Black Women/Simps Threatening To Dox Black Male YouTuber GW3 Extreme


These black heifers have really become that desperate to stop black men exposing them for the dysfunctional, devilish harpies that they are. Now they are going after smaller black male YouTubers and demanding that they shut down their YouTube accounts and websites or face the wrath of being doxed. For those who may not know the word “dox” simply means putting a person’s private information on the internet for all to see(name, address, date of birth, phone number etc.)

Black male Youtuber GW3 Extreme has become the dysfunctional black witch’s latest target, black women and their simp supporters really believe that they are funny and at the same time slick approaching this man with an email address that reads “negrosphere must die”. Of course this is in reference to the Negro Manosphere aswell as the website to do with the same.

The black male YouTuber Brian Solonge has also stated that black women have attempted to false flag and shut down his website aswell but to no avail. Black women are a fantastic case study, they continue to freely provide buckets loads of evidence which logically points to many more reasons why black men should not be dealing with them at all.

Remember how I stated in Negro Wars how black women love to wallow and bathe in their own dysfunction, they are not interested in changing for the better and they wish to silence those black men who are opposing and exposing their sub par behaviour because the “limelight” is making them feel extremely uncomfortable. This is why I have no problems in stating that the overwhelming majority of black women will remain stuck on stupid until they hit the grave.

This is the modern day black female’s solution to anything that does not portray her positively, flag, report, censor, flag, report, censor, flag, report, censor, flag, report, censor, flag, report, censor, flag, report, censor, flag, report, censor, flag, report, censor, flag, report, censor, flag, report and censor. This is why black women love domains such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, because flagging and reporting facilities are readily available to them.

However when it comes to pages such as Slaying Evil aswell as other websites that have been set up by black men for the purpose of talking about the black woman, her multitude of dysfunctions aswell as other problems prevalent within black society, black women are sorely displeased. This is mainly due to the fact that there are no easily accessible flagging and reporting tools available to them, they can’t shut down a website like they can a YouTube channel or an Instagram page.

What commenter Frilla77 said here a while back is 100% accurate, black men congregating in one centralised location(YouTube) is a fool’s errand, it leaves us open to attack and serious injury. This anti free speech jihad against black men which is being spear-headed by the black female YouTuber know as Simone56 aswell as her partner in crime Sophia A Nelson has actually done black men a huge favour in that it has caused us to spread out and utilise other media platforms in order to continue getting the message out.

It has also brought about the knowledge of other black men who we may not have known about before who have also been talking about the same issues. These black harridans have only wounded themselves in that outsiders are watching what they are doing and taking notes. This is one of the main reasons why swirling is on the decrease for black women, non black men are not interested in traitors and charlatans, I talked about this in one of my previous articles on black women and how they always miscalculate:

Non black men though they see that black women generally behave for them will always have that thought in the back of their minds that if they set any foot wrong, the black harpy will unleash her fury and full wrath against them, once again let us not forget what happened to the Vegainator.

I really have to take my hat off and thank black women for this latest move of calamity they have embarked upon, thinking black men are now more galvanised than ever, we most certainly will not stop exposing black women and their rabid dysfunction, nor will we be intimidated and bullied into silence by threats of doxing. Why do you believe that I purposely entitled my book Negro Wars? I knew a civil war between black folks was coming down the pike, the free thinking vs the government reliant conformists.

Didn’t I also state in the subtitle of Negro Wars that the black woman is the cause of the up and coming civil battle? Tell me, who do you see pushing for war within black society, it’s not black men, all we are trying to do is counter the multitude of lies and the propaganda that black women have been spreading about us for the last 40 years with the truth.

GW3 Extreme, Slaying Evil, SYSBM, the save yourself black man website, Brian Solonge, Hardcore Tito, The Straight Shooter, Whtgrlsrawesome, Afrofuturism, Reggie James, Kirigakure Jones, Bill Smith, Michel, Ryan, Gregory Chandler, Sean Camp, MikeTO and many others WILL NOT BE STOPPED, we will continue to talk about and expose the many shortfalls of the black witch and there is nothing that these dysfunctional old pensioner, over the hill harpies can do about it.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

51 thoughts on “Black Women/Simps Threatening To Dox Black Male YouTuber GW3 Extreme

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  2. Non blacks are looking in and seeing the dysfunction, and more then ever want nothing to do with these hoes. I hope white conservatives and even liberals see that the downfall of black societies has ALWAYS been black women, and help us BREED THEM OUT!!!

