Janet Jackson Deliberately Sets Up Ex Husband For A Monthly Cheque – Non Black Men, Be Warned Concerning Black Women

Normally I don’t cover celebrity news unless it fits in with the general theme of the blog site, I was going to pass on this whole Janet Jackson divorce situation, however I was persuaded by a brother to look at the issue more closely. I did and have decided to cover briefly what I believe is actually going on here. Firstly Janet Jackson represents your typical defective beyond repair black female, why Wissam Al Mana even bothered to marry this woman 5 years ago is beyond me. Janet Jackson much like the rest of her family has been a broken individual from her youth.

Many folks may ask how I can state that Miss Jackson deliberately set up Wissam Al Mana seeing as she is already wealthy, well according to Wikipedia her net worth is $150 million whereas her ex husband has a net worth of an estimated $1 billion. As you can see there is a big difference between both figures.

This is why I believe that it is so blatantly obvious that Janet Jackson purposely set this guy up for a monthly cheque from the beginning, this is what dysfunctional, defective beyond repair black women specialise in. Everything was going relatively well until she had his baby, now all of a sudden the marriage enters turbulent waters and Miss Jackson must file for divorce??

It has also been noted that she stood to gain $500 million after 5 years of marriage, so many folks including myself are looking at this timely divorce with extreme suspicion. Now until today I had no idea that the separated couple are living here in London. Seeing that the UK is already a socialist and an ultra feminist country, the outcome of this case can so easily be predicted.

A judge will most likely give Janet Jackson full custody of the child and will also award her monthly child maintenance payments(which by the way will be in pounds not dollars which means she will receive more bang for her buck). Wissam should’ve known better than to marry Jackson in a western country, he should’ve taken her back to his home country of Qatar and married there where the laws would have been stacked in his favour.

This is what the overwhelming majority of black women do on the daily, being the lazy slobs that they are, they are always seeking to live off somebody else’s wealth and will engage in all manner of trickery and shenanigans in order to make it happen. Jackson went in for the jugular and struck it big. Unlike what many folks are saying I don’t believe this divorce has anything to do with cultural differences, Jackson is a dysfunctional black woman who simply needed a top up and a new residual income stream and regrettably Wissam was the sacrificial goat chosen to bring the goal to fruition.

Wissam was a fool to not only marry a woman who already has two failed marriages behind her but to also choose a woman who is so old. With his wealth Wissam could have easily gotten a nice young woman in her 20’s to marry, yet instead he opted to go for 50-year-old(45 years old at the time of marriage) damaged beyond repair goods, what a shame. Hopefully Wissam has now learned his lesson.

Non black men ought to look upon the divorce of Janet Jackson as a cautionary tale, I warned you non black men about the perils of dealing with black women in my book Negro Wars. Just because black women seemingly behave for you most of the time, always remember that you are still dealing with women who are mentally damaged and mentally unstable individuals. Thus the potentially huge risk for them to flip and demonstrate their true colours is always present.

The bottom line is this, since more and more black men are beginning to wake up to the modern-day black female, her money scamming antics aswell as her childish lust for material possessions, she has now decided to move her trickery to a fresh market and target non black men. As a non black man you will do just fine until you cross the black woman’s path, that is when she will reveal her true colours, remove the mask and beginning treating you like cannon fodder.

Non black men had better watch out, the swirling sisterhood of black females have targeted you to be fleeced, do not be hoodwinked by the black woman’s seemingly submissive nature towards you. By the way isn’t it interesting how black women do not have any problems with submission when it comes down to non black men? Aren’t these the same black women who are forever berating white women for being “too soft, submissive, docile and very easy to walk over”? The hypocrisy of the modern day black female rears it’s ugly, dysfunctional head once again.

Additionally Jackson in typical black woman fashion is simply following through and enforcing one of the fundamental creeds of feminism, single motherhood, remember, the overwhelming majority of black women enjoy and openly embrace the status of being a single mother, didn’t Halley Berry also pull a similar stunt to this? Somehow I don’t believe that these black harpies would be so eager to embrace such a decadent culture if they didn’t have the big daddy state to fall back on. For Janet Jackson from here on out it is all about that $500 million and her forthcoming monthly child maintenance payments.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

40 thoughts on “Janet Jackson Deliberately Sets Up Ex Husband For A Monthly Cheque – Non Black Men, Be Warned Concerning Black Women

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  2. I’m gonna be harsh here. I couldn’t care less about non-Black men getting swindled.

