The Ultra Simp In Action


Anthony Castro is your typical Negro male who stays licking the muddy boots of and pandering to black women, yet as can clearly be seen on his profile this fellow is still single(yep another one, no surprises there). I guess Mimi Mohammed never dropped her panties for this dunce neither was she interested in a relationship with him either. This is all this guy does on Facebook, pander for likes, Scooby snacks and doggie treats.

You’ll notice one common trait with these viper simps, dishonesty. This is a common trait with black men who still like and who pander to black women. We already know that black women are completely dishonest on all fronts, thus they inject this same dishonest nature into their children which keeps this cycle of evil perpetuating. Just look at some of the black male YouTubers who still like black women, enough said.

Dishonesty and disingenuous conduct are also the primary reasons why the majority of black folks cannot work together and get along, these mentalities has been injected into black society by none other than the modern day black female herself who is as selfish and dishonest as they come, thus regrettably most black folks today through her tutorship have adopted the “get myself ahead by any means necessary” mindset, even if it means deceiving and stabbing their fellow kinsmen in the back in order to achieve the objective.

Somebody is not sticking to their word, one person trying to pull a fast one over somebody else, true intentions and understandings not being made clear from the beginning, one person withholding information from another, one person or a group of people conspiring against others, these are just some of the main goings on in black society today. This socialist embedded mindset is rapidly destroying black friendships and relationships, not bringing improvements to them.

As per usual Castro much like your average ultra simp lives with his mother. I was also informed that at some stage Castro actually attempted to rape a black female. You see this right here, no black woman wants him so he decided to take matters into his own hands. If this guy wasn’t so adamant on dealing with black women alone then he would have gotten chance to sexually relieve himself a long time ago. As I stated before, as a simp you get nothing in return from black women, nothing. Because of this simps can be very dangerous individuals.

Another common trait you will notice with viper simps such as Castro is the fact that they will always either attempt to minimalise black women’s faults or they will alternatively try to push black women’s dysfunctions on to black men, in other words we are to blame and the root of them being dysfunctional(blame black men as per usual because it’s easy). This is exactly what the bootlicker Castro is attempting to do in his posts and comments. Meanwhile, this is what black women think about him:

We already know that by and large black women do not like black men who are intelligent and well-educated as they cannot be manipulated and will see the common trickery most black women love pulling from 10 miles away. This is one of many reasons why black women much prefer the unproductive, criminal, thug types of black male society as they are far easier to manipulate and control:

Then the buzzard goes on to talk about having interests that we think most women(he’s obviously referring to black women, that is who he panders to)don’t have. Let’s have a look, when was the last time you saw a black woman riding a horse? When was the last time you saw black women into swimming, train spotting, picnics, camping, photography, the theatre, art galleries, playing musical instruments, coin collecting, gardening, comic book collecting, chess, ice skating and the list goes on.

The point is black women as a collective are not hobby and interest oriented, they are more into things that are negative, violent and destructive, this is yet another reason why they and the unproductive thug type black men fit together hand in glove. To this day I have never seen a black woman riding a horse yet on the flip side I have seen many black men doing the same.

The black woman’s hobbies typically consist of thugging, street fighting, causing chaos, violence, strife, beef, contentions, killing, eating unhealthy foods, living the lifestyle of a Jezebel, destroying the minds of her children, reading interracial novels(black women/white men), worshipping and grovelling at the feet of racist white men aswell as allowing these same white men to degrade and dehumanise her, berating and constantly dragging the image and the reputation of black men through the mud using the mainstream media as her weapon of choice, dodging accountability and responsibility, wearing non black/European hair on her head etc.

Black women don’t like black men with futures, they don’t like prosperous men, black women will get with these individuals for the sole purpose of using them for their own selfish and greedy gains. Castro is full of garbage, your typical bootlicking buzzard who will voluntarily jump into a dumpster in order to search for any excuse as to why black women shouldn’t be held accountable.

This shine is still single, despite his faithful and religious pandering no black women want his black side. This isn’t anything new to thinking black men, we already know the end results for simps who worship black women, they get absolutely nothing in return. You would’ve thought this guy would have put 2 and 2 together by now and realised that his brown-nosing formula simply isn’t working……..not yet, most likely not ever.

I wrote in Negro Wars about the glitch that black women purposely programme into the minds of black males from a very young age, it is this glitch that keep those bewitched black men returning to and ritually catering towards black women even though they receive nothing for their bootlicking services. At the age of 29 I finally realised that most black women are defective beyond repair, I wish I had snapped to my sense sooner.

