their own personal indulgence, in return we get absolutely nothing. However never forget that white men can present themselves in any state and black women will accept them regardless, after all in the black woman’s eyes the white man is god.

You’ll notice as per usual black women carry their anger, insecurities and jealousy on their shoulders 24 hours per day, yet these are the same black women who would attempt to counter the “angry black woman” title claiming it is a myth. Yet what did we just watch in the video, a black woman refer to Kali’s girlfriend as a “white bitch” for no reason whatsoever.

Did you notice as per usual how this black harridan referred to Kali and black men like him as “niggas”? How much do you want to bet that it was black women like this who in his younger years gave Kali a very hard time regarding his dark skin complexion? Black women have become more racist towards black men than white men could ever be. Black women hate being black and hate being reminded of who they really are, this is why they give black men of a darker skin complexion such a hard time.

Real Cherry Coochi like most black women is bitter and angry at Kali Muscle because he made the decision to implement SYSBM and thus Kali decided to walk off the plantation and freed himself from the overseer aka the black female and her endless chains and shackles. Black women hate seeing black men with non black women especially white women because as far as they are concerned, we ought to remain miserable slaves under their control.

Don’t be fooled black men, black women are far more concerned and obsessed with white women than we are, notice that whenever black men talk about expanding on their dating and marriage options, who is the first race of women your average black female believes black men will aim for………………….white women. Everything is about white women to the modern day black woman because this is the group of women that most black women today are trying their best to copy and emulate.

At the end of the day in 2017 as far as I am concerned most black women are devil possessed, ultra feminist, liberal, Jezebel channelling trash, they will never be satisfied and they will ALWAYS complain about what black men are doing until they hit the grave. Black women haven’t given black men a break since slavery and as long as they have their white father ie big government continuing to sponsor them, their hatred and mission of vengeance against black men will perpetuate unabated.

Black men simply need to stop catering towards such a miserable group of individuals, I have already demonstrated in my book Negro Wars aswell as through many articles on this site how black women as a collective hold a deep resentment and hatred towards us, therefore what is the point of attempting to satisfy a group of women who would prefer to see us black men dead? It simply doesn’t make any sense.

At this point the black woman has become a nuisance and an irritation to those of us who recognise her for the pestilence that she is, a black man cannot make any steps without a black woman at some point making her feelings known about them. Notice how this black siren talked about Kali getting with the white woman once he reached success, one of the most common arguments to fly out of the mouths of the bitter black sisterhood.

White women in general are far easier to get along with, they do not carry a permanent chip on their shoulders and most importantly they are not working hand in glove with the state to keep black men in the gutter. A question I have asked so many times before, how can black men possibly unify with a group of women who are openly working towards their destruction using state funding, I’ll wait?

Yet had this black woman bothered to do some basic research she would have quickly discovered that Kali Muscle has been a household brand for quite a while and that his relationship with Helena is a very recent one. Do you see how the overwhelming majority of black women remain stuck on stupid for life? Do you also see how much like the black male simps that worship them black women have nothing better to do other than to constantly dick monitor and dick police black men?

Note as I have mentioned before, had the couple combination been reversed ie a black woman and a white man, Real Cherry Coochi and black women like her would have been clapping, cheering, praising her fellow sister, giving her the thumbs up for snagging herself a white man aswell as claiming another victory for the swirling sisterhood. You’ll notice that black women as a collective can never be happy for black men concerning anything, everything we do they have a problem with, EVERYTHING. This is one of the major reasons why I openly advise black men to seek love and companionship elsewhere.

Black men, walk away, black women as a collective stay miserable, bitter, angry and hateful towards you, nothing will ever change with them in that respect. #SYSBM.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

48 thoughts on “Kali Muscle Exposes An Angry, Jealous, Insecure And Bitter Black Female – The Saga Continues

  1. Again. Black women have allowed the female form of the N-word– NIGRESS– to die. Black women encourage the use of the male form of the N-word to be used 24/7.