    I’ll be posting a few original posts soon (in the next day or so) concerning this ongoing dilemma, as well as offer alternatives/supplements to YouTube.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Most definitely, it’s now come to a point where all hands on deck are required. Black women have overstepped the line with this latest move, it’s time that we show them in greater numbers that we will not be bullied into silence. This is exactly why I refer to black women as a pestilence, and to think some of these black male Youtubers want to have a round table discussion with these devils.

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      • It all started a couple of weeks ago with the attack by Simone56 and trolls to several black male YouTubers. Some of these YouTubers launched their own websites to counteract with the censoring. GW3 is one of the YouTubers who didn’t get his channel completely shutdown but got some of his videos demonetized, removed and got a strike against his channel decided to start a website to put his videos that was taken down by YouTube on it. You have to be a member on his site to view those removed videos. We warned those if he sees any hanky pankying on and in this case off his site, he’s going to track the user’s IP address to their front door and report them to the authorities

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  3. I had read this article, then had another nice evening with my white girl. Only thing that was stressful was splitting the bill.

    Life is good, ain’t no BBB, random racists or old-azz Rasta men is going to disrupt that. Fuck the haters.


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      • Wasn’t the first time either, once I was walking with an Italian friend of mine (who boyfriend was black) when I heard some old Jamaican dude shout “What di raasclaat y’a do with dat dutty white gyal?”.

        An old-azz, no teeth having, Red Stripe drinking, ganja smoking, no woman-having, past-it old dirty bastard
        is yelling at me about my choice of woman to walk next to? What di bloodclaat?

        SYSBM for life, even go so far as to say SYSBM from your own culture too.

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  4. Ebony magazine has joined in on trying to get Tommy Sotomayor kicked off of you tube as well lol. The funny thing is all of these black magazines parent companies are run by white people they are slaves to white daddy as usual. These BW are funny first they put out a article outing BM about going to Brazil because nobody wants them now they are trying to stop a black mans freedom of speechplease tell me why anybody wants to be involved with these satanic beast.

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    • I PRAY that Sotomayor comes to see the light through this and outright gives up on black women, going in harder on them then ever. I feel like he will never have true peace or freedom until then…..

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        As we have discussed many times before, Sotomayor’s problem is he is addicted to the same black vagina that is destroying him. Outside of his two daughters, their mothers, reasonable female family members and genuine black female friends, he should not be interacting with or talking to black women at all.

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    • Sean,

      To be honest YouTube is now dead, where I used to have to skip through so many ads, I hardly have to deal with any now. Folks should start moving away from social media and simply use the platforms as a base to direct people to their own websites and forums, this ought to be the new way forward.

      Sotomayor should’ve starting moving his videos to alternative sites as soon as his first YouTube channel was shut down back in the day, however because of that YouTube money he got complacent. Now he is having to scramble to raise money in order to set up his own platform, plus he additionally has that lawsuit from CBS news to worry about.

      Ebony magazine as far as I am concerned is an irrelevant graveyard, scum bucket black women in league with their white father once again, why are we not surprised? The proverbial will hit the fan big time for black women, they will suffer harshly for their betrayal of black society.

      The problem with black women is they believe they have the right to control a black man’s thoughts and actions, sorry, not this black guy here.

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      • @ Verbs2015, I echo your sentiments on Sotomayor, my biggest gripe with him is that someone with his sizeable audience and influence; Why wont he advocate complete abandonment of black women by Black Men (SYSBM)? Doesn’t he realize the invaluable service he would be providing Black Men by doing so? This is why I’ve started to distance myself from his channel and you tube in general for the more superior and relevant content provided on this website.

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      • Exactly Verbs, as soon as BW are put on blast they act like wild and untamed beast but the word is out on them no matter how hard they try to stop and petition people the word is out. Also these magazines see the behavior of BW but will not say anything to them it is ok for them to run amok but you have video evidence of how these beast act but you want ti punish the individuals who call BW out on their bull shit.

