How Black Women Worship And Interact With Whitey Their God – Part 4


Mixed Couple

Of course he called you a “nigger bitch” during sex because that is all you are to him, a nigger bitch. You have to continue to laugh at black women, they seem to believe that the white man holds some sort of value in them past their tasks of sex and destroying black society. White men have always used black women for sexual purposes and as a weapon against their own people, this is the principle foundation of the relationship between white men and black women.

In the 21st century nothing has changed, the parameters still remain the same, however because black women have been brought into the white corporate and government fold, they now seem to believe that their relationship with white men has somehow now morphed into something new, however nothing could be further from the truth.

This explains the endless, worship and adoration black women bestow upon white men. Take a look around the world, there is no other race of women who do this. Black women take their worship of white men to the extreme where they are willing to be degraded and dehumanised just to be with their “god”. I have already evidenced this degrading and dehumanising behaviour in the part one of this series which can be viewed here.

Parts 2 and 3 and also serious eye openers, for those who have yet to read those articles simply type in the word “worship” into the search bar which is located just underneath the Facebook Negro Wars Fan Page logo. This is how I operate here at Slaying Evil, I evidence my cases leaving no room for excuse nor escape.

Of course black women will still attempt to take the excuse route but to no avail, no victimhood status cards will be handed out over here, the blame is always laid down at the feet of the guilty parties regardless of gender. This is one of the major problems with most black women today, they believe they deserve a pass on everything because they are female and black.

You’ll notice in black society how black women continuously employ the technique of blaming black men for everything, even things we have absolutely no involvement in whatsoever. This practice yet again is an indicator illustrating how mentally broken and mentally insane the overwhelming majority of black women are.


This isn’t the first time that this has happened, these types of activities occur frequently between black women and white men. White men will typically call this type of behaviour race play, however I believe that the term ought to be relabelled to “Slavery Days” because this is exactly what is being re-enacted.

Don’t be fooled, if black women could bring back the days of slavery with a click of their fingers, instantly black men would find themselves in chains working on a plantation in sweltering heat while at the same time black women would literally be throwing themselves at the slave master. You’ll notice that the black woman on the whole is the only female on the planet who prefers white and other non black men over her own counterpart. Show me this type of behaviour amongst non black women, I’ll wait.

Here an article from Essence Magazine highlighting the same problem, this was written in April 2013:

You’ll notice in the second paragraph how this rodent throws black men under the bus for not being committed, wining and dining her aswell as being generous, loyal and considerate. However what this black harridan conveniently omitted is the fact that black women don’t give white men aggravation, neither do they behave in a hyper masculine manner around their god.

Going from experiences, testimonies and observation there is no doubt in my mind that this black woman was totally disrespectful to the black men she was involved with as this is the common protocol of black females dealing with black males. In view of this reasonable assumption I am not surprised in the slightest that black men refused to wine and dine her, commit, remain loyal, be considerate and generous. When you behave like a barbaric savage what do you expect?

Notice how in the article the foolish buzzard was still giving her husband accolades even though he displayed blatant signs of being a racist, how stupid can you be? The reasons why black men ought to abandon black women continue to mount day by day, black women have no respect for themselves and in turn they believe that they can pass on that disrespect to others especially black men.

By the way the website is packed full to the brim of “race play”, just search engine “tumblr race play” and you will see exactly what I am talking about. Walk away black men, just walk away. A woman who prefers and actively pursues the same man she deems as the enemy of the black nation should not be trusted under any circumstances.

Allowing herself to be dehumanised, disrespected and humiliated all day by white men, yet same this modern-day black woman demands to be treated with respect when it comes down to black men. Go figure. The day of recompense is soon approaching for these “swirlers”, black men with sense and intelligence should separate themselves from such scum lest they also get caught up their coming judgement. Black women are not on your side black men, wake up.


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Most High Bless

25 thoughts on “How Black Women Worship And Interact With Whitey Their God – Part 4

  1. LOL….black females…just you typical bullshit hypocritical behavior, what else is new. I’ve since lefted them along. You couldn’t pay me to date a black bitch.

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  3. Another good article. The woman in the above image whose husband called her a “n*gger b*tch” during sex is only a sex object in her husband’s eyes to relieve himself but she still believes he loves and wouldn’t hurt her. These are the same low-grade black women who say all black men are sex crazed maniacs with no limits and they (low-grade B.W.) have class and self-respect not to fall in line with that kind of behavior but when they get with low-grade non-black men who does much worse, these black women will be willingly to get turned out i.e. ghetto gaggers and other ventures when that non-black man/men plunge her head in a feces-filled toilet all while plowing her. After that sexual humiliating deed is done, she will thank him with a smile along with other stuff on her face. When her over-mileage, used upself finally wants a decent, thinking black man, there she comes running. I guess it’s true to a certain degree if you corrupt and destroy the woman, you will destroy the man and just to add the community as well. SYSBM.

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    • Lol most of these hoes would screw Michaël Moore if it meant having “a lite skinded bebeh wif da gud hayer”.

      They honestly need to just round up the majority 99.9999% of these whores and create a sort of legal glory hole system. Think of it like a sexual arcade machine: white men (or other non black
      Men) can pay to “insert quarter” into a wall that leads to the vaginal wall of one of these delightful queens. That way, nasty coal hoes can finally stimulate the economy, among other things!