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  2. I date white girls EXCLUSIVELY. .I will not date or socially interact with black females. I’m friendly with them at work as long as they are friendly with me. They look at my IG, Fb and twitter pages and see I have all white girls and im always in the WHITE GIRL WEDNESDAY THEY groupand she did the typical black chick under the breath comment. One black chick asked me if I only dated white girls and I immediately said YES, I guess she was shocked because she thought I was going to coward and brush it off. I wiil not ruin my health, safety, finances, sanity and life for these black bitches. I don’t even consider black females as a dating option and I effectively ignore them, they are ghost to me. I avoid them at all cost. The pool party I was at when my gf and I took a trip to Los Angeles last month, it was basically all black dudes with white girlfriends, it was fun , peaceful every one laughing not fighting, no stupid ass weaves, only 1 girl had a tat and that was of a small butterfly on her ankle and EVERYONE WAS IN THE POOL SWIMMING…no one sitting on the sideline because they couldn’t get their weave wet. Most black females disgust me I want nothing to do with them.

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      • Exactly, they dont bother me and I won’t bother them. But they’re such attention whores they will always try and interject themselves into my life, by thinking black chicks are the center of my universe.

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    • Keith,

      My advice to you is you have to make sure that the white girl(s) that you date exclusively don’t be around or have a lot of black female friends lest they will influence her and she will be just another hood black woman but with white skin. Be careful.

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  4. This saggy tit heifer thinks she’s catch?

    Most black Women literally look like trannies, and act worse. We need to breed them out.

    Notice how the white Woman foukd actually help her man do things and build. Can you really imagine such a thing from a black Woman?

    YES I think that 99.999999% of black women should go extinct, and I’ve seen good reason to think otherwise.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      That’s the key right there, he even stated in another part of the video that his ex wife was holding him down and causing his health to deteriorate, exactly what he stated in the divorce video aswell. Black men simply cannot accomplish with black women around them, Kali Muscle is not the only example of a black man excelling once he has decided to give black women the boot, we are all examples of this ourselves.

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      • In all walks of life once you remove black men especially young males away from these black beast they flourish. Its like you’ve given a dying plant water and sunlight.

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      • Trying to find a good black Woman is like trying to find a pork chop in a mosque.

        Trying to find a good black woman is like trying to find a philosopher in a Latino country.

        Trying to find a good black Woman is like trying to find a fresh Kobe beef steak in a dumpster.

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    • You see what’s happening now when BW insert themselves into other people’s business online? They’re getting clapped back immediately. Real Stinky Cooch, a horrific looking witch did what most of her ilk do, which is “making her feelings known”. Her reward is the attention she craved… along with a crate full of bubble-wrapped “L’s”, ready for dispatch. All while her white girl idol laughs in her face. I hope she’s looking forward to her home delivery…


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  5. Do black women EVER stop being disgusting, jealous, annoying psychopaths? What this boils down to is that black women simply cannot leave black men alone. Black women cannot accept the fact that black men who are with non black women (but mainly white women), are happy, and realize that black women aren’t actually women, but a walking, talking, living, breathing problem.
    Black women know that white women women are superior women to them in every sense, and it drives black women crazy that white women get attention that black women never could.
    It also drives black women crazy when they cannot force or guilt black men into dating or marrying ONLY black women. So when black women see a black man (who she can’t control) with a white woman (who she is jealous of, envious of, wants to be like, and is obsessed with) together in a relationship genuinely happy, black women become irate.
    This is why black women will go out of their way to let the world (black men and white women) know how ‘displeased’ they are with the relationships between white women and black men.
    Black women can’t accept the fact that some black men don’t actually NEED to be with black women. Black women hate white women, because black women are insanely jealous of white women.
    The lives of black women revolve around control. Control of black men. Control of black children. Control of the relationship between black men and black women. Controlling those who attempt to criticize black women. Controlling (or attempting to control) everything.
    When black women see something they don’t like, can’t control, and can’t do ANYTHING to stop (like the relationship between black men and white women), black women become like stalkers, and simply cannot stop complaining about, and whining about, and throwing tantrums about black men and white women.
    Black women are truly psychotic, sociopaths, who are driven by anger, jealousy, fear, rage, irrational thought and behavior, the desire to abuse and destroy everything they come in contact with, and an endless desire to cause misery.
    When black women see the two people they hate most in the world, black men and white women, together and happy in a relationship, black women will do everything they can in a weak, vain, attempt to destroy the happiness black men and white women have together.
    Is there ANYTHING black women don’t destroy, abuse, complain about, cause misery for, and try to figuratively and literally kill?
    Black women seem unable to accept the fact that white women exist, black men find white women more attractive than black women, and that black men are happier with white women than with black women.
    Black women are the definition of ‘sore losers’.