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    • That article about BM going to Brazil only got more BM to go. That article also brought more attention to the idea of foreign travel as an option for BM. Massive fail for Essence because BM saw it for the bullshit it was.

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  5. I’m honored to be on the list brother! We’re making history every time we speak on these subjects, and creating a better world in our wake. Enlightened and successful ebony men will change the whole world, for the better!


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  6. My issue with Tommy Sotomayor is what a previous poster brought up. Tommy has made very good points about the nature of black women and has been a large voice in terms of putting this information out there.
    But he does seem to be obsessed with black women and their vagina. Despite all that Tommy Sotomayor talks about, every other day he seems to be interviewing some black woman for absolutely no reason, and having black women visit him in his home.
    Tommy Sotomayor has repeatedly been burned by these black women who he has allowed to come on his show to be interviewed, and let in his home, and yet he continues to pay attention to, interview, and laugh and joke with black women on his show, despite what these black women have done to him in the past.
    I suppose I’m still a fan of his, but the more I see of his ACTIONS, as opposed to what he says, makes me question if he actually believes what he says.
    If Tommy Sotomayor was actually authentic he would have no dealings with black women at all. Funny thing is the black women he has at his home and that he interviews aren’t even among the handful of decent black women left.
    Tommy Sotomayor is having the type of black women to his house and interviewing, that he claims he hates and wants nothing to do with. But he can’t seem to stop getting involved with these low life black women scum. My opinion of him has really changed within the past year or so.

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    • On his 1on1 channel, all it is is him interviewing the ugliest black Women possible and trying to guilt black men into finding them attractive, like those manly black fitness chicks.

      Conversely, on his main channel, he isn’t going in on black Women AT ALL, simply showing footage of him at football games to try to garner similar views (and fail at it).

      You can not ally yourself with men who will continually give platforms to the very people who are endangering their livelihood!!!!!!!!!!!

      Most sons of single mothers are LOST!!!

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Agreed, it’s all going downhill for him, if you give these black women just an inch they will bash down the whole door completely. The Sotomayor of 2011-2014 was a much better beast, today he is a shell of his former self. Black women cannot be trusted under any circumstances.

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    • @ Bill Smith, Brilliant analysis on the Sotomayor dilemma. He has so much potential and so much influence but constantly disappoints Black Men in the way that he always seems to always find his way back to inadvertently or intentionally promoting those same wretched black women through his now constant 1 on 1 interviews and live shows with these whores.

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  7. Afrofuturism1, I completely agree. What is with those awful boring one-on-one shows he does whatever he speaks to some no-name ugly black woman for like 2 1/2 hours about absolutely nothing? And he actually kisses these black woman’s asses as he’s interviewing them, smiling, joking around, making veiled sexual innuendo, asking them about their dating habits, etc, etc. The shows are horrible.

    And all those other videos he puts up of him going to sporting events, videos he puts up showing his house, video of him in eateries, etc. What the hell is that about? Does he think these videos are entertaining? Tommy Sotomayor really drove his show into the ground. I’m not sure what happened to him personally but something clearly happened to him where the whole entire scope and focus of the show changed for the worse.
    It seems like his show has lost a lot of steam, and he is scrambling to figure out a way to get the momentum going again. Not sure what his next move will be, but the never ending requests for donations is getting old, and his content has become repetitive and boring.

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    • Bill Smith,

      Remember, this is the same man who was supposed to be making a documentary about fatherlessness in the US. Instead I believe that he has squandered a large portion if not all of the money raised on useless black women and lavish living. A lot of people have been saying that the whole movie deal is really a scam, it most certainly looks that way now, 4 years have past and still no documentary in sight.

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      • I had honestly forgotten about that documentary until just seeing this. Notice that no word has been made of it, but if you say anything about it, he’ll cuss you out and shut you down.

        If i were him, and noticed even the slightest slipping/falling off of views, (because I’m paranoid), I’d double down and make as many as I could a day. Instead, his output has DECREASED. If nothing else, the “great purge” gives him tons of material to just go off and rant, asking for black womens’ heads on a platter for 15+ videos. I’d do it! Hell, I’d watch it!!

