How To Deal With Dysfunctional Black Females – These Guys Get It


The staff of the restaurant had the right idea, their only mistake was not going in hard enough from the very beginning. I’ve seen certain pro black pundits talking about the fact that more and more black women are being “assaulted” by non blacks, however what they are conveniently omitting is the fact that black women as a collective have now become the most violent and disrespectful group of people walking the planet.

Do you honest believe that non black folks haven’t been in tune to and been watching behaviour like this:

Because black women as a collective have become a group of violent, unpredictable loose cannons, many non blacks are homing in for the option of the pre-emptive strike ie the “I’m going to deal with you first before you give me any trouble” option. I have to scratch my head when thinking about the disjointed mentality of the modern day black female.

She puts out video material which shows her openly engaging in street brawling, battle royales, running her opponents over with any type of vehicle to hand, smashing car windows, setting people’s cars ablaze, stabbing folks over disagreements, stealing from any and all business establishments and then she has the audacity to complain when non blacks decide to put themselves at an advantage by attacking her first based upon the very evidence that she has brought into the public square, is this supposed to be some kind of joke?

I’ve stated this many times before aswell as in my book Negro Wars, black women will be perceived and treated according to the image they put out based upon their own conduct. The primary reason why black women are being manhandled, roughed up and disrespected now more than ever is because this is the exact same behaviour they are putting out to others.

I stated this in Negro Wars and a few times on the website, it is my strong reckoning that most black women today are possessed and controlled by evil spirits and that these spirits have evicted the real person or have at least pushed the soul into a dark corner to be forgotten. This reckoning would certainly explain why black women as a group cannot be met on any ground of reasoning whatsoever, why they point-blank refuse to listen and why they are so quick to resort to violence over the most trivial of disputes.

This type of hyper violence simply cannot be explained naturally, it is my strong believe that there has to be a supernatural element at play when dealing with black women and their ever-growing dysfunctional behaviour. This is why I continually refer to black women as witches, devils, devil spawn and seedlings of Satan, in fact it wouldn’t surprise me if some of the spiritual forces of darkness have actually taken on the form of black women themselves.

Either way black women as a group are most definitely in league with Satanic forces and this is yet another reason why they should be avoided at all costs. I believe that these current devilish manifestations are simply an appetiser and that the real fireworks are yet to come. I simply cannot explain how a group of women can be so evil outside of an evil spiritual influence. Here is yet another example of a black woman and her satanic nature manifesting itself:

Without even introducing the bible, the Most High and Christ into the equation, large numbers of individuals will openly tell you that they feel a bad vibe and are uneasy when they are around the overwhelming majority of black women especially single black mothers. The type of dysfunctional behaviour and violence black women engage in as far as I am concerned is straight up deviltry, if anybody has any better explanations I am all ears.

I personally believe that we have a combination of both, evil spirits that have manifested themselves in the flesh in the form of black women aswell as black women who are possessed and controlled by evil entities. Non black men had better watch out, just because she/it seemingly behaves better for you, it/she can still break out and manifest evil works at anytime, just look at what happened to the white guy in the above news clip and white men are supposed to be the black woman’s god.

This is just some of what black men who deal with non black women are going to have to look out for, angry bitter black demons on a warpath seeking to execute their revenge upon black men who decided that they would rather take a chance, leave the plantation and cross over to the other side of the fence. As I’ve stated before, these devil spawn black females are not about to see you walking down the street with you pretty White, Asian, Latina or other non black woman and not feel that they have the right to ruin your day.

The simps are not the target here, they have already been brainwashed and conquered, the evil black female wishes to bring the thinking black man to heel, he is the one whom she now seeks to overthrow. The thinking black man is the individual who defied the status quo and refused to remain a slave on the black female’s plantation, he is the one who she reserves the most bitterness and hatred towards simply because he made the decision to remove the chains and shackles and to be free.

SYSBM thinking black men, steer clear of these devil spawn black women, they mean you no well and desire to bring you maximum harm. From a spiritual standpoint these woman are not saturated in good vibes at all, thus they are no good for a black man’s health. #SYSBM.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

27 thoughts on “How To Deal With Dysfunctional Black Females – These Guys Get It

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  2. Non blacks are starting to get sick of black women, it’s a growing trend. Hopefully it goes global!

