The Dick Police

Who are the dick police? In terms of black society the dick police are black women and their black male supporters who go around attempting to control, influence and dictate to thinking black men who they ought to be having sex with, dating and marrying. The usual techniques these individuals prefer to use are shaming tactics. Black women especially enjoy attempting to shame black men out of looking at non black women as a viable option, “those white women are going to get you”, sounds familiar does it? Let us now look at dick policing in its finest form. My critiques will be in red.

Some examples of black men dick policing.


Err no Mr Morgan, most black women are obese(81%) and most black women are single(over 70%), their excess weight has nothing to do with black men and everything to do with their deplorable eating habits(in most cases). Here we have an example of a black male simp who is attempting to excuse black women walking around looking like hungry hippos and tug boats.

I don’t know exactly what realm Shai is living in but on this planet black women are the last choice on every non black man’s list when it comes down to dating, relationships and marriage. Black women as a group do not have the same options and potential as black men concerning interracial dating, the stats alone bear this out and this is not even introducing life experiences and day to day observations into the equation. You’ll notice how he used the typical black woman’s technique of trying to use a few exceptions here and there to override the general rule. Who raised this guy?

The black YouTuber known as MadBusDriver X has videos upon videos showing black men with attractive looking non black women, yet black women and their flunkies continue to distribute the lie that black men can only get with fat white women and the rejects of non black women. Click on MadBusDriver X’s name, go to his channel, pick any video you wish and see the quality non black women black men are picking up on the daily with ease.

Again black men, always remember that black women who spread these myths are attempting to remove your hope, your self-esteem aswell as batter down your self-confidence, deceiving you into believing that they are the best women you can ever achieve. However, nothing could be further from the truth, don’t fall for this common Kansas City shuffle.

Note how Anthony Castro like your typical black male feminist attempts to minimalise the huge shortfalls of black women by trying to place one of their worst character flaws upon black men. This is your typical simp at work right here, take note. However, It’s not only black men who are guilty of dick policing, black women like to get in on the act too:

So what, as if black men are better off getting together with women who are openly working against them on behalf of the state. At least white and other non black women regardless of their motives are not working hand in glove with western governments to keep their own people in the gutter in exchange for welfare and other state benefits. Please, save the talk about earning potential, that is all most black women focus upon when it comes to choosing their mates.

You’ll notice how black women and their black male compadres love dropping the usual line about black men being irresponsible fathers. Please check out the link below where I show you the evidence that black men are the best fathers when compared to other races of men and that it is only a select few black men who are irresponsible when it comes down to looking after their children, yes those same few black men that most black women are flocking to and laying down with:

Black women spit, urinate and defecate in the faces of black men on the daily and have been doing so since slavery, yet here is this clown asking for us to place her on a pedestal. Is this supposed to be some kind of joke? Sandra Dee Sweet is yet another case study in black women and their mentally disjoined mindsets.

Speaking in general terms money is the main focus of modern day black females more than other races of women. At least with non black women as a collective you don’t have to focus on “balling out” with money you don’t have. Remember, as I stated in Negro Wars when a black man decides to date outside of his race he is permitted to be himself, he does not have to show off nor pretend to be a person who he is not.

Anthony Castro is yet another in a long line of bootlickers who is single and no doubt occupies most of his time watching Pornhub and beating his monkey. This is the unfortunate fate that awaits any black man who dedicates himself to black women and black women alone, I talked about this in my short article dealing with pro black men and why the majority of them are single:

Miss Sheniq Watson is back up in this piece once again, however this time she is attempting to shame black men out of airing their legitimate grievances concerning black women aswell as trying to shame black men for having preferences that include other races of women. See how insecure these black women are, they are not built for relationships yet they don’t want you to forge relationships elsewhere with women that are.

Why is Stanley P Matthews so concerned about the size of another man’s penis? Extremely suspect behaviour for a man who claims to be heterosexual. You’ll also notice that these particular kinds of black men who don’t have any women by their sides are always the same ones claiming to be professionals and experts with regards to a woman’s needs.

Please go and take a look at Miss Jada Ivory Dark’s profile pictures and tell me which man abroad is going to be dealing with her in any serious capacity. You’ll notice that it is always the roughest, coarsest looking black women who have the biggest mouths concerning what black men ought to be doing and how they themselves are so advanced and ahead in the game. She claims that she visits different countries for her men yet she is still single, none of them want to wife her up. You’ll soon see why:

As if the reasons surrounding black women are any less relevant. You see how these delusional broads believe they have the right to draw the parameters on anything and everything black men discuss? Reasons for liking white and non black women are reasons regardless of who is tarnished in the process. Black men, stop allowing these $5 skeezers to dictate how you must answers questions, in fact you’re not even obligated to answer their questions to begin with.