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    • Notice that he’s slowed down with highlighting black dysfunction (namely black women) and attempted to get in with every white personality on the web, but has found the time to start complaining about “mud sharks”.

      His content changed and people realized that there was no integrity in much of what he said. Notice that most youtubers know how to stay succesful and really make it into something besides just flavor of the month fad popularity. Many white celebrities in general can. Black celebrities, however, never have any of their wealth pass on, because they’ve learned irresponsibility from black women, who weee irresponsible until death/

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  8. Verbs2015, so true. I often wondered, when Tommy was showing off his home and bragging about how much money he has, did Tommy think the money he was making off YouTube videos was going to never end? I never understood why he felt the need to rent such a big opulent house, when it’s only him living there, and on top of it he tried to show his house off every chance he got.
    Instead of Tommy wisely spending his money, it seems like he was spending like he had millions of dollars in disposable income.
    When I watch his videos where he talks about the efforts of black women to silence him, and take away his ability to make money, he really looks extremely perturbed, angry, and frustrated.
    After the whole a fatherless America fiasco, and many of his donation options being shut down, as well as many of his channels, it seems like his ability to make money is really taking a serious hit.
    But ego is a big problem for some people. Instead of Tommy renting a huge house with more space than he needs, he probably could have rented a nice two bedroom apartment or condo for a third of the price.
    But Tommy Sotomayor has a serious, illogical, irrational desire to want to prove to people how wealthy and successful he is.
    The things Tommy Sotomayor has spoken against for years, is exactly what he is or has become. And his inability to practice what he preaches might lead to his downfall.
    What the hell happened to Tommy Sotomayor??????

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    • The white Woman leaving him was a HUGE blow to him, and I do feel sorry for him in that respect. It’s bad enough seeing my girlfriend being TAKEN from me, let alone her family due to cancer, but Sotomayor’s left him pretty much due to the hood rats that attack him. And he actually had the means to marry her and build the real family he clearly wants! Having to let go of the possible love of your life just so they’ll be safe, and then knowing that they’re somewhere else, with someONE else, clearly hurts. It’s obvious to me that he never truly grieved.

      Plus, speaking of real family, it’s in the last few years been revealed that he has several children by several women besides the daughter he usually talks about. Methinks that child support and baby mama drama reared its ugly, weave wearing head. Losing the chance at love and the life you always wanted, coupled with having the life you have ruined, it must suck. What I would’ve done though, if for no other reason than the fact that they had ruined my life, I would’ve gone harder in on black women and made sure that NO man made the mistake of fooling with them. Tommy KNOWS that the best parts of his life were spent with that Russian woman, even more so than the time with his main daughter.

      This also explains his current “dating” of nothing but literal whores, namely black, namely dark skinned ones. White women, seeing what has happened, won’t date him, so he’s now literally cursed with only really having black women as a readily available option. Once again, more things that should’ve fueled his hate.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Sotomayor is no different than the black women he used to go in on, now more of his dishonesty is being revealed. Didn’t he swear that he only had one children then two children, now it is being revealed that he has more? This is a sad state of affairs, he seems to perpetuate his failure, he doesn’t even attempt to break the chains in order to stop the vicious cycle.

        He messed up big time with Lana, he could have indeed started a family with her but he was too busy being reckless and showing her off knowing that black women and their simp supporters would get riled up and seek revenge against him through her. Sotomayor and dysfunctional black women are two sides of the same coin, many people have been stating this for the longest while.

        This is why in true black female fashion he always seems to fall out with free thinking, intelligent black men, the same type of individuals that black women themselves hate and despise with a passion. I understand more now why he sympathises with them so much. He is akin to a walking dungeon, you have no idea what new horrors to expect around the corner.

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    • Bill Smith,

      It took me a while to see through Sotomayor’s game, my real wake up call was when I reached out to him twice in relation to my book Negro Wars and he never responded. From that point I knew something wasn’t right about the guy. The number one problem with most black folks today is the fact that they cannot be honest with one another, Sotomayor is no exception.

      And to think he has raised over 21K so far on his Soto fund website. Folks are still blindly giving this guy money believing that it is about preserving his free speech when in fact the money raised will most likely be going towards taking care of child support expenses. Agreed, no one person needs such a large house, what a huge waste of money.