    I honestly believe you will see even more ignoring of black women by non black men, and more black men will wisen up as well. This will lead to the inevitable downfall of the hood, as colorism takes on a final stage and mixed blacks are the only ones not living in squalor in the ghetto.

    Besides the evil spirits theory, I return to the high levels of incest and testosterone combined with the already low iq of most black women.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      They are running themselves into their own ditch where nobody will reach out to help or save them. Everywhere you go there are black women disturbing the peace and kicking up a fuss over the most trivial matters. You’re right, people have had enough of the black witch and it is getting to a point where they are no longer afraid to show it.

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      • When the government realizes that they’re too much trouble, and more black men do the same, where will they go?…..

        This week, on Ghetto Gaggers…

        “Slurping and choking sounds intensify”

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  3. Another good article. In the first video above, we see a bottom of the barrel black woman trying to break up a fight between her two cohorts and the workers in that restaurant all while holding her child on her shoulders. ‘Educated’ black women in this ilk thinks that using their children as shields is going to prevent people from going in on them with near deadly force.

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  4. I long for the day society reaches the breaking point with these queans, and (in the words of the great MadBusDriverX) starts dropping the hammer on that ass!

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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    • Their time is ticking away. Eventually, companies, modeling agencies, movie makers, and even video dudes and rappers will make every stride they can to not hire them. And with daddy government withdrawing, oh crap…..

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      • >And with daddy government withdrawing, oh crap…..

        …and with Trump’s nominee Gorsuch just confirmed to the Supreme Court, the walls are closing on the queans and her court jester SIMPs.


        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  5. On the topic of spirituality, I’ve always kind of have a cautious demeanor when in the company of black women. I will state that I get this same feeling around other folks, but it is especially strong when near black women.

    For the life of me, I can never understand how these simps would want to get with a group of women whom you will constantly be on edge, even spiritually. I’m sure many of my brothers here can attest to being around certain black women, and feel like your 6th sense has been awoken because something demonic is nearby. When I can sense bad vibes from someone even before they speak, that’s a clear sign to not get involved. But apparently, simps haven’t gotten the memo.

    Anyways, #SYSBM both physically and spiritual, because we are dealing with entities both seen and unseen.

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    • SigmaJones,

      Well stated, I feel that most black men fail to look at the spiritual aspect of this which is one of the reasons why they continue to fall into the black woman’s trap.

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  6. Look at movies and television, every black woman is a sassy, attitude having, loud mouth, reactionary cartoon character, who won’t hesitate to smack someone, smash something over your head, break things, or set things on fire, if they can’t get their way or if they feel ‘disrespected’.
    Are these portrayals in movies and television made up? Are they just pure fantasy? Are the writers just portraying black women in a way that isn’t based in reality?
    The answer is no.
    Black women behave exactly the way they are portrayed on television and in the movies in real life. People are simply sick and tired of putting up with the attitude of black women. Black women actually believe they have a right to act like animals in public, and nobody is supposed to do or say anything about it.
    The crazy thing is after nonblack business owners and shop owners react to the evil behavior of black women in their establishments, and actually try to defend themselves and protect their businesses, black women and simps throw a fit, and say ‘HOW DARE YOU PUT YOUR HANDS ON A BLACK WOMAN’!!!!!!
    So in other words black women are allowed to put their hands on anybody, destroy things, raise absolute and utter hell and no one is supposed to do anything about it.

    There is a video of some black Simp who went into the nail salon where the Asian store owner put the black woman under citizens arrest. In this effeminate simple negro was screaming about them putting their hands on black women.
    Black women absolutely and utterly hate the fact that Blackmen are exposing their behavior for what it actually is, and nonblack people are actually realizing, growing sick of, and not accepting this animal like behavior of black women.
    The vicious and violent behavior of black women has been going on for so long and has been tolerated for so long that people just came to accept it as a fact of life that black women are gonna act the way they do and people should accept it.
    The days of black women doing anything they want to and getting away with it are slowly but surely coming to an end. Black women know this they, feel it happening and they understand that it’s going to happen. So black women are trying to silence or shame any voice that is speaking out about what’s really going on with black women and how they are the ones were mainly responsible for all the destructive behavior in the black community.
    Black women are trying to run to white daddy in order to get support for their destructive ways. What black women are too stupid to realize is white daddy is sick of their behavior and their nonsense also.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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  7. Afro i really do not watch music videos anymore but i noticed even some years back rappers were using more non black women in their videos anyway and you know black women complained about it. Why did the black woman go into the fray with her child instead of avoiding the conflict smh, that tells you how much they like violence that they will not even spare their own kids safety to be involved with violence and destruction. SYSBM, SYSBM, SYSBM. The vultures are circling there will be BW carcass all over the place in a minute their reign of terror is coming to an end.

