Black Women Caught Spreading Racist Cartoons Against Black Men – Are These Your Queens Pro Blacks?


With “friends” like these who really needs enemies? Yet again we have another situation where black women are happy to distribute and laugh about racist propaganda created by racist white men against black men. Yet we black men are constantly being told that these same black women are our queens who must be respected, protected and worshipped at all times.

Once upon a time black women would have been hurt and deeply insulted to see such racist propaganda levied against black men, today however their positions are completely different. As I have been stating for the longest while black women and racist white men are two sides of the same coin. Because black women have been permitted to progress somewhat in western society, they have taken it upon themselves to urinate and defecate upon their own people in order to get themselves ahead.

Black women are not interested in rebuilding black society, they are not interested in black love nor black unity, the two main goals black women have decided to aim for are number one to get themselves ahead and number two to ensure that black men and black society remain flat on their faces. I honestly do not understand how most black men can still look upon this modern day black woman as their friend.

Just look at the comments from these two black women above, instead of rightly condemning this racist material they instead choose to laugh along aswell as spread the propaganda abroad. Remember, I told you in Negro Wars that modern day black women as a collective cannot be trusted under any circumstances, with them distributing and chuckling at images like this I believe that my point has been proven.

Who would have ever thought that you would see the day when black women would be praising racist cartoons created by racist white men instead of being disgusted by them, well those days are now upon us. This is one of the reason why I continue to document the ongoing skullduggery of black women, in order to give thinking black men the real scoop as to what black women really think about them.

We already know that the pro black simps, manginas and white knights will continue to lick the muddy boots of black women until the cows come home, as many of us have observed this is despite the fact that black women never reciprocate to these same black men nor do they ever thank them for bootlicking and grovelling services rendered.

Only a fool would continue to exalt and come to the defence of individuals who refuse to show them any appreciation whatsoever. As I have stated many times before many black men are under spells and hypnotic trances to where they believe it is their life long duty to respect and protect all black women at all costs and at all times. They never differentiate between upstanding black women(who are very few and far between) and the scum(which are many), they simply lump all black women together and freely declare themselves the protectors and respecters of them, so sad.

Notice how stupid black women are who cosign this garbage, again, black women seem to hold to the disjointed idea that by throwing water over black men and continuously denigrating them, somehow through these dastardly deeds they will automatically be exalted and looked upon more favourably, however nothing could be further from the truth.

You would have thought that the bitter black sisterhood would have looked at the progress of these techniques to see if they are actually effective, at least we thinking black men can look around and clearly see for ourselves that black women throwing black men under the bus whenever the opportunity presents itself is in no wise helping them at all. If anything it is causing those non blacks(white men included) who are observing these acts of treachery to be repulsed and disgusted with black women even more.

White men are not interested in traitorous females, black women believe that by constantly defecating on black men white men will look upon them more favourably, however the opposite effect is taking place. White men as a collective are also beginning to realise that the black woman is simply too dangerous to deal with past sexual encounters, this is the reason why more white men who had no problems dealing with black women in the past are now beginning to have second thoughts, some are now even bypassing black women altogether.

The dainty rewards for betrayal are short-lived, however the righteous recompense for actions are forever handed down. Black women will suffer immeasurably for what they have done to black men and black society and they deserve every evil comeuppance that comes upon them. I don’t feel sorry for black women as a group in the slightest, neither will I help them in their times of tribulation and distress.

Black women cannot seem to understand that their so called “strength and independence” is firmly rooted in the western system that they worship and pay homage to each and every day. We as thinking black men can already see this system of the west is beginning to crumble, once the full collapse takes place black women will have nothing and nobody to lean upon.

However most black women in their narcissistic, psychopathic, mentally damaged mind frames cannot see past their own egos, they believe that this system will continue forever, they believe that they will always receive their treats and benefits from the state even though the US government right now is making massive cuts in the welfare/section 8 budget.