      He is indeed correct when he states that people should look upon his life and take it as a cautionary tale, however for many more reasons other than the ones he has personally discussed. As I stated to Afrofuturism1, Sotomayor is exactly like the dysfunctional black women that he used to go in on, thus like them he must appear to be living it up, therefore maintaining such an expensive lifestyle is a must. Sotomayor has many skeletons in his closet, it’s only a matter of time till yet more information is discovered and yet more secrets are revealed.

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  9. The one thing I really don’t understand about Tommy is why he continues to record and put personal aspects of his life like his daughter or Lana on YouTube for the world to see.
    Tommy complained that people were attacking Chef Lana and his relationship with her, but Tommy CHOSE to put up videos of him and her for absolutely no reason other than his huge ego.
    Tommy complains that people are threatening his daughter, posting photos of his daughter and saying that they know where his daughter goes to school, etc, etc. But there is no logical reason why Tommy should have ever put his daughter or his second daughter on YouTube for the world to see.

    Knowing that Tommy has enemies , what on earth would compel him to put videos of his daughter on YouTube? If Tommy never put any videos of his daughter up on the Internet, I seriously doubt that there would be any attention paid to his daughter at all.
    But Tommy chooses to put up videos of his daughter , he chose to put up videos of him and Chef Lana, and he chooses to put up videos of his home, and then he gets upset when his detractors focus on these aspects of his personal life.
    Chef Lana seemed like the type of woman you would want to have a life with. Why the fuck would you put up videos on YouTube of the relationship you have with her?
    One word-EGO.
    There is no rational explanation or excuse as to why Tommy Sotomayor would put up videos of his daughter on YouTube for the world to see. What is the point of him doing this? Especially knowing there are people out there who want to see him hurt or destroyed. Does he not understand he is putting his daughter in danger by doing this?
    Just like there is no reason to video tape your house and the surrounding area and then post it on YouTube.
    Tommy Sotomayor claims to be the king of logic, but much of what he does is completely illogical.

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  10. I wasn’t aware of the term DOX ing until now. Seems to me GW3 extreme can litigate on this seriously obsessed foolish woman. I am going to spread the word as much as possible Verbs2007. The book, this and other websites and if possible legal options against effing foolish people on the internet. Somebody needs to be jailed or sued as an put up as an example. Like I said before, this is a guerilla war. The more we spread out, the harder it will be to attenuate us.

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  11. The biggest thing that has not been mention is that Tommy is the PROTOTYPE. BASTARD SON OF A SINGLE MOTHER. Really, he’s like an educated black women hoodrat. I am a fan of Tommy, but is mannerisms are very similar to women. My Pops told me about dudes like him raised by single mom. Like a black woman , he’s addicted to the ratchet element (thug, in this comparison) . He’s imprinted by it. And even when he has a chance to get with a seemingly good girl (the claasic man), he screws it up. He goes back to what is still imprinted by, black women (the thug). Tommy maybe one of the few people on that list who still want to deal with black women. He acts like his his recently deceased grandmother. Some of those older black women have no problem being very harsh about what was going on in the neighborhood. but those same women will still be wanting to help, fix and deal with those people thinking that they can change them. Then they get played. They get mad, but they go on to the next person

    I believe that if he could, Tommy would be one the people on that list would negotiate with those women. Despite his language, he’s always been one to try to work out something with black women. Because he still loves black women. And yes he had said he wants to be with one. He’s really better off going international to get a sister.

    To be fair, some of the rumors about having more than 2 kids came from known trolls. Take it for what it is, but nothing empirical has been revealed

    Anybody who even casually watch Tommy knows that it is BLACK MALES, who have been actively going after him, big and small. These men are simply envious of his life. And they were envious of being with that Russian woman. From what she stated, some of Tommy’s detractors, including Angel R. J., trying to get in contact with her. His audience is mostly black women, but other black women send their simps after them.

    No disrespect, but I believe that some of those intellectuals that you mentioned Tommy got into arguments with can not debate Tommy. They don’t have his charmisa, wit, and talents. This is why he can be on conservative shows, even tho he’s centered-left, l think .