However, I am happy to see that more now than ever younger black men are not being snagged and hoodwinked by the black woman’s spells and trances and are instead opting for non black women from their teens. The internet has served black men well in putting the many dysfunctions of black women on open display for all to see.

This is why I have to laugh whenever black women and their simp supporters attempt to make it seem as if the bad experiences a person has had with black women are only limited to them alone. Through the web we now have the testimonies of thousands upon thousands upon thousands of black men who are all saying the same thing, black women are hyper dysfunctional and we have all experienced this.

Bootlicking lames like Castro always stay concerned about what other black men are doing, so what if some black men are decided to abandon black women, that is now less competition for him, so why is it that these shoe shining minstrels aren’t instead focusing on obtaining one of the mountain loads of black women that are now being made available to them through our absence?

You already know the answer to that question, black women are not interested in ultra simps like Castro either and wouldn’t urinate on him if he was on fire. SYSBM black men, simps like this make themselves look stupid via their own hands, leave them to their own fate, like most black women they cannot be saved. Religiously defending a group of women who are always giving you the middle finger and constantly telling you that they have no interest in you, what a dunce. Black men who wish to be free, be sure to check out the SYSBM website:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

60 thoughts on “The Ultra Simp In Action

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  2. Lol black Woman is god. I can’t even…..

    And yeah, black women are the first to look at any black man with any kind of interests and call him lame. The black Women with “white” interests typically just want white d**k!!! Most of the so called good black women are CRAP, and only have so called white interests of behaviors to get white men. Do you see black men acting like Carlton to get a Becky?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I have to agree that what you are saying is true, anytime you see a black women with hobbies and interests she is typically either with a white man or is looking for one. Hobbies and interests only become of interest once the hunt for a white god begins, lol, meanwhile black men don’t have to change anything in order to land themselves a Suzy, Claire, Ming, Sadiq or a Lopez, being ourselves is sufficient.

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    • Don’t forget they also adopt and mimic the white women’s speech pattern(i.e. white valley girl dialect) in order to attract white men.

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  3. The simp is the kind of person you tell them the ship is sinking you need to go to a lifeboat now but they will tell you either everything is OK don’t panic or if they see you go on a lifeboat they will try and shame you to stay on the doomed ship.

    Then when the ship sinks and they’re swimming around looking for you to save them but if you try to save them they will only overturned the lifeboat. Causing you to fall in, the only thing you can do is let them drown.

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  4. Good article. This Anthony Castro character is a joke. I think I read last year in R.T. that he, a guy in his early 20s want to save all the low-grade single black mothers with multiple children probably by multiple fathers. I had a small spat with him late 2015/early last year (2016). Mimi Mohammed, an late teen Eritrean female​ has been turned in and out by this low-class behavior from the worst of the worst westernized black women. SYSBM.

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    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      Yep, I remember reading that post he made myself, pandering to single black mothers and he still can’t even obtain one, what a joke. Save single black mothers, for what? I had a miniature run in with him when I first got added to that RT group, his simping levels are unbelievable. #SYSBM for life.

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      • Verbs2015
        It’s so sad we still got a good number of good black men is still on the fence and still hoping to land a black women of his dreams it’s nothing but trouble likely waiting for him if he takes that route, he needs to realize he got a better shot of getting a woman else where such as Hispanic, white, Asian and etc type of woman

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      • Jayjay5079,

        Yes sir, it’s exactly what I stated in Negro Wars, too many black men have a sliver of hope in their hearts looking for “the one” amongst the dysfuntional females of Blackistan. They ought to be instead accepting the fact that it is a wrap for these women. Moving on is simply the best way for black men to proceed, most however simply will not to so.

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  5. As a lifelong comics fan, I can attest that the only black women I’ve ever seen at comic conventions were the moms who would bring their young sons there, and girls who were with white boys. There was one black female artist in the Artist Alley and of course, she had a white boyfriend. Meanwhile, when I used to try and date sistas, when it came out that I liked and drew comics, it was a wrap.

    SYSBM brothas.

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    • Schadenfreude,

      That is why you will rarely if ever see clowns like Castro in the comment section of this post and others similar, he knows full well that he cannot defend his garbage position. This is the problem right here, with black women you simply aren’t allowed to be yourself, like you stated they will cut you off as soon as they find out you have hobbies and interests as in their eyes you have just become “a lame”, sad. Becky, Ling Ling, Lopez, Sadiq and Patel on the other hand will welcome a brother and his outside interests with open arms.

