Black Woman Openly Displays Her Mental Insanity


Exhibit A

I cannot stand cowards, if you are going to falsely label a person’s work then be prepared when the individual concerned confronts you. Meet Miss Shante Montgomery. This is the common kind of mentally ill pestilent black female that exists within black society today and this is the typical rubbish that most black men will encounter whenever engaging in conversations with them.

Miss Montgomery was perfectly fine challenging my article on Tyrese Gibson’s marriage to his new wife Samantha Gibson formerly known as Samantha Lee Schwalenberg. As long as she could critique the article from afar without being challenged in return it was all gravy. That was until I arrived on the scene and began to give her actual examples demonstrating how most black women are indeed bloodthirsty, violent savages.

Do you see how quickly she scurried back into the shadows? This is one of the major problems with the overwhelming majority of black women today, they live in La La land, they have no idea of this earthly realm nor what goes on here. “My views are my views and are not up for debate”, in order words the disjointed world paradigm that I hold onto everyday is very precious to me thus I want it to remain in place.

Myself Babs Uman challenging her views literally rocked her world and so she was forced to beat a hasty retreat in order to prevent her own meltdown. Looking over her Facebook profile it didn’t surprise me to discover that she is also a single mother. Something else that was equally not surprising was the fact that this woman is seriously overweight.

This is one of the major problems with most black women today, you cannot meet them on any ground of reasoning in order to try to hash things out, as far as they are concerned you either see things their way(even though the overwhelming majority of the time they are in the wrong anyway) or nothing moves forward at all.

You do realise that if there is a problem and the person you have a problem with refuses to be reasonable, sit down and talk things out, that problem will most likely go unsolved. This is one of many reasons why I recommend that black men seek love and companionship elsewhere, ask yourself this, when was the last time you heard a black woman say that she was in the wrong and apologise for it?

Everytime I ask this question when dealing with honest free thinking black men they always give me the same response, a scratching of the head while thinking the question through followed by an acknowledgement of the fact that such a situation rarely if every occurs. I have no idea how some black men still manage to deal with black women who operate like this, they obviously have no self-respect nor any standards.

Most black women and the simp brigades that support them are complete goners, they have no perception of evil, to them any and all forms of behaviour are permissible and acceptable. Of course we must never forget that these are the same black women who then pass down this same lack of morals to their children, but then wish to complain about those same individuals once they are grown and are acting out exactly what has been taught to them by “mother earth”.

Disgruntled black women are running scared, they are afraid of Slaying Evil and the Negro Wars book. This is why they rarely if ever comment, they know what I am saying is the truth and they are fully aware of the fact that I have them bang to rights. Not one of these prominent black female YouTubers has had the courage to step forward and challenge me on my work.

The black witch Christelyn Karazin came the closest by mentioning Negro Wars indirectly in a video she made in December 2015 talking about Jacob Mason and why black women are so worried about being complimented by a white man, that video can be seen here. Look for the indirect mention of Negro Wars between marks 4:28-4:39.

Of course Christelyn the coward(as Obsidian Radio likes to label her) never followed through on her plan to critique the work. My guess is she or some of her cronies actually read Negro Wars and the reality began to sink in that they couldn’t refute what was contained therein. Therefore they decided on the “ignore it” approach hoping that the book would disappear into obscurity, however Negro Wars the book is only gathering even more steam.

The fact that Slaying Evil is also beginning to gather more momentum has also become a thorn in the sides of the disgruntled and dysfunctional black sisterhood. Remember, the Slaying Evil website and Negro Wars the book are specifically tailored to the free thinking black man. Black women have made it known that they are happy to continue walking their road of destruction and numbskull, non thinking, pandering power simps have pledged to support them in their lunacy, thus both groups have now sealed their own fates.

Thinking black men, I have told you many times before that it is not your job nor your responsibility to work with and rehabilitate mentally damaged, mentally disjoined and mentally ill black women, abandon them and seek love and companionship elsewhere(like Tyrese did) lest their insanity begins to rub off on you and you also find yourself travelling down the same horrid path of madness.

Negro Wars

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

26 thoughts on “Black Woman Openly Displays Her Mental Insanity

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  2. ur points are valid, but nlt so valid as to justify marrying whites, mulattoes, and asians etc…..

    there are literally billions of Blacks all over the world. Any Black man serious about finding a decent Black woman can find one. Mixing up and diluting black DNA is not the answer bruh !

    never has been and never will be.


