Most Black Women Will Never Learn


Notice how Miss Pearson in light of this horrific damage to the scalp is still refusing to instruct black women to abandon the madness of weave wearing altogether, that’s right, instead she is advising black women to “be careful” whenever they engage in this lunacy. You have to understand that there are plenty of black women who additionally specialise in merchandising other black females, the girl who doesn’t swirl known as Christelyn Karazin is an example of one such merchant.

As I have stated in Negro Wars aswell as on this website, black women hate being black, this is why they will go to great lengths in their attempts to escape from their blackness and this is also the reason why they will conjure up all manner of excuses to throw European hair upon their heads such as protective styles(yet your hairline is receding as part of the “protective styles” process), switching it up(yet why go out of your way to choose hair that looks nothing like your natural hair?), white women do it too(white women are the black woman’s gold standard, since they use them as a comparator so much, why should any black men even deal with black women anymore, we might aswell start dealing with the original instead of the copy) etc.

Black women always have either excuses or other people at the ready to blame for their shortfalls, most of the time it is black men who are conveniently placed in their firing line. There is no doubt for this calamity above black men will be blamed in some way, shape or form even though we have absolutely nothing to do with the weave addiction most black women suffer from.

They ought to be blaming feminism as insecurity and insanity are just some of the fruits that manifest themselves with any individuals trying to adhere to its edicts and philosophies, however it is that same feminism that gives black women their victimhood status. To blame feminism would automatically mean sacrificing that card of victimhood and we already know that black women who practice the religion would not be willing to do that.

The above demonstrates the lengths most black women will go to in order to look white, the woman has a large crater wound in her forehead as a result of wearing weave, however as the title states most black women will look at this injury and not be phased at all. As far as they are concerned the weave wearing must go on and their mission to attempt to climb the mountain of whiteness must continue.

The weave is one of the most dangerous, dumbest, self hating and idiotic practices black women have picked up and run with in years. Show me white women going into hair salons and gluing afro hair to their heads, I’ll wait.

This is how mentally insane black women have become, they believe that gluing European style hair on top of their heads is a normal practice and will heavily berate anybody who tells them otherwise. Another important issue in relation to this wig/weave epidemic is the matter of how unhygienic the habit is, not being able to wash your hair for months at a time is not healthy and it certainly is not clean.

One can only imagine the amount of sweat, mould, bacteria, fungus, dead hair, dead skin etc that begins to accumulate underneath the weave and begins to permeate the scalp. yet in the black woman’s eyes there is nothing wrong with this. Of course some black women will step forward and attempt to justify the practice by stating that the weave should be replaced every 4 weeks.

So what, the practice is still mentally insane whichever way you slice it, you should never be in a position where you cannot freely wash your hair, for black women’s hair I would say that any length of period after a week is now stepping into the realm of scum and filth. Yet these black women who tell black men that they shouldn’t be talking about what they do with their hair are the same individuals who expect us to hang around them with their heads smelling like a waste landfill site. I don’t think so, take you smelly head top somewhere else.

This is yet another reason why black men should simply walk away from black women as a whole, how on earth can you form a union with a woman who despises her own heritage and is making blatant attempts to distance herself as far as possible from it? In Negro Wars I said it, weave wearing is a sign of mental illness and I give maximum kudos to thinking black men who refuse to deal with such mentally ill individuals.

Black men, you can do much better than the above, let these black women suffer in their own madness by themselves, don’t get caught up in their lunacy. Since they wish to look like non black women(in particular white women) so much, start dealing with non black women instead. Via their own self hating actions black women are automatically pointing you in the direction of women who are of a higher standard, after all non black women are the ones who black women are trying so desperately to emulate.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

59 thoughts on “Most Black Women Will Never Learn

  1. I hate to say it, but the above is all filibuster: multiple paragraphs and yet “absolutely nothing constructively expressed”!


      • Expressing your views is “admirable” regardless if anyone agrees.

        I’m reading your book Negro Wars and like your above opinion, you tend to rant, repeating the same point. Try condensing your thoughts while developing your ideas. Makes it a lot easier for people to follow you and I think it would steer the conversation to a much more productive stage.

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      • Derrick,

        The only part of the article that I might say is my opinion is in reference to how long a black woman ought to leave her hair unwashed, everything else is observable fact for all to see. There is nothing wrong with occasional repetition in order to drive the message home, the saying “repetition is the mother of learning” and its many other variants speak truth. Again, if you are claiming that I continue to repeat myself then what exactly am I repeating and how many times have you come across the same repetition either here or in the book?