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      • Went through this bullshit at high school.
        Because I didn’t drink hard liquor, or smoke weed, or listen to hardcore hip-hop, or stand up for myself, had no game, and couldn’t dance, couldn’t play sports… I was called a *batty boy*.

        Now I’m about to graduate for the second time at university, and have numerous non-black female friends. The people who called me batty boy? Teen fathers at 15. Oh well…


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      • Michel,

        I remember my high school days, I went to an all black private school in North London, it’s closed down now. I definitely remember the term “battyboy”, funnily enough it was the black boys from the West Indies who used to give me the most grief. This is a common problem within black society, you are forced to hide your hobbies and interests for fear of being mocked and ridiculed.

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    • I’m in the fine arts, so already obtained a BFA, so about to get a MFA.

      It’s not a STEM degree, granted, but I love the arts and have had great success with it.

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  6. Batty boy lol. Or the term “lotion boy” that Verbs said once.

    How are these Caribbean countries dysfunctional as hell but can call out batty boys? They aren’t calling out gang members! And I don’t even like batty boys, lol.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Lol, most of these terms come from Caribbean blacks. Alot of these Caribbean countries are beginning to or have been adopting and following the ways of the west. I hear in Jamaica they have introduced the child support system over there.

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      • Damn… Well a friend of mine has dodged several bullets if child support is being implemented over there….
        Luckily he’s now seen the light, but it took him several hard lessons to do so.

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  7. The mind of the black simp is a very interesting one. The simps receives absolutely nothing from the black woman who he praises 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The simps is literally the understudy of the black woman. Any excuse or rhetoric that the black woman uses in order to excuse her ridiculous behavior, the Simp uses and repeats.
    A simp will literally get into a physical altercation with another black man over what was said to a black woman that the simp doesn’t even know.
    The Simp is a literal guard dog for the black woman demon. The problem for the SIMP is, he gets NO reward for so fiercely defending black women. The SIMP most of the time doesn’t even get a thank you.
    The Simp is so caught up in the worship of black women, and the idea that simping will get them some black pussy, that the SIMP can’t see reality of what is actually going on.
    But many black men grow up in an environment full of mentally ill black women, that the mere idea the black women are doing something wrong or are guilty of something, can’t be understood by the Simp.
    Black men simps actually take it personally when they hear other black men calling out black women and their nonsense.
    These simps will say things like ‘yo, if you talkin bout black women, you talkin bout my momma and my sisters’. This is how stupid these Blackmen are.
    And all the while the black woman sits back, and laughs at the simps, while she is throwing herself at white men who don’t want her.

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      • Verbs2015, thanks. There are certain many more things I could be doing with my life, instead of working a bullshit job that I hate. Maybe your words of encouragement will help me motivate. Thanks.

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      • Bill Smith,

        You’re welcome bro. I remember in 2009 when somebody suggested that I should start a blog. At first I dismissed it but then certain events triggered me in May 2010 and the rest is history. It just something to think about, I was triggered into starting my blog, maybe something similar might happen to you.

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  8. Ha Ha did you notice how Mimi disrespected Castro when she said she loves captain save a hoes that imbecile did not even catch that these simps are so stupid. Also Mimi openly admitted she is a hoe they like being identified as degrading titles and why would anyone want to be associated with these people is beyond me. Verbs u hit on something about Comics that was dead on black women think that is lame every non black woman I ever dated loved comics and if they did not know about them they would at least try to understand my interest not black women. Black women like drama anything constructive is like a plague to them.

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  9. Here’s the kicker – the man is either unaware that he is a SIMP, or just doesn’t care.

    “Mama always said – SIMP is what SIMP does…”

    – Forrest SIMP

    Brothers, don’t be a SIMP. SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  10. Afrofuturism1, that ‘mama used to say’ is pure gold. If we put our heads together, I’m sure we could come up with Atleast 100 songs of black men simping for these degenerate black women demons. But that is probably for another thread.
    ‘ And mama used to say live your life (unless a white woman is involved)’.

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  11. Kameron and Afro Power Rangers Star Wars extended universe stuff and I still check out the new Marvel and DC stuff here and there. Hey guys the remix Simp songs have me crying over here 😂😂😂.

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    • You should check out Sonic/Mega Man: Worlds Collide and Worlds Unite.

      Yes, THE Mega Man has his own comic series, but as of issue #55, the series is on (indefinite) hiatus, unfortunately. It was VERY great.