    As far as I’m concerned, when they parade around town bragging about how they “stole yo’ bitch” and did the colonial look-down on a brother, that’s when I wipe my hands clean and say “good luck to you both”.

    Now his colonial conquest is draining him of his money? Oh, diddums, ain’t that a shame….


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    • Michel,

      I hear what you are saying, I’m no fan of Arabs either, however I’ll still put the information out there lest non black men turn around to us and ask why we never warned them about black women. The information is there to access, what they choose to do with it is up to them.

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      • Greeting brother Verbs,

        Mel B and her husband, fair enough are mixed race. Mel B filed for divorce just in time (11 weeks) before her 11th year wedding anniversary so that she does not have to give her husband her money also. She tells the whole world in the meantime that he beat her, used her nanny as his second wife, got the nanny pregnant, forced her to have threesomes with the women he brought home……………just to gain sympathy from everybody.

        Why date a woman who had two children with two different men, and go as far as marrying her and having a child with her?

        Mel B’s white mother and her sister (mixed race) are nothing like this chick. You do not see this kind of drama from the rest of Mel B’s family.

        Secondly, there is some ratchet who is also about to participate in this celebrity whoredom. Stevie Wonder aged 67 is about to marry a 42 year old black woman WTH??????? This will be the 3rd time he is getting married. Has he not learned his lessons from the first two black women he married? This chick is the same age as most of us on this blog and he is old enough to be our dad. Guess who they are inviting to the wedding, Elton John, Sam Smith, basically black women’s gay best friends………………………black women love gay men. They are obsessed with wearing their so-called designer clothes……………..wink wink……..and black women will scorn their black men if the men refuse to wear the attire designed by homosexual men. Brother Verbs, this sums up everything you said in your book Negro Wars……………….

        You know what? Black women love to copy white women all the time with this kind of whoring. Look how young the current wives are of people like Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart, Simon Cowell etc.and old those old school white rock and rollers/hellraisers. These women are there for the money and nothing else. Prime example. Again. when these black whores have their children by these rich black men, arab men, asian men, they abandon their children, this time by hiring a nanny to look after them. Black women are no different the way they treat their children when they are rich or poor materially. They just want the money and discard the child…………………

        I BLAME KANDI BURRUSS/TLC, FOR THE STINKING, RUBBISH TUNE, “I DON’T WANT NO SCRUBS”, AND DESTINY’S CHILD etc who constantly put down black men in their songs in the 1990’s. It was people in our generation who were bopping our heads to such ratchet songs and look at the result today……….

        OK Janet Jackson was born in the 60’s but again, those born in the 70′ sand 80’s watched her videos back in the 1990’s and even felt sorry for her when it appeared that she was not having children……… This is why the Most High says do not idolise anybody but himself……………………..these people end up being scum and God will always remain perfect, just as was his design for the perfect family setting to be on Earth, to resemble as it is in Heaven……………..

        I too can’t stand celebrity news, but I sometimes look at what is going on to keep an eye on what is exposed to our teenage children. I cannot warn my children against these things if I am ignorant about it………..

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      • Lilian,

        Mel B, now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time, Scary Spice as they used to call her when she was in the Spice Girls. Yet another group who brought in debauchery and decadence to the youth. Girl Power ie feminism, I definitely remember those days very well.

        Mel B is a piece of trash, she wasn’t called Scary Spice for nothing, even though she is mixed race she behaves like your typical dysfunctional black female. Notice how she is the only one out of the group who is mostly in the news for negativity.

        As for TLC, you’ll notice that the remaining members of the group can’t keep a man to save their lives, T-Boz yet again is your typical rabid black female who even admitted on a radio interview that she has a strong personality(we know exactly what that means) and Chilli is a fusspot who is looking for that perfect man(a character that simply doesn’t exist in real life). Talking about No Scrubs but look at them now, lol.

        As for Kandi Burruss, your typical hoodrat performing her minstrel part on silly television shows. She managed to find herself a simp to marry and take onboard her bastard child. I do hear what you are saying, keeping one eye on these celebrities in order to keep tabs on them is important especially if you have children.