    It’s background and being a comedian is what allows them to freely speak like he does. His lack of being raised by male influences, make him a poor leader. A cautionary tale as mentioned. He admits all of this himself . Tommy has openly criticized himself more than anybody else. He has not out debated by anyone.

    As for a movie, I’m one of the sponsors I’m tired of people who have no idea what making a documentary is making their little commets. We’ve already seen trailers, and clips from the movie. We know about when is being released (exclusive to us) and the tour associated with it. This dude is not a professional filmmaker, and documentaries can take 12-30 months on average to make. “Frustrated” by Al Greeze took over a year to make on a small budget, and he’s a filmmaker. There’s a lot of tasks to do: research, interviews, travel, hiring a staff, financing, and that’s just a few items. It’s obvious he wasn’t as prepared that she should have been and it’s we would have came out earlier maybe. Editing can take months depending on the amount of. I’ll give you that. But since he is the producer you have to take that up with him.

    But to insults fans who donate to him with OUR money, makes me question if you guys are really no better than them bitches put out that hit list. How about ppl insults ppl that donate to this site for claiming they support “hate speech”? (A site that I like btw) If we are the ones getting scamed, that’s on us, we can handlle ourselves. but you guys dont know what’s going on. You don’t watch him anymore.

    I understand he can be polarizing, but we got to be very careful and being fair logical about what he does. Not getting up on frustration (legit and not) not just because of his lack of direction at times. In which he himself has admitted to. We’re not women, we need to be careful about making ad hominem attacks like these black women goiong after black mens free speech. He still has hope (I peeped game on Black chicks, watching my dad, uncles, brothers, coaches/mentors and myself as a teen). no different than some of the other men that you guys have mention on the list

    Remember, he was raised by a single black mother.


    • Mack G,

      One of his biggest mistakes was isolating himself, he doesn’t work with other prominent black male YouTubers, thus being a lone wolf he is much more open and vulnerable to attack.

      Unlike Tommy when I say that I am going to produce something I will produce it. When I made the announcement on this site that I was writing Negro Wars I produced the book. Yes, a book is not like a movie, however based upon the fact that outside of old trailers nothing else has been released, we now have to entertain the possibility of a scam. Tommy just like the black women he used to go in on is not exempt from scrutiny and examination.

      Aswell unlike Sotomayor I am not constantly begging for donations, I will occasionally make mention of folks putting their hands into their pockets in order to help support the cause, as for the talk of hate speech, I lay out the evidence of the black woman’s crimes for all to see, anything that does not paint black women in a positive light they will automatically label as hate, however that Kansas City shuffle is now old and ineffective.

      One common denominator I notice with black men who despite their skullduggery still like black women is dishonesty, Sotomayor is no different. Thus as far as I am concerned he can no longer be given the benefit of the doubt until he proves otherwise. This is the problem whenever you attempt to negotiate with black women, your hand is guaranteed to get bitten.

      As for a release date for this movie anybody else here is free to chime in and state whether they have heard anything in relation to a date. 12-30 months to make a film, this guy has had over 48 months and still has produced nothing outside of the old trailers. I remember at least 2 years back he stated that the movie was almost finished, que paso? Professional or not this film project(if it is indeed legitimate) is long overdue. The fact that most folks have forgotten about this supposed documentary speaks volumes.

      As I explained in my article talking about this very issue, I have invested money into films myself so I have a good idea of what ought to be going on. I personally believe that folks should be donating their money to Al Greeze instead as at least we know for certain that he will deliver. As I have stated before, Sotomayor now has an obligation to cough up the film, unlike many others I am not going to place faith and blind hope in him.

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      • Mack G,

        This is precisely why I didn’t compare my book to his movie, but instead used the principle of delivering works within a reasonable time upon making specific declarations and the fact that I have a good idea of the film making process having invested in films myself. On the film front there is simply no defence for Sotomayor whatsoever. I’ll direct your attention to the following page on his a fatherless America website:

        The paragragh on that particular page reads as follows:

        “A Fatherless America is in the final editing and entering the marketing and promotional phase. Help us get the word out. Get tickets to see Tommy Sotomayor in person as he tours to promote the movie as well as spread his Truth & Logic across the USA. You can also click here to donate directly to the film. Donations also accepted at indiegogo. We must get this movie into as many venues as possible. To customize your perk email Tommy Sotomayor at”

        Please note the date on the page, 24th May 2015. This is my whole point, he was already past everything you talked about before, interviews, hiring staff, travelling etc, out of his own mouth his stated that in May 2015 the documentary was in the final stages of editing, thus factoring in extra time he should have at least had a rough draft of the film ready for presentation by the latest late autumn/winter 2015. The bottom line is this documentary is well overdue.

