Black Women – The Dishonesty And Delusions Of Grandeur Continue

Please listen to as much of the video as you can stomach without fulfilling the need to smash something:

Here we have yet another video from a member of the angry and bitter black sisterhood berating black men once again, nothing new here. This has to be one of the dumbest, dishonest and most disingenuous videos I have ever come across. This foolish woman expects us to believe that black women have a problem with mixed race children when we already know that black women will bend over backwards and worship the ground white men walk on in order to get impregnated by them so that they can have mixed children with “that good hair”.

This bitter black harridan isn’t fooling anybody, the real problem is not the mixed children but the combination of the couple concerned and Pandoras Orchard believes we thinking black men cannot see this. What this buzzard is failing to tell you is that when the couple is reversed ie we make the man white and the woman black, she and her ilk will purposely go out of their way to fawn over and worship those mixed race children all day everyday.

You’ll notice however that black men do not have a problem with mixed children or any race of children no matter what the combination of the couple is. You have to understand that black women want to delight in mixed race children because they look closer to their white lord, god and saviour, however where we as black men delight in our children simply because they are our seed and we love them, a black man with mixed children as far as most black women are concerned is a situation that should not be allowed to happen. It’s fine for black women to freely enjoy mixed children but black men in black women’s eyes are not allowed to do the same.

Again, never forget that black women are the ones constantly seeking attention, it is only because black women force themselves into other people’s spaces as to why the general public doesn’t ignore and forget about them completely. If black women kept silent and weren’t on continuous missions to garner some attention then most people would simply forget about them altogether.

This is why black women wear weaves with a million and one stupid colours, this is why they wear construction site loads of thick layered make up, this is why they wear the green/blue/grey/hazel contact lenses, this is why they wear bright coloured lipsticks, this is why they wear sexually provocative clothing, this is why they are constantly taking pictures of their behinds and posting them to any and all social media platforms but then have the nerve to complain when simp black men begin pursuing them in large numbers.

It’s all about attention, attention, attention and more attention to black women. This is one of the reasons why I’m not keen on social media, because attention seeking desperado black females and dysfunctional women in general can now use these instruments in order to garner attention from men worldwide, not just the men on their local block.

Going back to the video, please take a look at what this black female put in the description box, it reads:

“Black men with black kids don’t take their kids out in public. It’s only the black men with the mixed kids. And they will follow you all over the place trying to get you to validate their relationships”.

Don’t fall for the reverse psychology nonsense that this woman is trying to pull, we already know that black women hate black children. How often do you see black women in the park with their black children? Exactly, nothing but crickets, yet you will see black men outside with their black children all the time. However, when black women have mixed race children they will ensure that they parade their children through the streets for all to see. Because most black women are incredibly insecure and self hating individuals, if they are ever given the opportunity to have mixed race children they will project themselves onto those children and live their lives through them.

Additionally according to Pandoras Orchard we black men are now attempting to appeal to black women in order to validate our interracial relationships, she has to be smoking some industrial grade flakka to make such a retarded statement. Who are the ones we see writing thousands of interracial novels, writing books on interracial dating, using their social media platforms aswell as their own websites to denigrate black men while at the same time promoting non black men(especially white men) as the better option for black women? This is simply another case of a black woman who is ultra delusional and believes everything that comes from her mouth without verification amounts to truth and fact.

At the end of the day this woman is angry and bitter, that bitterness especially comes to light whenever she sees a black man with a white woman and they have children, they are a couple and she is most probably a single mother. The other issue that bothers her is the fact that as black men we have more power and easier access to non black women than black women do concerning non black men. It’s not the black man’s fault that outside of black men black women are the last dating and marriage option of non black males, that is the modern-day black female’s own doing.

Black women as a collective stay projecting their insecurities onto others especially black men, additionally black women will always remain dishonest. SYSBM is the only way forward for the thinking black man. Why this woman never stated from the beginning that the particular combination of the interracial couple is the real problem for her is beyond me. This here is a clear example of the mental illness I no longer have to deal with as a black man actively putting SYSBM into action.

