They Continue To Tell On Themselves, Part 7 – It’s Too Late For You Now!




Let’s deal with the first woman, so in other words black women are openly making the declaration that they will continue to rely upon and leach off the state until the state will provide them with no more, then and only then will they return to black men for support. What this deceitful buzzard is actually saying is that black women will always put the government first over black men ie give black men the middle finger for as long as possible.

Wait a minute, aren’t these the same black women who are continuously claiming strength and independence ie they have their own money and they don’t need a man? Of course as I wrote about in Negro Wars what black women mean by not needing a man is since they have the white man in form of the state already in place supplying them with their financial necessities, the black man is no longer a requirement.

Any woman that claims she doesn’t need a man is a dunce, all women need men. They claim they don’t need a man yet the very jobs they work have been created by men, so has the money that they so fondly lust after and chase down. What about the house/flat they occupy, I don’t recall women building those, lets talk about the mobile phones that they use not to mention the social media sites that they love to frequent.

The term man-made means exactly that, MAN MADE. Name something in this current society that women have created by themselves without the tools of men already being in place to make the building possible, I’ll wait? They continue to claim that they don’t need men yet the shoes on their feet, the clothes they wear, the cars they drive, the buses, trains and planes they ride in are all built by MEN.

Do you see how it quickly becomes apparent that the “strong, independent, I don’t need a man” mantra is simply a crock of nonsense? She talks about how many single mothers are going to drown, I say good. They should have chosen good men to begin and they should never have embraced the single motherhood culture. Single mothers relying upon government who have deliberately chosen to take such a path must be left to crash and burn like the scoundrels they are when the proverbial hits the fan.

Black men, don’t run in to save these women, remember these are the same spiteful and reckless individuals who have been giving you the middle finger for the past 40 plus years because big daddy government is on their side. Now all of a sudden pending doom is looming, we thinking black men are now expected to save them from their coming judgements and tribulation? No sir, not me.


The same goes for Bonita Addison, another black woman who no doubt opened her legs to a no good, unproductive black male and who is now reaping the whirlwind of such a decision. Black men, you have to understand that these woman must be left to face their judgements ALONE, what they are doing now is attempting to set in place contingency measures as their means of avoiding the harsh consequences of the reckless decisions they’ve made in the past.

As per usual thinking black men, they see you as the suitable sacrificial goat of choice, yet they never saw you as a good choice of mate in their prime years when they were clocking up whore miles. What a slap in the face, a complete and utter insult, viewing us as the fall back option if things go south for them, the audacity.

There is no “future husband” for women such as Bonita Addison, what lies ahead for her and women of her ilk are years of uncertainty, pain, suffering, turmoil and misery and rightly so seeing as they were the ones who set such dire consequences in motion by making poor decisions to begin with. You free thinking black men are cordially reminded of what black women truly think about you:

Whenever these sleazy black females decide to attempt to worm their way back into your lives just remember the contents of the above link and couple that with your own personal experiences, these thoughts will keep you on track and prevent you from being used as a goat of sacrifice. The next 4 years under the Trump administration are going to be very interesting, I have my popcorn and a glass of juice at the ready.

If you haven’t done so already be sure to check out an article I wrote back in December 2016 in which I detailed how most black women would respond to the coming hair cuts in welfare:

Free thinking black men, the bottom line is this, you are not obligated to save these women, the fact that they would only turn to you in their times of need is already a brutal slap in your face, not to mention what they really think about you to begin with. Leave them to crash and burn ALONE, don’t even concern yourselves with their plights, after all since they are now the property and the responsibility of the state, it’s none of your business anyway.


Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

60 thoughts on “They Continue To Tell On Themselves, Part 7 – It’s Too Late For You Now!

  1. Good article. That dreadful day is coming and these low-grade black women has been Ls massively since December 2016/January 2017 starting with one of Rickey Smiley’s sons didn’t find black women attractive incident, the Tyrese Gibson’s “My Black Queen” incident and now the black football player recent marriage celemony to his white wife and the trolling on his Instagram page after his “most black women brought up in single parent households (in these crime infested black-run neighborhoods) are dysfunctional” statement.

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    • lol the same football player that said the best choice is white Women?

      Black Women are a JOKE, and everyone knows it. I really and earnesthly hope and pray that what happens is that, as someone stated on the previous article, white women also start going in on them publicly. Once that happens, it’s all she wrote. #BreedThemOut

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Black women believed that they could keep black men under the spell of accepting them in their mentally damaged and dysfunctional states. Black men have had enough and are now voting with their feet. Most black women will soon be reduced to living the lives of vagabonds, vagrants, tramps, beggars and social misfits.

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      • There have been several white girls putting these BW ratchets in their place online, now White men rejecting their advances, and now Asian men beating the shiny shit out of BW.

