Most Black Women Will Remain Useful Idiots Until Death



It seems that black women walking the failed path of feminism for the past 50 years has taught them nothing at all. The above picture was taken from the Women’s March that took place a month ago on the 21st January 2017 in Washington DC. In the same manner that black women were coaxed into taking part in the white feminist marches in the 1960s, seeing as they have remained steadfast in their devotion to such a defunct and redundant religion, it really wasn’t that difficult to persuade them to once again to put on their marching boots and hit the streets for another group’s cause.

There is absolutely no comradeship between white feminists and black women whatsoever, white feminists knowing that the overwhelming majority of black females subscribe to feminism have simply used them to bolster their numbers, nothing more nothing less. Black women have been longing for the acceptance of white men and white society as a whole but have yet to receive their certificate of admission. Of course we free thinking intelligent black men already know that black women will never be accepted by white society no matter how many hoops they jump through.

Unlike black women white women put their own race first above all else, the same goes for white men. However in the case of most black women they care not for the race at all, they couldn’t give two monkeys concerning the welfare of the black nation. To the black woman the white man and his nation comes first followed by herself. This is one of many reasons why I scratch my head when I witness pro black Negroes giving black women so many accolades, clearly they are not seeing the same treasonous backstabbing that I am or they are purposely choosing to ignore it.


As I stated previously in my post dealing with black women and how they do not want black men to lead them, if the pro black, red, black and green squads were to build a new kingdom that is completely separate from white society, black women would do one of two things, either they would point-blank refuse to follow black men into that newly built infrastructure or they would enter it with the sole purpose of destroying it in order to ensure that their white father’s kingdom remains at the top of the totem pole unchallenged. This is the nature of the modern-day black female, her devotion to white men rivals that of white women themselves.

This is one of many reasons why many non black women look upon black women as a collective in disgust, how can you place the same group of individuals whom you claim are an enemy of your own nation above your own people? Black women just like their pro black male counterparts talk a big talk about how the white man and his white supremacist infrastructure are the biggest threats to black society, yet this same black woman has no problems running towards the same white supremacist system whenever there is money involved.

The same black females talking that white supremacy talk are the same one who will not hesitate to call the police on a black man for a wide variety of causes. The same black females talking that white supremacy talk are the same ones who are helping funnel young black boys and black men into the judicial system where thereafter they can be transferred over into the prison industrial complex to be used as free labour. These same white supremacy talking black females are the same ones lynching black men for child support.


These same black women who talk about white supremacy are the ones enforcing white supremacy within black society. As I stated in Negro Wars, the face of white supremacy has now changed, white folks have downed their tools and gone to lunch because the black woman is so efficient at performing such a slap up job of enforcing their system of oppression against blacks. Racist whites can now operate white supremacy within black society via proxy, the modern-day black woman is the new front line foot soldier carrying out the appointed missions and tasks.

Black men, when aiming to deal with the many branches of white supremacy stop looking for white men in robes hiding behind trees, instead look in front of you because the real enforcer of contra black policies is standing right in your face, it is a woman and she is black. Black women as a collective being the useful idiots that they are, are only too willing to carry out the bidding of their white lord and saviour. In their minds it is only right that they oppress their own people in order to get themselves ahead and gain favour in the eyes of lord whitey.

Many black men are still making the erroneous mistake of looking for direct white negative influence afflicting black society, don’t bother because you won’t find it. These days racists whites simply lay out the tools of oppression, it is black women who thereafter pick them up, return to the black nation and begin to use these instruments of destruction against their own people. The useful idiot aka the modern-day black witch in her quest to collect brownie points and a certificate of acceptance from her white father is systematically reducing her own nation to a pile of ashes and rubble.

Trump Protests

They labelled it a women’s march yet in actual fact the march was against Donald Trump being the newly elected president of the United States. Liberal women in general know what is coming, black women especially. Trump is not a feminist, he will not be extending any further rights towards women and feminism. If anything Trump will now bring men up to their rightful position of authority. Men and women are not supposed to be “equal” in terms of functions and roles, the agenda to bring women the same “equality” as men has been a complete and utter failure. I didn’t expect any success to come out of such stupidity.