Nobody is trying to recognise you woman, nobody is trying to get your attention apart from the simps, manginas and white knights, stop deluding yourself into believe that you are somebody who is so special that black men simply have to go out of their way in order to get your attention. As I stated before if black women went silent on all fronts, immediately the world would forget about them. Nobody likes black women, everybody is sick of them and their dysfunction and delusional sirens such as Pandoras Orchard need to wake up and accept this reality.

At this point you have to laugh at black women like this, still trying to get some sort of attention, still believing that they are relevant to everybody else’s life, err NO. Walk away black men and be free, you cannot satisfy these ultra liberal feminists on any level, black women will continue to whine, moan and complain about ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING you do and say until they take their last breath.

In 2017 this is the modern day black female in a nutshell, she is now resorting to fabricating false scenarios in order to garner attention. As far as I am concerned if I decide to have children they are to go nowhere near these pestilent, violent, bloodthirsty, belligerent, savage and cursed black females, on the contrary, if I can help it my children will never cross paths with such reprobate individuals at all. As I have stated before, black women and black men as a joint collective are incompatible and to be honest things have been this way for a very long time. #SYSBM.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

41 thoughts on “Black Women – The Dishonesty And Delusions Of Grandeur Continue

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  2. I’ve never seen such reverse psychology in all my days.

    Know this: black men can be themselves and easily get non black women. Black women have to act like the most ridiculous “Valley Girl” stereotype just to get bent over and screwed by a white dude. Everything to claim to like is an attempt to (failingly) integrate themselves into white sjciety. Dumb buzzards.

    Conversely, also remember that black women fought for the right get married to and dicked down by white men while black men were hanging from trees.

    They HATE being black and worship white men and half breeds, so stop screwing them, keep their DNA from repropogating into the next generation, and replace them with half breeds. The black race will never be worth a tenth of a damn as long as we are dominated by black women.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Agreed, as long as this black women is in charge of the black race it will be doomed to perpetual failure. We must continue to spread the word and reach out to thinking black men as much as we can. Here is yet another illustration as to why I call these black women witches, what kind of abra cadabra, hocus pocus, reverse psychology sorcery is this woman attempting to pull, lol?

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    • Afrofuturism1, so true. I’ve never seen Blackmen or rarely have seen Blackmen ever have to bend over backward and attempt to imitate the actions appearance and persona of a white man in order to get a nonblack woman or get attention.
      Black women on the other hand have to become a buffoonish cartoon character impression of a Whitewoman, just to be able to be treated like a whore by some third rate, lowlife white man.
      In addition to the hatred and jealousy black women have toward white women, black women are jealous of Blackmen and hate Blackmen, because Blackmen are able to do things and live lives that black women only wish they could live, without having to jump through hoops to appear like a Whitewoman.
      And even when the lowlife, delusional black woman demon does jump through hoops and do everything in her power to look like and imitate a Whitewoman, black women still don’t get 1/10 of the attention Blackmen get.
      And all the while Blackmen are able to be there natural black men selves, and get attention world wide.
      Black women know that Blackmen are famous, admired, and imitated worldwide.
      Black women can’t say the same thing . Blackmen are imitated, black women are known worldwide as imitators.

      Dam, I’m on a roll today!!!!!

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  3. I remember working at a corporate job in New Hyde Park, NY. MY girl had just finished law school and was waiting to take the Bar exam. She would make me lunch every day and during my lunch time we would eat together outside of the buildings on some benches. There was a pretty clear line of sight from all the offices to these benches. One day a group of three black bitches would start coming around and sit at the same bench. They would not be eating, but talk about random shit in fake valley girl voices, as is typical of corporate hoodrats. They would not speak to us, just come to whichever table we were at and talk non stop. The funny thing is, the few times that my girl had things to do and could not eat with me, these women would never sit down. They were only coming around when my girlfriend was there with me.

    Also, some BBB’s that worked for a different department of my company(thank god i was surrounded by asian, indian and hispanic girls in my department) obviously saw us together. there was some need for interaction with them as they delivered some materials to me daily, and usually it was hi/bye type of thing. then one day, the male simp had to blurt it out. out of nowhere, “yo, you don’t like black women?” LMAO! i should have known that was coming, even though i had no friends there, talked to none of them and didn’t even mention having a girlfriend these bitches were checking up on me. i told him nope and walked away. next day, the usual girl came up and she asked me if i really didn’t like black girls. i looked her dead on and said NO.