        I have yet to have somebody tell me that they’ve had difficulty reading Negro Wars or following me because I kept repeating myself, I lay out the facts along with the evidence, there is no complexity in using such a formula.

        More productive stage? If you are possibly referring to attempting to appeal to black women to change for the better then you have the wrong website sir, black women have already made it clear that they are not going to change and that they couldn’t care less what black men think concerning their dysfunctional behaviour. This website is primarily aimed at thinking black men so that they can make an informed decision concerning modern day black women.

        Thereafter non black men who may be thinking about dealing with black women can also use the evidence on this site to make an informed decision concerning dating and marrying the same. Again, I only deal with facts here, if something is my opinion then typically I will state that. In being upfront, honest and straight forward I feel it would be better for you to just lay your cards out on the table rather than continuing to make vague, loose and mysterious statements.

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      • He talking about “solutions”, i.e. the well-worn deflection tactic of blaming black men and putting the onus on BM to sort out the problems of the “plantation field/community”. Derrick, who I suspect is pro-Black, wasn’t brave enough to tell it to you straight.

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      • Michel,

        I smelt that, especially when he refused to home in on anything specific. Let the black women who are managing the plantation field sort it out with their white father since they are the ones who wrecked it to begin with. As I told Derrick, this is not a reconciliation site for black women, this site is to give black and non black men a fair and balanced view of the modern day black female ie what nobody else wants to cover and what black women want to hide even though they readily post their dysfunction to social media. Black women have made it quite clear that they do not want anything from us, this is one of many reasons why I refuse to reach out to them. The solution for the thinking black man is simple, SYSBM.

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  3. Aaaaaaand I haven’t the words…..

    …..ok, let’s try. First off, they will somehow look at that gaping scar wound and think, “meh, gotta gits mah hayer did”.

    I have a scar on the left of my neck due to a surgery operation to remove a cyst, and though it’s healed, it still stands out. How can someone intentionally allow this crap?

    Now, I’m no simp, nor a fan of black women, and I’ll say this: I could care less about black Women abandoning weave to “embrace their natural beauty”. Most don’t have any to begin with, thus why things such as weave are necessary simply to appear slightly feminine. The problem I have wit weave is the huge amounts of money they spend on it, all the while claiming to be so broke.

    Another problem is that they’re blatantly in hate with being black, but get mad when you marry a white Woman and have half breed kids (that they want more than anyone) that come prepackaged with the features they’re trying to emulate.

    Breed. Them. Out. Problem solved!!!!!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Go to any and all lengths to resemble the white woman, in 2017 this is the modern day black woman’s number 1 mission. This is the point right here, since they are trying their best to look white, thinking black men might aswell deal with white women from the beginning. Black women want white men in order to bring forth mixed children yet they don’t want black men to be able to do the same with white women, hypocrisy at its finest. Fully agreed, non black women are the way forward for the free thinking black men, the simps however will continue to bootlick to no avail.

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    • @ afrofuturism 1 “I could care less about black Women abandoning weave to “embrace their natural beauty”. Most don’t have any to begin with,”
      I’m LMAO over here but you are 100% correct, these delusional black women think that their physical appearance is somehow an advantage for them. Even with all of the extreme measures they take to enhance their fake clown like image; they remain in objective opinions, by far the least attractive women on the planet.

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  4. It is sad that black women feel the need to look like another race. When I lived in Thailand for 10 years, I noticed that most Thai women have a natural-born tan. Many of them use dangerous skin whiteners to make themselves look whiter — like Caucasian women. It seems that dislike of dark skin is universal.

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  5. They’re disgusting, they want to be white women so bad that it’s driven them insane. I’ve long since stop dealing with them. I only date WHITE WOMEN and will never even entertain the thought of dating a black chick.

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  6. A group of westernized black women trying to steal and look like another race of women is simply identity theft and these same black women will be talking about cultural appropriations and that non-black women are taking their (black women) style. SYSBM.

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  7. Good posts. Black men also need to understand that black women are the only group of females that do not have hair similar, in texture, to the men of the race. This is because of alterations done by black women. White women, for example, may use more hair spray and hair dye than white men, however, the hair texture is basically the same. The black woman is telling black men, by using hair weave and chemical straighteners, that she does not want her hair to be anything similar to the hair of black men. [By the way, almost zero white women wear hair weave. Some white will get hair extensions, especially a few months after a haircut, however, hair weave is a black woman illness.]