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      • Everybody on here has failed to see/realise that we are now in April, the new financial TAX year. Watch and see how many marriages are going to be CASHING IN and there is a DEADLINE………….problem is, men should NOT be investing their money in the DEAD SEA, offshore accounts of these BLACK WOMEN……………

        Brother Verbs, come back on here at the end of this month and see how many more black women have shafted their so-called husbands and children (who they pay for others to take care of)…………….


        Black women are the claimants for this form of tax return scheme……………..marriage……….You also have to remember that the state is the black women’s father and it was the state to paid her DOWRY……….

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      • What the fuck are you talking about!!! ??? Majority of black women don’t get the privilege like Janet Jackson to marry a billionaire. But there are a lot of white men married to black woman and they are billionaires and they are still married to their black women. So you need to shut up bc you sound ignorant!! You better look it up!!


  3. This is so shameful Verbs. I feel bad for Wissam and Janet is going to take the guy for every red cent. If Wissam talked to men such as Michael Jordan and Eddie Murphy, maybe he would have thought twice. Michael Jordan got engaged to his second wife in late 2011 and both have agreed to a prenup of a million a year. Eddie Murphy and his girlfriend who have been dating for at least 5 years seemed to have agreed on cohabiting instead of marriage and have a child together.

    Eddie and Michael pretty much got screwed over by their ex wives, Michael’s ex (Juanita) especially who received one of the biggest divorce settlements in history.
    Here’s a list of the most expensive divorce settlements in history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_most_expensive_divorces

    There are at least two black men on that list, Michael Jordan and Robert L. Johnson who were divorced by black women, Johnson’s wife, Sheila getting at least 400 million. Sorry folks, but non black women, white women especially, don’t marry black men for money and the historical divorce settlements prove it. If anything non black women and white women are screwing white men over which I’m not gloating about.

    Sorry for getting off topic Verbs, but the lies perpetuated by the usual suspects to keep black men from pursuing non black and white women as love interest is beyond pathetic.

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    • I think Eddie Murphy married his white woman.

      But cue the simp peanut gallery: “whiet wimmenz beez due-n itt two!!!” Not to black men! Hell, if anything, black men get away with GETTING OVER ON, beating up, raping and murdering white women way more then we get screwed over by them. (Not to brag about it, but still).

      White mgtow cucks own this problem, white Women don’t do us the way they do you. So shaddup and shovel dat coal for your woman, whitey! She’s coming into my room as we speak! Hahahahaha!!!

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      • Agreed dude, I can’t believe the nuke I dropped on these white nationalist, pro-blacks, and sistas just now. If there was any truth to non black women not truly loving black men, then that list should be filled with black athletes, rappers, businessmen, etc being fleeced by non black women, but the cases aren’t there. And the two black men on the list besides Lionel were screwed by black women big time.

        (Drops the fucking mic!)

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    • Whtgrlsrawesome,

      I checked out that link, those figures are incredible. There is no argument, at the end of the day most black men are being shafted by black women. You’re right, white women are not dating and marrying black men for our money because as a collective we are not known for being a wealthy group. The SYSBM Express continues to gather momentum, full steam ahead.

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      • Ah Verbs, they’ll just go on about how we’re being sexually fetishized, you know, because any other group of men would be ashamed of being known for having great sexual prowess and being appealing to women lol.

        Man that bus these dingbats are riding on is getting shorter by the day

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    • What racist white men fail to realize, is that your average black man is not a professional athlete or superstar. Most of the time, the reason non-black women get with us black men have little to nothing to do with monetary gains. The worse divorces I’ve heard had more to involve white men than us black men. Even though I hate to say this, but it is true that globally, white men are seen as more financially ahead than black men. However, that also means that white men are more likely to deal with women who only like them for their money than us black men. Have anyone notice how non-black women seem to be more devoted when they get with a black man than you see non-white women getting with white men?

      P.S. Another question to throw out here, and let me put a disclaimer that I’m not advocating for this lifestyle. But why is it easier for us black men to be a pimp than it is for white men?

