Attention Whores


No, the reason why you live by yourself is because you are a dysfunctional woman and no free thinking, intelligent man will tolerate such behaviour, exactly what I wrote about in Negro Wars. Note how this harridan claims that men namely simps are calling her through Facebook, yet when you take the time to look at her page and view her photos you can clearly see why this is happening(assuming that the claim is true).

These types of women in their desperation for attention deliberately set what are commonly known as “thirst traps” ie sexual provocative/suggestive images which automatically draw men into paying the particular female attention and chasing her down in the hopes of sex or a relationship. The simps fall for these thirst trapping techniques all the time, however because women don’t like simps and manginas, they never feel satisfied with the attention gained from them, which is one of the main reasons why they are constantly setting new traps behind themselves.

Nixon is your typical attention whore, purposely placing provocative images on Facebook for likes but then pseudo complains when the simps and manginas start to flood her inbox and “call her” on Facebook. Always remember that Dequan, Tyrone, Thug Head and Meat Head are dicking down women like Nixon on the regular, these are the men she will head over to when in need of sexual satisfaction. Either that or she has a draw full of dildos and sex toys, that is most certainly how the majority of black women roll these days.

As per usual there is no doubt that Nixon has followed the same path as most of her sisterhood, during her earlier years she chose to open her legs to unproductive, scum, lower dreg black males while at the same time giving thinking, intelligent, classic black men the middle finger and now that she has reached her late twenties and is still single, the reality of her calamitous decisions have begun to sink in and now in her mind black men as a collective are a bunch of no good scoundrels.

This is the big difference between non black women and black women, non black females generally have more sense when it comes down to choosing their companions and unlike black women they do not have a problem with educated, free thinking, intelligent, classic black men. Black women reject intelligent black men and label us as “educated lames”, meanwhile non black women enjoy and embrace intelligent black males and stand by us even in the not so good times.

Don’t be fooled, Nixon loves the attention, if this wasn’t the case then she wouldn’t be constantly posting up pictures of herself, the issue here is Nixon has become just as dysfunctional as the dregs she has opened her legs to. Again, Nixon is fully aware that the right man will not tolerate her dysfunctional behaviour, however rather than changing her ways for the better in typical feminist black female fashion she has instead made the choice to live by herself. Her even making her living status known is yet another attention seeking trap within itself.

Women like Nixon believe that they have a right to bring their dysfunction into any relationship, they don’t use logic and intelligence to seek out and purge themselves of any and all unproductive behaviours in order to ensure that the relationship remains strong, no, in their mind you must “accept them for who they are” and incorporate their changeable short comings into your own life. Err, no thanks, not me, I have integrity and high standards and I will not practice self disrespect for any woman.

Yet don’t you find it hilarious how some women in general and black women in particular will often times try to make a relationship work with the wrong types of individuals? In dealing with black females isn’t it these same women who believe that they can change the Dequans and the Dirty Dick Rodneys into men of good character? Wouldn’t it be easier to just simply go for a man of good character to begin with? In the case of black women I suppose that we are expecting too much.

These attention whore, thirst trapping females are all over social media, Facebook and Instagram seem to be their haven and main headquarters. Nixon is an attention whore who posts pictures for Facebook likes in order to validate herself and her mundane and lonely life. Granted she doesn’t look too bad and it appears that she doesn’t have any children which in 2017 is a miracle for any black women in her late 20’s to achieve, however she is still dysfunctional, hence why at her age she is still single.

SYSBM black men, the overwhelming majority black women who don’t have children and who look halfway decent are still dysfunctional and suffer from mental health issues irrespective. Also ensure that you give a wide berth to all attention whores regardless of their race.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

28 thoughts on “Attention Whores

  1. Another good article. Concerning the first photo before​ she was identified by name, she was holding up a piece of paper saying “stop calling me through Facebook”. How can anybody (not me) would want to talk to her when nobody know who she is? Her picture has been plastered all over Facebook, Google+, Instagram and other forms of social media lately with that sign she is holding. It’s crazy, man. SYSBM.

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  3. Most black chicks are literal Instagram whores. Look at their social media accounts: there are numbers and emails to contact them for modeling shoots (lol hahahahaha who would want a black chick for a model) yet those numbers usually go towards calling them up for sex.

    Some disparage social media for the ability to broadcast this dysfunction, however, I think it’s good for just that reason. Thots and simps would be harder to decipher without it.


    • Afrofuturism1,

      I do see your point, social media is a double edged sword which cuts both ways. In terms of showing black men black women’s true colours I would have to agree with you, heck most of the evidence I bring to the table comes from social media platforms.