The fact of the matter is the predominant reasons why black men opt for non black women will most like center around black women because of the unjust and foul treatment most black men have received at their hands. The negative experiences that many black men have gone through with modern day black females will inevitably form some of their reasons for choosing interracial dating, that is part of life and black women need to get over it.

Even white men have decided to stick their noses into the dating and marriage preferences of black men now. Yet again we have another example of the common “black men can only get with the rejects of non black women” myth as we saw above. This urban legend has been proven to be untrue time and time again, however because black women and their supporters do not have any solid arguments based upon logic and facts, they simply continue to repeat the same lies over and over in the hopes that something will eventually stick.

I’ve come across a lot of black women(and simps) criticising free thinking black men for wanting to deal with foreign women, again, why are women like Ikora Ray so concerned about where black men are travelling to in order to meet women? She makes it sound as if she is being directly wounded in some way. These black harridans don’t want good black men yet they gripe and kick up major dust as soon as you decide to pick up and take your backside elsewhere.

What’s the problem with these black women, they have a whole legion of simps that they have created, raised, trained, programmed and indoctrinated, yet here they are still concerning themselves with the dating choices of the thinking black man. This is one of the reasons why I encourage black men to date out, black women as a collective stay miserable, you cannot satisfy them no matter what you do. Again, note the racist banter this harpy is freely use against black men, “nignogs”, really woman?

Whenever you have a situation where black women are freely using the same racist words, terms, slogans and phrases that you would expect to proceed from the mouths of racist white folks, against their own counterparts, you have a very serious problem. A lot of black men have overlooked this kind of racist verbiage coming from the mouths of black women, however such language in reality reveals the extremely ugly nature of this modern day black siren and where her evil heart truly resides……..NOT WITH BLACK MEN.


Above is a small sample of the dick policing that goes on in various groups on Facebook, black men and black women attempting to control, influence and dictate to black men whom they ought to be having sex with, dating and marrying. I can understand why black women would resort to such measures, seeing as they already are at the bottom when it comes to dating and marriage, however I am truly perplexed whenever I see black men engaging in the same behaviour.

Black men who “love” black women will go out of their way to use shaming tactics against black men who have decided to expand upon their sex, dating and marriage options. Don’t these misguided militants understand that the more black men choose to date out, the less competition there is for them? However, things do not work like that in the real world, in reality black women simply aren’t interested in black men period. They only tolerate us because as I have stated before nobody else will date and marry them en masse like black men, so much for the swirl movement.

As I explained previously in my article on the simp epidemic, black women are only using simps and bootlicking black men to bolster their own position, they have no interests or uses for these same individuals past utilising them for their own selfish and greedy agendas. Simps however cannot see the open scam that black women as a collective are running on them because they are completely blinded with the idea that black women will reciprocate for their services even though they can clearly observe for themselves that black women are giving them nothing in return.

Let it be known that black women and their black male supporters are all over social media dick policing and cascading free thinking black men who choose to date out, this isn’t a phenomena that is unique to Facebook, the same thing is happening on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, Pintrest, WordPress etc. Wherever black men express a preference to deal with non black women, the angry and bitter black sisterhood with their pro black, shea butter, Afro simptrick, red black and green squads will most certainly be there attempting to throw hot water over the proceedings.

Thinking black men, stop allowing dick policing black women and their black male cohorts to shame you out of making better decisions for your life concerning the women you choose to interact with, at the end of the day you have to live your life, they do not. #SYSBM.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

44 thoughts on “The Dick Police

  1. Dick police, dick monitoring it’s all the same. These jealous, envious butthurtt black bitches and the SIMP negro that slither behind them triyng to get in that diseased pussy of theres. I don’t know why these SIMPS try so hard with black chicks because black chicks are the easiest females on the planet to have sex with, don’t believe me, go ask her 4 or 5 different baby daddies how hard it was to fuck her RAW. Aother thing about these simps that worry who are about where black men are slinging their dicks…are they made the dicks aren’t being slung their way? The big booty bimbo black bitches and the jealous pathetic white boys see this Tsunami of IR dating/marriage between black men and white women and it’s terrifying to them because they know its not a damn thing they can do about it except sit on social media all day bitching, whining, crying and moaning.

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  2. Awesome article. The usual suspects above criticizing black men to non-black women unions will be the same ones wanting to mate with offsprings from that interracial union/unions. You know Charles Tyler, who prefers black Brazilian women over black westernized females is getting attacked on the regular by the latter due to his dating preference. If they’re (low-grade black women) not your first choice then something’s wrong with you but it’s okay for these moral-less black women to have the first right of refusal towards decent thinking black men. SYSBM.