    Black women are crazy, and they are the ones who generally harass or try to orbit other people in IR relationships.

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    • FLClimaxxx,

      They always hover around hoping that they can somehow instigate some trouble on interracial couples, particularly the combination of black men and non black women. It’s almost as if they were waiting for you or your girlfriend to say something that in their eyes was out of line so they could instigate a fight. These black sirens are cold hearted devils, as I stated before they aren’t going to allow black men to walk smoothly and quietly into the sunset with Suzy, Ling Ling, Suzuki, Gomez, Patel, Sadiq etc, they and their simp brigades will be bringing the heat in their fury and jealousy.

      You really have to look and marvel at how blinded some black men are, they really cannot see(or purposely choose to blind themselves to) the endless death, destruction and misery black women bring to everybody around them, they are completely under a deep trance.

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    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      It’s all about them holding onto their victimhood status by any means necessary, now they are resorting to fabricating scenarios in order to do so.


  4. More paranoid delusional thoughts from a black woman demon who is clearly obsessed with black men, and can’t handle the fact that black men are moving past black women, and that black men actually have options that black women don’t have.
    Does anyone really believe that black men with bi racial children are actively involved in a concentrated effort to get a reaction or response from black women? No black man with bi racial children and a white woman as a mate, is walking around thinking about any black woman, and these black men dam sure aren’t sending their children in the direction of black women to get a response.
    This is just more proof of how insane, delusional, and obsessed black women are with Blackmen, and who they are dating and having children with.
    What this is really about is how black women can’t control Blackmen. It absolutely drives a black woman crazy, when a black man is with another race of women and happy living life. Black women will go to any length in order to attempt to defame Blackmen or slander Blackmen.
    We all know damn well that Blackmen aren’t doing anything with their biracial children that involves getting the attention or response from a black woman. This is pure fantasyland and delusional thoughts by an obviously deranged black woman.
    She is so fixated upon Blackmen and their nonblack mates and biracial children, that when she is out in public she is actually witnessing normal behavior, but in her paranoid mentally ill mind, a child in public with their black father and nonblack mother, represents some conspiracy on the part of Blackmen to get her attention, make her jealous, and make her upset.
    Is there any doubt that black women in general are on the losing end of life. Black women like this lunatic in the YouTube video really actually think that Blackmen are thinking about black women, focused on them, and going out of their way (using their bi racial children) to get the attention of black women.
    Everything that this demonic black woman spoke about in her video, was pure delusion and fantasy, that is a direct result of her utter stupidity, insecurity, obsession with black men, and her inability to accept the reality that black men don’t want her, and don’t need her.
    So in a pathetic attempt to somehow ‘blame’ black men for her shortcomings, loneliness and lack of a life, she is actually publicly stating that Blackmen are involved in a concentrated effort to get her attention using their biracial children.
    Is there any doubt that 99.9% of black women are absolutely fucking crazy? How’s stupid do you have to be to actually think this is taking place in the real world?
    Every day I’m more more thankful that I realize just how worthless and insane black women are.

    Ps- Did anyone listen to Tommy Sotomayor interview the two black women with tattoos on their chest and long weave in their hair? It was absolutely cringe worthy watching Tommy joke around and smile with these two black idiot females with multiple children by different Blackmen. Tommy actually said he likes ‘hood black women’. Not trying to go off the topic of this thread, but this Tommy Sotomayor has really turned into a black woman ass kissing SIMP. Unreal.

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    • lol you’ll have to send the link. He also says he’s used to our women being ugly and looking like men.

      On the subject, there’s nothing black women love more than playing in half breeds’ hair, so why would they be mad at the potential prospec-….oh, cuz said half breed came from a black man’s nuts and not her snow king! Gotcha!