Black men, you can do much better for yourselves, at minimum at least get yourself a woman who does not have a contractual obligation towards the state that involves your continued destruction and demise. The modern-day black woman is an extremely evil and wicked individual who is perpetually baying for your blood as well as that of the innocent.

Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

36 thoughts on “Most Black Women Will Remain Useful Idiots Until Death

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  2. Notice that evil never dies. Black women outlive the hell out of black men. Does that not scare anyone else?

    Think about it, there’s no stereotype of old black men in the hood, yet every comedian has a joke about a nosey old black woman.


  3. (Please delete my previous post above due to typo.)

    The same tools of oppression and instruments of destruction black women use against the black nation and her own people in Western society will ultimately try to use it against her white new-age liberal master. Over a short period of time in history most of these worthless westernized black female feminists tried to be the black man, white women, biracial white/black women, non-westernized black women, Latino women, Oriental Asian women (hair care), Middle Eastern male convenience​ store owners and soon testing the waters to be the all-powerful white man but failed to be their own selves as black women in the west. This is identity theft to the eyes of the western world if not the entire world.

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  4. Blacks often align with their oppressors. In the 1960s, some blacks turned towards Islam. These fools had no understanding of the murderous role of Islam in sub-Sahara Africa. These people also lacked the historical understanding of the Arab/Muslim slave trade. As to the women’s movement, the majority of white women voted for Trump instead of Hillary Clinton. The white women moved towards better pay, for white families, with the women’s movement. Black women got little in return for their embrace of the women’s movement.

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    • Exactly. How in the hell is islam the black man’s religion when Muslims traded the hell out of blacks before whites ever did?

      Then blacks claim that they want nothing to do with white supremacy and the legacy of slavery, but still go to these churches and listen to these preachers who teach what the white man forced on their ancestors. Blacks have severe Stockholm syndrome.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      That history of Islam, slavery and sub-sharan Africa is one steeped in much blood, the nation of Islam boys deliberately ignore the horrors that the Arabs inflicted upon blacks, in fact in certain countries in the Middle East especially in Saudi Arabia slavery still exists to this day. Racism is alive and well in Arab countries, here is some evidence of that:

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    • As an ex follower of the quran/Islam, I proudly say f*** Islam and any black person claiming it to be “the black man’s true religion” it baffles me why a man like Malcolm x as knowledgeable as he was would embrace it knowing its history against black people. In fact, Arabs today still practice slavery.

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      • The same way most people ignore the bad historical elements of any religion: get caught up in the “good feelings” of “brotherhood” and “unity” and act as if that’s the only place that it can be found.

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  5. I can’t stand feminist. Especially, black feminist. Race trumps gender, but I guess black women who follow the feminist ideology forgot the memo. Do black women realize that white women who are feminist have the choice of being a stay at home mom or a career woman? Also, they still have a man. The trump presidency showed that white american women truly do not believe wholeheartedly in that feminist rhetoric. The ones that do always seem to be lesbians or borderline lesbians. I honestly do not know why black women believe in it. because if they actually look around, they could clearly see that it has not benefited them in any way. Also, black women who support planned parenthood are sick twisted motherf***ers, Margaret Sanger would be very proud.

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      • You would have to be a sorry excuse for a human being and a mother to advocate the abortion of children, But i have read multiple comments advocating it on social media and youtube. Its really pathetic and sad.

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  6. Black women are not useful idiots, they are just idiots period. Black women are just followers, plain and simple. Anything white women do, say or are involved with, black women run behind these Whitewoman and attempt to jump on board.
    Black women actually believe that by following Whitewomen and attempting to look like them and attempting to mimic them, black women will somehow become accepted by society and the world like Whitewomen are.
    These marches that are organized by white women will have thousands of black women marching along, and trying to support and join a movement that has nothing to do with them.
    If white women were jumping off buildings in protest of something, you will have black women jumping off buildings also.
    Black women are too stupid to realize that all their vain attempts to join white women , look like white women, and follow white women, will not grant them ‘white women status’. Black women are so starved for attention, that they will follow anything they think white women are in support of.
    Black women will do any superficial thing in order to appear like the white woman who she desperately desires to be like. But these stupid foolish black women don’t realize that it’s not a superficial change they need to undergo.
    But black women are too ignorant and evil, to actually change their wicked personalities and evil, false way of life.
    The only time a black woman changes her personality is for her God the white man, and when she is imitating the soft, friendly, feminine personality traits of a white woman, in order to get the attention of white men.
    Look at the black women at these marches organized by White women. These black women look like a stupid group of loser followers.
    But I forgot, black women are a stupid group of loser followers.
    Black women really have no idea of how stupid they look to the world on a daily basis.

