Buying Gas For Women, Really Bruh? Simping Reaches An All Time Low


These are the kind of crackpot simp black men that single black women have been churning out for at least the last 50 years. As I look at the above I am scratching my head profusely and trying my best to figure out what this guy was thinking when he decided to post such stupidity. Standing beside a gas station pump offering to put $20 worth of gas into the cars of 5 random women, really bruh?

Simping has really reached a new low in black male society, what a waste of $100, money that could have been wisely spent on better causes. These black male simps continue to add credence to my theory about them being under a deep state of hypnosis or being bewitched by black women because the lengths they are going to in order to seek validation from them at this point are simply off the chain.

Remember, this is the group of women who are constantly giving these same simps the middle finger aswell as good black men in general. Aren’t these the same individuals who have made it known to the world that they prefer the thug, unproductive, criminal type black males? Hasn’t Simp Robinson figured out yet that black women as a collective DO NOT appreciate anything that comes from the hands of black men?

I talked about ultra simping in my book Negro Wars and I have also dealt with the topic here on the website, please see the link below:

Beware however because this is not the only shortfall of simp Chris Robinson, look at what he had to say in this post:

I have to be honest, this has to be one of the most retarded customs I have seen coming out of the US, where a woman has her own car, drives into a gas station but if there is a male passenger accompanying her then it will be his duty to fill up her tank, I am still scratching my head at this one. I actually wrote an article last year dealing with this very issue, that article can be seen here.

As far as I am concerned a woman unless she is disabled is quite capable of putting petrol into her own tank, perhaps some of you guys from the US can explain where this crazy custom has come from because like I stated in the article dealing with this subject, to me this simply looks like another tentacle of feminism. Is this custom limited to black America or is this a custom over there regardless of race?

Now, how much do you want to bet that simp Robinson is a single man? Do you see how the same patterns continue to repeat themselves again and again? Black male simps pander to black women, black women point-blank show them no appreciation for services rendered and give them the middle finger, black women instead run towards and embrace the scum, the unproductive and the lower dregs of black male society. The same pattern plays itself out again and again yet the simp cannot seem to figure this out.

He seems to believe that he will be the exception to the rule and that “his” form of simping will be the hook that finally catches the fish, however the catch never takes place, as I stated above these simps don’t even get a thank you from black women. Dequan: 1 Simp Robinson: 0. Remember Tyrone doesn’t need to simp in order to attract women, all that is required is for him to be his usual womanising self and black women will flock to him from all corners.

Simp Robinson is trying to be what the overwhelming majority of black women hate and despise, a good, decent black man. He is much more likely to have better opportunities being nice and friendly to non black women, unlike black women they do not hate and work against black men therefore there is a much higher chance of reciprocation even with the “women hate simps” formula factored into the equation.

However, as we already know most of these simps are bewitched and therefore remain devoted to their queans and “mother earth”. It’s funny how black women claim to be mother earth yet they have no problem regularly treading under foot certain members of this planet who look just like them. Gentlemen, don’t be like this guy, don’t be a simp Robinson, SYSBM. You thoughts.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

36 thoughts on “Buying Gas For Women, Really Bruh? Simping Reaches An All Time Low

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  2. If he was really charitable, he would’ve said next 5 PEOPLE, not (probably black) women. Notice that simps never try to help other men, namely other black men who legitimately are struggling.

    And why SPEEDWAY?!!!! Why disparage the name of my former place of employment?!!!

    Speaking of which, the speedway nearest to my college is the WORST speedway I’ve ever been to. The floods are dirty, items are unstocked, drinks/food items advertised despite not being available, which they tell you after paying for said items. And that’s not even getting into the huge lines which drag on as the cashiers gossip.

    Guess who runs it? Yep, melanoid females! You go, black queens!!!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      The simps are just like the black women they worship, help black women or help themselves but as you said they never lead a helping hand to other black men in need. You can pretty much guarantee that any petrol station that is run by black women is going to be running on the bare minimum and the customer service is going to be absolutely rubbish. lol.