        This is why I have to question the integrity of the people who have donated to him since, why are none of his fans holding him accountable as to why the film is so overdue and why does he suspiciously bite the heads off people who dare to ask valid questions concerning its progression(again, assuming that the film is a legitimate project)? Many folks have tried to get updates from him but have either been met with silence or have been heavily berated by him.

        The other point that coincides with the last is the fact that by not regularly updating his audience, he automatically opens the door for the rumours and speculation to fly. You cannot take anything up with Sotomayor regarding this movie because he refuses to address the concerns of those asking legitimate questions. The last update on the website was in July 2015, that is either piddle poor PR or as many people have been saying the film is a scam.

        The reason why so many people care about this film is because he made a PUBLIC announcement stating that he would be producing a documentary in relation to a very important topic that affects most black children and many non black Americans in general, fatherless households. He cannot say that only the people who have donated have a right to be updated having already informed the general public of the project beforehand, that ship had already set sail.

        I have my issues with Sotomayor in the way that he conducts himself on many fronts, however the way he has dealt with this so called documentary has been absolutely atrocious especially in terms of keeping people informed about the project, all in all in general Sotomayor is extremely irresponsible.

        Lastly, you talked about Spike Lee and Al Greeze and how projects they embarked upon took between 2-4 years to complete, however once again the big difference between those guys and Sotomayor is the fact that they gave people regular updates as to the progress of the films and they never turned around and stated that only donors had a right to know what was going on.

        Liked by 1 person

  12. Verbs 2007

    Those are good points. I’m not arguing how you feel about him. I get it. But be real.

    What you doing is NOT a movie, as you mention. So, you’re comparing apples to orange. You not making a film. It nowhere near the scope as a Sotomayor. Or risk as you mentioned of having. That’s like Sotomayor comparing himself with when he was critical of Tyrese last post against fake women. I diasgreed with him on that, because Tyrese did have fuck- ups like he did. You’re doing what you’re good at: writing, this website, among other things. Sotomayor is going beyond his comfort zone. Or perhaps you was raised how to deal with adversity better. If that’s the case, you prove my point about Tommy being the bastard child of a single mother.

    The movie project started filming in 2015. It’s in editing since Winter 2016. The idea came up in 2014. Sotomayor started on YT in 2012. So, how could the movie been 4 years since it was announced, when he’s barely been on YT for 5 years? And he’s only been taking donations for two and a half years? Again these are facts, not exaggerations.

    I have invested in films that has taken 4 years to develop from professional filmmaker (including Spike Lee’s latest, Chiraq)
    And some smaller production that takes close to two years to make. Al Greeze included. Again if you think this movie should’ve been released sooner, take it up with the creator of this project.

    Can’t force him to released a half- assed movie to appease ppl who haven’t donated anything. And have an issue with him beyond just this movie. To prove what? Ppl still will dislike him. No matter what, they already made up their minds about him. Tú comprendes?

    As for him and his feeling towards BW, you’re basically saying that ppl like him and Oshay Jackson, Angryman, and Minister Jap, are two sides of the same coin? Still wanting to deal with BW? If That’s the case, I understand your arguement completely. I personaly would move to ppl who want me because my Pops taught me better.

    Ask for the comparison that I gave you about black women falsely claiming hate speech, is logical. You accept donations, like every else. Everything else is semantics. (I can say that Sotomayor is still on YT becasue of donations, hence his platform is the donations at work. Just like this platform is donation money at work) I vehemently disagreed with them losers females, and is absurd, but the the logic stands. KC shuffle and all.