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  7. Afrofuturism1, very interesting how black women are able to get themselves in order very quickly when it comes to White men. But black women somehow can’t bring themselves to act correctly for Blackmen.
    This is really what black women think of Blackmen, and how black women have absolutely no respect for Blackmen and how much black women hate Black men.
    And you still have black men praising black women, and talking about how they have to be with a black woman because she understands the struggle of black men.
    The reason why the black woman understands the struggle of Blackmen , is because the black woman is the main reason why the black man is struggling!!!!!!!

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    • She causes the struggle lol!

      Black women will sit their and be housewives for unemployed white men, but not 6 figure black men.

      This is why they honestly deserve whatever comes to them, and I believe it’s about to get BAD for black women. We’re talking endangered species level event.

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  8. Black women will settle for any White man no matter what his status is. Black women have a serious delusional fantasy, where they play the role of and become white women at the side of white men.
    But because white men are really not interested in dating or marrying black women , black women will leap (preferably off a building) at any opportunity they have to be with a white man. You can have a white man with no job, no prospects in the future, and no motivation. And the black woman will parade this White man around like he’s Brad Pitt or somebody.
    The black woman will submit to this white man, do anything she can to make this white man happy, and lose her ‘ black women attitude’. All of this is done on the part of black women in order to fulfill her fantasy of being a White women.
    This is why black women are out there marching with white women, protesting issues that have nothing to do with them. The greatest desire most black women have, is to be a Whitewoman, have what Whitewoman have, and live like and do what white women do.
    A black woman will settle for a white man with nothing, and say nothing about this white man’s dysfunction, lack of motivation, lack of income, and lack of goals, and will accept him unconditionally.
    But these same black women will continually scream ‘ you niggas need to do better, and then black women will respect black men’.
    I simply cannot stand black women, their attitude, their deceit, their hypocrisy, etc, etc.
    Everything about black women is a lie. From their false hair, their false attitude, and their false sense of self importance, there is absolutely no truth in the black woman.
    And you still have these delusional YouTube channels controlled by these alleged swirlers, that are putting forth the idea that black women have options other than Blackmen, and black women are desired by nonblack men but mainly white men.
    99.9 percent of black women need to be in mental institutions.

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  9. Black women are the ultimate white supremacist, they are the most effective, dangerous and destructive weapon of white racism that is used against Black Men. When I see a black woman in public I have more disdain for her than I would have if I had seen a klu klux klansman or a neo Nazi member in full regalia and this is because the black woman is much more of a threat due to her access and proximity to Black Men.
    The single black mother basically funnels Black boys into the prison system by rearing them to be murderous savages and or black woman worshipping simps that have a hatred for other Black Men and thus would do anything to harm another Black Man at the behest of a black bitch.
    Black women wreak financial havoc on Black Men through child support, divorce and alimony.
    The black women that work with you on your job are always going to be your biggest nemesis and the cause of getting a Black Man fired.
    Black women are disease carriers who lead the world in sexually transmitted diseases and they intentionally infect black men with their viruses. ( Those black men that are dumb enough to deal with the black whores).
    I don’t think enough Black Men realize just how much black women hate them and will do anything within their power to destroy Black Men.