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    • I’m not surprised by the deterioration of your former place of employment after taken over by BW. The wife and I went out to an Applebees about 2 months ago. We hadn’t gone for a while but kept putting off with the intention of going out there. We finally went and there was BW everywhere. The bar, waitresses, chefs and manager. Very poor service as you would expect. The food was worse and also we heard some fracas going on in the kitchen area.

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  3. Wow Verbs2015, you are on a roll today. I’m off for Good Friday, so I able to respond more faster. No, the custom of men pumping gas for women is not limited to the black community in America. It’s really basically a custom that the men pump the gas for the women. Where this custom came from or why I have no idea. But it’s normal that if there is a man and a woman in the car even if the woman is driving, the man gets out and pumps the gas.
    Now this stupid Simp Negro or fruit to spend $20 a piece on females to buy gas for them, is another in the long line of stupid simple Negroes that I’ve said about ‘this has gotta be the dumbest fool I’ve ever seen’.
    The simp has the ever present mind state that if only men were to do more for women (or black women in this case), then women would see that men are to be trusted can be relied upon, and in turn these black women will begin to respect Blackmen, and the relationship between black men and black women will soar into the heavens.
    With these dumbass simping Negroes don’t realize is that Blackmen have been going out of their way, doing everything for, have elevated black women to the level of a GOD, and knees black women still hate Blackmen, still say black men ain’t shit, still cheat on and are not loyal to Blackmen, still disrespected Blackmen, and will treat a homeless white man, better than they will treat the black father of their children.
    These black simps have got to be the dumbest human beings to ever walk the face of the earth. Doesn’t this simple Negro who is offering to buy gas for the first five females he sees, you know that if he was stranded on the side of the road, the black woman who he just bought gas for, would ride right past him and probably say something like ‘look at that broke ass nigga’!
    For the black Simp it’s always a matter of ‘us men need to do better’. It’s never a matter of black women are whores, deceitful liars, self-involved destructive narcissists, delusional Whitewoman obsessed nut cases, bitter, angry and hateful toward Blackmen for no reason, low self-esteem having pathetic excuses for a women, who can’t even walk around in public looking like the natural selves.
    And these simple ignorant black men, after all the tangible evidence that there is out there, still refuse to accept the fact that black women are simply not good human beings. Other than maybe the buffoon simp Steve Harvey, and the homosexual Tyler Perry, what black man has ever profited from being a super Simp?

    The idiot who offered to buy gas for five females, could buy gas for and pay the rent of every black woman in America for a year, and black women will still have the attitude they have toward Blackmen, still say ‘niggas ain’t shit’, and will never magically transform into the type of woman who the SIMP thinks the black woman can become through the efforts of simping black men.

    Just like the black woman demon , the black man Simp is a lost cause. Black women will hate Blackmen no matter what they do, because black women are mentally ill, hostile, delusional, want to be White women, who want to look like Whitewomen, be Whitewomen and be at the side of the White men.
    Black women are on able to live out their delusional fantasies in real life, so black women are perpetually and eternally frustrated, bitter, and angry. And they take out their bitterness on Blackmen, cool remind them to much of their natural selves.

    You simply can never win being with a black woman. If a sure thing exists in the world we live in, it’s a sure thing that becoming involved in a relationship with black woman will ruin your life.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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    • If more knowledge and admission of the black womans’ failure is brought forth, maybe we can save the simps. MAYBE they will realize the lost cause they are fighting for. Maybe…

      If not,…..oh well! Bomb the hood!

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    • Bill Smith,


      “Doesn’t this simple Negro who is offering to buy gas for the first five females he sees, you know that if he was stranded on the side of the road, the black woman who he just bought gas for, would ride right past him and probably say something like ‘look at that broke ass nigga’!”