      • @afrofuturism1 These black race purists are something else they want the classic black man to procreate with women who could possibly have genetic defects in the name of “keep it black”. No thanks. I’m a lightskin guy and I’ve always received flack from these “keep it pure” shines just for have a lighter skin tone, European styled nose and etc. they can be just as racist as these alt right guys. This whole lightskin-darkskin unity dichotomy is façade.

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    • Al,

      This is an international problem, as I’ve stated in Negro Wars the problematic black female is not only a resident of the US, the same problems persist all over the world mainly because many black women in non western countries are beginning to follow the mascot of destruction ie the black woman of the United States.

      More and more black women all over the world are throwing off their blackness through wearing weaves, bleaching their skin or marrying non black men in their efforts to “dilute black DNA”. You need to talk to black women before talking to black men, in light of what they are doing and how hostile black women have become towards, we thinking black men are simply weighing up our logical options.

      Breeding with a group of women who are self haters, who love white men, who hate black men and who mean us maximum harm is not the answer either Al.

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    • As I keep saying, Black men in the US, UK and the Caribbean are not pure ANYTHING. Black men in the West (thanks to slavery) have up to 15% “white” DNA.

      But hey, lets not stop there. Let’s us mix some more.


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  3. These black women KNOW that they can’t defend themselves.

    I hope the book continues to make the rounds. People are getting sick of these black women, and they just need to know that others think the same way.

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  4. Good article. Most black women in westernized countries can’t compete in the international dating market, that’s why you see them trying to be every other race of women with the hair, plastic surgery and skin bleaching just to be in that dating game and not their own natural selves. Most black women in this ilk are closed-minded, that’s why in this case Verbs2015 that Shante witch waved that white flag and retreated from this debate. It’s hard to see and hear the influence of these corrupted black women of the western world is reaching to non-westernized black women. SYSBM.

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  5. The only rule that black women abide by is that, there are no rules for black women. Amongst black women there is simply an anything goes attitude toward life. For black women there is no right or wrong, there are no standards, there is no truth and there is no lie, there is only a ‘I’m gonna do what I wanna do’ attitude, and nobody can tell me different.
    Rational thought doesn’t exist for black women. There is no discussion with black women, there is no reasoning with black women, there is no possible way to persuade a black woman from any thought she has (no matter how ridiculous that thought might be).
    A black woman would rather die, then ever admit she is wrong about anything she says or does. This is probably the main flaw of black women. Black women have an inability to even listen to a rational argument. How many times have Blackmen attempted to have a discussion with but black women, only to have the black woman bring up things or arguments that have absolutely nothing to do with the initial conversation.

    Black women are extremely prideful in their utter ignorance and stupidity. This is why a simple concept like sewing fake hair into your head, and how ridiculous and stupid this is, will be met with every excuse possible in order to justify this stupidity. Black women are now claiming that ancient Africans and ancient Indian people wore weave, there are black people with blond hair and blue eyes, and wearing weave is completely normal, historically justifiable, and these things proves that black women wearing weave is simply a cosmetic choice.

    How stupid can you be? Now if you can’t get a black woman to see just how is stupid it is to purchase another race of women’s hair, sew your own natural hair down, and then cover your hair with that fake hair or some other non black woman’s hair, and how could we ever possibly think to convince black women of any other thing that they are doing wrong?
    This simp Angel Ramirez Jordan made a ridiculous video attempting to justify black women wearing weave. This is the mentality of black women and the simps who defend black women no matter what they do. You could spend the next 1000 years writing books, making films, creating websites, with documented tangible proof of the completely insane, unnatural, unhealthy state of black women, and you would spend another 1000 years responding to stupid comments and idiotic arguments justifying the behavior of black women.
    You just can never change the mind of black women, nor can you ever expected to change the black woman’s outlook on life. If a black woman doesn’t understand the pathetic state of the majority of black women on her own, don’t expect that black woman’s mind to be changed by any amount of information, rational thought or logic.

    Just stay away from black women .

    If you guys want a good laugh look at Cynthia G’s new video titled ‘ Cynthia G is a man hating, feminist swirler with a mixed child’.

    Cynthia G has crossed over from being a mildly amusing idiot, into full blown psychosis. If you Blackmen want to see the lengths these demonic, delusional, evil black women will go to to justify their nonsense, please check out that video. The look in her eyes is absolutely frightening. Some Blackmen are bringing up how hypocritical she is speaking the way she does about white women and white people, while doing everything she can to look like a Whitewoman, and it is literally driving her crazy.
    I really think Cynthia G is on the verge of a complete mental breakdown. She is absolutely crazy. But most black women are. So what else is new?

