Google Working Together With Black Women, Now Going In Hard And Censoring Black Male YouTubers – Time To Support Websites Like Slaying Evil Now More Than Ever

I first came across this video in which a black male YouTuber who goes by the name of Huggie Pacino is exposing a concerted effort by a pestilent group of black women to shut down any black male Youtuber’s channel that critiques them and holds them to account:

As you can see the list of channels black women wish to exterminate is pretty extensive and most of the channel names you will recognise. Well what has happened since this video’s release? The Obsidian Radio Network channel on YouTube is no more, YouTuber Oshay Duke Jackson has had his subscribers slashed overnight from 36000 plus to just over a mere 500. Black male YouTuber Kid Organic’s original channel was terminated a few days ago, he has since created a new channel. I have also heard that Youtuber and radio host Tommy Sotomayor has also been lashed with Google’s whip of censorship.

Black women in their quest to shut down free speech and people who hold different opinions than they have heavily miscalculated, with this jihad mission of censorship all black women are doing is causing an even wider rift to be created between black men and themselves. Yes you are causing the voices of black men on YouTube to be silenced, however at the same time you are also pushing more black men into simply giving you the middle finger.

If black women believe the wall of silence is bad now, wait until the black male YouTube casualties really begin to mount up. The reality of the matter is social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc are all on their last legs, if this kind of reckless censorship continues(which it will), all of these platforms will be reduced to empty social media ghettos and shanty towns in the same manner as MySpace, Napster and LimeWire.

Black women and Google are one and the same, they both cannot deal with the criticism of their leftist views on a level playing field and so instead they must resort to censorship, pulling advertising revenue, getting videos removed and getting people’s channels shut down. Remember, this same black woman is the one who is continually making it known how “educated” she is, well where is your so called education when it comes down to countering arguments with logic and common sense as opposed to attempting to silence your critics?

As I stated in Negro Wars education and intelligence are not one and the same, this is why most black women despite claiming to have an education are still dumber than 10 boxes of rocks. Talk to your average modern day black female and you will see exactly what I am talking about, having an education does not now mean that you are intelligent.

Who knows how many more black male YouTube casualties will roll in within the next few days, weeks and months. This is one of the main reasons why websites such as and must be supported now more than ever. In the case of my website folks can spread the word about my books, buy my books if you haven’t done so already, donate to the site or do all three if you are in the position to do so.

Black women are determined to silence thinking black men completely, which is why whenever you see other black men standing in your corner you must support them by any and all means possible, remember I talked about this very issue in an article I wrote back in September 2016 entitled Black Men, You Must Support Those Who Speak Up For You And Your Causes.

This afternoon I received an email from YouTube stating that they had demonetised one of my videos, and guess which one it was? Yes, you guessed it, the video where I break down and deconstruct a black woman’s negative Amazon review of my book Negro Wars, that video can be viewed here. No other videos have been touched so far, only that one which goes to show you that black women are indeed working hand in glove with YouTube and Google to shut down black men who are exposing them for the traitorous rats that they are.

Black men have been raising concerns for the longest while about not having media outlets to air their own views. Well, now that you have a few on the table don’t you think it would be in your best interests to show your support and get behind them? Just like black women will hand their money over to anybody who tells them what they want to hear, black men are going to have to do the same with regards to those who speak up for them and speak the truth raw and uncut.

There is no middle road with black women, hopefully those black men who have had their YouTube channels censored, removed or reduced will learn their lessons and realise that you don’t give these devil black females any room to where they can come in and compromise what you have built. You’ll notice that black women rarely comment on this site, this is because here I give them absolutely no room to play the victim, I hold black women accountable at every turn and they hate me for it.

Besides, as I have stated before this website is for the thinking black man, black women have already made it clear in no uncertain terms that they are fully locked in with white men, white supremacy, feminism and big government. Black women simply aren’t interested in anything black men have to offer, I only wish that even more black men would begin to see this.

Black men, this is reason 56,583,993 as to why you should abandon black women and seek sex, love and companionship elsewhere. The reason why black women are trying so desperately to shut us down is because they much like racist white men still view us as slaves and as far as they are concerned a slave does not have any rights to speak.