        We tried telling them…

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      • No, they’re called “half-breeds” for a reason. They have half european genes and half african genes.

        Let’s say us black men all boycott black women and black women don’t reproduce.

        Our mixed race kids enter the world and since they won’t mate with black women, they will mix with white women.

        2 or 3 generations, there won’t be any black people.

        Does that not concern you?

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    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      Black men are no longer accepting being bullied into a corner anymore, now more than ever more black men are speaking out about black women and their endless dysfunction and despite their aggressive flagging and reporting techniques, the word is still getting out. #SYSBM.

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      • “Twelve years a goon.” That should be the slogan. We need a good decade and some change to enact this movement of putting the absolute goon hand down on these wayward ones, and perhaps this presidential administration will help out in that respect. The purpose is to also reach these young black girls (and boys) that are 8-10 right now; get them to see the error of their mother’s ways, learn how to have empathy for their father’s shortcomings (or overall absenteeism), and have accountability for their own actions so as to not perpetuate the vicious cycle. Then and only then will there be those of the open mind, who are willing to do so, coming back “home” en masse. Because, I’m going to presume the consensus is that we don’t despise black women, just what they’ve allowed themselves to become: lost, resistant to guidance from the strong minded of us, and easy susceptible to the charms of they “daddy.”

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      • C.Philmoore,

        To be honest any black women who are not feminine who who do not accept their place I have no time for. I have accepted that the majority of black women are goners who cannot be redeemed, this is the main reason why I advise black men to start seeking love and companionship elsewhere. I have a deep disdain for dysfunctional black women as they are the ones continuing to wreak havoc to what little is left of black society as per the instructions of their white father and feeling proud about their destructive achievements.

        Take a moment and go through the comments in some of my articles, it is a rarity to see a decent black woman commenting and agreeing with what I am saying. I accept that my message is for the few not the many and it is for those few that I continue to expose the modern day black female Frankenstein beast. On the flip side however I must say that I am encouraged by the black male youth who are beginning to see this modern day black female for who she is and in turn are giving her a wide berth.

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    • You don’t like women at all. You let the black man go to the set up jails by not getting together to teach them how to stay out of these jail traps and they are building more. To you if a black women is starting her own business she is a trader to the black man. This is a tactic to divide the blacks. I don’t like your rederick. Hater. While it maybe time to cord tell spending don’t try to make folks who get sub income feel bad. I have payed taxes over 45 years and know that a part of our taxes are allocated to help low income.

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      • Sylvia,

        I believe you’ll find that the word is “rhetoric” not rederick. Aren’t you supposed to be the most educated group, this poor spelling is simply inexcusable.


  2. Man, this one hit a nerve for me, but in the right way because I’m looking at the crest of the hill for some of these women I grew up with. They were bad as hell in high school and, suffice to say, had their choice of dudes. Now, among other things, they on my timeline with kids in tow and no man to speak of. To make it worse, they also failed to adopt the concept of, you know, a daily exercise routine and now look busted too. I just sit back and say to myself, “Thank God you curved me all those years back.”

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    • C. Plilmoore,

      I’ve been witnessing the same recently myself, black women that either looked hot or decent back in the day now have 20 children en tow and are well out of shape. Black women seem to believe that they have all the time in the world to mess around and make bummy choices, however when that first child lands in their lap they soon realise that life is no joke and furthermore their days of being picky and fussy(only concerning decent, productive black men of course) are brought to an abrupt halt.

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  4. Well, they always have their simps to fall back on as a last resort, although we all know black women would rather be single than to be with a simp. Honestly, the simps are probably the only options they have left, because no rational, logic-thinking man of any race would dare get involved with them.

    I was on IG last night and one of my cousins (a lover of black women, so sad) posted a pic of some simp saying black women want to be led by men, they just don’t want to be led astray. I almost laughed out of my seat after reading that. Black women have led themselves astray when they took on the government state as their husband, not us black men. Only a buffoon would believe that simp message. But if that’s what they believe, then black women and their simps deserve each other. I found a part of my happiness in a non-black woman and have not looked back since. My fellow thinking black men must do the same as well.

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    • I saw that stupid slogan on my Facebook wall. Simps, as I’ve viewed them, seem to forego their inherent ability to apply logic either for selfish reasons (thinking with their peen) or in the name of some misplaced “greater good,” and they need to be called out and ostracized at every oppertunity. I have an unconditional love for black women. I don’t thiink that’ll ever change. However, I do not tolerate bullshit. And, if it means putting them on “time out,” then I am with that. I’ve always saw the bigger picture, which is one of the things that kept me from illegitimate babies in all the dabbling I’ve done, among other things. Thus, I can see all dimensions of a simp’s logic, and also how fundamentally flawed it is regardless of how “good intentioned” it appears. I was a simp once. It didn’t make me bitter, but aware of patterns. Moreover, it made me into a better person not just for myself but for my girls. I teach them all the “game” I know, I am giving her an eye on what to look for in a boyfriend/husband, and, most importantly, who to stay the hell away from (because we’re not going to reach them all, unfortunately) as far as friends go. The simp mentality works in the best circumstance, but its applied much how the race card is played by BLM (in my opinion).