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  4. It’s obvious she had the thing all planned. But as the saying goes, a fool and his money shall soon part ways. This woman has a history, she was approaching middle age and past her prime, reportedly has herpes, is dysfunctional as you said and has a family history of dysfunction. Did he think the outcome was going to be different? Also as you said Verbs, the deadline for the prenup coming up should have prompted a move on his part. This idiot should have dropped her like a bad habit long before the deadline. And of course I haven’t added the well documented dysfunction of the sick minded BW in this case. This idiot should have known better. Plain stupid.

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    • Frilla77,

      The dude is super wealthy and he was dealing with a dysfunctional black female. I know his people must be berating him for making such a stupid decision, if he really wanted a black woman that badly then he should have looked more closer to home, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia are right down the street from his country. He did it to himself and now he is going to have to pay the price for his stupidity.

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    • She probably did not conceive the child with him the conventional way (probably IVF or something else also ungodly). This is what happens when these people have money. Regarding the herpes, again, they could have paid to get rid of it or he might have thought he had avoided that section and given it to her from the back passage, as arabs are known to do. Either way there was no godly union taking place with these two. She may also have had the child via caesarean. Who knows? These people who have money can pay for anyone to do anything for them…………………..

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  5. I couldn’t fathom being a billionaire, coming from a country with no age of consent, and choosing to marry a black woman in late 40’s, and on top of everything have a child with her and marry her in a western country.
    I mentioned there being no age of consent in his native county, because this fact is evidence of just how different the mentality of his culture and her culture really are. Things that are allowed in his native country and culture, would never be allowed in Western culture and vice versa.
    How could this billionaire , who I suppose has some semblance of intelligence, ever think that this relationship could possibly work? And what was going on in his head that would make him choose an American black woman who’s almost 50 with bad plastic surgery and a career that is 20 years past it’s prime?
    If I were him I would be in my native land with multiple very young wives, having many children, and enjoying having absolutely and complete control over every aspect of my life, and all people I choose to involve in my life.
    Instead this guy chose to surrender control of his child and finances to a western judicial system, that elevates the needs of women above men, and ALWAYS rules on the side of the woman.
    Coming from a Middle Eastern culture, you would think that this guy wouldn’t know better than to get involved in this situation.
    I think this guy is beyond Simp status. The guy has crossed over into stupid status. What the hell was this clown thinking about? What an imbecile.

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      • You have to remember that this is also happens the other way round for these men, Nick Cannon, Guy Ritchie & Chris Martin (white men), and this guy, Wissam, Al Mana when it comes to men dating the older woman thingy.

        My point is, these are men who had these women on their bedroom walls as posters when they were teenagers. They fantasized about at least having sex with these now OLDER women…………… They finally got to live out their fantasises and got screwed and screwed in the pocket also.

        Let us not forget Usher and his OLDER but poor black wife………………………hmmmmmm!!!! see a pattern her guys?????????

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      • I can’t fathom it either. Janet Jackson FFS? Not even 90s Janet!!! It can’t be anything other than ego. But Janet Jackson???

        And I’m also surprised she’s worth only £150 million? Is that her whole music career earnings? At least his billionaire brother Michael had the sense to buy the Beatles back catalogue, something that still has shitloads of resell value.

        Goddamn what a mess.

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      • He probably preferred Michael Jackson, but seeing that he’s dead, settled for his sister instead. Either way, a lot of these Arab guys have more money than sense, and a lot of them are closet homosexuals, who come to America to fulfill those homosexual urges, or face the death penalty in their own countries……….

        Something has gone wrong spiritually in this situation, or there is some sort of sorcery, Jezebel thingy going on, as Arabs may do a lot of disgusting things but one thing they are not is completely stupid………………….you know where you stand with these guys. They either are one thing or another, never in between.

        But it is not good that I bear false witness on any human being, as I am not there and never met either of them…………. this is just speculation…..

        Black women’s marriage to rich men NEVER, EVER, LAST. She always wants MORE for herself. Have you noticed how the children of these wealthy families are very zombified and weird????????

        Black women when they marry a poor man, treats him and his children like crap because there is no money. Black women who marry rich men STILL treats him and his children like crap, because she has the money to pay for someone to take care of the her responsibilities.