We as thinking black men need to prepare to depart these contaminated liberal social media platforms and instead make use of the forums and websites that we have built ourselves. Be sure to check out, spread the word about this website, Negro Wars the book and other websites where the truth is being laid out on the table about black women without censorship nor apology.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

77 thoughts on “Google Working Together With Black Women, Now Going In Hard And Censoring Black Male YouTubers – Time To Support Websites Like Slaying Evil Now More Than Ever

  1. Man, everywhere you turn, everyone is fucking and destroying black men. I am fed up of it, it is an impossible situation. Agreat many of us will not usrvive this onslaught, for it seems as if we as black men have enemies on every side. This is a hopeless situation and thats just the reality

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    • In my opinion African American women are no different from a majority of Americans in that they are unwilling to recognize who is primarily responsible for significant numbers of perfectly healthy American newborns who begin life with a perfectly healthy, clean hard drive mounted above their shoulders…

      …maturing into depressed, angry, sometimes violent teens and adults engaging in homicidal and suicidal behaviors that frequently harms or seriously impairs the Quality of Life for their peaceful neighbors and community!

      View at

      #JamylaBolden, #TyshawnLee, #RamiyaReed, #AvaCastillo, #JulieDombo, #LaylahPetersen, #LavontayWhite, #NovaMarieGallman, #AyannaAllen, #TrinityGay, #ChildhoodTrauma, #ChildAbuse, #Poverty, #ChildMaltreatment, #ChildhoodDepression, #TeenDepression, #TeenViolence, #GangViolence, #GunViolence, #CommunityViolence, #CommunityFear, #PTSD, #EmotionalIllness, #MentalHealth, #MATERNALRESPONSIBILITY, #FatherlessAmericanChildren, #T_H_U_G_L_I_F_E, #A_F_R_E_C_A_N

      “America’s Firm Resolve to End Childhood Abuse and Neglect”

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  2. I’m not too surprised to hear this. I’ve heard from another men’s forum that Google is now going to flag websites that they deemed as “redpill” or “anti-feminism”. What Google failed to realize is that we can use other search engines to find what we want, and you best believe those other companies will love to have us use their services. Plus, having websites flagged as redpilled will only have like-minded men to find us easily. Feminists, especially most black women, are only making their demise come much quicker. So when Google, Twitter, and YouTube go out of business, feminists and black women have no one but themselves to blame.

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    • SigmaJones,

      The damage is already done, I am already prepared to leave Facebook and the rest of these social media platforms, I only joined them simply to get the word out to more people. This is their funeral, I’m good right here!

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  4. Trust me, they’re pushing too far. Just like former democrats are sick of the progressively “progressive” slant of liberalism, liberals are pushing too far, namely with social justice warrior content, for most people.

    Look at the massive L’s things such as feminism have taken last year, with 50%+ of white women voting for and many times openly advocating patriarchy, the failure of sjw art projects such as the feminist ghostbusters, and the general tiring of hearing liberal complaints. The Damocles is coming down, but not for the ones libs think. Keep fighting, it looks hopeless now, but I know we can do something. We can’t give up, though I do think that more and more we need to go on the offensive. Much like Power Rangers Zeo, our efforts should be stronger than before.

    Does anyone have the link to Kid Organic’s new channel?

    And finally heard Verbs’ voice. Dat accent lol!

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  5. Wow, I’m almost insulted that I didn’t make that list, LOL. What I think is really funny is that some those channels listed were PRO BLACK FEMALE in that they want BM and BW to be together.

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    • The Straight Shooter,

      Its exactly what I have been saying for a while now, licking the muddy boots of black women will profit black men nothing because they simply aren’t interested in anything black men have to offer. Why be nice to a group of individuals who are not nice to you in return?