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    • Bill Smith


      “You just can never change the mind of black women, nor can you ever expected to change the black woman’s outlook on life. If a black woman doesn’t understand the pathetic state of the majority of black women on her own, don’t expect that black woman’s mind to be changed by any amount of information, rational thought or logic.

      This is precisely why I don’t reach out to black women, they have already made it abundantly clear that they are the white man’s whore, that they enjoy being under his wing and they are not interested in anything black men have to offer. The other importance issue you mentioned is the fact that you cannot reason with black women on any level, that within itself is reason enough to abandon black women and seek love and companionship elsewhere.

      Cynthia G has been rumbled, black men are beginning to call her out on her blatant hypocrisy, the heat is on and she is feeling very uncomfortable about it. Sitting there making videos yet nobody can see your face because it has been hidden behind several thick layers of make up and lipstick. Then on top of that to make matters worse she is sporting European hair on her head, you cannot make this stuff up.

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  6. Black women in their utter stupidity are attempting to defeat the fact and truth that black women wear weave in an attempt to look like white women by saying ‘black women don’t want hair like white women, the hair that black women are buying and wearing is mainly INDIAN WOMAN’S HAIR’!!!!!
    This is how fucking stupid black women are, and more evidence that black women will say any asinine, ridiculously, and insane thing to justify their low life behavior.
    And these are the group of women these dumb ass, weak, simple ass black men will say need to be ‘understood’, ‘spoken to’, ‘loved’, ‘respected’, and ‘supported’.
    How are you going to respect, support or understand, a group of mentally ill black women, who never attempt to support, respect, understand or love Blackmen?
    The only thing black women understand, support, and love is the concept of destroying everyone and everything around them. And black women especially ‘understand’ how to make the lives of black men a living hell.
    But I forgot white women do it too, and the movie ‘Get Out’ is proof of the evil intentions of white women regarding black men.
    This is the mentality of black women and these simps who follow and worship black women. Pathetic.

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    • Wow!!! Thanks for sharing that video. How much evidence is needed to convince BM? There must be some mass self esteem issues among BM. Or maybe there are too many that don’t know of their options to date and marry other races and ethnicities of women. Clearly the BW has abundantly displayed her psychosis and animalistic behavior for all to see. But this behavior was already known by us BM. The reason there hasn’t been a mass exodus in any direction opposite of BW is beyond me.

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      • In terms of self esteem, remember that most of these men are raised in environments where all they hear all day everyday is that “niggas ain’t shit!!!”

        I once saw a cartoon picture someone put online. A black woman said “I don’t need a black man”, the black girl said “I don’t want a black man”, and the black boy said “I don’t wanna be a black man”.

        Having children with black women is literally child abuse at this point.

        Also keep in mind the “white man is the devil”, and “white girls gonna get ya!” Crap we’re always told.

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  7. I fail to understand why you would drag someone by attacking their appearance and assuming they are a single mother just because they disagreed with your views. This post is filled with contempt for Shante whom you don’t even know and it saddens me that you could make such assumptions just based on what you think you know about her. Not here to get nasty or be attacked by you myself, I just wanted to express how its not helpful to anyone to spread hate for any race or gender especially just for stating their opinion and sticking by it. Peace and love to you.


    • Kristen Eggleston,

      What assumptions? You assume that I didn’t do my research on the woman beforehand. You need to assuming things about me and additionally stop using these vain buzzwords such as “hate” that are conveniently handed down to you by the mainstream media and SJWs, start dealing with the actual arguments. Nobody is exempt from scrutiny and examination, that includes myself.


      • My apologies for not making myself clearer, the assumption you made in reference to Shante being a single mother is completely inaccurate because she has no children so I guess the research you did was either incomplete or false. In reference to my previous statement, I used the phrase spreading hate correctly, not as a buzzword. Hate simply means extreme or passionate dislike for something or someone. While this may have offended you or raised your ears, that is what you are displaying towards black women on this blog by labeling us as savage and aggressive. We all can get frustrated or angry at times, and I believe it is fine to be passionate in a debate when your values are challenged. This is what I perceived from Shante’s messages to you. Your responses and even this personal attack of her on the blog escalated it to a different level which prompted my response. In closing, I’d like to say I hope you are loved by someone; black, white, purple, gray. It doesn’t matter. We could all use a bit more love in this life and if you aren’t, I extend my love and positive vibes to you.


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