Black women are finished, be free black men and begin to look elsewhere, your future does not have to replicate the grim and bleak futures of these treacherous black females. Leave them to suffer by themselves lest you also be caught up in their judgement. Remember, this is what black women think about you black men, never forget that these feelings are widespread amongst the scorned and bitter black sisterhood, they are not just hidden away in a corner.:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

22 thoughts on “Black Women Caught Spreading Racist Cartoons Against Black Men – Are These Your Queens Pro Blacks?

  1. Another good article. And these will be the same low-grade black women when “you know what” hits the fan here in the United States will be flocking to decent thinking black men and try to persuade them about establishing a modern-day version of the black experience based on the one that existed in the early to mid-20th century with the black two-parent family household and numerous black businesses up and down mainstreet during the height of discrimination until their parents and grandparents sold out.

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    • Glad you mention the selling out of the older blacks. It’s sad, but even as a kid I realized that blacks were a punching bag, and that our finest hour in America was coming together to collectively beg white people to like us.

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  2. Black women are simply desperate at this point. All black women can do at this point is name call. Black women literally have nothing left but their bitterness and their delusions, so they get together and reinforce the fantasy world they live in for one another.
    Black women lie to themselves so much, they begin to believe their lies. These black women find images created by racist white men, post these images, ‘lol’, ‘Lmao’ themselves to death, and th suppose to prove what exactly? Black women are literally like children. They can’t get the man they want and worship(white men), they can’t be the woman they do everything to imitate (white women), and the only group of men stupid enough to have relationships with them (black men), or realizing just how evil black woman are and are looking past black women in greater and greater numbers every day.
    White men really only ever dealt with black women sexually, not for relationships or marriage. White women simply ignore black women and quietly laugh at how much black woman want to look like them and be them. Now the only group of people that has ever given black woman the time of day, black men, are publicly proving to the world just how evil, combative, confrontational, vindictive, bitter, and vicious black women are, with documented evidence to prove what we are saying, black women are upset about it and they don’t know what to do about it.
    The one thing black women are so used to controlling they can’t control anymore, and that is Blackmen. So now black women are in panic mode and are weakly and pathetically attempting to use racist tactics that have been used against Blackmen for years and years. As if these tactics are actually going to accomplish ANYTHING!!!!!
    But in this small pathetic weak little mind of the black woman demon they actually think that by posting these cartoons that they are actually accomplishing and doing something. This is why they are like children. When black women can’t get their way they threw tantrums they name call the throw fits they going to a violent rage because they can’t get their way. Black women know when I understand that they literally have nothing to hold onto nothing to cling to and no power, so as a last resort, they are resorting to laughably childish tactics like what we see above.
    Just look at the photos of the black women who are involved in the stuff above. They say the eyes of the windows to the soul, well if you look into the eyes of these black women and most black women for that matter, all you see is anger, evil, bitterness, bad Intentions, malice, strife, confrontation, etc, etc , etc.
    If Blackmen were truly the things that they are claiming we are, and they(black women) are everything they claim they are, black women would just ride off into the sunset with their white prince and live lives happily without black men. But Black women can’t leave Blackmen alone because Blackmen are all black women have. Now that black women are on the receiving end of what they’ve been trying to give Blackmen for the last 30 years, they are upset about it. Black women claim they are moving on from Blackmen, but all the posts all the videos from these alleged swirlers and from these black women who are allegedly tired of Blackmen, are about BLACK MEN.
    These black women aren’t making videos and posts about how great their relationships are with nonblack men and how their lives are so wonderful without black men, their entire existence revolves around what Blackmen are thinking and doing. Because Blackmen are the only group that has put up with their nonsense for years and years. Blackmen are the only ones willing to deal with black women on any kind of significant scale. Blackmen are really all that black women have. Now that black women are beginning to lose control over Blackmen, and Blackmen are exposing black women for who and what they truly are, black women don’t know what to do about it.
    But it’s business as usual regarding black women. Black women are always upset, always angry, always bitter, always have an attitude for one reason or another. So let’s allow black women to keep showing just how insecure they are by making fools of themselves for the world to see.
    The interesting thing is is that these deranged delusional mentally ill black women actually think that those cartoons they post are cute or funny. They don’t realize that they just are making themselves look like the immature mentally ill children that they really are. But being that black women are the biggest joke walking the planet earth, if they haven’t realized how stupid they make themselves look every day by the way they act and how they appear, they will never understand just how ridiculous and stupid they make themselves look every day.