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  4. Black women want things to be their way no matter what. Black women seem to lack even the basic ability to understand the results of their actions.
    How can you put the pictures on Facebook showing your ass and your breasts to people on the Internet, and then catch an attitude about people trying to contact you on a medium you used to get attention from people in the first place?
    As usual black women are always angry and upset about something . It is basically a fact of life that no matter what black women will always be miserable, upset about something, angry at someone, and NEED to find fault with people or things.
    How can Blackmen attempt to find happiness with a group of black women who take pride in being difficult, feel it’s their duty to have an attitude, and think constantly fussing and arguing about every little thing is their duty as a black woman. Just look at the faces of black women you see walking around in public. Aside from most of them being physically ugly (and I’m just being honest), just observe the look on their faces. I mean have you ever seen a black woman in public who actually walks around looking like a nice feminine woman in attitude, gesture and in the way she carries herself?
    I went into store today that I hadn’t been in six months. The owner is a very beautiful Indian woman from Guyana who’s about 43 or so. She instantly remembered me, asked me how I’ve been, etc, etc. We spoke for about about 10 minutes, she then asked me if I was married or had children, I told her no, and she came around the counter and began to question me about why wasn’t married and etc, but in a very sweet, concerned, and caring way.
    She is married with children, but it was absolutely a delightful experience just being around her for those 10 minutes. She was so womanly, friendly, smiling, and concerned. It was the absolute joy to be around her.

    I have never had an experience like this with any black woman ever. Black women are the complete and total opposite of everything that this Indian woman from Guyana represents. Black women are simply difficult, miserable, bitter, angry, insecure people.
    Black women don’t want to be happy. Black women don’t want peace. Black women don’t want to be friendly. You can even get a black woman to smile, except when they are laughing and joking about something absolutely stupid with one of their black women demon friends.
    Black women wouldn’t know happiness if it jumped up and smacked them in the face. Black women enjoy strife and misery. And getting involved with black women will bring nothing but strife and misery into your life.
    Avoid black women!!!!!!

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    • No joke, I’ve legitimately seen 50-60 year old black women posting ass shots on Facebook, with the captions reading “I’ve still got it!”

      I can only imagine how beautiful that woman was, Indian women are incredibly sexy and will actually cook. I’m honestly probably going to get a mail order bride at this point, and hope that love’s never ripped away from me again.

      And only a dumbass black chick would post twerk videos and the like and get mad that men wanna bend her over and beat her back out.

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      • Yes Afrofuturism1, Indian women do have a very feminine, yet womanly wise way of carrying themselves. Indian women seem to have a very good sense of how to be ‘strong’ women, with out being confrontational, manly, argumentative, and combative.
        Being a strong woman entails supporting your husband, raising your children, being feminine, being friendly, and actually correcting your husband or giving him advice if you think your husband is wrong about something.
        Black women think that screaming at, belittling, arguing with their black husbands or mates, and beating black children is what constitutes a strong woman.
        And really all these traits of a good actual ‘strong woman’ are actually found in all nonblack women. It is only black women who seem to have lost the concept and idea of what an actual woman represents and is supposed to be. I say that black women have lost this concept, because it seems like in the 1920s 1930s 1940s and 1950s, black women were actually behaving like women should.
        But because black women follow anything Whitewomen do or say, black women jumped on the lesbian feminist bandwagon, and it’s been downhill ever since.
        But if you say these things you are bashing black women, you are a coon, you hate your mother and you hate black women.
        I don’t hate black women, I hate the attitude that black women have.

        Actually on second thought, I do hate black women. How about that?
        Avoid black women at all costs.

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      • @afrofuturism1 – I can show you Instagram, Backpage, and Craigslist postings where you have 40 & 50 year old Black Women are borderline begging tricks to pay for utilities and rent. Asking for shit for their bastard children. It’s quite hilarious indeed. Black Women will never learn to savor the flavor of Humble Pie…lol.

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    • Oh, and one other thing, the Black females use some made up word, “intersectionality” to bully Black men, White people in general, and people of Color into accepting their victimhood bs. There is a great pushback against that idea from many men, including the very group they worship the most, I.e. White men.


  5. Most women, black women included, claim that they want peace and happiness. The problem is that peace and happiness does not have a great deal of pain, strife, and drama, The typical black women will seek out pain, strife, and drama. Peace and happiness are too bland and dull for these confused black women. The result is that most black women choose a hard life over a good life.