      This right here, this is exactly the point that I made in the article, that fact that black women as a group do not appreciate anything that comes from the hands of black men, we fellow black men who do not have our heads in the sand see this for ourselves. God knows I have brought so much evidence to the table clearly showing the unappreciative nature of most black women. SYSBM.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        White men can present themselves in any social, academic and economic state and black women will accept them, after all in the black woman’s eye the white man is “god”. Black men on the other hand must already come fully loaded, what a joke.

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  4. Good article. You have to wonder while he was offering to pay these females gas tab, in return did one of them offered him gas money for his car? If I’m riding in a car that’s not mine owned by my female companion and we’re going to the same destination then I’m not paying or pumping gas. If I was married, my wife is driving my car and I’m the owner of the car and and I’m the passenger at that moment then it’s my responsibility to pay and if I’m able to pump the gas.

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  5. I clicked on the link to see if that simp was married or single, and apparently his page has been deleted. He probably got clowned for being such a boot-lickin’ simp.

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  6. Verbs2015, black men could be and have been ‘uplifting’, supporting, and excusing the behaviour of black women for decades. Yet the black woman still looks at at black men as ‘ain’t shit niggas’.
    Not that I care at all.
    But all it takes is for one white man to say he finds a black women attractive, and black women will come running falling over themselves in support of this white man.
    Let’s be honest. I understand that there are other nonblack women on the planet earth other than white women.
    But a white woman who supports Blackmen, loves Blackmen, and is willing to have children with a black man and a marriage or a long-term relationship with a black man, is the greatest friend and lover a black man can have.
    Maybe I’m getting carried away. And an Asian woman or a Mexican woman or an Indian woman who loves a black man, is a great friend and lover to the black man who she chooses to be in a relationship with.
    But that Whitewoman, who loves a black man and is in a relationship with a black man, literally is fighting against hundreds of years of an attempt to keep white women and Blackmen separated.
    When a black man finds love with a white woman, that White woman is willing to support that black man, stand with that black man, and literally be willing to withstand and take on a social burden, just for being with that black man who she loves.
    Most of the time when you see a White woman with a black man and who has had children by that black man, you are looking at a woman who is really dedicated to loving and supporting her black man.
    But simps, and black women claim that BECKY(white women), is the worst thing that could ever happen to Blackmen.
    White women who love Blackmen are probably the best thing that could’ve ever happened to Blackmen. Blackmen who are involved in relationships with white women (or non black women), are the happiest Blackmen you will ever meet in your life.

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      • Truth. There is a type of peace and happiness, that is found when black men are in relationships with non black women, that brings true joy and tranquility.
        Let’s be honest, nonblack women who are involved in relationships with Blackmen, treat black men better than black women do.
        Who in their right mind would criticize a man for wanting to be in a relationship where happiness, peacefulness, joy, and calmness at the main factors in a relationship?
        But black women feel they can have a horrible attitude, be confrontational, argue, fuss and fight, walk around in public with the dirty stinking filthy weave in her hair, and then when Blackmen get sick of this nonsense and seek nonblack women, all of a sudden black women are concerned about Blackmen are dating marrying and having children with.

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      • So untrue. Black men/other race women have the highest divorce rates and that’s when they do get married. The majority of mixed race children in foster care are those of white women and black men. You guys are delusional. I can cite case after case of black men/non-black woman relationships that have gone south. And it is not the fault of the women but the black men because he takes his trifling behavior with him. I hate to use celebrities but everyone knows who they are. Lou Rawls, James Brown, Rick James, Don Cornelius, Gary Coleman, etc…all had dysfunctional relationships with white women because the problem was with THEM. There have been several cases in the media where Black males have killed white/non-black female acquaintances, so this pollyannaish-ish fairytale that you’re spinning aint fooling anybody, ESPECIALLY not me, LOL.

        Ask yourself, why is every country where the Black man is the majority, he is on the bottom? White, Asian and Indian men dominate you economically, socially and politically in majority Black nations and that is not the fault of Black women. Maybe this is why Black males like you dream of living in Europe and other white majority nations because you screwed up your own.