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      • It’s on the 1 on 1 channel Tommy Sotomayor has. The title is ‘Woman who Thug Shot At On Video Confronts Tommy Sotomayor Live’. The video and the interview is just so pathetic, so clown like and buffoon like, and so dumb, I’m almost at a loss for words, that after all Tommy has been saying for years and years, he still goes right back to these demon black women and interviews them and treats them with respect and laughs and jokes with them.
        At the end of the interview Tommy was complementing them and saying that they are beautiful women and he would like to do more interviews with them and that he really enjoyed it.
        What a clown he is. Sad.

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    • Bill Smith,

      The madness continue to tighten it’s grip around black women as each day passes, resorting to calling out normal behaviours black men engage in as some sort of conspiracy, what a joke. Isn’t this madness yet another valid reason as to why thinking black men should abandon black women altogether? I believe it is.

      In relation to Sotomayor, he no longer has the same fire to call out black women and their skull duggery like he did back in the day in his earlier years on YouTube, sad.


  5. This is 100%, pure, unadulterated, bullshit! I’ve got two biracial children, I’ve NEVER used them to try and “feel out” any of these Bacterial vaginosis infected, sleestack looking scallywags. If anything, they would approach my kids on their own talking about how cute they were or pretty their hair is. She just mad because she’s a single mother, she can’t hookup on Facebook, and she saw a bmwf and their kids. The wf probably had a ring on her finger and they were all probably happy. Notice how she kept talking about going to the doctors office, I bet her health is fucked up too.

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    • Yup. I don’t have kids yet but a close family friend whose kids are like my siblings happens to be a biracial woman with family roots inn panama. Her kids love me and my family and her three year old son loves me and my brother. I take him out occasionally to the toy store or to the mall and stuff and my girlfriend likes him so we take them out together quite a bit. You know, we are always approached by black women saying how cute our “child” is(he is super light skinned so they think he is mixed, really his father is rather dark skinned) and assume he is our biracial kid.

      they ask can they pick him up and shit to which i always refuse. I tell you, if some bitch comes to pet my kids when i finally become a father i am going to go off on them, lol. It’s disgusting. I have had compliments from white females and such saying how nice of a family we are, but only black women linger about and want to talk our ears off and just coo and caw about what they think is a half white child. Also, my older brother’s wife asked me if i was excited to have biracial babies with good hair and light eyes…i shit you not.

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  6. Verbs2015, as we all know, black women are mentally ill human beings, but now it seems like the black women are descending into a state of absolute and utter psychosis.
    What rational human being would look at a bi racial child running around in a supermarket or store, and somehow deduce that this bi racial child was sent on a mission by their black father, in order to get the attention of black women.
    Afrofuturism1, yes the SIMP must be eliminated. But my feeling is that the simp needs to be left to his own devices, and eventually learn the misery that comes with dealing with black women.
    The straight shooter, just ignore black women, and make sure that your children are far away from masses of black people. If you place your children in an environment that is majority black, you will probably have a problem with your children being picked on or messed with by black children.
    As far as Tommy SotoMayor goes, he continues to prove how false he is, and while he couldn’t speak about how evil and negative black women are. All of his content, discussions , TNN news reports, etc about black women , or simply a surface level talking point, in order to drum up attention, and make money from the things that he is saying.
    Wow, for someone who I really thought was dedicated to exposing black women, and actually dealing with the destructive nature, evil ways of black women, and not entertaining or playing games with the nonsense that black women display, Tommy Sotomayor has reduced himself to just another simple negro buffoon, who’s lust for disgusting, ghetto, low life black pussy, has not only led to him being discredited, but led to his internet platform being decimated, and him turning into everything he’s spoken against for the last five or six years.
    Tommy Sotomayor has literally abandoned everything that got him credibility among thinking black men, only to become a weak, simple, accepting of black women idiot, who is willing to speak to and ‘work with’ black women.
    Have we arrived at a point where we can honestly say that Tommy Sotomayor has turned into a hypocritical joke, who is so fixated on black female vagina, that he will interview black women demons for hours on end, and only lightly challenge their destructive way of life, while laughing and joking around with these demons.
    I sometimes briefly scan the videos of Tommy Sotomayor. But his ‘bread and butter’ news report videos, have been abandoned for 3 hour videos of Tommy Sotomayor interviewing black women scum for absolutely no reason. Tommy Sotomayor has become the joke and SIMP he has been screaming against for years.