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  10. Claude Legree, the effeminate homosexual black man, the gun carrying, violent, hyper-masculine, black male, street thug buffoon, and the pretending to be a strong black man, who is afraid of black women, SIMP, all have the same thing in common.
    Most of them were raised by single black women, or heavily influenced by black women, who had control over the black male SIMP who she had children with.
    I’m not sure most black men have access to white women or nonblack women, so most of these Blackmen have no choice but to become involved with black women.
    But for those of us who do have alternatives to black women, or live in areas where there are not only black women, we have to be smart enough to simply avoid black women at all costs.
    I would rather be alone, then to become involved with some black woman, who has deep issues with black men, and probably hates her father (who probably was driven out by her black mother).
    Black women are simply not worth the trouble.
    And can Verbs2015 make a thread about Tyler Perry? This homosexual, black women worshipping, clown, is a black woman and a SIMP rolled one.
    I really just can’t deal with most black folks at this point. The so-called black community is led by black women, supported by black men simps, and the rear( YES THE LITERAL REAR) is brought up by black male homosexuals.
    You couldn’t pay me to be with 99.9 percent of black women. Being involved with a black woman is literally signing up for a life of hell and problems.

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  11. White women do not like black women because of the hell that black women spread. I had a white female lawyer when i was going through my divorce and she literally told me she has a disdain for BW who are dragging many good black men through the court system she said it makes her sick to her stomach. She also mentioned that she wish child support, welfare, and section 8 did not exist so these BW will be forced to do something constructive. But BW want to be like White women so bad and white women want nothing to do with them. I know i am one of the few cases but i am not paying that much child support because this lady fought hard for me and it did not hurt that she was white at the time of my divorce my kids were young i was already paying for day care and my other daughter was in a private school that i was paying and after showing the judge all the money i was putting out anyway the judge said i was already doing enough so my child support is minimum. But my ex wife even though i was doing all of this still ran to daddy to put me on child support. BW will turn they back on you quick no matter how good of a father or husband you are black women can not be trusted they most be avoided at all cost. You cannot build a future with them they do not like anything peaceful or positive they would rather see black men in jail, financially struggling, and chasing around after them licking their boots. The black community will never rise because BW will always keep it down the best thing to do is find happiness somewhere else you will not find it with BW SYSBM.

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  12. Bill Smith,
    Unfortunately the aware, awoken Black Men like the ones that support this website are the minority within the black race but we are a strong and hopefully growing minority. I believe the rest of the “black community”(niggers) are our enemies, the “black community” being as you described, the simp, the violent street thug buffoon, the effeminate homosexual and their leader the evil, demonic black woman.
    I believe that decent Black Men will win the war of survival against the aforementioned sub-groups(black community), because my expectation is that they will cannibalize themselves out of existence through gun violence, incarceration, incest and disease while Real Black Men rebuild the race/community through our leadership and procreation with non-black women.

    In the meantime I also try to avoid black women as much as possible, I’m actually looking to relocate to another part of the country where the black woman and her miscreants are sparsely populated. I’m considering Vermont, Maine, Minnesota and Spokane Washington.

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    • @ClaudeLeGree Good Plan! Like Booker T Washington said “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs”.

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  13. In addition to the usual suspects we named in the black community, the homosexual black man, the evil black woman, the hyper masculine thug, etc. The seemingly normal black man, seems to be a very flawed individual when it comes to character, rational thought, and civilized behavior.
    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen at the job where I work, Blackmen attempting to pick on other Blackmen, attempting to intimidate other Blackmen, and basically making the lives of other Blackmen hell for absolutely no logical reason at all.
    For whatever reason Blackmen seem to take a great enjoyment in ‘messing with’ other black people. I’ve never seen a group of men who walk around more prideful, more aggressive, and getting a tremendous amount of joy out of causing problems for other black people. Yes we understand the role that black women have played in raising these idiotic Blackmen.
    But it seems like the madness black women have started, Blackmen are focused on finishing. I simply cannot deal with the majority of black people at all. I don’t even attempt to speak to other black people about the topics we discussed on this website, because most of them are too stupid to comprehend anything I’m saying.
    I simply don’t want to be around most black people for any reason at any time . There is so much negativity, pride, reactionary, aggressive behavior, stupidity, and bravado amongst black people, that being around them is dangerous.
    All of this negativity in the black community can be traced to single black mothers raising these black children, or black children growing up in an environment full of black women, and the Blackmen present were being controlled by those black women.
    My motto is avoid black women at all costs.
    My secondary motto is avoid black people (niggers) at all costs.
    Many black men feel that they were placed on earth to fuck with other black people, and make their lives a living hell. We all know from experience that the majority of problems with ever had and our lives have come from other black people. I simply cannot stand to be around any group of black people for more than a couple of seconds. It’s actually dangerous for some black people to be around other black people.
    For us Blackmen who were able to see the truth of what’s going on, the only option we have is to separate, repudiate, and loathe the elements in black society, that only understand strife, destruction, ignorance, violence, and a ridiculous level of pride.
    I can’t tell you how many Blackmen eyewitness on my job or in daily life that walk around with a big chip on the shoulder, a ridiculously aggressive manner, a boastful ‘can do no wrong attitude’, that leads them to believe that anything they do or say is right.
    Most of these Blackmen are literally the reflection of black women. These men are overly emotional, very reactionary and quick to violent actions, and are extremely loud, boastful and confrontational.
    There is simply no other option for thinking Blackmen, then to get as far away from so-called black society as possible. There is literally nothing redeemable about the majority of black people. I wish these animals would die off quickly. But their numbers are so great, I doubt this will happen in my lifetime sadly.