        This is why rich men always end up cheating on black women, usually with the nanny, as the nanny is happy to look after his children in a decent, loving way, do all the housework, take of his home, cook, and clean, and in most cases, sleep with him, all for minimum wage or nothing at all other than a roof over her head. She is probably not black herself in these circumstances. She may be Mexican, Filipino, Brazilian, Cuban, etc. I have never seen a black nanny unless she is looking after a white household………………..why therefore spend millions on a woman who hates yours and your children’s guts. At least if you were poor, those women from the other nationalities I have listed, would at least be able to make your money stretch further and your children with her will have a happy life.

        He pays his wife millions FOR what, when can can have all of the above/aforementioned for a fraction of his bank balance……………

        Men OPEN your eyes……………………there are not many decent black women in the west any more. If you are a black and still want to stick with a black woman, go back to the country of your parents origin. Look at your parents own long lasting marriage and you will see that your mother genuinely loved your father who may have been poor when she met him and never betrayed him via his children or via the government……..

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  6. A good part of the entire Jackson family clan that is famous, has a history of bizarre behavior, extensive plastic surgery, and an overall vibe of serious self-esteem issues, secrecy, and being just plain NUTS!!!!!
    Did this guy think Janet Jackson was immune from her family history? Did he think she was a stable choice? A woman trying to have a baby at 50 years of age?
    Does any of this sound even remotely fucking normal? I just cannot understand what this guy was thinking about.
    I would have been off in the Swiss Alps or the Caribbean with some stunningly beautiful white woman in her 20’s sipping champagne in a hot tub or on a beach, and planning our next vacation destination.
    Instead, this clown chooses to marry a black American woman, who is almost 50, with a nonexistent career anymore, who is overweight, with a bad nose job.
    Black men, are we living in the fucking TWILIGHT ZONE!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

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    • Maybe he thought he was the WishMaster or maybe she thought she was re-enacting the Sarah and Abraham biblical story. Thing is, he would have been able to pull that one off with his own people in Qatar and his wife there would have given him permission to get with the handmaid also, lol!!!!

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      • Now that i think about it, this guy is a dunhass. No way in the HELL would I have left a place where I could have multiple children with multiple wives of multiple age ranges and basically control all of them.

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      • Haha, your sense of humour is brilliant! However, go easy on the control thing. Just because you can does not mean you should. In spite of the wickedness that goes on in the world, lets not get too carried away…………..seek ye first the kingdom of God and ALL it’s righteousness (somewhere
        in the Bible)…………….much respect to you in the meantime bruv!


  7. Janet went in with a plan she knew she was way over the hill in her career and her looks do not understand this guy marrying her let alone even talk to her. Man if I was a billionaire why the hell would I mess with a westernized black women hell no. And then he had a baby with her I wonder if this guy has mental issues he could have got with some African women as verbs stated or those beautiful Middle Eastern women but he selected Janet Jackson I was befuddled by that one. Same thing with that Australian billionaire who was about to marry washed up Mariah Carey he’s lucky she would have cleaned him out these guys are gone.

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    • YOU ARE SPOT ON!!!!!!! Why on Earth, did not this man take on a young wife from his own country? Indian men, Pakistani men, Arab men, Somali men, Ethiopian men, Kenyan men, Chinese men, some Filipino men, some black men from West Africa or the West Indies also, they ALL go back to their countries for wives. Black African footballers end up marrying someone from back home if they want to stick with a black woman, they all look towards their villages and never go for the ones that were born here in Britain.

      I do not blame them……………………….

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  8. This is why black women are better off without the hatred, jealousy and thuggish ways of black men! No wonder the police shooting and killing yall LMAO you deserve it, YALL dogging out Janet Jackson???? This woman has worked hard her entire life I can see the jealousy through the dam screen lol. Pathetic ugly ass black men who do nothing but gang bang and kill eachother. You got the nerve to dog black women? We doing better than all yall mother fuckers will ever do ! Janet changed her entire life for that man…its not easy to live as a MUSLIM WOMAN DUHHHH assholes but you wouldnt know that….the author of that book is a piece of black disgusting shit this why black women need to stop messing with niggas like you.


    • Pat,

      The median net worth of black men in the US is over $6000, the median net worth of black women on average is just $5, doing better huh, knucklehead. Thinking black men left off dealing with black women a long time ago, you won’t be missed and whenever you see us in the streets with our non black female partners, don’t open your mouths to say anything(like most of you witches do) and just keep it moving.


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