The Simp Epidemic


Meet Mr Dayvon Price, a sorry excuse of a Negro male who hops between different Facebook groups pandering to black women and forever giving them passes on their dysfunctional behaviour. However as per usual with these types of characters Dayvon Price is still a single man, in the case of this fellow black women yet again have refused to reciprocate towards Price for muddy bootlicking and brown-nosing services rendered.

When I first came onto Facebook I had a minor run in with Price, of course he was operating in full simp mode. He told me that my book Negro Wars was rubbish(even though like the majority of black women who say the same he hasn’t read it, a typically retarded and effeminate response in relation to something you haven’t even looked at), he also told me in no uncertain terms to get lost and that nobody would ever want to read my book(how wrong he has been on all counts).

OF course the black sisterhood never thanked him for his defending of them, this is the usual protocol with the overwhelming majority of black women, black women are incredibly selfish, they certainly do not like bum lickers and other men who refuse to call them out. Dayvon Price has deluded himself into believing that one day one of the many trashy black women he is jumping up to defend will inbox him privately seeking to get to know him better which will then blossom into a relationship.

Err no, sorry, that is not going to happen, as long as Price continues simping and pandering towards black women he will remain within the gates of singledom for the rest of his life. You would have thought that these simps, manginas and white knights would have clocked onto the fact that women by and large simply aren’t interested nor are they impressed with men who lick their muddy boots all day every day.

Simps like Price are a laughingstock to black women, black women will openly laugh in a simp’s face simply because they know that the same said individual will do anything for them regardless of how cruel and wicked they treat them. The simp in essence is a slave who has the privilege of travelling and returning to his own home each and every night.

What is a simp? In looking to answer this question I believe a better approach would be to outline some of the things a simp does. Always remember that the simp will carry out the following actions in the hopes of getting into a woman’s panties or landing a relationship with her. A simp will never hold women accountable for their wrongdoings, a simp will always look to defend and excuse women whenever their feet are being held to the fire by responsible men.

A simp will always exalt women above himself, a simp will worship women as if they are gods/higher beings(pro black, shea butter, Afro simp trick Negroes are the worst for this), a simp will completely cater towards a woman’s financial needs(pay her bills, fill up her gas tank, take her out for expensive meals, pay for most if not everything she wants, giving her money etc) aswell as attempt to satisfy her childish lusts for material artefacts and worthless relics(buy her endless amounts of clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery etc). A simp often times will disrespect himself and lower his standards into the gutter in order to seek a woman’s approval aswell as to please her.

A simp often times will throw other men under the bus in order to “save his damsel in distress” from scrutiny and examination, a simp is a feminist. In basic terms a simp is a man who always seeks to satisfy the childish lusts of women(he never focuses on the needs as this would mean having to put his foot down and establishing some sort of authority) and who always jumps to the defence of females even when they clearly are in the wrong. This is not a comprehensive definition, it is a basic one just to give those who may not be familiar with the term simp an idea of what is being discussed.

Unfortunately for Price there are certain areas of the simpology criteria he cannot fulfil simply because black women refuse to give him the time of day. Well, that’s what you get for being a bootlicking simp, nothing! Here are some other simps that you may or may not be familiar with:

In order you have Angel Ramirez Jordan, Ebrahim Aseem, Derrick Jaxn, Russell Wilson And Steve Harvey, clicking on the pictures themselves will take you to one of their many social media profiles. There are other simps that could be mentioned here, however in the interest of time I am choosing to keep this process short and simple. All of these men pander towards women and seek to absolve them of any wrong doing, even when they are doing wrong.

In the last 5 years the black male simp epidemic has really gotten out of control, new simps are crawling out of the woodwork each and everyday at alarming rates, saying and doing more outlandish things in order to impress woman. Most of these black simp soldiers have been created and raised in single mother households where they are taught to unconditionally worship, pay homage to, respect and protect black women at all times.

Of course black women being the deceitful buzzards that they are purposely do not teach their sons to be selective in which black women they choose to stand up for and defend, no, according to this modern day black witch all black women must be respected and protected regardless. This is of course ridiculous to the core because most black women in 2017 do not even respect themselves, therefore how on earth can they expect others to respect them? Some examples of black women and their self disrespect:

The fact of the matter is most black men have been hoodwinked and lied to by their mothers, in fact for many black men their mothers fit the very profile of the dysfunctional black women who are not to be respected, hence why many of them to this day still refuse to call black women out. Many black men have been raised by black women who have lived the whore lifestyle to the fullest.

