Black Women, Smelly Vaginas And Poor Sexual Health


Black women have much bigger concerns to worry about, debating whether Tyrese’s new wife can be called a black queen or not ought to be the last issue black women are seen tussling over. It has long been a common complaint amongst many black men that most black women are seriously lacking in the hygiene department when it boils down to looking after their vaginas and other private areas. If you are looking for a true definition of self-hatred then not keeping your entire body clean especially your reproductive organ most definitely fits the bill.

As I stated in Negro Wars most black women are decadent lazy slobs who are looking for free hand outs and an easy ride through life, unfortunately that decadence and slobbery many times can translate into them deliberately neglecting to clean their coochies. Remember, the main creed of feminism is to throw off and reject all things feminine, however because black women cannot literally throw away their own vaginas, the choice for many instead is to completely reject them.

The feminist philosophy promotes the desecration of the female body, this is why it is so common to see large numbers of black women resembling pirates of the Caribbean being tattooed from head to toe. This is also the reason why most black women wear weaves, blue/grey/green contact lenses, fake nails, fake eyebrows, bright coloured lipsticks(a typical symbol of feminism), heavy make up, butt implants etc, these external and internal appendages are all part of the desecration process.

The vagina is an open reproductive organ that requires fresh air and regular maintenance. In many cases the condition of a woman’s vagina can pretty much be used as an indicator to determine the condition of her body overall aswell as how she conducts herself in life. Most black women simply weren’t taught by their mothers how to clean their privates when they were younger, as per usual most black mothers are all too eager to beat their children yet at the same time extremely reluctant to teach their children.

Most black women have never heard of a gynaecologist, mention that word and many of them will immediately give you the “what are you talking about, gyno who, gyno what” look. Black women as a collective are seriously lacking in the knowledge of sexual health, you will also tend to find that it is black women who wear weaves who typically have the smelliest genitalia.


It is a common habit for some black women to not change their underwear regularly. Why are you wearing the same pair of knickers(panties-US) for 4-5 consecutive days eh black woman? Because the vagina is constantly secreting small amounts of fluid, it is vitally important that women change their underwear everyday.

It seems that most black women treat their vaginas in the same manner that they treat their hair, covered up, neglected and forgotten about for weeks at a time. The type of underwear used can also be a problem, a large portion of women’s underwear on the market today is made from mixed fabrics which constricts the vagina and doesn’t allow it to breathe.

Nylon, polyester and Lycra are a breeding ground for bacteria and funguses, these materials encourage yeast infections and other microorganisms to spread rapidly. Cotton and hemp by far are the best materials, being natural fibres they takes away moisture from the skin which discourages yeast and bacterial growth. However, as stated before because of the vagina’s daily secretions, cotton and hemp underwear must still be changed day to day.

Stained underwear is NOT attractive, stained underwear is unacceptable, stained underwear is disgusting and irresponsible, stained underwear is NOT a good look. Many black women have smelly vaginas because they also are guilty of not wiping themselves sufficiently after defecating. Because the anus is in close proximity to the vagina, it is very important that this area be kept as clean as possible at all times as bacteria from a dirty anus can easily spread to the genitals.

You have to wonder how black women with excessively long nails are able to wipe in between their buttocks properly, answer, they can’t and they do not. I cannot recall the amount of times I have heard black men saying that whilst “hitting it from the back doggystyle” they have had to hold their noses and their breath because the woman in question couldn’t be bothered to wipe her behind correctly, yuck. To be honest sex with women who have smelly privates shouldn’t even be on the docket to begin with.


Let’s face it, the eating habits of most black women today are absolutely atrocious, for starters most black women cannot cook any meal from scratch ie using raw ingredients to save their lives. For the modern day black female it is either a microwave dinner or take out. The food a woman eats can and does directly affect the condition of her cooch including its odour.

“You are what you eat” is a true saying”, in 2017 most black women gorge themselves daily on cruddy nutritionally deficient, chemically altered and processed foods and as a result this low quality intake directly translates to vaginas that smell like dumpsters filled with rotting fish placed under direct sunshine in 90 degree heat. The body is constantly excreting waste material through defecation, urination, respiration and perspiration, a black woman who engages in a daily diet of processed foods, fast food and sodas and expects to have a clean, non smelly vagina simply has unrealistic expectations.


By far the number one reason why most black women have stinky vaginas is because they equally live out their daily lives slutting and whoring themselves about. When you spend every waking moment of your life hopping from penis to penis channelling Jezebel, what exactly do you expect, a vagina that can be likened to the condition of a brand new car fresh out of the factory????