    On second thought, black women are the definition of ‘losers’ period.

    Avoid black women at all costs.

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  6. Afrofuturism1, the only thing I want is to avoid black women, and most black men. The mentality of most black people is too stupid, violent, reactionary, and destructive.
    I literally keep my distance when around black people. The men are violent and stupid, and are likely to commit acts of violence against other black men without notice. These black men were raised by black women.
    I stay away from black women because they are violent and stupid. And are likely to cause you misery or an unpleasant experience simply by interacting with them.
    The negative nature of black women infects everything they come in contact with. This is why many black men walk around like ticking time bombs, ready to explode if someone even looks at them wrong.
    Avoid black women, and most black people in general. Dealing with the majority of black people puts your life, safety, and well being in danger.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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  7. Another thing guys when a black man dates outside his race black women are angry because they lost a black man that they cannot destroy his life they live to destroy our lives. Keith i am with you whenever i am out like a lounge where there is nothing but mostly non black women the vibe is real chill and laid back everybody getting along having fun. I have not been to an all black lounge, club or anything in a real long time hence when you go to all black events it will mostly end in violence or some form of BS. But i do not say anything to black women at all i just keep it moving their attitude sucks and they look horrible with all that weave caked up make up and tats all over looking like a dirty biker gang. I want nothing to do with these subhuman species known as black women.

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    • I went to an A Boogie concert out in Patchogue Long Island and it was a mixed crowd but mostly white, white area so that’s natural. 50% of attendees were white women, and they were all over the black men. Of course, some dumb niggas had to show up. Two large groups of black dudes that were with black women. They started FIVE fights and ended up all getting kicked out. Before the main act came out.

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      • FLCLimaxxx,

        This is the problem with most black women and the dysfunctional scum that they produce, they spoil everything in their vicinity and worst of all they believe that their behaviour is normal. I’ve seen the type you are talking about over here in the UK myself, they have a unique vibe about them that smells like trouble as soon as they arrive on the scene.

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    • Agreed. Kali, outside his brand, his muscles, his life experiences seems like a decent, kind bloke, so him finding a woman who’s his biggest supporter and cheerleader is a great match for him indeed and, quite frankly he deserves to have it all. Long live their relationship.

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      • Michel,

        Indeed, SYSBM for life. Kali made a wise decision picking himself a white woman especially Helena, the vibe they have together is completely different from the one he had when he was with his ex wife. Black women are destructive by nature, something which Kali Muscle is not, hence why he and many black men like him including ourselves simply can’t vibe successfully with such destructive individuals.

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    • Whtgrlsrawsome,

      Agreed, Kali is a decent black man who simply wants peace and progression in his life and I know in his heart he realises that he cannot achieve these goals with a black woman by his side even though he’ll be politically correct and say that race has nothing to do with it.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        You’ll notice that black women will use any opportunity to bring up the fact that interracial relationships and marriages between themselves and white men are the least likely to fail, yet they always seem to conveniently forget to mention what you have, how they are the last choice on all non black men’s dating lists. Bragging yet the overwhelming majority of white men are not interested in black women at all, smh.

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      • >You’ll notice that black women will use any opportunity to bring up the fact that interracial relationships and marriages between themselves and white men are the least likely to fail, yet they always seem to conveniently forget to mention what you have, how they are the last choice on all non black men’s dating lists

        Not to mention that these harpies are usually single and ran through with a bunch of kids from Nook-Nook, Day-Day, Tyrone and any associated thugs.