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    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      Indeed, I’ve seen how the usual suspects have been going after Tyler, as far as black women are concerned Charles Tyler is their enemy because he also is encouraging black men not only to expand on their dating and marriage options, but also if possible to leave the west altogether. As I have been stating for the longest, the opinions black women and their simp followers have concerning the dating and marriage choices of thinking black men at this stage are irrelevant. #SYSBM for life.

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  4. The oddest thing about black women acting like the dick police is that these same black women would refuse to speak to a college student when he was on financial aid. The same applies to working class men with entry-level jobs. These were average looking, or even below average looking women, that were refusing speak to these guys. If these lame women did speak it was often an angry rant in response to a polite hello.

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  5. Notice the lives of these black women and these black male simps revolves around Blackmen. If these black simps, think black women are so great and they should get one and just be happy with that black woman. But the simps is worried about other Blackmen are dating and marrying. Why? Because the black woman isn’t giving the simps the time of day. The simps refuse to see and understand that the only reason why black women deal with Blackmen is because the only group of men that they are able to attract is Blackmen.
    Black women, like someone said, are simply miserable human beings. Black women actually see Blackmen who are happy without them and they can’t stand this fact of life. The only thing black woman can do is get on the Internet and call names and whine and cry about Blackmen’s relationships with nonblack women. There is literally nothing black woman can do to stop Blackmen from dating nonblack woman and mainly the white woman black woman hate so much and are jealous of.
    In the infantile minds of black women they think ‘well I’m miserable, so I’m gonna try and make sure that every black man is as miserable as I am’.
    The black woman in the Simp actually live in and exist in a world of fantasy. Notice all the names that the black Simp call White women. ‘ Lice infested cave beast’, ‘Neanderthal cave dweller’, etc, etc. Do the simps actually realize that their black ‘queens’ are doing everything in their power to try to look like these so-called cave dwelling beasts?
    These simps literally follow behind black women and anything black women do or say. Black women and the simps always go back to the same old tired nonsense about Whitewomen being fat that deal with Blackmen, you can’t handle a strong black woman, you just date white women because they’ll let you walk all over them and will do what you tell them to do.
    Black women feel that they are an entity that needs to be ‘handled’. Why would any man in their right mind want to be in a relationship with someone who believes that conflict is a normal part of a relationship? Black women really feel that unless they are being difficult, they are not fulfilling their duty as a woman.

    Blackmen date and seek relationships with nonblack women and white women because those women are easier or to deal with. These nonblack women actually show Blackmen respect, are very friendly to Blackmen, and these nonblack women don’t enter into a relationship with the idea that they are gonna be in control of the relationship as many black women do.
    Black women believe that being friendly, agreeable and nice equate to being weak. Black women attempt to make the lives of the Blackmen they are in relationships with miserable, and then when the black man leaves the black woman and is happy with the nonblack woman they still want to make his life miserable.
    It all goes back to the fact that black women can’t stand the fact that Blackmen have options that black women do not. Despite this fantasyland garbage about how black women are swirling, we all know and can see the reality of what’s going on. That reality is the fact that black women aren’t swirling, black women aren’t the objects of desire of nonblack men, and black women have no relationship option other than the black man they hate.
    Now we see that black woman in a state of insanity and utter frustration are using the terms that racist white men have been using for years against black people. Do these mentally ill black women who are using these terms think that those terms don’t apply to them? But black women are so concerned with attempting to make the lives of Blackmen miserable, they don’t even consider how, stupid, irrational and illogical all of their actions and words are.
    The black woman is just pure evil.
    The SIMP is just pure stupid.h

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      • Funny thing is Poland has some of the most beautiful, marriage minded white women in the world. How somebody like Oshay can live there but only still want Black American beasts is beyond me. Philko is doing it right.

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      • Traveler,

        This is the hypnosis and the brainwashing in effect right here, a man is surrounded by beautiful non black women but will continue to hold out for and return to the same black women who hate him and pay him no mind.

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      • Indeed. I worked at a major German Airlines in IT for a few years at JFK Airport…even the women that were coming from HQ to work there and the young college interns were amazing, and they chased after black men hard. I cannot fathom living in Europe and even sparing a single thought to black women.

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  6. Sorry I couldn’t stomach to read through any of that Verbs, I had to skim through it and I could barely do that. There’s a lot of mentally disturbed people out there and their hatred for black men and our happiness is showing.