As we already know most black women are not attracted to decent, upstanding, hard working black men, they instead much prefer to home in on the Tyrones, Jamals, Dequans, Leroys, Delroys ie the low brow, irresponsible, criminal unproductive males of the black community. Dirty Dick Rodney has that name and reputation for a reason, however to most black women sleeping with such individuals is exciting. Sounds very familiar, 80/20 rule anyone?

Of course because these type of men get the most women, they in turn become the most contaminated and diseased black males on the block. Your typical garden variety black female will allow Peter, Paul, Simon, Roger, Lee, Daniel, Jack and Tony to ejaculate up in her, she will not implement a programme to clean out the “mess”, thus the seeds of all these men and more mix together linger and marinate in her vagina for long periods of time without being cleansed or flushed out.

I can see all your faces right now saying “yuck”, exactly, this is the main reason why black women are the most contaminated and disease ridden individuals currently walking the planet. This is why the disease rate amongst the Dirty Dick Rodneys, the Tyrones and the Dequans as bad as it is, is still significantly lower than that of black women, multiple black women are being infected by just a small handful of black men. Remember the 80/20 rule, most black men do not gain access to black women as a collective, however rest assured that this is not the case for the unproductive slobs of black male society, they always have full unfettered access to black women 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

This is yet another reason why I encourage black men to expand on their dating and marriage options, who honestly has a desire to deal with putrid, disease infested women? Mind you this is the same woman who calls herself Mother Earth and the progenitor of all races upon the planet, yet out of all races of women the black woman by far is in the worst state, what a joke.

The solution for black women is simple, wash your vagina and anus regularly, wear knickers and panties that use natural fibres, eat good food, put down the unhealthy take aways, processed foods and microwave TV dinners, check in with a gynaecologist every once in a while and most of all stop behaving like a bunch of whores on steroids. Of course as I wrote in Negro Wars most black women love wallowing in their own filth and degeneracy, literally, they won’t change and will continue walking the road of reprobation towards their own destruction.

This is why I continue to stand by my statement that in 2017 most black women are defective and broken beyond repair. Look around you, what do you see, black women changing for the better or them progressively becoming worse?

Negro Wars

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

58 thoughts on “Black Women, Smelly Vaginas And Poor Sexual Health

  1. Tommy Sotomayor takes the view that smelly HAIR WEAVE, often worn for two to six months, (or more) causes a woman’s body parts to smell. Any thoughts?

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      I can see a possible correlation between the sprays they use on the weave to keep it fresh coupled with the build up of dead skin, bacteria, mould, sweat etc from the non washing of the hair for months on end. By and large however I simply believe it is a case of black women applying the same care to their private areas as they do to their hair……absolutely no care whatsoever.

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      • I’ve always said if you wear that wookie weave on your skull and dont wash your hair for weeks then why would I expect you to wash your pussy. Black whores are absolutely the most disgusting group of females on the planet Nd you literally could not pay me to date them. I was so proud of my nephew when he turned 16 and had his birthday party. He invited his boys he hangs out with and he invited about 12 girls.. all WHITE, yep thats right,no black bitches allowed. They had a great drama free time, no fighting and weave tracks all over the place, all of the white girls where actually in the pool and not sitting a around the pool worried about getting their nasty weave wet. My brother has full custody of..THANK GOD..but of course his bitch of a mother definitely didn’t like the fact thst he had all white girls and as usual went on Facebook to bitch and complaine not understanding thst she is reason# 1 ehy he wont deal with black bitches.

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      • Keith,

        You know for sure that if your nephew had invited black girls to his birthday party, there would most definitely have been trouble, we already know that most black women cannot comport themselves correctly in public, they know nothing about decorum and manners and their social, economic and academic status makes no difference. Here is an example to two black women who are teachers fighting and duking it out in the hallway:

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    • It would be difficult to analyze the weave wearing for long lengths of time with the smelly cooch. But the lazy decadent behavior of the weave rat and the descention of the self grooming and hygiene of BW may just simultaneously go hand in hand. My thoughts and reasons BW have sour vaginal odor are based on various parameters. Stress, poor hygiene, diet, multiple partners, tight fitting clothing can all be contributing factors for funk ass. Having more than one of those factors may just lead to chronic vaginal odor. I know one woman that was gang raped when she was at the university. She could just get out of the shower and still have a sickening vaginal odor if you came anywhere near her.