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      • Excellent post Brother as was the previous one and the comment section as well. I’ve only been on this site for a couple of days and I’m extremely impressed with the outstanding material and commentary. My take on the attempted you tube purge of Black Men’s channels by black females is that black females are so mentally retarded that they are actually working against their own self interest as usual.
        I say that because in my opinion there are certain channels that need to be taken down permanently. We as intelligent, awoken Black Men know about the obviously fraudulent you tube sites such as the angry boy, oshay the fluke, minister crap and that Ilk along with the garbage website they created to secretly pay homage to black females while manipulating unaware simps at the same time; But often overlooked are the nothing less than traitorous ,pandering simp channels of blacknosticspeaks, Obsidian network along with his pick -up artist partners in crime; rom wills and allan roger currie.( wrap your mind around that Brothers, these are simpish black men teaching other simps on how to “pick Up” and engage black females. while we all know that the worthless black female needs to be abandoned en mass).
        I believe that as Verbs 2015 stated yesterday; You tube Is a diminishing and dying entity that will follow the route of LimeWire, Myspace and Napster and for Real Black men their are very few channels left that are worthy of our support. In the past we have seen excellent Black Men you tube channels like Rick Scorpio, BigBkel, Minneapolis Ed, Verbs 2007 and recently Sad Black Women(SBW) and Hardcore Tito leave the you tube scene for various reasons.
        Remember, you tube is owned by liberals which equates to feminism, black females and white supremacy. There are very few channels left on you tube that are worthy of our support and In my opinion they are Mad Bus Driver X, Reluctant Nabi, Ade Forest, Black Ram, ESOTERIC SAGENESS/LORD IKNATON and a few smaller channels like Thinking Hd, Lets be frank, and other #SYSBM channels.
        This is why we need to support this website Slaying to ensure that not only does it survive but flourishes as It is the premier website for the Intelligent, awoken, liberated Black Man.

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      • Claude Legree,

        Much appreciated as always for your kind words brother. Black women as a collective in addition to being mentally insane and mentally unstable are extremely stupid, this is why I rarely if ever engage with them. Nothing of intelligence ever comes forth from their mouths.

        I talked about this issue before, about the fact that when it comes down to this modern day black female there are too many black men half stepping. They have purposely enrolled themselves into the academy of delusion, they still believe that black women are a group can be redeemed when nothing could be further from the truth. I was writing two articles a month on the Negromanosphere website, however as soon as Obsidian came on the scene as their Sunday columnist, it seems that Oshay has decided to give me the boot, I haven’t heard from him in about a month. I could be wrong, however that is the way things are looking at this moment.

        It seems that my articles are too hard for them because I present an honest perspective along with the evidence in relation to black women that cannot be denied. Most black men cannot seem to understand that black women hate them period, it doesn’t matter what side of the spectrum you are on as a black male they will come after you especially if you are a heterosexual black man who knows who he is.

        Black men will get subscribers removed from the their channels, videos will be demonetised, videos and channels will be removed and they will still go right back to licking the muddy boots of the same black women who are openly warring against them, make that make sense. You’re right again, there are very few black men who are standing in our corner solidly with integrity and non compromise. Catering to black women profits a black man absolutely nothing.

        There will be absolutely no compromising nor flip flopping here at Slay Evil, unlike many black men I am all in because I understand what these modern day black women are truly all about, they are children of Satan and I don’t associate with devils, not now, not ever.


      • Claude LeGree,

        It seems that you have been summoned to give an account of your critique of Alan Roger Currie by Alan Roger Currie himself.


      • LOL @ Claude LeGree’s assessment of Rom Wills and I as “simpish.” If you think that I am “simpish,” then you really do not know what a true “simp” is. A ‘simp’ is a sub-category of a “Beta male” who is known for excessively flattering women, playing up to their egos, spending money on them and “wining & dining” them, and generally going out of their way to ‘impress’ women in order to win their favor and get in their pants. I don’t promote ANY OF THAT SH*T. So … please explain to me how I (or Rom) falls into the category of a “simp”??


    • We black men need to run for cover! Google & YouTube mean business! Next, Amazon will be shutting our voices down by removing our books & banning us! We have nowhere left to go! If we run to other platforms like Bing and Yahoo, it won’t be long for them to follow suit & shut us down over there too! Our time has run out! What are we gonna do?

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      • Black Men Team Up,

        Running for cover is not an option for me, I am not a coward, I am a fighter till the very end. Amazon, Google and YouTube are not the be all and end all of the internet, there are other video platforms and independent book publishers who wouldn’t have a problem putting our work out there.

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      • I agree we should leave YT, but this is not a run for cover. It is a bad strategic move to leave all your assets in one centralized location. We BM should place well defended websites in different locations. If they go for them, we should counterattack in force.