They have seen the different guys rolling in and out of their houses, they have heard the extra curricular activities that momma was engaging in upstairs with these guys, the screams of pleasure, the hollering, the moaning and the squeaking bed. Some black men have even walked in on their mothers having sex with these same individuals.

At the end of the day dysfunctional black women are not to be respected nor protected at all, it is these simps going out of their way to defend these gutter types women at all costs which is proving to be one of the main problems in rebuilding black society. In many, many ways these simps are much worse than the trashy black females they rush to defend and protect.

Super simps like Dayvon Price are ultra scum just like the scumbag black women they protect. You should never defend and protect scum, no societies have ever prospered where the scum have been permitted to have the free reign of the yard. Scum must always be checked at every turn, dysfunctional black females are not exempt from being put in line either. As far as I am concerned Dayvon Price, simps like him aswell as dysfunctional black women need to be thrown into the fire together as they are all detrimental to black society.

Simps must be called out and roasted at all times, they must be put to shame and scolded for such despicable and deplorable behaviour. Remember the simp is the black woman’s last bastion of hope in her attempts to keep black men as a collective on the proverbial plantation as per the instructions of her white father. Regrettably for the black woman however, she has miscalculated dearly and black men are beginning to break free of her spells and hypnosis.

Since the beginning of the year black women have been taking some major L’s and more are in the pipeline for them. I don’t feel sorry for black women at all, as long as they had the upper hand it was fine to spit and urinate in the faces of black men all day, however now that we are using the internet to get our side of the story across aswell as many of us choosing to walk away from black women altogether, the bitter black sisterhood is furious and ultimately frustrated because they have been unable to counter strike, oh well.

Black simps, manginas and white knights would do well to remember that Dequan, Tyrone and Dirty Dick Rodney get 24 hour unrestricted access to these same black females without having to simp, bootlick and pander to them. You would have thought that simps like Price would have clocked onto this pattern by now.

Dysfunctional black women and their simp cohorts will die the death and face their judgements together, thinking black men, be free and separate yourselves from the scum and the filth. Simps and the black women who create them are a feminist scourge and a pestilence upon black society and both need to be purged out. #SYSBM.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

28 thoughts on “The Simp Epidemic

  1. Verbs,

    Actually one of your funniest. Keep it up.

    These selfless, pandering, muddy bootlicking simps have now attempted to morph into psuedo-Alpha males. Calling themselves “Real men”.

    I have news for them, while you are pandering to these feminist females, they are getting smashed by the dude that doesn’t pander.

    These black females and white females have not realised the simp/male feminist is actually the anti-male male. They can get resources and utility from these weak males, so will defend them and call out the real men when we mention it and expose these simps and male feminists.

    These females actually hate that they are too masculine, fake and have nothing at all to bring to the table for the thinking alpha male. When we see these females, we automatically mark them as “unsuitable”.

    I have noticed there seems to be a small and growing number of females who appear to agree with red-pilled philosophies; but beware, they are seeking access to resources from the strong males as they do the KC Shuffle to agree with us and endorse our views. Thinking men be warned; on the surface they say they support the nuclear family, want to be led and uphold conservative tradition; say they want a man to build.

    But these are all lies. Many of them think we are going to be blinded by their physical attributes. Evidence

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    • Tony Starkes,

      Thanks bro. As you said, the simp is a feminist, however his efforts are in vain because Ray Ray, Leroy and Tyrone are getting 24 hour, unrestricted access to these same black females without having to pander and lick muddy boots. The simp is simply used as a walking ATM, that is his purpose, he will never advance beyond that stage.

      Most black women will be thrown onto the scrapheap of rejection, you would think that they would have been satisfied with these manginas they have created, yet they are still going out of their way to attack the heterosexual, masculine alpha black male. Bottom line, black women hate black men on any and all sides of the spectrum period.

      Black women as a collective have already caused so much damage, at this point they simply cannot be trusted.

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  3. Notice that simps usually don’t simp for housewife, homely, wifely women, it’s women who are whores who are giving it to everyone else for free!

    As long as the sacred cow of black women is held up, when she’s a lying murderess, nothing will change

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      • Have you noticed that even the si called religious black women never stand up for conservatism and family values like other groups of conservative women do?

        Just look at the so called conservative black chick Kiki green/

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        I’d never heard of this Kiki Green before until you mentioned her, I’ll have to check her out. Liberalism, socialism and feminism are hard wired into the majority of black women, they cannot help but promote decadence while at the same time trying to make themselves look different than the rest.