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  3. Wow I was shocked to read about the guy having to hold his breathe while having sex… This is disgusting and so sad. My mother taught me how to properly clean myself and I thought that was pretty normal. Smh apparently not! I was taught to thoroughly wash after defecating and if you’re out then bring wet wipes. And I agree about the underwear, my belief is it needs fresh air as well. Get regular check ups and take probiotics daily to keep the pH balance correct. They need to Stop using perfumed soaps down there to cover up smells and address the real issue… Something is very wrong.

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    • Dara,

      This is the reality for most black women today, they lack hygiene in both the hair and the private areas departments. What you were taught as basic sexual and bodily health most black women today don’t have a clue about. Walking around with a dirty anus is unacceptable for anybody, for a woman it is even worse because of the vagina being an open reproductive organ and it being close to the rectum. There simply is no excuse for poor sexual and bodily hygiene, not in 2017.

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  4. And, **** you very much, Verbs! You can go to hell! I actually had somewhat of an appetite this morning, but after seeing those muddy swamp thing draws, I think I’ll pass (out that is).

    There’s tons of rappers and other celebrities who have gone on record and noted how black womens’ vaginas stink. Many have even noted a white and patina randomly in the “womens'” panties.

    Is this your queen, black men? Would you rather have a sift, thin, sweet smelling feminine woman (probably white or Asian), or a gross, fish monger smelling, heart attack when you hit it from the back sumo wrestler? I’ll wait.

    I once saw a meme comparing white womens’ vaginas to black womens’. The picture had some delicate cut strawberries, and next to them, some putrid looking roast beef! Guess which was which!!!

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  5. All facts. But leave to the typical belligerant BF she does not have a stink muff. That’s not my experience. Women from other cultures are far more into personal hygiene than BW. But that was not always the case. I heard of something they used to have in Western cultures called ‘finishing school’. I do believe it was a programs that taught young girls how to behave properly and personal grooming. I do believe feminine hygiene was part of the programs. In Brazil, they still do this type of thing. As you said Verbs2007, the feminist agenda does away with such horrible things such as teaching and grooming young girls to take care of themselves and project themselves as laylike.

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  6. Actually, I think the 80/20 rule is more like 90/10 in the Black Community. Black women are collecting more L’s than a bowl of alphabet soup. Will it ever end…?

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    • @ Robert L Sims, Great minds think alike, LOL! I was just about to make that same point about the 80/20 ratio but I decided to finish reading all of the comments first.
      Well stated and true Sir.

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  7. Any man or woman wearing enough cologne or perfume to fumigate every room in a 10-story building is a HUGE red flag masking severe hygene issues.

    Brothers, steer clear of the FUNK! SYSBM/BLAXIT ’till the wheels fall off!

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  8. This topic is very important and relevant, because it relates to how black women don’t have care for or concern for anything that has actual meaning and substance. You would think a top priority for any civilized human being and especially women, that personal hygiene would be a top priority.
    But for black women they seem to be more concerned that the fake hair on top of their head looks natural and straight , and seem unaware or to not care that the hair on top of their head stinks. A group of women that would leave fake hair in their heads for weeks and months at a time, without washing it, couldn’t possibly be concerned with other parts of their body that need more attention paid to them as far as personal hygiene goes.
    With the exception of maybe two or three, every black woman I’ve ever had sex with has had a serious disgusting odor problem from their vaginal and anal areas. So overpowering and awful was the smell that I’ve had to stop in the middle of the sex act because I simply couldn’t take anymore of the odor.
    Apart from everything that’s already been mentioned, there is an absolute lack of mothering skills in regards to black women and how they teach their daughters and what they teach their daughters. How can we expect a dirty stinking phony weave wearing whore, to raise a daughter that’s anything but a dirty stinking phone he was wearing whore?
    Aside from directing their daughters to the nearest beauty parlor to get a weave put in their head, what are black women teaching their daughters? Oh, I forgot, black women also teach their daughters that ”niggas ain’t shit’.
    Black women simply are not teaching their daughters personal hygiene. Most black women never visit the gynecologist. How many black women do you think of ever even actually taking a bath? Not a shower, but a sweet smelling hot bath?
    Black women walk around with tight pants on all day, have no idea how to clean themselves after using the bathroom, have a terrible diet, and take pride in walking around with dead or fake hair sewn into their heads. Black women have no idea how to teach their daughters had to be feminine and clean. Black women only know how to tease your daughters had to be dirty and whorish, because their mothers were dirty and whorish.