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  6. Excellent post. I bought Negro Wars a while back and it is a must read. There are countermeasures I suggest to get around black female censorship here:

    I have to say that I am completely disgusted with black women. They will do anything to avoid refuting our arguments. They will resort to silencing any dissent rather than look at themselves and improve. And they wonder why they are being REPLACED!

    I couldn’t agree with you more, we need to band together and make sure we make our voices are heard. It’s going to be a long struggle, and we need to prepare because I’m quite sure they will try to take some sort of legal action once we abandon youtube for good. #SYSBM

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    • Kirigakure Jones,

      Excellent video bro and thanks for the shout out. You’re right, those who are looking for the truth will find us regardless of the measures black women are taking in order to stop our message getting out there. Black women are a deplorable bunch of individuals, they honestly believe their extreme steps are working towards their benefit, however in the long run they will find out just how foolish such actions were.

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  7. Claude Legree, I agree with everything you said. Those legerdemain you listed on YouTube are actually just simps masquerading as real men. The channel of minister Jap was taken down a few hours ago. I never supported minister Jap, because he has a Simp, and he supported Angel Ramirez Jordan the biggest simps there is.
    Black women will do anything and everything they can to silence Blackmen . Black women have no mercy on Blackmen and they have no feelings for Blackmen. So Blackmen need to have their own platforms, in order to express their views about these demonic evil black women demons.

    Black women absolutely will not stop until Blackmen are dead . This is the reality of what’s going on with black women in America today. And black women will always run to white daddy, in order to control Blackmen or to silence Blackmen.
    The evil nature of black women is on display for the world to see . If there is a black man out there with the brain in their head , you will easily see how much black women hate black men, have a disdain for Blackmen, worship white men, and want to see Blackmen killed or destroyed , and they also want to see blackmailed babies killed and destroyed .

    As long as the Blackmen are using platforms that are owned by white daddy , Blackmen will always be at the mercy of black women and white daddy . When Blackmen have their own video platform to speak their mind , there will be no fear of white daddy and the black woman whore, coming to where black men are in an attempt to silence us.

    Black women are pure evil..

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    • Bill Smith,

      So Minister Jap’s channel has been taken down aswell? You obviously see my point, black women are coming after us no matter side of the spectrum we represent. Angel Ramirez Jordan bootlicked for these black women all day and they still took his channel down. These guys just don’t learn. At this late stage I honestly don’t understand how any black man can still say “I love the sistas” in view of the open warfare black women are waging against us.

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    • KJ Law, so true. I just was listening to these two women worshipping simps having a one on one live stream on YouTube.
      When you listen to not only these two clowns, but many of the alleged black men who claim to be standing up for black men, and speaking against the behavior of black women, you quickly realize these guys are just black women worshippers, who are fixated upon and obsessed with black women.
      Like I said there are only a few YouTuber personalities actually man enough to speak the truth about black women. The rest of these guys are just weak, fake, phony pretenders.

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      • I saw that and those negroes were mad at your comments. Dookie Jackson lives in Poland, but ONLY dates black women????

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  8. I’ve been like a ghost on your blog for a while viewing your content. This is my first time commenting, and all I can say is, I will be buying your book and supporting your blog. Black women have become so petty and pathetic it makes you not even want to be around them anymore. It’s like modern day black women are possessed by a demonic entity that thrives off destruction,death and of now I’ve officially give up and don’t care anymore. Aren’t these women supposed to be swirling and moving on without black men? Aren’t channels like msarchduchess,kristilyn karazin (don’t know how to spell her name)Egypt Ann ( I think she has a son) advocating the abortion of black male babies? Out of all the channels speaking out against black women I’ve never heard a black man advocate the abortion of black female babies. I’ve never dated a black woman before nor have I ever had sex with one ( I live in a mostly white and Hispanic area born and raised) these women smh!!!! They are only shooting themselves in their own foot. Now I see why black communities are in the shape they are in. Black women are by far the largest group of women who embrace this white liberal feminist mentality. More than any white or latina woman I know. What type of person hates a baby enough to advocate killing them all? Not even animals do that. Hell, even roaches have more compassion for their offspring. If there is a god may he forgive me because I’m beginning to not even want to be around or even associate with black women. Its seen as sacrilege or blasphemy to critique or criticize any black woman. Those hotep pro black negroes are fools. They are like castrated eunuchs praising a black female deity that cares nothing about them. #SYSBM is the only option black men have at this point. The black community is a dead carcass and black women are the vultures feasting on the last bits of flesh on it. I wish I could say otherwise, but you can’t build a community with someone who is hell bent on destroying it and destroying you along with it. Verbs2015, I will definitely be purchasing your book Negro Wars. Black men, leave these women alone for your own good. They hate you, what more proof so you need?