    • SigmaJones,

      Straight talk, I am going to be writing an article on the simp epidemic and how all of their pandering is in vain. These simps are making themselves look ridiculous, you’re right, black women simply don’t want them no matter how much bootlicking and pandering services they give out.

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  5. In my Emperor from Star Wars voice good good I see more brothers have been coming to slaying evil. Here is the same lame story from BW after they world has completely fallen they are looking for someone to give them a life line not this thinking black man right here. You cannot treat people bad for a long time and make constant stupid decisions and expect someone to save you, you guys are completely right BW have fallen completely off with their look and shapes you can hardly find good looking BW anymore here in the States. It’s funny if you near them many of them actually smell bad they are losing in epic proportions I hope Donald Trump goes hard with cutting back assistance Ha Ha the day is coming near for BW demise get your popcorn ready black men. Get them Bill Smith.

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  6. Rule of thumb, NEVER date or deal with black women with children. And really never deal with any woman who has children.
    Black women have children by Simp, worthless, no good men, because black women are extremely selfish, and are ONLY concerned with having ‘their’ baby.
    Black women only use black men in order to selfishly have a child they can control, and get attention from, and real financial benefits from. Soon after the child is born, the black father is soon dismissed, and white daddy (government welfare) steps in, and provides housing, food, and medical benefits for the black woman and her child.
    The black father is an after thought. The black man is just a sperm donor, in order for black women to live out their selfish fantasy of being a ‘strong black woman, who doesn’t need a man to raise ‘HER’ child.
    The black woman doesn’t even consider the black man as a part of her and her child. For The black woman it’s literally her and her child. The black man has no part in any of it anymore.
    Now that Donald Trump is in office and the black woman sees that her free ride of welfare free housing free medical and free everything might be coming to a quick end, the black woman is in panic mode, and out of desperation some of them are slowly attempting to crawl black to the Blackmen who they have been publicly disrespecting and attempting to slander for 30 plus years.

    What Blackmen must remember don’t fall for the deceitful tactics of black women . Black women only come to Blackmen in order to use them for something (like having children), or because Blackmen are the only group of men stupid enough to put up with the mentally ill behavior of black women.
    It is only in times of desperation that black woman will come to Blackmen and pretend to be with them, need them or be on their side. Blackmen especially when the black woman comes crawling back, this is prime time to ignore black woman.

    After black woman realize that they’ve had many children and they’re not quite as attractive as they used to be , is when they want to come to Blackmen and act like they need Blackmen in order to get by and survive. Black women only seek to use Blackmen, exploit Blackmen, and destroy Blackmen, because black women think that black men are stupid, and they think that Blackmen will fall for anything they do or say.

    But those black men who are aware of the treacherous nature of black women, won’t be deceived , and won’t fall for their games any longer.
    We as black men will soon see masses of black women attempting to ‘make peace’ with Blackmen. But these black women are in for a rude awakening, because many black men are aware of the deceitfulness of black women and they are simply sick of dealing with black women and their mentally ill nonsense.
    The moral of the story is avoid black women at all costs.

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    • For any decent black man waiting to throw a lifeline to these “sustazz”, just remember the following words said to slander you:


      Then keep in mind the following two words:

      Tough shit.

      #SYSBM and never look back.

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  7. Now black women are using the mentally ‘GET OUT’, as some type of proof of the hidden dangers of dating white women, and how white women will destroy the lives of the black men they date.

    Black women are actually attempting to use a fictional story, as some type of evidence or proof of something. Does the insanity of black women EVER end?

    ‘ Don’t date those evil white women’. ‘ You saw what happened to the black man who was dating that white woman in the MOVIE ‘Get Out’. ‘ You see what that white woman did to that black man in the MOVIE ‘Get Out’………

    Yeah I also saw Superman fly in the movie ‘Superman’, but I’m not looking toward the sky in an effort to actually see Superman. How stupid can people be?
    And of course the black simps are trying to use a MOVIE, to prove how dangerous white women and white people are.

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  8. >And of course the black simps are trying to use a MOVIE, to prove how dangerous white women and white people are.

    The Queans and their SIMPs focus on hollywood fairy tales

    Thinking Black Men focus on REAL LIFE. And part of that focus is steering clear of the Queans and their SIMPs.

    They’re made for each other – let them have each other while riding on their journey to HELL.

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off, the spares are gone and you’re down to your last pair of shoes!

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  9. Absolute truth! SYSBM brothers will be free and will be eating a lot of popcorn, these trash women will be starving in the streets. Oh well, not my sperm, not my concern!