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  4. Interesting how everything black woman say about White women in terms of, ‘ white women let you black men walk all over them’, ‘ White women are weak’, ‘ you just want a white woman because she will let you black men do anything’, ‘a black woman wouldn’t put up with what a white woman would put up with you black men’, etc, etc, etc.
    Funny how a black woman turns into exactly the thing she says the Whitewoman is, and she would never be, when they get with the a white man. The black woman somehow magically transforms into an effeminate, sweet, loving, kind, docile, non confrontational, angel when they become involved with a white man.
    The black woman doesn’t even have to be in a relationship with a white man and you will see how the attitude of the black woman completely changes. A black woman could meet a white man who she’s never seen in her life on the street, in a building, or in a restaurant, and the black woman will be smiling from ear to ear, like she has just won the lottery. The black woman literally transforms into the Whitewoman who she claims is trying to be like her.
    But when it comes to Blackmen black women are nothing but attitude, frowns, anger, bitterness, dismissiveness, and a complete and total lack of respect. How are black women able to be so nice and friendly for white men, but can’t do the same thing for Blackmen?
    The reason why black women can’t do it and won’t do it for Blackmen, is because black women hate black men and worship white men. If this isn’t absolute and utter proof and of how much black woman despise Blackmen, then I don’t know what is.
    Black women actually write books instructing other black women on how change their attitude for white men. One of the instructions was ‘leave the black girl attitude behind’. Even black women know how much attitude and disrespect they bring into relationships with Blackmen, but they instruct one another when you’re in a relationship or trying to be in a relationship with a white man, leave all that disrespect and bitterness, you freely give to Blackmen, behind.
    Black women have this ridiculous idea that black men are allegedly bashing them for no reason. Blackmen are simply voicing and speaking about what we see every day amongst black women and how horrible their attitudes are towards themselves, toward Blackmen, toward their children and toward everybody.
    But for black women when it comes to white men, everything negative black men experience and witness on a daily basis from black women, all negativity magically disappears.
    Another thing that this shows you is just how bad black women want to be White women. In order to be with their god, the white man, a black woman will literally take on the personality of a White woman. We all know that white women are friendlier, more feminine, and easier to get along with them black women are. Around white men the black woman literally becomes friendlier , more feminine, and easier to get along with. Black women want to replace white women at the side of white men. This is why when you see a black woman in public with the white man she is literally mimicking and imitating everything that a White woman would do, say, or act like. Black women would do things for a white man that they would never do for a black man. Including changing the horrible personality that they have. But would they change their personality for you Blackmen? Hell no.

    This is how much black woman want to be white women, want to be at the side of a white man, and this is also how much black women hate Blackmen . But despite all of these proofs, you still have simple, buffoon, simp Negroes talking about black women are our queens and we need to respect them.
    Hey stupid simps, BLACK WOMEN DON’T RESPECT YOU! Black women actually hate you. You are just too stupid to realize it .

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      • Keith, if you are talking about my comment, thanks. If you are talking about someone else’s comment, thanks anyway.
        Somebody has to say what we are saying, no matter who is saying it. Peace.

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  5. I stated before BW are the biggest sluts for white men and so submissive not only in the bed but in the workplace as well. But thes black bitch demons will put sexual restrictions on their black husband or boyfriend they are literally a joke.

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    • Sean, exactly. Black women put all types of restrictions and expectations on Blackmen. But a white man who looked like he just crawled out of a sewer could come to a black woman and tell her to jump out of a window, and the black woman would do it.
      And black women are stupid enough to say that White men treat them better than black men. Black women literally act like slaves to white men. So why would there be any friction or conflict in the relationship between a black woman and a white man, when the black woman is literally a pet for the white man.
      The reason why there is so much conflict and drama in the relationships between a black man and a black woman, is because black women have no respect for Blackmen, black women feel they can walk over Blackmen, black women feel that they should be in control of the relationship, and black women feel it’s their duty to not be ‘weak’ in a relationship, so the entire approach a black woman has toward a black man is filled with conflict, disagreements, strife, arguments, anger, and bitterness.
      But when a black woman he deals with a white man there are no rules or expectations, there is no conflict, and there are no disagreements. Because black women honor white men, revere white men and are willing to do anything to please white men, make white men feel comfortable and happy.
      Black women don’t afford Blackmen the same luxury, because black women want to see Blackmen miserable. Even if a black woman is in a relationship with a black man, her underlying goal and desire is to see that black man miserable and destroyed.
      Yes, black women are a literal joke.

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  6. Welp… Hardcore Tito and GW3 Extreme were right on the money. I’m probably too polite to say it, but after this censorship episode, they certainly earn that title. Let them keep it, to the grave. I don’t care what happens to them. My only goal is to get ebony men to see, understand and accept the truth, which is SYSBM!

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    • But black women will continue to repeat the lie that white women are getting plastic surgery and changing themselves in order to look more like black women. This is got to be the most ridiculous idea or thought I probably have ever heard in my life.
      No group of women has more surgeries, spends more money on cosmetics and fake hair in order to look like another ethnic group of women.
      Black women are so desperate to change how they look, that they are willing to forgo safety, and get a ‘medical’ procedure in the basement of some black woman demon.
      But black women in their order stupidity and delusional minds, are actually attempting to say that white women are getting butt injections, lip injections, and breast implants to look more like black women.
      Man, black women are stupid and delusional.

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      • In my humble view, one of the main reasons why black women have mental health problems is because of their self-perception of the physical beauty of black women. Women, all over the world, are judged based on physical appearance. The USA black woman group takes the mindset that they can never match the beauty of the white group of women. This results in some mental health problems for USA black women. On the other hand, a black man in the USA is viewed based on his ability to earn a decent income. The result is that a black man can become, for one example, a police officer and have a higher than average income. Therefore, young black men know that many black men have above average incomes. Young black women, however, that the position that in order for black women to be beautiful one must make an attempt to copy the appearance of white women. This is the reason that black women use hair weave and hair straighteners made with harsh chemicals.

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