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  6. Gregory Chandler, you are correct. Remember the line of Kerri Washington in the show scandal. When Kerry Washington was asked to be married by a black man, Kerry Washington, said she wants love to be painful. She wants love to hurt. She wants dramatic love. She wants love that is filled with emotion. She said she wants difficult, devastating, life-changing, extraordinary love.
    Now I understand that this is a fictional show, but the show was created by a black woman. And most of the writing and content in the show is controlled by a black woman.
    The mentality of Kerry Washington on the show, and what she stated her view of a relationship or her expectation of a relationship is, is how most black women view relationships.
    Simple, friendly, easy, peaceful, nonconfrontational, noncombative, truthful relationships, or something that black women can’t seem to understand, want, fathom, or could ever be a part of.
    Nonblack women actually want a relationship to be positive, to succeed and to work. Black women seem to be unhappy and unsatisfied unless there is strife in their relationship, conflict in a relationship, confrontation in a relationship and failure on the verge of any relationship they are involved in.
    Do any of you guys have a rocketship leaving planet earth for planet where black women do not exist?
    Oh I forgot I shouldn’t of said this because my momma was black. I’m just so sick of black women.

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    • Yeah isn’t it shonda rhymes that makes the show? She also makes that How to get away with murder show that is full of sex and faggotry, and where I’m supposed to buy that some decent looking white dude would marry freakin Viola Davis? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, oh god, mah jimmies!!!!

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  7. Afrofuturism1, yes it’s Shonda Rhimes. Shonda Rhimes is yet another black woman demon, given power by white daddy, in order to further the fantasies of black women, and the delusions of black women.
    Black women vicariously live through television programs, black man hating swirler YouTube videos, and the rantings and ravings of a phony, fake pro black want to be white woman like Cynthia G.
    Reality does not exist in the mind of black women. Fantasy, delusion, anger, bitterness, confrontation, paranoia, jealousy, and all manner of evil thought, are the overwhelming factors that dominate the mind of black women.
    But I forgot, BECKY will get black men, and the movie ‘GET OUT’ is proof of this.
    I just can’t take the mentality of the majority of black people.

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    • I bet if given the chance, black women would shoot a movie about characters played by gabourey sidibe and a legion of dark skinned chicks being chosen by Chris hemsworth and other white men over the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Margot Robbie. And they would claim that it’s based off a true story!!!

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  8. Afrofuturism1, now that is very funny (and I’m a funny guy).
    Shonda Rhimes, along with executive producers Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry, are in talks to produce a feature film, where Liam Hemsworth, Chris Hemsworth, Prince Harry, Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, and Chris Pratt, abandon their beautiful white women, to seek relationships with black women..
    Black women live in a world of fantasy. Black women are a joke.

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  9. Afrofuturism1, very funny.

    As we speak Orlando Jones and Leslie Jones are filming a love story about the success of black women swirling.
    Part two of the swirler movie features a fist fight between George Clooney and Brad Pitt, over who will win the affection of Oprah Winfrey.
    Black women are swirling and winning.
    Only the swirling and winning on the part of black women takes place in a realm that doesn’t exist, called fantasy land.

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  10. Bill Smith i have had similar experiences with Asian and Spanish women, asking why i am not married and would talk to me about life and just kicking it and as you stated this was a very pleasant experience. You could never have a constructive conversation with a westernized black women here is their conversation my last boyfriend or husband was not shit, these dudes are so thirsty, i need to get a new weave, how much money that nigga make, how could you build with a woman who thinks and talk like this. Besides the internet Verbs and Bill Smith black women are dressing ratchet at work out in the streets to get attention but will get angry when dudes try to talk to them all day you set the trap hoe do not get mad when you get cat calls all day. Ryan most and 40 and 50 year black women have no men and ran out of options after their baby fathers have finished paying child support during the child support years instead of getting a education and making themselves better they spent the child support money on worthless things so they have no type of skills to get a decent paying job they have to revert to tricking on the internet but the problem is who wants a 40 – 50 something black women you know most are sloppy pigs at that age it will even be harder for them to attract sewer dwelling black men when they are in that state. It serves them right for all the evil they spread when they were younger.

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  11. I saw the clip from the show “Scandal” where the black woman told the black U. S. senator that she wants pain instead of a good life. I will not actually watch the show. Therefore, the black woman lead character in “Scandal” rather have side chick sex with a white man than marry a black man in the Senate. Most adult black men understand that the fictional characters in “Scandal” mirrors real life. In the warped mind of most black women, why have a good and decent black man when you can be the side chick of a thug or a white man. Most black women do not desire a good and decent black man and the boring life that he brings. White women, however, tend to grow out of the teenage girl phase at around age 22 to 25.

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