        Forget them. Avoid at all costs!

        SYSBM ’till the damn wheels fall off!

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  8. Most USA black women are “cutters.” Mental health professionals use the term “self-mutilation.” A cutter, usually female, will engage in self-destructive behavior to bring harm to herself. The original term was about women taking knives and cutting themselves. The term has now been expanded to all types of self-destructive behavior. The harm can be physical harm or some other type of harm such as financial harm, relationship harm, etc. In essence, the majority of USA black women are cutters. The result is the USA black woman’s obesity, failed relationships, unplanned pregnancies, $5.00 net worth, and the other ills that are associated with USA black women. Gentlemen, stay away from black women because most of them are cutters who are bent on self-destructive harm. When not harming themselves, USA black women will harm black men and black children.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Truer words have never been spoken. Most black men are still trying to be nice and friendly when speaking about black women because they have been bewitched into believing that their dysfunctional behaviour is normal, however this approach is absolute folly because as you stated we are dealing with very destructive individuals who are bringing calamity upon everybody around them.

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  9. Nook nook, lol.

    In all seriousness, I think a fooodgate is about to open where people are going to get sick of political correctness and just go all out ham. Do you think people are going to keep lying and act like black women are actually pretty and good people?

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  10. I’ve been a long time lurker and I think it’s time I said a few words.

    I’m a writer who writes young adult fiction that feature positive black heroines. The reason I do so is because I still have a glimmer of hope for the next generation of black females – if they cannot find role models in real life, perhaps my books can provide them with such. Maybe I’m an idealist, but that’s what I want to achieve. A new generation of respectful, thoughtful black females.

    Over the years, I have received COUNTLESS harassing comments from black women who do not like the way I speak about them, and how my books hope to counter their destructive behaviour.

    One of their biggest criticisms are my covers – the black heroines are typically light skinned or biracial, and have natural hair. The reason is simple – this is a business after all, and I need covers that sell. The typical black woman is not an attractive creature. Masculine to a fault, morbidly obese, and with fake hair glued on her scalp, she is not a good selling point.

    Anyway I don’t know much about this Kali Muscle character, but I can guarantee you if he encountered a black woman bodybuilder, she’d make him look like Taylor Swift. Black women are already more masculine than most black men – can you imagine if they used steroids?

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    • Shawn James,

      There will be a minuscule number of black women scattered here and there who will see the light, however the overwhelming majority based upon their current trajectory are destined for death and destruction. We only see the majority of black women sinking lower and lower into the gutter and now it has become even rarer to hear from decent black women.

      The prognosis for black women as a collective at this stage is extremely grim, I’m sure that you can testify to the same experience, where you hardly every hear from good black women at all as opposed to being constantly bombarded with critical commentary from members of the angry and bitter black sisterhood.

      Witnessing the rapid demise of the modern day black female simply confirms a statement that I have been making for a while now, that in 2017 the overriding majority of black women are indeed defective beyond repair and the situation overall will continue to worsen.

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    • You to help and “uplift” them (which you shouldn’t feel obligated to do) and this is their gratitude. Let em die!

      THEY know that light skin/mixed chicks look 968676556777 times better than them, and that white and Asian chicks look 21234216688990097655433467876123300884578448966389 times better than them. That’s why THEY praise and worship half hreeds.

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    • “. The reason is simple – this is a business after all, and I need covers that sell. The typical black woman is not an attractive creature.”

      yes, but have you ever tried putting a darker skinned looking black heroine on your covers ?? or do you merely assume that “light skin, biracial, and natural hair” is the only thing that will sell ???

      you are likely wrong.


  11. Shawn James. Yes. It is a medical fact that black women, as a group, have more muscle mass than women of other races. Problem is that since most black women in today’s USA are overweight, these black women have layers of fat covering the muscle. In earlier days when black women did more physical labor, the USA black woman was celebrated for having toned and muscular glutes. The USA black woman of today has a hair weave or a perm that she does not want to expose to physical exercise. Therefore, most USA black woman of today has a backside that is floppy and sloppy.

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