    Look at photos of black women from the 1920s and 1930s the 1940s and the 1950s. Those black women look feminine, looked clean, and they actually looked like women. Now compare the photos of women of that era to these dirty filthy black woman we have today? The difference is clear and evident.
    So what happened in a few generations to turn feminine beautiful clean looking black woman into the black monsters we have today?
    What happened was black women bought into a lesbian feminist ideology, abandon hard-working Blackmen for the support of the state, and bought into this idea that they can be father and mother to their daughters and sons, and that they know everything there is to know about everything. And the result has been three generations of black women who know absolutely nothing about how to be actual women.
    Black women stink in a figurative sense and in a literal sense. These black women are literally cesspools of bacteria, germs, diseases, foul smells, foul attitudes dirty appearance and dirty behavior. And the black daughters they raise literally become the same exact thing.
    I remember a few years ago my cousin’s ‘baby mama’, patting herself on top of her head for like an hour straight. I had no idea what she was doing so I asked her. She said she had to pat herself on the head because she had an itch, but she’s not allowed to scratch it because it’ll make her weave come out.
    You can’t make this shit up. She would rather fight nature, by simply scratching herself on the head, than to mess up her weave.
    How mentally ill do you have to be , and how dirty do you have to be, to physically attach something to your body that cannot be washed or gotten wet?
    This is why so many black women have serious odor problems emanating from their vagina and their anal area. The sad thing is most of them are so physically dirty, they have absolutely no idea how bad they smell down there.
    I’m fully convinced that most black women probably just use the toilet, wiped once or twice with a dry piece of toilet paper, pull their panties up, then pull their pants up, and go right back into the world, disgusting, dirty, filthy and smelling as bad as you could possibly smell.
    Once again, look at photos of black woman from the 1920s 1930s 1940s and 1950s, and then look at photos of black women today.
    Black women are regressing on all levels. Physically and mentally.

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    • Note how mangy, dingy, and dirty most of them look. A sure fire sign is dark skin chicks and how disgusting their faces look. Hoes literally have craters on their face as GROWN WOMEN. This isn’t some teenage kid with bad acne, it’s a 30 something year old woman that lives to be a human cum dump.

      Many men have noted the funky, piss and corn chips smell of the weaves. Now let’s be honest, most of the weave heads really DO need weave just to look feminine. Fellas, is this what you want to keep the black race as, a group whose women are basically diseased tranny gorillas???

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    • This is very true, that’s the reason I never had a problem in that area. My mother it’s from the 40s and waited until she had her Master’s degree and married when my parents had me. I was properly trained and was in etiquette class in high school. Now you have 3 generations of females within 45 years.. For to them having children as teenagers.. They would not know how to properly clean themselves or even raise kids when great grandmother is barely 50… This is such a shame

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    • And (Atleast for a while after sex) that smell does not wash off of your private parts. I’ve been with certain black women(before I wised up),) taken 2 long, very hot showers with bar soap and body wash liquid, and I still have had that vile stench on me.
      How filthy can you possibly be? Black women simply do not understand how to clean themselves properly. And black women are not teaching their daughters proper hygiene in any shape, form, or fashion, because they have no idea what proper hygiene entails.

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  9. “Most black women are defective and broken beyond repair”(Verbs 2015).
    Truer words have never been spoken. For the life of me, I don’t understand why more so called black men(simps) don’t wake up and smell the coffee (or rotten fish as it pertains to black women), when it comes to dealing with those harlots because its blatantly obvious black women are a lost cause. But I believe this website is waking up more simps every day.
    When I used to date black women (simp) I actually thought the foul stench that ALWAYS emitted from a their vaginal area when they got naked was normal. It wasn’t until I moved on to the “so fresh and so clean” women of other races; that I realized how abnormal the smell of most black women are.
    I’m really glad that I strapped up during my simping days.

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    • Claude Legree, the reason why simps don’t wake up and smell the coffee, is because the Simp is eternally asleep. I don’t know if this simps is being awoken by this website at all, to be honest. I really believe simps could read every article on this website, the entire Negro wars book and every comment on every article on this entire website and the simp still will still attempt to excuse the behavior of black women.
      I believe the Simp is beyond redemption. As harsh as this might sound, how many back-and-forth conversations have you had with black male simps, and after presenting all evidence and proof to prove just how evil and wicked most black women are, this simps simply shrugs his shoulders, and acts like you were speaking another language. I almost expect the irrational and mentally ill behavior of black women. But the simp is a different kind of mentally ill delusional fool. The simps should be able to see what’s really going on out there, but the mind of the simps is so obsessed with the worship of black women, and the prospect of getting some black pussy, that his mind is actually clouded by his delusions.