    I literally gave the most precise explanation on why Tommy like the women that raised him. Not an excuse, it simply explains why he has to stomp the bitch out of him

    I’m not here to argue how people FEEL about Tommy. They have every right to State what they want to say about the movie. (When when did I say they didn’t?) Just like you are now allowing me on your website to tell them that they don’t know what they’re talking about. See, Verbs, the difference is I am actually based on fact, they’re going by their feelings about Tommy. The syntax tell a lot. I may not as smart as some of the ppl., maybe I’m a fool. But the fact is they don’t any incentives to this movie. I do. If it’s a scam, I’ll discuss it with my attorney, simple.

    They already unsub to Tommy because of the “dirt” from dealing with BF while being critical of them. How do they know what going on with him? More than a sponsor of the project? So why do they care about him being a scam artist? Might as well treat him like the black women that he talks about, right?

    So Ebony magazine is trying to take down a con artist is perhaps Cold Justice. But Verbs you know Tommy is just a small cog in the big wheel. IJS


  13. Verbs2015, I agree with you as far as the fatherless America documentary goes. There are only so many excuses and so much time that I can pass before people legitimately start to ask where is the documentary. The update that you quoted was almost 2 years ago, and like you stated it seemed like he was passed the point of filming and into the editing phase.
    And what is this nonsense that there is a release date for the film that is only known to people who have donated to the movie? If there is an actual release date for the film, wouldn’t a person who wants his phone to be seen by as many people as possible actually release that date to the public, as opposed to a handful of people who have allegedly donated to the project.
    The entire thing seems very very sketchy. And if a documentary does actually exist, then Tommy Sotomayor has handled the entire thing and it amateurish fashion. A person asks a question about a fatherless America, and Tommy Sotomayor throws a tantrum, and then blocks that person.
    I understand there’s a lot that goes into making a documentary or a film. But four years is a long time. And two years ago he was giving updates and speaking as if the film was close to being completed.
    I would never give a dime or donate to anything Tommy Sotomayor is involved in. He simply isn’t trustworthy, nor does he seem responsible, and does not want to be held accountable for something he asked people to give him money in order to produce.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Bill Smith,

      He’s made it to where his own fans are afraid to ask him questions concerning the film for fear of being cussed out, where is the responsibility in that type of behaviour? You would think the people closest to him would be able to freely question him on the documentary, however nothing could be further from the truth.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Okay, Verbs, can you give a source of the people who are closest to him who are asking about the movie going to be done? Who he has yell at for asking him about it (outside of what can be seen in social media which could be trolls and NOT fans). Us sponsors are not having these conversations because we know the updates.

        Maybe you have a source closer to him than myself.


      • Mack G,

        You’re attempting to seek excuses for Sotomayor’s shortfalls regarding this film, he made a public announcement concerning this documentary, therefore if any member of the public decides to question him regarding it, without resistance he should be able give them information concerning the same.

        What kind of ridiculous nonsense is this, I have never seen anything like this before in my entire life, where a man makes a project known to the public but then soon thereafter he starts moving in stealth and keeping information about the project semi secret.

        Jason Black, Tariq Nasheed, Al Greeze, all of those guys kept their audiences regularly informed, for some strange reason Sotomayor seems to believe that he has the right to be an exception.

        The troll excuse simply doesn’t cut it. I’m looking at the situation from a critical standpoint, this type of conduct is way below par no matter which way you slice it.

        Liked by 1 person

  14. Actually my cousin told me about Ebony magazine wanting to petition Tommy i was not surprised i just laughed because Verbs had just posted about BW trying to flag and get other black men shut down on social media who talked about how BW are destroying the black community. Mack G you made a real good point about Tommy.

    Liked by 2 people

    • His simping didn’t protect him. He had cooled down on black women and even defended them as of late, but all it got him was more revenue lost.

      I remember a video he did once where he paid for a black woman’s meal hoping that by being nice to her, she’d treat other black men well. This is the fruit of the black single mother. That’s why I have no qualms with the “hood” just being wiped the frick out. Kill these genetic failures!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Especially under adversity, you can tell that a man didn’t teach him to develop a mindset to walk away from these situations when certain flags are showing up in someone.

      Is probably ideal for him to stay single, since his attitude towards women is nearly similar to how black women feel about each other. They cool with each other or show, but really they don’t like each other.

      Liked by 1 person

  15. You know what, Verbs? You have already made your critique of Tommy and myself. No further comment.

    Thank you for your responses.


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