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  4. I am convinced that the simps actually believe that by simping they’re winning points with black women. The black simps really think that one day black woman will realize that ‘real black men’ (simps) love and understand them, and these black women will open up their hearts and their legs to these Blackmen. This is fantasy land.

    Being that black women are the most selfish, self-centered beasts on the planet earth, black women don’t care about anyone or anything but themselves. And black women damn sure don’t care about the simps. The blackmails simps has this delusional image of the black woman as a misunderstood, oppressed, underrepresented in the media, the backbone of black society, the rear and protector of black children, the victim of blackmail abuse, and the poor attitude of black women can be attributed to white supremacy, the actions of Blackmen, and an oppressive media structure that puts out images of white women that black women feel the need to live up to, etc, etc, etc.
    These blackmails simps really believe this nonsense. This is why wherever Blackmen gather and I’m speaking the truth about black women there’ll always gonna be simps present trying to defend black women and make excuses for their irrational mentally ill behavior.

    Now there are some personalities, in the media and on platforms like YouTube, that simp knowingly in at attempt to use black women for personal gain, like that super SIMP Angel Ramirez Jordan. He has to know that he is intentionally simping knowing that black women have low self-esteem and they are also color struck, so when they see a light skinned dude, I’m not even sure he’s black (although he claims to be), praising black women endlessly, this super SIMP Angel Ramirez Jordan must know black women will fall at his feet, and give him the last dime in their bank accounts, because his Simp words make black women ‘feel’ good.

    So some simps SIMP knowing they can manipulate black women and reap some kind of benefit from their blatant and pathetic Simp act.

    But for most Blackmen who Simp, there is no reward . These black simps are getting no relationships out of simping, no sex , no money, not even a thanks from these demonic black women who they are breaking their necks in order to defend.

    The world of your average black simp is a completely pathetic empty one. But in the mind of the black SIMP, he is one simping post away from getting sent a text message by some black ‘queen’ stating, ‘ brother thank you for supporting black women, we hear your voice and appreciate all that you’re doing for us’. ‘ Brother maybe if you’re free later or sometime we could get together and further discuss this’. The simps really think they gonna get some ‘pussy’ or a relationship out of simping. I think some of the simps are so emasculated that many of them might not even be looking for sex or relationship.

    They just want the black woman’s stamp of approval, and black women to acknowledge that Blackmen are fighting for them.

    So sad and pathetic these simps are. And if a black man with a brain in his head would attempt to explain these things to the Simp, the simps would come up with the same lame, old, empty, tired excuses that black women have been using on Blackmen for years.

    In our day and age most of these Blackmen are simply women with penises.

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    • And the women are men with boobs lol!

      As you stated, these simps, even the former so called greats like sarge willie p, believe that by “going deep (but not too deep) on black female f***ery”, our queens will learn and return to us!

      Also, the only simps who profit from these black chicks are mixed and white men. I could probably stick my d*** in ghost pepper sauce, and they’d lick it with glee. All part of their colorism.

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  5. Afrofuturism1, so true. There are a bunch of ‘men’ on YouTube who claim to be about telling ‘sistas’ the truth about themselves, exposing the bad behavior of black women, and telling Blackmen what they need to do to rise up and rise above the games of black women.

    But when you actually listen to these guys and you really examine what they are saying, these frauds are just as much a simp as the next guy. These guys are all about saying ‘ yes brother we noted the sisters have their flaws, but what are we doing as Blackmen that is making our sistas behave this way’? ‘ Brothers, it’s not all the black woman’s fault’. ‘I’m going to talk about black women but brother I don’t want to tear our Sistas down anymore than they need to be’. ‘ Yes I’m all for calling out black women on their behaviors, but I don’t want to beat up on the black woman just to make us Blackmen feel good, because we as Blackmen have a part in this’. ‘ We as black men have to hold ourselves as accountable as behold I will black women accountable’.

    This is the sort of crap you hear from these men who are allegedly speaking about issues that affect black men and black women. It’s literally a song and dance show, where these Blackmen are afraid of hurting the feelings of black women, so they have to sugarcoat everything and try to hold Blackmen equally guilty as black women. These guys are really enemies of actual freethinking Blackmen. As always Blackmen are afraid to tell black women the truth plainly. Even if these Bleckmann claim to be about the upliftment of Blackmen they still sugarcoat things in an effort to not upset black women ‘too much’.

    And as far as the colorism issue goes it’s very true. Black women will follow, give money to and basically worship any mixed looking or white skin guy that says a few nice words about them.