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  8. I always said imagine LeBron James or Idris Elba walking around in public with weave or wig that was the texture of Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise’s hair? How stupid would these Blackmen look walking around with something like that on their heads? How quickly would social media explode, with jokes, ridicule, and people asking if these black men are crazy?
    But black women do the same thing, and it’s supposed to be seen as normal by everybody on the planet. Black women will actually use the excuse that they use weave in order to help their hair grow. Funny, Blackmen have no problem growing their hair very long. Look at all the football players and basketball players with long dreadlocks and long braided hair.
    Blackmen are comfortable being their natural self. Blackmen are not spending billions of dollars in an effort to look like white men or nonblack man. Black women on the other hand are not comfortable with how they naturally look. Black women do everything in the book in a weak and pathetic attempt to mimic and look like mainly white women.
    Blackmen are comfortable being themselves and Blackmen set trends worldwide being their natural black selves. Black woman can’t do the things that Blackmen do, and this makes black women very upset. It drives black women absolutely crazy that Blackmen are able to be there natural selves, and get attention worldwide for being there natural selves
    The most famous black woman on the planet probably, BEYONCE, is nothing more than a second rate copy of the white woman she so desperately wants to be and look like. Beyoncé has gotten multiple nose jobs, has lightened her skin, and actually walks around in public with a long flowing ridiculous looking blonde weave in her head. Notice no matter how famous the black woman is, she can never do enough things to try to look like the white woman who she wants to be like. The same is true with Kerry Washington, who has gotten nose jobs and has lightened her skin over the years.
    And despite all of this madness and self-hatred and self-loathing we see from black women worldwide , black women still will claim they are not jealous of white women and they are not trying to look like White women.
    The delusional mind of

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    • black women actually leads them to actually say things like white women are getting surgery in order to look like black women. These are the lengths black women will go to to deny and mask their deep desire to be White women. Black women would rather walk around with a plastic shower cap on their head in public, rather than let anyone see them without their weave and see with their natural hair actually looks like.
      But I forgot Whitewomen are getting plastic surgery to look like black women. Black women claim white women are getting black injections, plumping their lips and getting breast implants in order to resemble the physical features of black women.
      What a joke that claim is .
      And black women are so so stupid that they believe they are the only women on the planet who have full lips, big breasts and nice round asses. Most black women don’t even have nice bodies. Most of them are just fat and out of shape. But because the simps give these fat, out of shape black women praise. So it’s very common to see a disgusting looking fat attachés black woman, with a ridiculous looking multicolored weavein her hair, who actually believes she is attractive.
      Black women are mentally ill .

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  9. Black women spend tons of money on weave, especially Brazilian and Indian weave but yet they have a problem with Brazilian women because they know many brothers go to Brazil to meet women. How are you going to talk about Brazilian women and then buy their weave black women are crazy. @Chris i have been to Thailand 6 times where did you live at during your 10 years. I have been to Bangkok,Phuket, all the surrounding islands near Phuket, Chang Mai, Pattaya, Khon Kaen, Udon Thani and other spots as well. You are correct run across many Thai girls who use skin whiteners. But weave is not hygienic at all just imagine how much sweat accumulates when it is hot and weave stinks.

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  10. The false thought that black women naturally have nice butts have been put to rest long ago. The glutes, for 99% of women of any race, only become toned and firm with physical exercise. Black women, as a group, do very little physical exercise. Back in 1917, or even in 1967, black women did more physical labor. There was also less junk food.Today, the majority of black women have fake hair or chemically-straightened hair. These black women seldom exercise because they want to keep their created hair styles. In summation, most black women of today have a butt that is FLOPPY and SLOPPY. [Black women also have lots of butt injections and use underwear to change the appearance of their out-of-shape butts.]

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  11. Verbs2015, I am eagerly awaiting your synopsis of the entire Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial, and the alleged ‘backlash’ that has allegedly come from it.
    I could probably write a book about it, but I will wait (hopefully) until you address it. So much to say about it.