      I didn’t mean to get off topic.

      By the way, Cynthia G and the super SIMP Angel Ramirez Jordan did a live one on one tonight. If you want to see grade A examples of black female mental illness, and an alleged black man who’s SIMP act knows no bounds, you guys should check it out. I’m not trying to give those to frauds any publicity, but there is just so much black female manipulation, bitterness, anger, hostility and jealousy present in that video, it’s worthy of a look. Not to mention the extreme, extreme level of utter simping on the part of Angel Ramirez Jordan. I almost wish Verbs2015 would analyze it.

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  10. I sleep with no underwear. I prefer to never wear underwear unless the situation. If I do I wear cotton thongs. Not just black women but all women should realize the vagina needs to breath and what better than no underwear? I smell great. If I put on underwear im destined to smell gross. Oh and btw , you must of had your heart completely ripped out by some black woman ! She must of given you something or completely screwed you over because you seem so bitter about women. I like to read your blog. It makes my sister and I laugh. Honestly. No disrespect on you but it’s just hilarious to us because our hearts are pure and we see no bitterness or evil. Just people
    Long story short i’m a black woman. And this is kind of disgusting. Like chill you’ll get a good black, white, whatever woman one day and you’ll for once be happy.


    • Be that as it may, that doesn’t make anything he says any less valid.

      The fact that you can only use shaming tactics instead of logical rebuttals just proves that you know that what he is saying is true.

      Even if someone is completely bitter about their past, doesn’t make what they say in the present any less true.

      History is chock full of examples of people who, even though they were bitter at some great injustice(s), spoke great truths about said injustice(s).

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  11. Gentleman, do you see how the black woman called Tiff, is attempting to speak softly and pretending to be nice, all the while attempting to tell us Blackmen that our opinions are based on our bitterness by having our hearts ripped out by some black woman. Notice how she is using this same tired old speech and rhetoric about Blackmen being bitter.
    Notice how she said that she and her sister find this blog hilarious, and it makes them laugh.
    Now this person could just be a troll, or it could be a black woman who despite, not taking our view seriously and finds our opinions laughable. She just had to comment about our opinions. I don’t want to give the black woman demon any more attention then it deserves, and I wouldn’t suggest going back-and-forth or even responding directly to the evil black woman demon.

    But here we have clear evidence of how the black woman attempts to cause confusion and distractions when Blackmen are getting together and speaking the truth amongst themselves.
    Have we not amassed enough evidence to prove to anybody on this planet just how evil black women really are ?

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    • @Bill Smith

      She didn’t mention she actually washed down there either…

      Actually, our hearts were destroyed… by the smell of rotten fish. Damn, there are actually some people still trying to excuse their bad hygiene by blaming black men, what a surprise!!! It’s our fault of course, and “yo momma black”!


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      • 50 Shades of Stank

        As he clawed to read my English cliterature, he beheld the sight of my day old, soiled and bloody cunt rags.

        Dirty Dick Rodney unleashed his mayo baster, frolicking like an epileptic monkey. The smell of my oozing roast beef, coupled with the intoxicating aroma of his creaming chorizo, made my smut muffin wetter than a bad hombre crossing the border.

        By the time he spewed forth his naughty frosting, my deep fried fish clit looked like a junkyard of love meat.

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      • Michel,

        You’ll notice that black women always blame black men for everything, even things that we have absolutely nothing to do with. They hate their own birth hair, its the black man’s fault, they don’t wash themselves properly downstairs, its the black man’s fault once again. This is why I liken black women to ultra retards and spastics because that is what you literally are dealing with when you engage them in conversation. They must always assume the role of a victim no matter what.

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    • Bill Smith,

      Don’t be fooled by this reprobate harridan named Tiff, she has already shown her true colours in the comment section of another article I did, either the Section 8/Welfare article or the 12 good reasons why black men should walk away from black women article, the exact one escapes me at the moment.

      The “black men are bitter” Kansas City shuffle psychological gymnastics don’t work over here at Slaying Evil because we as thinking black men see straight through the garbage. You’ll notice how everytime the facts are brought to the table that do not paint black women in a positive light, they will immediately move to use the technique of psycho analysis as if they have a degree or have expertise in psychology.

      Notice how they will always seek us out no matter where we reside, yet these are the same black sirens talking that “I’m an independent woman, I don’t need a man(I don’t need a black man, however I need and rely on the state)” talk. They laugh because the are evil, narcissistic devil spawn creatures who are completely devoid of humanity.