    The Angryman on YouTube was having a live stream earlier today talking about if light-skinned people should be considered a separate race . I went into the chat room and actually questioned Angel Ramirez to his about him not being a black man. I’m not saying he is or isn’t I simply questioned it. The Angryman, and all the people in the chat room jump down my throat asking me what how dare I question anything regarding Angel Ramirez . I have course was eventually banned from the chat room, not that I give a dam.

    My point is many of these allegedly YouTuber men who claim to be about elevating Blackmen are simply brainwashed and color struck themselves, and they really actually are just big-time simps.

    The Angryman started whining about me questioning Angel Ramirez, and my question had nothing to do with the angryman, with the angry man really reacted like a female and got emotional for me simply questioning another man.
    It’s almost as if because black women because of their insecurities support Angel Ramirez, the angryman or black men have to jump up and defend a grown man.

    Maybe I’m rambling a bit, but the spirit of the SIMP seems to alive amongst even those black men who profess to actually be supporters of the cause of black men who have awoken.

    You could probably count the number of true YouTuber’s or Blackmen, who are unafraid of black women and are willing to speak the truth about black women on your hand.

    The rest of these alleged men are simply clowns, simps, weaklings, frauds, liars, who pander to black women no matter what. The Simp is probably the weakest, dumbest, most emotional, effeminate ‘man’ to ever live.

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    • Bill Smith,

      I have to agree with what you are saying, many of these black male YouTubers still believe in black women, pray and have a small hope in their hearts that one day black women will see the light and change for the better. This is why many of them do not like my articles as they illustrate the true reality of the matter raw and uncut, black women as a group are fully locked in with feminism and white men, they simply aren’t interested in anything black men have to offer.

      It’s only when their YouTube channels or social media profiles get shutdown or deleted do they finally begin to learn and understand the true nature of the modern day black female and even then some of them still don’t learn their lessons and go right back to doing the same thing(Angel Ramirez Jordan). Being “nice and reasonable” to black women is a fool’s errand and will profit them nothing at all, it’s a shame that most black men cannot see this.

      I stay consistent here at Slaying Evil because I understand the black woman from a spiritual perspective, this is the deeper understanding a lot of black men are lacking. They continue to look at black women from a physical surface point of view which is why they so frequently fall into the trap of “taking it easy” on them or “giving them a chance”. You’re right, there are very few black male Youtubers who truly understand the truly wicked and evil nature of these black female leviathans.

      Black women by and large give this website a wide berth because they see that I am FULLY locked into exposing them for the wicked, narcissistic, psychopathic devils that they are in the same way that they are fully locked into war against myself and other thinking black men. Black women see room for infiltration with many of these other guys, this why they are so easily able to roll in and shut them down. Give the Devil just an inch and he will bust the door down completely. It doesn’t profit to be a simp under any capacity, simping for black women is most definitely a death trap.

      It goes back to what I have stated before about many black men becoming casualties and victims at the hands of the same black women they pine and chase after, many simply cannot see the black woman’s true and evil intentions whereas I and others like me can.

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    • I wholeheartedly agree. The only Youtubers’ that I know who don’t flip flop on their message is David Carroll and Akwesi100.

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  6. Verbs2015, so true and so well said.

    It’s interesting how black men will find any reason to ‘go easy’ on black women, give black women the ‘benefit of the doubt’, or give black women ‘a chance’. Meanwhile, these black women demons actually want to see black men destroyed, miserable, and more often than not dead.
    Black women have NO mercy when it comes to black men-NONE. So why on earth would black men give black women something that black women would never give black men?
    Most of these Blackmen are so soft and so influenced by women, that the thought of actually speaking the real truth about black women is something they can’t even grasp. These Simp black men worship black women, follow black women, are afraid of black women and will do absolutely anything not to ruffle the feathers of the black female demon.
    The Simp black male gives the black female demon the ‘ok’ and the ‘green light’ for black women to continue the destructive path that they have laid for themselves. Black women witness just tell weak and afraid Blackmen are of them on a daily basis. This is why black women walk over Blackmen, disrespect Blackmen, look at Blackmen as being nothing and think they can tell a black man what to do, what to think, and how to act. These black women know that these Blackmen don’t have the heart or the strength or the courage to actually speak the truth to them and about them. So black women do whatever they want because they know no one especially the black man is going to check them about what they’re doing.
    Most of the time when I see a black man in public with a black woman, I can immediately see that the black woman is in control of this black man. She is running the show. Most of Blackmen in relationships with black women have become the child of the black woman and not their mate.
    The entire situation is illogical, irrational, against nature, and contrary to anything remotely resembling sanity. But then again that’s pretty much the world of black women and most Blackmen that involve black women anyway, so it’s not surprising.