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      • Basically Pepsi made a commercial where there is a protest March, and Kendall Jenner steps in and hands a police officer a can of Pepsi, and the protesters applaud. No big deal.
        But black women are saying the commercial was mockery of black lives matter (the protest was non descript, and had nothing to do with black lives matter), Kendall Jenner, a white woman, has no business being in a commercial that mocks the struggle of black people.
        The entire thing is just another excuse for black women to bash a white woman for no reason, other than the fact that black women hate Kendall Jenner and white women just because they are white. Kendall Jenner is getting hell from black women over being in a commercial she direct or create. But black women are just Using the commercial as an excuse to show just how insecure and jealous and how much they really hate White women.

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  12. ‘Kendall Jenner is getting hell from black women for being in a commercial she DIDN’T direct or create’.
    Is what I meant to say.

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    • I wonder if black bitches can actually go 5 seconds without bitching, whining, crying and moaning about something. I stop dealing with black bitches back in the 8th grade but now the very site of a black female or sound of a black females voice is beginning to disgust me. I know that sounds harsh but I’m sooo fucking sick and tired of them and their constant belly aching and complaining, they’ve got a constant whine going on 24/7 about something.

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      • @ Keith, I feel the same way about black females. when I’m in any retail store I will stand in a checkout line 3 times as long just to deal with a non-black female cashier. I don’t even want to lay eyes upon those monkeys.

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  13. If black women didn’t bitch, whine, and complain about EVERYTHING and everyone, nobody would EVER pay black women any attention. Black women are ignored anyway by most of humanity, so on of the only things black woman can do to get attention is to complain about everything.
    And I also can’t even look at black women at this point. I was in Dunkin’ Donuts the other day, and a black woman that was in there screaming at her seven-year-old black daughter because her daughter couldn’t make up her mind about what donut she wanted. Everyone in that place was staring at the black woman but the black woman didn’t even care or notice. She was making a scene over absolutely nothing.

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    • The Queenz have been coddled for so long by big daddy government that they think its normal behavior and the pathetic SIMPS will cosign that behavior as well.

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      • …and yet here you are dating mudsharks doing the exact same shit that got black woman

        I can’t wait until you become another statistic & you give your white b*itch 2 black eyes.


    • No one cares or wants to deal with black women. Going back to how you mentioned Sotomayor highlights these random no name black chicks, they’re proof of everyone’s lack of regard for black women.

      On YouTube, most white women can get popular from their looks. That Hannah minx woman actually has educational content (teaching people to speak Japanese, learning about Japanese culture), and people mainly started following her for her big tidaaaaays!

      No one looks or thinks of these black chicks as sex symbols, let alone paragons of anything worth a crap. No one cares what they have to say, and they sure as hell don’t think they’re pretty.

      Now that I think about it, the only black female youtubers I can think of that people actually find attractive are Caramel Kitten and Summer Kelsey. Kitten is considered that because she’s light skinned and, yep, has a fat ass, which is all her videos deal with.

      Kelsey actually brings content to the table (fashion, design), and is legitimately called pretty. Once again though, she’s mixed and is as light bright as they come. She makes me looked as black as Wesley snipes in comparison, and is just as yellow as my great grandmother that would always ask why “fish lipped niggars” were in her store.

      Black people need to separate from and breed out black women. The so called mythical good ones will find someone, but don’t waste time looking for them. I believe that blacks have lagged behind throughout history due to our connection to black Women, and if we cut them off and build a better breed, we will achieve much more.

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  14. Afrofuturism1, so true. Any black women who get any attention anywhere is for nothing other than being taken for a worthless sex object, not anything she actually has to say. Nobody cares what black women think or say about anything.
    Cynthia G, Christelyn Karazin, are only listened to by other mentally ill, bitter black women. Black women are basically on permanent ignore mode throughout society. This is why black women sit around complaining about everything in real life and on YouTube. This is the only possible way for them to get any attention.
    And about Tommy Sotomayor, those black women who he continues to have boring, vapid, pointless one-on-one interviews with, WHO THE FUCK ARE THEY?, and why would Tommy Sotomayor spend one second speaking to them?
    This is a big part of the reason Tommy SotoMayor’s show has gone so downhill so very fast. Tommy Sotomayor refuses to fully admit and understand just how worthless black women are. No one cares what black women have to say about anything. Other then an obvious attempt to get some black pussy, I have no idea why he would give these ugly ass black woman a platform to spew their nonsense.
    As far as Summer Kelsey goes, could she possibly be any cuter? Man, she is light and pretty!!!!!!!!!
    She makes Alicia Keys look dark skin!!!!!!!
    I wonder who Tommy Sotomayor will interview next for his one on one? Maybe the black woman who braids hair in the back of a barbershop located in the hood. His one on one interviews are beyond boring and absolutely unwatchable.