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  7. These low character black females know they are being replaced, and know that the younger brothers coming up are abandoning weave heads in droves. They’re trying to hold on to whoever they can con to sink to the grave with them. Keep pushing gentlemen, #SYSBM

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    • True, black women know and understand that black men have realized there is a better form of female out there. Black women know they can’t compete with these women, so black women are ‘kicking and screaming’ attempting to silence black men from speaking the truth, and avoid the unavoidable fact that black women have dug themselves a grave they can’t get out of.
      All the attempts to shut down YouTube channels by black women and white daddy, have come way too late.
      The truth is out there, and there is nothing black women can do to stop it.

      A funny sidenote, I was reading the comments from some delusional black woman on YouTube. And some delusional mentally ill black woman was actually applauding the fact that Prince Harry of England is now dating and might marry a ‘ black woman’. The woman Prince Harry is dating is named Meghan Markle. Meghan Markle is basically a white woman. Her mother is a black woman. But if you look at her, she looks like a white woman with a tan.
      But these mentally ill black women were actually celebrating like it was some sort of victory for them that Prince Harry is thinking about moving this allegedly black woman into the Royal Palace.
      You show me any average black woman that looks like Meghan Markle. Black women don’t look like her. But black women in their desperation and in their delusion will grasp at straws in order to fulfill their delusional fantasies where they are the object of desire for white men.
      If Meghan Markle looked like your average black woman, Prince Harry probably would never even have spoken to her. But in the delusional mind of the mentally ill black woman demon, the relationship between Prince Harry and Megan Markle is proof that white men desire black women, and black women are rising up through the ranks of not only white male society, but that black women are actually on the verge of becoming part of the British royal family. What a joke.
      You can’t make this stuff up. Black women have SERIOUS mental issues.

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      • When it bolsters the argument that BW are desirable to WM, mixed chicks count as 100% black (also see: Paula Patton when she was married to Robin Thicke). When a black man marries a mixed chick, she’s “not really black.” (See: Tyrese’s wife). BW hypocrisy knows no bounds.

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  8. Since they are the dick police we thinking black men should quote the great NWA “f**k Tha police”.

    P.S all these SIMPS they going have to learn the hard way.

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  9. Lmao@Hungry Hippos but on the real the BW saying she travels to get foreign men is telling a got damn lie. I have been to several countries and when you do see Black American women they are by themselves or with a group of BW and I never see them with foreign men this is in Asia, Europe, Central and South America, Australia, nobody is checking for those bitches. And how that BW looked who said she travels to get foreign men yea right she looks like a Gremlin.

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    • Nah, it’s always some imaginary Italian or Ay-rab that they claim love American black women. You and I both know that sistas love the hood, almost never travel, and can’t exist outside of the ghetto matrix. Do a Google search and you’ll find articles about sistas complaining there are no weave stores or black hair salons when they travel abroad. Can’t be too far away from that ghetto support system.

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  10. Telling how bitter, dick policing black bitches have picked up white supremacist lingo now. “Nignog,” “Groid,” etc. Straight-up neo-Nazi Stormfront lingo. Parroting their white masters. Also strange how BW’s simps and twinks don’t see this. This is what they think of you, black man. And you’re supposed to not exercise your options for this, and choose to be treated like shit. Right.

    SYSBM, brothers. Date and marry out.

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  11. Schadenfreude. I said it many times that USA black females have kept the male version of the N-word alive. Today, black male rappers cannot do a song without using the male version of the N-word. USA black females have allowed the female version of the N-word to die. The female version of the N-word is: NIGRESS. USA black women have long called black men by some version of the N-word while calling USA black women: QUEEN.

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  12. you stalking them or something? seems strange that you are so obsessed with these folks yet they don’t know you are here complaining about their opinions. Deangelo staples should worry more about his non existent rap career, his mother’s health and his current dead end occupation more than Facebook.


    • You Guys Are Lame,

      I’ve come to realise that Facebook is one of the premier hubs that demonstrates the dysfunctional nature of the modern day black female and her simp supporters, therefore why not simply use the comments individuals make as a tool of illustration and teaching. Deangelo Staples, what does he have to do with this site and the article? Is that you Sheniq Watson?

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  13. The cognitive dissonance is so strong here. How can you have an article titled White Men adn Black Women PART 4, but then be upset that someone is discussing that in the reverse? You are a true moron.


    • Go F**K Yourself,

      No shine, the issue with black women and interracial dating has always been the fact that they are hypocrites, read and understand what is being demonstrated properly before commenting.

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  15. What I can’t understand is if the white women are so ugly why do BW care so much , otherwise I’m LMBAO at the extremes they’re going to

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    • Knutz,

      Black women have seriously fallen off big time, they’re no different to perpetual children who are always concerned with what somebody else is doing, in most cases white women and thinking black men.


  16. I’ve said it before that, interracial sex on the plantation some of it wasn’t rape . for an extra biscuit aint no telling what a sheboon will do

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