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    • @ afrofuturism 1, The increase in homosexuality in the “black community” is directly related to the dysfunctional, ruinous black female demon. Black females hate Black masculinity and Real Black Men. These single black “mothers” if you can call them that; Do everything they can including using sexual abuse, to feminize black boys from birth simply because of their immense hatred for Black Men and the ones that don’t become gay usually turn into the pandering, bootlicking, the black woman is god worshiping simps like the complete idiot that’s the subject of this article.
      The black female is also responsible for the savage, criminal minded, degenerate thugs that you see inflicting the devastation of crime, murder and mayhem on black communities across the country.
      Black women intentionally ruin their son’s lives with the exceptions being when the black child shows some potential of athletic ability in sports, that’s when the selfish black witch will try to ride his coattails in the hope of cashing in on some future professional sports career he might have.
      I’m no sociologist but I believe “single black mothers” are also responsible for the rise in lesbianism among black girls because of the lack of exposure these girls have to strong, decent Black Men as fathers or father figures, along with not being raised by or around feminine, ladylike black females; But I believe the main reason for the increase in lesbianism among black girls is due to the widespread but under reported sexual abuse they endure from their black mothers. Hence the previous article (Black Women, Incest and Pedophilia).
      This kind of death and destruction are all that black women create. That’s why I’m completely opposed to any group, any initiatives, policies or programs that are aimed at helping the “black community”. This black woman led disaster of a community we have today has been on a downward spiral for about 40 years and It needs to die off.

      Real Black Men, like the ones that support this website can build a new strong,vibrant society through marriage and procreation with non-black women.

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      • Exactly! They can’t be bargained, reasoned, or argued with! They need to be eradicated!

        Being coupled with this witch got us slavery, ghettoes, and the current state of all black countries!


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      • “Real Black Men, like the ones that support this website can build a new strong,vibrant society through marriage and procreation with non-black women.”

        how so???

        all the kids will be mulattoes with mixed loyalties ………..

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  12. Biil and Afro good comic reads you both mentioned. Claude that was an excellent post. Something else about black mothers riding off their athletic songs you notice many times these mother have about 3,4,5 kids from several baby fathers and want to pimp the athletic son so he get her out of financial ruins. They do not really care about their sons they are being used which is sad, also even when they son save them you see black women still have that ratchet behavior like Lebron James mother who was having sex with one of her sons teammates Delonte West during Lebrons first stint with Cleveland. She knew that would bring much negative attention and even though her son is a superstar NBA player she could not keep her ghetto savagery at bay.

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    • I’ve also seen several cases, namely in the really deep hoods, where boys are made to stand out and sell demo tapes on the streets by their mothers, Gibbs the next rap sensation or New Edition.

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  14. So let me get this straight. You decided to write an entire article on a young guy for the fact that he stands up for something you hate so much, that you dedicated so much time to write such a thing. It seems to me that you seem to be jealous that you aren’t receiving the same amount of attention from black women or it may be the fact that as anthony would say, you must be one of these so called proclaimed nice lanes which get rejected in the regular. If much of the men like you’re type with this negative image on black women wasn’t so busy masturbating each other off and actually worked on humbling themselves. If wouldn’t be such a problem, in fact maybe you can actually stop hanginf off each other nuts for a change but who am i to give you advice. Again it just seems you are extreme jealous of the young man and wished to be in his shoes, just stop being so angry with life and accept what you aren’t.

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    • Deznutzz,

      Exactly what black women are I supposed to be jealous of? These:

      This is who I’m supposed to be jealous of, are you mad? You are the type of guy that I talked about in the article, deliberately blinding yourself to many shortfalls, issues and problems currently plaguing the overwhelming majority of black women. That young guy just like yourself is afraid to hold black women accountable, because of your fragility black women are given a free reign to continue running amuck.

      What makes me laugh is you cannot even point to any decent qualities modern day black women have whereby others can label them as women worth striving for. That video above represents the majority of black women today, just because you have taught yourself self disrespect in the form of settling for sloppy second, thirds, fourths, fifths etc, it doesn’t mean that others are obligated to follow your path.

      I have nothing to do with the video above, who is putting out a negative image on black women, a person criticising their dysfunctional behaviour, I think not. Try the individuals actually engaging in degenerate behaviour, that is the correct answer. Negative images surrounding particular individuals come from their own actions, however since you think like a black woman I wouldn’t expect you to conclude something that is so obvious.

      Jealous of a single man who simps for black women yet who still doesn’t have one, yet I am currently in a relationship with my mixed race girlfriend which has been going strong for 4 years, nah bruh, I don’t think so. It’s funny how being a decent, intelligent and free thinking black man goes a very long way once you start dealing with mixed race and non black females.

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