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    • Bill Smith,

      It’s sad to see what has happened to Sotomayor as he was the one who really gave the critical movement of black women the major steam and pushed required. It seems that on the issue of black women and their dysfunctional behaviour Sotomayor appears to have now taken a back seat.

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      • He’ll (Tommy Sotomayor) be back to his old self…watch this space. I think over the years he has been cussed out so much by black women, that mentally it has taken it’s a toll on him. He’s human like the rest of us. When you get beat down constantly (especially by black women), you need a looong rest to heal the mental wounds. I just think he’s got bills to pay and children to take care of and right now he can’t be asked/bothered to go full blast with his original sentiments. I reckon he still thinks exactly the same way that we are used to hearing from him, but he has to fake it to make it for now. Sad but true. All that has been said by everybody on this blog is on point however, and extremely true so you guys keep ministering to the younger black men who are about to leave home and face the worldly onslaught and run through the black woman gauntlet of f****ries.

        Brother Verbs, please, please, please, do another book aimed towards young black men from aged 18 to 30, similar to what King Solomon wrote for his son in the whole book of Proverbs (some of the proverbs in there were not written by Solomon but Solomon admired the wisdom of others and added them into the book). As you know, he was a black King of extreme Wisdom but still got bamboozled but nearly 1,000 various black women, who saw to his almighty downfall. The Most High Himself warned this brother about these black women and look what happened when Solomon did not listen. The funny thing is, I am unsure if there were any white women in those days, so the Most High was really talking about black women whose culture and spiritual practices were not of the Most High, such as idol worshipers, prostitutes, culturally/spiritually unclean black women in general.. Those were the types of women The Most High was asking Solomon and all the men alike in those days, to avoid.

        Brother Verbs, please also find a decent black woman to write a similar book for young black women in the same age group. It will really help.

        God bless you all on this post!!!!


    • Sotomayor actually has a live stream video up with a black whore who previously posted a video on you tube describing how talented she is at “giving head” and the title of this live stream is “Is the internet destroying what little morals blacks in America have left” and she is sitting in a car.
      I kid you not.
      The devolution of Sotomayor into the shameless underbelly of simpdom is complete. He is no longer an ally but now an adversary of Decent Black Men.


  7. Verbs2015 yes, so true. Tommy Sotomayor has completely abandoned his initial message regarding black women.
    But my question (rhetorical, not that I really care), is why has Tommy Sotomayor eased up on speaking about the destruction and dysfunction of black women?
    You would think that after six years of speaking about how evil and destructive black women are, Tommy Sotomayor would find it difficult to do an ‘ about face’, and slowly begin to entertain anything that these black women demons have to say.
    What does Tommy expect to get out of doing this? I suppose filthy, black, ghetto, ignorant ‘pussy’, is worth destroying all credibility that he may have once had.
    But I believe that Tommy Sotomayor has gained a group of blinded followers, that will support him no matter what he actually does. And his followers will disregard and overlook the utter hypocrisy of his actions, because they think Tommy Sotomayor is actually speaking out against the evil of black women.
    Tommy Sotomayor may have started out with a message that was exposing the degenerate, destructive and evil nature of black women. But Tommy Sotomayor has just lost it.
    Tommy Sotomayor should start a YouTube channel titled ‘I love disgusting, ghetto, tattoo, weave wearing black whore dogs, and I am willing to interview them, pander to them, laugh with them, joke with them, in an effort to dilute my initial message’.
    I actually used to look forward to the next video that Tommy Sotomayor would post on YouTube, now he is just another guy who’s videos I quickly scan though, but don’t ever take seriously.
    Tommy Sotomayor should write a book on how to destroy a brand you have created.

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  8. FLCL, it is so funny how black women in the work place will not even talk to you until they see you with another race of woman. It is a deli i used to frequent in my old neighborhood before i moved to my current neighborhood not at one time did this black woman who worked in there said anything to me. One day me and a Spanish girl i was dating came in together got food etc. etc. So the next time i came in the store alone she said all the brothers are crossing over i see. I just laughed i told her yep we are crossing over and i told her it is funny how you never said anything to me just gave me my food and when i come in with a woman from a different race you say something then and you are saying a slick negative comment. She said i could care less who you are with i laughed and said why did you say something about brothers dating outside of their race if you could care less. Black women are absolutely gone, after that when i would come in the store you could see the venom in her eyes at me it was so funny.