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    • @ Bill Smith. You’ve hit the nail on the head once again sir. I am a Tommy fan but I’ve noticed an increase in those hours long live streams with silly topics such as “Are Black Men with money better off without black women” and 1 on 1 interviews that do nothing but promote the same irritating, obnoxious black women he used to rail against. Instead of the “TNN Raw” type of videos he became known for. Also I don’t know why he wont come out and show support for the SYSBM movement;
      Its almost like Tommy is turning into a simp, this down spiral had started even before the false flagging campaign by the you tube black bitches.
      You tube is a dying platform for Black Men with just a very few channels that put out consistent good content such Mad Bus Driver and gw3ex.

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      • I think one video Sotomayor made had him railing against madbusdriverx for spreading the SYSBM hashtag in the comments section of his videos, as well as mbdx’s “bashing” of black Women in said comment section.

        Y’all really think he’s not an undercover simp at this point?

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      • That wasn’t MBD, that was some dude name cadillac Kadafi. But tommy is all over the place sometimes, he was telling that dude to stop bashing bf , but yet he constantly says he can’t stand them. He tells bm we have the ugliest group of women on the planet(which is true), they are the worst stewarts of children and then says we need to date out but calls biracial kids half breeds and mudsharks. I agree with most of what he says but sometimes he’s to bipolar for me.

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      • Keith,

        Agreed, but Cadillac Kadafi was using MBD’s SYSBM acronym in the comment section of Sotomayor’s videos. That is why Sotomayor stated that the video was towards him and anybody who thinks like him. Kadafi is SYSBM all day.

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      • Im sysbm 24/7, 365, I have absolutely no interest in black females, they’re like ghost to me I don’t even notice them.

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    • lol I bet that 5 minutes after I mentioned summer kellsey, those who didn’t know about her went to google images and then sudddnly found a strange stickiness on their keyboards. Out of lotion, boys?

      As for Tommy’s next guest: Today on 1on1 with Tommy Sotomayor, “The black female bisexual pastor who performs back alley abortions on black boys in Compton, and how black men are really missing out if they don’t give her a chance!”

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  15. Black women are some very sick creatures. They sew and glue the hair of other races of women in their head to emulate a non Black appearance while damaging their own hair with mold, fungus and disease by not practicing basic human hygiene. They use toxic chemicals to lighten their skin, they put fake colored eye contacts, they inject themselves with industrial use products like “fix a flat” to increase the size of their butt’s( when that’s supposed to be one of their few if not only asset). Someone tell me when does any non- black woman practice these gruesome self mutilating acts.(They don’t); While with black women its a common everyday occurrence. Any Black Man that seriously considers black women as a mating choice is a complete IDIOT. #SYSBM!!! #BREEDTHEMOUT!!!!

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  16. Well, Tommy Sotomayor won’t support or promote anything that takes away from him being the center of attention. Tommy Sotomayor has a head nigga in charge mentally. I think he possibly has always been a SIMP. But he is a angry, bitter Simp, who still has a ‘place in his heart’ for black women, but he lashes out against black women to mask how much he loves black women and how much he loves black women.
    I really don’t know. But I do know his show has really sucked recently. And his best channel, where Tommy Sotomayor reports on stories in the media, had very little content as of late, and when Tommy does do a video, it seems like he is holding back, or sugar coating things. It’s like he has abandoned the content that got him popular, in hopes of possibility crossing over into mainstream media.
    His show and content has changed for the worse. Whether or not he realizes it, I’m not sure. But he may have destroyed everything he built, because of his inability to make logical decisions. All the truths he initially spoke about, he seems to have abandoned, for a watered down, boring, schell of a show, where he is spending time recording himself going to sporting events, and interviewing no name black women for no reason.
    Tommy Sotomayor has destroyed his brand, and I don’t know how he can rebuild it this point.

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    • Speaking of mainstream, notice once again how he got all kinds of “cream of the crop” whites to do stuff with to try to get mainstream/crossover appeal, but when it comes to black men, he’ll n choose to work with the lowest of the low to get burned and then use that to not work with black peo-…. no, black MEN anymore.

      And he never hesitates to promote any lame black chick in the hopes of letting loose an ounce or two of cum inside of her.

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