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  7. There’s a dude on twitter who’s noting how no one gives a crap about the supposedly missing black girls. What does that say? The world couldn’t care less about them, and is starting to get sick of them.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Exactly, I’ve run across that missing black girls topic today also. You’re right, the world is growing tired of the modern day black female, very few if anybody cares because of the evil ways in which they conduct themselves on the daily.

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    • But if you were listening to black women they are the objects of desire of white men and nonblack men around the world, and White women are getting plastic surgery to look like black women. Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!
      Black women actually believe white women want to look like them. Have you ever heard such a ridiculous idea or thought in your life. No group of women on the planet earth want to look like black women.
      I’m not sure of black women even actually believe the nonsense they spew. A part of me thinks that black women just say these things in order to convince themselves that they’re not as physically and mentally ugly as they actually are.
      Black women aren’t on the radar of humanity. This is why black women go to such lengths in order to make themselves look ridiculous through dress, through weave, though make up, by being the loudest person in the room, and all the other things black women do just to get attention.
      Blackmen get attention worldwide just by being their natural selves. Black women know this and they can’t stand this fact. This is why on a daily basis black women make it their business to try to convince the world that Blackmen are nothing, when in actuality it is black women who are nothing. And black women know it.

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    • You can see the femininity dripping of this Simp. Look at his mannerisms, his inflection, his overall being screams ‘I am effeminate, I am looking for the approval of black women, and we need to blame black men as much as we blame black women’.
      Notice how he brought up his ‘pastor’. Notice how he added to the Scriptures by saying the man is the head, ‘but the woman is the neck’. He claims to be in to the bible, and about church and faith, but he needs to add something to the bible, in order to fit his effeminate, Simp agenda.

      And see how this SIMP is using the same, tired ‘ you can’t handle or deal with a strong (black) woman, because you are weak men’. And of course black men are the cause of all the black woman’s problems.
      Look at the weakness, the effeminate nature, look at how he is pandering to black women. Imagine the relationship this Simp has with his alleged wife? This SIMP clown is the ideal mate for a black woman.
      Simple, effeminate, ‘understanding’ of black women, sympathetic to black women, a relationship is 50/50, he feels his wife is his equal, etc, etc. But his alleged wife, if he really has one, knows she is in control of this SIMP negro, and she controls the relationship.

      Go to the middle east, in Arab countries, and see if you will find Arab men simping, and spewing this effeminate garbage. I’m not try to use the Arab Muslim world as a whole as an example, I’m simply illustrating that certain groups of men understand how to deal with women, and the women behave accordingly.
      Yes, I know there are laws and different customs and the Muslim Arab world that allowed the men to put the women in their place. But when was the last time you saw an Arab woman with the attitude and trying to walk over her men the way black women walk over and disrespect black men?
      You don’t see it. And these black simps are a big reason why these black women act the way they do. No matter what black women do, no matter what black women say, no matter how much fake hair black women so into their heads, no matter how bad the attitude of black women is, no matter how many black babies black women abort, no matter how whorish black woman are or dress. There will always be a black Simp giving excuses and giving black women a pass for their mentally ill, irrational and illogical behavior.

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      • A black woman could $hit in this dude’s mouth, and he’d argue that either it tastes like Hershey’s or, if it is nasty, that white women do it too.

        He claims to believe so much in the Bible yet had to add to it. What good is the Bible if it has to be added to? Also, did he say whether the pastor was a man or a woman?

        I agree with what the recently banned from YouTube Kid Organic said: the white man had the right idea, black women and their simps belong in chains! They are a pestilence on black society!

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  8. The black woman and the black SIMP that worship the black woman demon, don’t actually believe in the bible. The black woman uses the bible and G-D as an eternal excuse to justify her whorish, evil, demonic way of life.
    Anytime anyone calls out a black woman about her abortions about her weave, about her attitude, about how much of a whore she is, and about anything she does wrong, the black woman will always try to hide behind the Lord.
    ‘ Only G-D can judge me’. ‘ I know I am blessed”. ‘My (bastard) children are a blessing and a gift from G-D’. ‘ I know I am a child of God’. ‘ You can’t speak against me because you are not G-D’, etc,etc.
    The excuses that black women have to justify their absolutely degenerate and insane behavior is endless. But the black woman uses the ‘G-D excuse’, more than any other excuse. And of course there’s always some effeminate black SIMP right by her side in church and in the street, supporting the black woman, and her excuses. Most black men are weak, simple, feminine buffoons.

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