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    • Roberto Cafe,

      Much appreciated for the support in advance brother and welcome aboard. Indeed, I’ve been saying for the longest while that black women are a nasty bunch of individuals who wish for maximum harm to fall upon black men, they are not our friends. They have serious problems with the fact that black men are no longer accepting such militant behaviour, we are choosing to vote with our feet, something which black women never thought would happen.

      Now you see why I continually refer to black women as a pestilence, a curse and a menace to black society. You would indeed think that black women having already declared their non interest in black men would simply move on, however we know that black women are not satisfied unless they are engaging in active destruction, this is why the free thinking heterosexual black male has become her number one target.

      I keep on saying the same thing, black women are fully locked in with racist white men, feminism, liberalism and big government, they are not interested in anything black men have to offer them at all. They are agents of destruction who wish to see black society be reduced to dust and ashes. They have been successful with over 76% of black society, they are now gunning for the remaining 24%.

      Black women simply hate black children, this is why they are so laid back about killing them and this is one of the main reasons why black men should walk away from black women altogether. Since they themselves are not interested in siring black children, why stand around trying to persuade them otherwise? They call mixed race children black anyway therefore we thinking black men should simply deal with non black women and produce the babies black women love to fawn over and worship.

      Indeed brother, SYSBM is the only way forward for the thinking black man, stay as far away from black women as you can, they bring nothing but trouble, death, disease and destruction to the table. The pro blacks will die the same deaths as these dysfunctional black females they seek to protect. Stay strong brother, keep spreading the word about this site, Negro Wars the book, the saveyourselfblackman website and other SYSBM websites and channels.

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      • Roberto Cafe,

        Just click on the donate button which is on the right hand side of the page and you can donate through Paypal. If you don’t have a Paypal account you can still donate, an account is not a requirement. Much appreciated for yours support.

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    • “Out of all the channel’s I’ve never heard a black man advocate the abortion of black female babies”

      As black men, we cannot get pregnant & so we can’t tell each other to get abortions.

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      • My mistake, I should of wrote ” advocating the deaths of black female babies or children” it’s still messed up how youtube/Google allows this.

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  9. We all know that black women have deep psychological problems. One should not attempt to reason with the mentally ill. A few black women can be cured. However, one must steer clear of most black women.

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  10. Another thing that comes to mind… ethnic Euro women have been trashed by male Mgtows for years, but you’ve never seen them as a collective try to flag down ethnic Euro mgtow channels. Never. Even in a feminist state, many ethnic European women still have some measure of respect for men. This alone makes ethnic Euro women more appealing than low character black females!


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    • Kirigakure Jones,

      Black women are disrespectful buzzards to the core, they must be abandoned at all costs. Their wicked, vile and evil nature is really coming out now, the true depth to their malevolent natures hasn’t bottomed out yet and this is only just getting started.

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    • Yep, white men complain about their women that they can still find enough goods ones of to form families, marriages, communities, and gated neighborhoods with. Their situation isn’t nearly as bad as ours, and that’s also why I think they honestly are weak cucks.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        White men really don’t have any excuses as they are the most desired men on the planet, they have the best position possible, therefore there is no room for complaining on their part.

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    • Now you see why white women and black men attract each other. Both are trashed in the media daily by their counterparts, so there’s a struggle and an energetic resonance between them. Let it continue into infinity #SYSBM

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    • They are who we thought they were you said it numerous times Dr. Jones about the low class black female. I did my due diligence and saved as many links as possible you posted. That is why I wanted you to post them n the comments section. Next time will purchase a hard drive just for archiving your and BGS content. Your content is valuable like a blue chip stock you will never know the impact your masterpieces had and will still have don’t give up. I registered weeks ago with save your self site. You saw it comming . Proud of you bro keep your head up. It’s time for me to get in the game thanks for the inspiration and most importantly the knowledge.