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  4. Doesn’t the bible say “ye shall be known by their fruits of labour?”

    Don’t be surprised when white women in relationships with black men form Voltron and go on media outlets to publicly denounce these posts publicly. BW will lose their collective shit

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  5. >they believe that they will always receive their treats and benefits from the state even though the US government right now is making massive cuts in the welfare/section 8 budget.

    In other words (courtesy of the Great Brother, MadBusDriverX):

    “Thor (Trump) is droppin’ the hammer on that ass!”

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and you run out of spares!

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  6. My old nickname for black women is ‘ evil black woman whore’.
    I personally don’t like using the ‘thot’ moniker, because it lends credence to the degenerate culture that many black people feel a need to partake in.
    Just like calling white women ‘BECKY’, I refuse to use that term to refer to white women.
    To each his own. But the entire ‘BECKY’, ‘THOT’, ‘COON’, etc,etc usage when referring to people has the hand print of black degeneracy, and the imprint of black women all over it.
    Again, it’s just my opinion, and I mean nothing toward any black men who want to use these terms or variations of these terms, but I don’t want to use those terms. I feel using these common terms, that every street urchin low life uses, actually lessens the impact of our words, and our position. We must be more thoughtful than the common Simp trash, and the evil black woman whore demon.
    Let low life black women call white women ‘Becky’. Let Simp black men call black women WHORES ‘ thots’. Let fake pro blacks call other black people who they disagree with ‘coons’.
    We as men don’t need nicknames to describe the whore black woman demon. Let the simps and low life black whore women use nicknames for people.

    We as men should be able to and can call the black woman an evil whore, because that is what the black woman is. Let us call a spade a spade, and the black woman whore, a black whore. Nicknames are not needed (at least for me).

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  7. Look at this from a different angel guys, these memes were probably made by un and underemployed, loser white men, who live at home with their mother. They don’t have a woman and get pissed whenever they see YOU with one, so what do they do? They go on 4chan to make and spread this shit. Black women, in their desperation to be with a white man go right along with the jokes, even though they made fun of black women too (did you catch that woman at the public assistance office?).

    Leave them, let them go. JUST. WALK. AWAY.

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  8. But if a black man posted something like this against black women BW would try to get it kicked off social media cry and cry about it but they think it is right when they do it. They are the definition of crazy and delusional this is their last stand and the stand is failing miserably.

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  9. Black women have promoted the N-word for black men for the past 30 years. The N-word for females is NIGRESS. Most black males, however, do not promote the word NIGRESS to describe black females. Therefore, a generation of black males and females constantly uses the
    N-word to describe black males. Maybe it is time to start using the word NIGRESS to describe black women.

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  10. Another documented example how much low class black women hate us. Thus we have to keep reaching out to save those brothers that can be saved from this Matrix! #SYDBM

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  11. Verbs,

    I thought you might be interested in seeing this video.

    Summary: A couple of black kids are fighting, with their friends egging them on. An older black man steps up to them and schools them simply by using words about how they’re shaming themselves by acting like this. And he actually succeeds.

    I’d bet that if a black woman was present during that fight involving KIDS, she’d have somehow worked herself into the scuffle. And if ANOTHER black woman or more were present, you can be sure that they’d be fighting each other like wild cats too.

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    • Now that’s how a REAL BROTHER takes care of business! Queans would’ve started World War III in that video.

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and you run out of road!

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  13. I saw those cartoons as well. A FB friend messaged me them. I admittedly brushed it off because these cartoons don’t hurt my feelings no more personaly. But as a group of black men I’m angry. But this just goes to show you how some of these I believe FEMINIST black women are. But I quit dating them in 2002 anyway and took my d…..k and went home in 2010/11.


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