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    • Yea, that’s how they are. I remember when i worked at Lufthansa as a Data Analyst, this young dark skinned girl(pretty) would always walk around with a bitch face and never speak to anyone. The German interns were scared of her because she acted and looked so mean. She always sat alone at lunch time outside too, no one wanted to be near her. One day this hot asian chick from another study program based in singapore sat with us, we all became friends and spent every day having lunch after that. This chick looked on so bitterly, and she packed her shit mid bite and walked off one day when the asian girl gave me a friendly hug and a kiss for my birthday as if disgusted. And a few days later in the morning at the coffee truck, i am looking for 50 cents in my pockets and she walks up to me and hands me four quarters and says “her you go” in a soft ass voice. Now this is probably one of those dark skinned chicks online talking about black men ignore! And she’s also blowing her option to swirl because like i said she was good looking and those German boys wanted her but were turned off by her attitude.

      And then many years ago when i was working at Macy’s, bunch of dykes, baby mommas and in between hoes. Bitches were talking one day shit talking brothers, of course. This one old jamaican lady(who admits she use to strip) was telling all the girls “you need to try a white man at least once. even if you go back and marry a black man, try a white guy”. loud, yelling it. Hell, even the black girls were mad uncomfortable with the way she was carrying one. And she was mad one day arguing with the interim manager and she said “lord jesus i pray they don’t hire a black male manager. anything but a black male boss!” What was the argument about? The schedule for some Calvin Klein delivery which the black man was right about…and he’s closet gay and a nice guy so he didn’t go hard on her either. Then she is recounting stories of trying to fuck this old whit guy that has been working there for 40 years and she told everyone that he has erectile disorder and cannot get hard at all. She also said she would have fucked an asian man but she was too worried that the small dick thing was true. she was the big momma advising the black hoes in there of course…lol. One day these chicks are trying to figure out who i “like”(LOL) and i was like just leave me out of any talk around here. Not looking for female friends and i have a girl. Matter of fact she brought me lunch that day. This is when i was dating a lovely, mixed race half filipino half ethipian girl with golden skin and a long frizzy afro. She walked in at lunch time and handed me my home cooked food, them bitches jaws came off. And they would go on to ask me if i didn’t like black women and ask a million questions about my girl.

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      • Lol nasty old ho! But then again we know that black women will whore well into their 80s.

        And I’ve noticed that these Caribbean chicks will slut with the best of them. Actin all holier than thou, but will suck a light skin dingylingy like it’s jerk chicken! Ya, mon!

        “No offense to any batches of jerk chicken”

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  9. FLCL, I love it that’s how you get under black women skin just keep having a beautiful non black woman with you that will have them heated. And what you said is so true about black women attitude looking all mean and have an attitude this is a complete turn off to most men who wants to deal with that. I noticed they have that look at the grocery store, in a walmart, just out in public period can you imagine how much hell they are giving their black boyfriend or husband at home i could only imagine.

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    • Actin like the smallest thing is murder, but allowing actual bs to slide. Yep, sounds like the black women I know! They LOVE drama like it’s a drug but can’t put up with actual functionality?!!!

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  10. This article was pure fire and 100% accurate as usual. I’m not a big on social media either because most of those platforms are run by political liberals and social justice warrior types who are overly accommodating and pacifying to the black female slime.
    I don’t even bother with Instagram and snapchat because these dysfunctional, no life having sluts have taken those sites over in their efforts to constantly seek attention from the same people who really wish that black women would just go away and crawl back into the filthy hole they came from.
    Just look at how the attention whoring and constantly complaining black women have ruined facebook and you tube for just about everyone else.
    They are beyond delusional, as Verbs stated what decent self respecting Black Man would even want his children anywhere near these black female rats but yet we’re harassing them with our bi-racial children.
    Black women are just laughable, they are sick to their (demonic) souls that more Black Men are waking up and leaving them to their own devices which of course are death and destruction.

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