    Be free brothers! #SYSBM

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I heard about that. Now you can see why I give these black women no room to pay the victim. Going in hard on these black female seedlings of Satan is the only way forward. All they know is report, flag, report flag, report flag.

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      • Son of a whore! I was just looking at some of his stuff this morning! And he’s only been at it since November, and look at the views he got!

        Let it be known that I am disgusted and embarrassed by black women, and wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire/

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        These black heifers are doubling down and reinforcing their efforts to shut black men down, I don’t know if you’ve come across this video yet:

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      All of these strong words I use to describe black women and some black men still think it is a joke. These black harpies aren’t playing, they cannot argue the points using logic and common sense so they being the typical liberal filth that they are resort to what they know best, censorship.

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  10. Free thinking black men REALLY need a platform, with video options, to express our views. The problem is I think many black men (subconsciously or not) feel that without YouTube, they don’t have a legitimate platform.
    Funny how the demon Cynthia G are allowed to keep making videos unmolested.

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    • That what pisses me off they let these demons say whatever about BM but when we say something we get flagged and taken off this is crazy.

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      • I noticed with Kid Organic he was a little kinder on BW than most, almost pleading with them… Hope he learned his lesson.

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      • Michel,

        Black men need to understand that trying to be nice to black women in anyway will not prevent them from coming after you at any point in time, simps are nice and friendly to black women yet these same black females still despise them. If you are placing the black woman’s faults on the table, encouraging black men to expand on their dating and marriage options or both, these black female krakens will come after you regardless.

        It’s exactly what I’ve been stating on the site and what I wrote about in Negro Wars, some black men are still holding onto a sliver of hope that either black women will change or they themselves will find “the one” amongst so much trash. They still refuse to accept the writing on the wall. Well, that is their funeral, they cannot say that they weren’t forewarned.

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  11. Well we understand the reason the black woman demon is allowed to say whatever she wants, without repercussions, is because (as usual) the black woman demon is allowed to do and say anything she wants.
    The entire game is to elevate, and give black women freedoms, rights, benefits, etc, etc, that black men can’t have. Or if black men do have these freedoms or rights, and black women don’t ‘like’ what black men are saying or doing, black women will do everything they can to silence or stop black men from voicing their opinion.
    And of course white daddy (the God of black women), will do everything he can to ‘help’ black women silence black men.
    It’s like a domestic violence incident between a black man in a black woman. All a black woman has to do is call white daddy and say that the Blackmen did something to her, and that black man will be taken away to jail no questions asked in a heartbeat.
    This is what’s going on on these public platforms like YouTube Facebook and twitter etc. all the black woman has to do is run to white daddy, make a complaint about the black man (whether it is true or not), and the black man will be shut down in a split second.

    Remember Blackmen , the black woman has no regard for you , hates you , wants to see you destroyed , wants to see you silenced. In the mind of black women if she can’t control the black man, she will get white daddy to control the Blackman for her.
    Don’t ever allow anyone to convince you that you are being too harsh on black women, that black women need to be understood that, black women need to be loved by black men etc, etc.
    Black women have absolutely no mercy for Blackmen. Some of these mentally ill demonic black women are actually now advocating Blackboys being aborted.

    It’s really quite hard for me to put into words the intense hatred I have for black women. But part of the beauty of my life is I just ignore them. I don’t look at black women, I don’t speak to black women, in my mind black woman exist only as a living breathing testimony, of what I have based my life avoiding.
    Never forget black women will do anything to see Blackmen unhappy, miserable and destroyed. Thankfully, the black woman demon has no power here to silence us.

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  12. Brother Michel, you’re very insightful. I noticed the same and stopped watching his lame videos after he deleted the comments of viewers who he thought were being “too hard” on black females. Also in every video he constantly repeats the mantra “this is not an IR(Interracial) channel” and uses it as a thinly veiled appeal to black females. I agree his underlying message seems to plead to black females to change their evil ways, which is laughable and pathetic. Any sensible Black Man knows that the worthless black female trash is not salvageable In any way. Actually I believe It’s a benefit to Real Black Men when low key simp channels like his and Obsidians get taken down.

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  13. Bill Smith, I share those very same sentiments about black females and I believe that now with a forum such as this one; More and more brothers will be awoken to their evil, demonic nature as well as their immense hatred and desire to destroy Black Men.

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    • Slayingevil – out of the reach of the Quean-run Youtube. And there’s not a DAMN thing they can do about it! LMFAO!

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the Queans breed themselves out of existence.

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      • Thebackhandofreality,

        YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms who constantly censor dissenting opinions will soon become empty ghettos, they will go the way of Myspace, Napster and Limewire. I’m happy to stay here at Slaying Evil and call out these black female devils for the evil witches they are.

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