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      • Verbs2015, so true. Whenever black women are confronted with the truth about themselves, every last one of them immediately transforms into a psychologist, who knows what your motivations are and the underlying reasons and causes behind the why you feel the way you do.
        And yes black women feel the need to somehow be wherever Blackmen, are and be involved in what Blackmen are discussing and thinking. Black women simply can’t leave Blackmen alone. It’s like black women are obsessed with the idea of controlling Blackmen’s thoughts and actions.
        Black women really think that black men are like their children or something, and they can tell Blackmen what to think, how to feel, what to do, and who to date.

        The mentality of black women is absolutely and utterly childish, delusional, and down right disgusting.

        And what is with black woman putting ‘lol’ at the end of every stupid statement they make? Do black women think that putting ‘lol’ at the end of everything, makes them correct in their argument, and dismisses any counter argument placed before them?

        The attitude of black women literally makes me sick.

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  12. I mentioned this in several post before BW literally stink sometimes you can smell that fishy smell just being around them in public that is no joke. Many BW now look like thugs dress like thugs and smell like weed heads to sometimes. I notice many BW are smoking cigars now as well they are so manly what happened to being a feminine women. A combination of the stank weave and box do not know how someone could remotely want to be around or have sex with these beast. And if you guys have not checked out NollaGirl 504 on you tube please do she will warm your heart what she talks about Verbs you would love her i am telling you. Yea Verbs the hell with you for that visual of the nasty underwear i will not be able to eat for a few days lmao.

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    • Sean Camp,

      I actually believe the stench these black women suffer from is part of the curse that is upon them or at least a sign that they are not on the side of good. If you think about it horrible smells tend to be associated with bad and evil things or things that in general are no good, this modern day black woman and her rotting cooch are no exceptions to the rule. The penis envy is strong with most black women, yet another reason why black men should abandon them.

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  13. A blind black man was walking around the hood, trying to get his bearings of the location. Sensing a familiar spirit, he breathed in, smelled the aroma of rotting fish, and said “Good morning, Laquiesha!”

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  14. You will burn in hell for your vile comments, but you are already living in one. You are a black male the lowest most pathetic form of male alive today. You have absolutely no power, and you are shit on by even the lowliest of the low of other races of men daily. You have to get your power somewhere, and attacking black women is the only way you can get even a semblance in power. We know you are too weak and pathetic to get any actual real power.


    • Go F**K Yourself,

      Shouldn’t you more be worried about black women who are not looking after their private areas properly, are you mad, lol? The black man’s rise is automatic through the failures of others. No power huh, yet I’ve got you riled up and angry, I thought you said that I had no power? When you behave in a dysfunctional manner don’t expect to be praised for it, much rather be prepared for ridicule, scrutiny, criticism and examination. Black women have no immunity from being examined and being held responsible for their actions, they certainly will not receive any victimhood cards here at Slaying Evil.

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      • I Understand the idea of leaving troll comments up in order to expose just how weak, simplistic, and stupid their arguments are. But a part of me would just like to see their comments blocked, or simply ignored and not responded to.
        These trolls come here leaving comments in order to get a response. Usually when I get a comment from a simpleton, I usually leave a statement, but never directly respond to anything they say. Then I don’t respond again.
        I hate these people. If they don’t agree with what’s being spoken about on this website, why do they CHOOSE to come to a website that they don’t agree with?
        They come to a website that they don’t agree with because they are either women or black simps who don’t

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      • Bill Smith,

        The black woman’s ultimate aim is to try to shame me into changing the narrative and the direction of the website, however that is NOT going to happen. The scum don’t come by here very often unless one of my posts has gone viral, however they unfortunately are a part of dealing with this modern day black witch. We know why these demons come here, they seek to overthrow and conquer those who are of a free mind, those who can think and reason for themselves. The thinking black man reveals their errors and blemishes and so they seek to shut us down in order to feel comfortable with themselves.

        I do understand where you are coming from though, having to deal with them on social media is enough, they much prefer the Facebooks and the YouTubes where they know they can go running to their white father and he will act accordingly. As you have accurately pointed out yourself, leaving their comments up serves to educate others as to just how dumb, stupid, illogical and retarded the average black woman and her simp brigade’s arguments are.

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  15. have the brain power to avoid things they don’t agree with or like. And they are emotional like black women and they can’t except the fact that people disagree with them or don’t like the way of life or how they behave. So they have to make contrary statements just to make statements.

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