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  11. Verbs,

    Just sent a recurring infusion of funds to your site. Doing my part in the SYSBM revolution!

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and Welfare/Section 8 becomes extinct.

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  12. I always said the worst white woman, in terms of attitude, is better than the worst black woman.

    Sure you might get a problem from a white woman. But that problem you will have from that white woman, or non black woman, is NOTHING compared to the hell you will go through with the black woman demon.
    Oh, I made a mistake. The MOVIE ‘Get Out’ proves white women are more dangerous and destructive than black women.
    What a joke.

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  13. I find it funny that black American women can unify like a Power Rangers Megazord/Ultrazord to flag down and censor brothers online who say things that they don’t like, but they cant/wont put forth a fraction of this effort to flag down & censor:

    I) Even the best sistas f*cking and messing with thugs and bum ass niggaz

    II) The astronomically high OOW birthrate

    III) The lousy state of their communities

    IV) Having multiple kids by multiple niggaz

    V) The STD rate among black women

    VI) The obesity rate among black women

    And so on, ad infinitum…

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    • They love saying that you can’t handle a strong black woman, but they can’t even handle their own strong black hair. Think about it. The few times you see black women rocking African hairstyles, it’s dreads or more than likely braids, styles that they literally don’t have to even deal with or maintain on the daily. Least feminine women ever!!

      Yeah, they only call down the dragonzord to attack black men, but not to get their kids the the good education that they claim they have, kick out of the drugs from the communities, solve half of their family members’ (namely men’s) unsolved murders, keep white men from cumming in their eyes on ghetto gaggers (oh wait, they live for that), or stop having heart attacks because they can’t put down hog maws and chitlins.


      • When they come at us, what we need to do is ***spoiler alert for Power Rangers 2017*** like the Megazord did to Rita Repulsa, and bitchslap them to the outer limits of space.

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  14. Black women will ONLY mobilize to bring down black men. Black women are the most selfish women on earth. Black women only care about themselves.
    In the mind of black women, ANYTHING they do is correct, and should never be challenged or questioned.
    Black women want to control everybody, and everything around them. But black women can’t control themselves.
    Oh yeah, I forgot, WHITE WOMEN DO IT TOO.

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  15. It’s what we’ve stated for the longest. They want nothing to do with accountability and correction; they want totalitarian rule and censorship. This latest witch hunt only verifies that they only want to hear voices who cosign their reckless behavior and foolish decision making. It will be my pleasure to watch a lot of them suffer once Trump and his band fully get the sealegs under them and start implementing their agenga. They will come crawling back, begging for us to ‘come together for black unity, black love’. Let them all meet the wall of silence in response.

    If there was a time to collectively take our $$$, potential, and human capital elsewhere, NOW IS IT. It’s time to create our own media platforms and monetize that, along with other forms of revenue we’re handing over to other ethnic groups like Santa Claus. High time…

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  16. Those demons can unite and censor all they want look how this blog has grown Verbs so brothers are becoming united against these beast. The word is out on black women they are just trying to hang on but judgement day is near for those demons.

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    • Sean,

      Straight talk, my articles are being shared now more than ever and my book Negro Wars is beginning to pick up more steam through you and all others here constantly spreading the word. Black women have failed epically, they are on life support still struggling to keep themselves relevant in the eyes of other people, however most folks simply aren’t interested. They are beginning to see black women for the true devil spawn that they are. #SYSBM for life.

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  17. The divide I have predicted is here. Thinkers/victims. Embrace our side, the thinkers.

    No man in their right mind would have anything to do with these women.

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    • Tony Starkes,

      Precisely, the evidence presented cannot be denied. Only a fool will still involve himself with black women in light of their true nature now being brought to light.

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  18. For other video platforms, I still advocate using YouTube FIRST, then posting the same videos on Vimeo, Veoh, Dailymotion, and any other sites. Anyone ride know some?

    As for it and when the liberal Amazon starts banning books,

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