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  8. When regular ethnic Euro/White guys lay hands on the she devil, you know society at large is getting ready to put a collective foot up these weave heads’ soft behinds!!

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  9. Black women are so drunk with their false sense of power and self importance, that they could never have imagined that their days of free money and housing, telling black men what to do, throwing fits in public, being in full control of black children with no man in sight, and nobody actually questioning their behavior, would ever end.
    Now black women are seeing not only Blackmen calling them out for their animal like behavior, but non Blackmen are calling out these black women for their behavior.
    Black women are in scramble mode because they see that their con game, their manipulation and their ’empire’ of lies, is beginning to crumble around them, and black women don’t know what to do.
    But in typical mentally ill black woman fashion , instead of black women questioning their own behavior, black women would rather point the finger at Blackmen, claim black men are ‘bashing’ black women, and attempt to silence black men for speaking the truth.

    But I forgot, white supremacy and ‘BECKY’ are responsible for all the problems not only in the black ‘community’, but for all problems in the world.

    I hate that nickname Becky that black women and simp Black men use for White women. I’m not saying all black men that use the term BECKY are simps, but I am saying that by Blackmen using that term, we are giving validation to the mental illness, jealousy and hatred that black women have for Whitewoman.
    Whitewomen don’t have a stupid nickname for black women, because Whitewomen don’t give a thought to anything that black women are doing.

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  10. Black women never respond Chinese women do it too. Japanese women do it too. Mexican women do it to. Ethiopian women do it too. Armenian women do it too.

    You never hear black women speak about or reference any other group of women other than white women. Black women only mention White women, because black women are obsessed with the White women. Black women simply cannot accept the fact that white women are more desired than they are. And because black women are so mentally ill and self-centered, they are involved in a imaginary competition with white women.
    But white women don’t even think about black women, or what black women are doing, or saying or thinking.
    Black women are a joke.

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    • Bill Smith. YES. There is a trillion dollar hair care industry that gives black women an opportunity to chase after the white woman’s look. The frustrated black women, however, is angry because she can never be more than a fifth rate copy of the white woman. It would be best for black women to stay with the natural look of black women.


      • Gregory Chandler, I believe there is nothing wrong with black women doing different things with their NATURAL HAIR. If a black woman wants to straighten her hair, I really don’t have a problem with it. When black people braid their hair or put it in cornrows, the hair first must be straightened to some degree.
        There is might be some underlying desire to appear more non black when black women straighten their hair, but then again, Black people do all kinds of things with their hair, style wise.
        My issue is NOT about black women straightening their own hair. My issue is with black women buying non black women’s hair, sewing it over their natural hair, in an effort to appear less black.
        Look, if a black woman wants to straighten her OWN hair, then to me it’s not really a problem for me. Many things can be done with ‘ black hair’, and many styles can be done with black people’s hair.

        But weave, is simply a cop out, and a lazy, laughable, ridiculously looking excuse to imitate non black women. I’m sure some will disagree with my assessment, but disagreement is a part of life. We can disagree without being disagreeable.

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  11. Bill Smith. I agree that hair weave is bad. Chemical straighteners have also been linked to health problems because the chemicals in those products are very harsh. In addition, when black women use hair weave and chemical hair straighteners, these black women inform that they are reluctant to engage in physical exercise because they do not want to harm the hair style. The result is that 80% of black women are overweight. [By the way, white women can use the sun or lemons to change their hair color. Therefore, there need not be as much chemical exposure for white women.]

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  12. Gregory Chandler, yes the chemical straighteners are horrible for health and other things. There are natural elements that can be used to straighten hair, but I doubt most black women are using natural products to straighten their hair.


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