        Urchin (A smart Black woman who knows about Black men and their BS)

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      • Urchin,

        What a joke, you black women are still killing the highest numbers of unborn children per day, per week and per month in abortion centers, I told you before that bringing up the shortfalls of black men(the majority of which have been injected into them by their mothers) does not help the case of black women at all. Remember, those children in foster care are ALIVE(if the claim you are making is evn true).

        You had to really dig in some ancient and dusty crates in order to find dysfunctional black men, but even then this still doesn’t help your case and again most black men today are raised by single mothers, thus we already know where their dysfunctional behaviours are coming from. I have to chuckle everytime black women talk about dysfunctional black men because this is an automatic negative reflection upon them.

        Black men killing white women is a very rare occurence, however black women killing black men is quite common, we can begin from the womb. Are you sure you want to keep going? What are you talking about, do you even have a passport, have you even travelled to different countries? The black man is the majority population in most sub-Saharan African countries and he is not on the bottom, Africa is full to the brim with black millionaires, billionaires and geniuses. Perhaps you ought to check out Nigeria, Ghana or Zimbabwe first before talking so ingorantly:

        You ought to research a black man by the name of Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa. That’s the problem with highly ignorant souls such as yourself, you believe that you can automatically superimpose the plight of black men in the US everywhere else in the world, sorry, not so:

        And you had the audacity to talk about thinking black men and fairytales yet you absolutely failed to check the Alice in Wonderland gibberish oozing from your own mouth. Here we have another situation where a reprobate American black female believes that everything she says is true simply because it’s coming from herself.

        The ignorance of your average Afro-American black female is off the charts, however it is not surprising and is something that I talk about here at Slaying Evil all of the time aswell as in Negro Wars.


      • So true. There is a very strong vibe that is present amongst black men and white women. From the time I was in elementary school through high school, I have always clicked with white females. And I’m not just imagining things or creating things to support my position (like black women do).
        Black men and white women get along very well together. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but those of us Blackmen would’ve been around white women in our daily interactions, know and understand that there is definitely an attraction between Blackmen and Whitewoman.
        And this attraction is not a superficial temporary, sexual, superficial one, like the one between white men and black women (I’m not saying all relationships between black women and white men are superficial). But for the most part the relationship between black men and white women is a very strong one, and there is a reason why this is the most predominant interracial relationship in America.
        Sorry black woman, but the White woman is a better black woman than you could ever be, and a better friend, lover, supporter of Blackmen, and a better mother said that black man’s children, then most black women could ever be.
        Wow, the truth is being revealed. And black women can do nothing about it.

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    • >White women who love Blackmen are probably the best thing that could’ve ever happened to Blackmen. Blackmen who are involved in relationships with white women (or non black women), are the happiest Blackmen you will ever meet in your life.

      Damn straight! 15 years with my snow bunny and the happiness continues!

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  7. To be brutally honest i think most simps are gay or borderline gay. They act just like females the same mannerisms and everything they are single because as Verbs stated black women want loser black men and also these simps like men that is another reason they are single. They do stuff like the gas guy just to get attention i know you guys probably think i am tripping but i really believe most simps are gay thet act to much like women.

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  8. Also, check out several of my latest videos (converted some old blog posts, plus adding video Game OST). I should be adding more tonight, namely the first 10 videos of a walk through of persona 5! Go to the video page and check out the rest of my channel!

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  9. My feelings about 99.9999999999% of churches aside, I remember a few years back how a local black church did something similar for Easter. That was actually helping people, this dude us just trying to get some draws while also attempting to look like a Good Samaritan.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Damn, I didn’t even connect the time period with the dude’s simping. The guy is blatantly fishing for draws to be dropped, his Facebook page is still up but I had to log in to see it. He caught some major heat in the comment section of that post.

      Most folks saw straight through his simp facade, black men and non black women for the most part clowned him, called him a simp and a creep. Of course the group that gave him praise were of course as per usual black women.

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