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    • @ Bill Smith,
      I’m late at seeing this post but I had to respond because I’ve had the same exact experiences in dealing with black people.
      My feelings on the black female slime and her cohorts the savage thugs, the gays and the simps have been well documented on this site and other you tube channels but I’ve noticed that most of the “seemingly normal” Black Men that I’ve encountered at work or a social gathering such as cookout of something similar have the same characteristics; They seem greet you with a scowl of hatred upon their face (like black women) or they just look at you without speaking and have an air of jealousy about towards you, such as ‘ what is he doing driving a car like that” ( like black women).
      I’ve also noticed that most of these same black men fall into one of two personality types; Its either the hyper masculine, overly arrogant, boastful and obnoxious persona (basically a nigger) or the unfriendly, stand offish almost hostile ( angry black male). Its very rare that I run into a Black Man that’s just a genuine “nice guy”.
      I also try to avoid gatherings where black people are in the majority, I don’t even frequent black barbershops any more because they are usually combined with some hair salon where the black female rats go to get their hair (weave) done and have a common waiting area; This presence of black women seems to cause these “seemingly normal” black men to “act out” in a way similar to that of a male gorilla in the jungle who’s trying to impress the female gorilla with some type of overly aggressive mating ritual.
      I think the reason for all of this is that most “seemingly normal black men” are simps that were raised by black female slime and decent Real Black Men like us that follow and support this website are the minority and that’s why I tend to avoid black women and most black people in general.

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  14. Afrofuturism1, the problem is for every one of them that is killed off, 100 of them born into an environment that will absolutely seal their fate, and guarantee that they will become your typical, cookie cutter, brain dead negro degenerate.
    Realistically, all we as men can do is look to improve ourselves mentally and physically, avoid ALL nigger nonsense, and find a white woman (a little joke there)!!!!!
    But seriously, simply avoiding niggers, not speaking to or dealing with black women or these sub human deranged, hyper masculine black men, is all we can do as men to avoid conflict, danger, and misery.
    I am absolutely dedicated to avoiding the majority of black people at all costs.
    This is how it has to be in order to achieve a semblance of happiness, tranquility, and sanity. Most black people are the total opposite of anything resembling sanity and civility.

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  15. Claude, Thanks i am thinking about moving out the country eventually. Bill Smith you are correct trying to talk to most brothers about the issues we discuss on this site will be met with ignorance and aggressive behavior because we are talking about their Black Queens lmao. The simps will be mad, the shea butter pro blacks, and the thug low lives are not trying to hear what we have to say and hopefully they will burn with their demonic Black Queens ha ha.

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  16. Gregory Chandler, the word Nigress, while appropriate, is so obscure, and so little used that I doubt it would have the impact, that is necessary to have an impact.
    I feel a better title would be ‘delusional black woman whore’. Or ‘ mentally ill black woman demon’. Or ‘ want to be white woman, black weave rat (credit to Brian Solange)’, or ‘ black woman scum’.
    Just my thoughts.

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