Black Women Hate Free Speech And Being Held Accountable – The Pestilent Black Sisterhood Strikes Again

When they cannot debate you on the points black women will always move to get you censored and shutdown.


The is the pestilent black witch who lead the persecution of Erick Berry:

According to her profile Miss Anderson is a priestess of the Illuminati, meaning she is a witch. She also states that she is a feminist, of course, this is the standard religion that most black women subscribe to and follow. And to think that black men would still want to deal with such pestilent filth. I am friends with Erick Berry on Facebook, I personally told him that I have absolute no time for these dysfunction black female Frankenstein beasts.

As you can see from the plethora of screenshots the black witch Anderson and her crew of degenerates wasted no time in getting Erick’s Facebook and Instagram profiles shut down. What was Mr Berry’s sin I here you ask, simply holding black women’s feet to the fire of accountability, something which I constantly do here on my site.

From how I understand things took place Erick debated Anderson and her cohorts in a Facebook group and as I do he gave them absolutely no room to play the victim. They then decided that it would be appropriate to troll his Facebook profile, pull photos from his page, return, post them up in the group and take the mickey out of him. This doesn’t surprise me in the slightest, this is how these black harridans operate whenever you have them bang to rights and there is no way out for them. They honestly believe that insulting a person and his physical look is winning them the debate, this is the usual utter stupidity on the part of dysfunctional black women, they never fail to take the personal insults route whenever cornered.

Reading the screenshots you notice how the same racist theme continues to rear its ugly head, didn’t I tell you in my book Negro Wars that black women and racist white men are two sides of the same rusty, decadent coin. According to her Facebook profile Miss Anderson is supposed to be a Pan Africanist(one of Dr Umar Johnson’s acolytes no doubt) yet here she is referring to a black man as ashy, yet again also here we have another case of a black woman referring to a black man as “nigga”.

To make matters worse this black witch owns firearms and undertakes firearms training. Its bad enough having a mentally disjointed and mentally unstable black female such as Anderson roaming the streets, couple this with the fact that she owns firearms and now the recipe for disaster becomes even more volatile. See for yourselves:

Going back to the screenshots, notice the deep evil and the extremely vindictive nature of these black women, it wasn’t enough just to get his Facebook and Instagram profiles shut down, no, they decided that they would contact his place of work. Now, I don’t know if it’s actually true that he was sacked, however let us not forget how another black witch by the name of Christelyn Karazin and her bunch of feminist pack rats took the same action against the Vegainator which did result in him losing his job.

This is one of many reasons why black men and non black folks alike more and more are beginning to distance themselves from black women, nobody desires to hang around cursed, reprobate individuals who make it their sole mission attempting to destroy your life over a disagreement or a difference of opinion. I learned my lesson a long time ago on Facebook, all I post there are the links to my articles here, nothing more.

Facebook is a liberal feminist social media platform and black women representing the most extreme forms of liberalism and feminism will be protected at all times and at all costs. This is why these bitter black harridans rarely if ever come here to Slaying Evil, as there is no protection for them, there is no button that they can press to flag and report my articles because it is my own site.

That is all dysfunctional black women can do whenever they are cornered with the truth, like the diseased rodents that they are they will resort to their usual tactics of flag, report, flag, report, flag, report, flag, report, flag, report, flag, report, flag, report, flag, report. Again, notice how quick black women are to talk about lawyers and law suites as if they know anything about the law themselves.

Once you place pictures of yourself into the public square you cannot then turn around and complain if somebody takes a photo of you and uses it for a meme in order to make a point. If you don’t wish for your photos to be used then it is simple, don’t post them up in the first place. Of course we already know that black women are the most extreme attention whores, black witch and feminist Miss Anderson is no different, just take a look at her profile and you’ll see for yourselves.

Do not be fooled by these, pro black, back to Africa, Pan-African, red, black and green, hotep black women, most of them are whores and sluts who are desperately attempting to repackage themselves in order to hide their sordid pasts. As sure as night follows day, peel off the new label and there will be the old one right underneath it.

Black witch feminist Anderson is your typical, garden variety, dysfunctional, mentally insane black female. She attempts to present herself as a black women who is regal, a cut above the rest yet observing her gutter mouthpiece aswell as the beast stamp on her right breast, you soon begin to realise that you are simply dealing with your average hoodrat from around the way. Remember, hoodrat is a mindset.

Miss Anderson is the same low quality gutter trash as the black women who swarm around her on Facebook and who came to her beckoning when it was time to take down a black man social media profiles. You’ll notice in those comments that there were a few simps who decided to rear their ugly heads and pander towards this trash black female and her cohorts in the hopes of getting some Scooby snacks shoved down their mouths, namely the simps Darion Walker and Faraji Jackson.

These simps are a major problem within black society, they stay pandering to and licking the muddy boots of black women all day everyday, yet black women never reciprocate. None of these two black male numbskulls will ever be given the opportunity to dive into the panties of any of those women including Anderson herself. Black women simply use black men to bolster their position in whatever the current mission or objective is, in other words Walker and Jackson proved themselves through and through to be useful idiots.

What I and many other black men have been stating for the longest while is very true, education and intelligence are not one and the same. If they were then black woman would easily be able to meet black men at the debate table and harsh out their arguments. Instead what do we see, report, flag, report, flag, report, flag, report, flag, report, flag, report, flag, report, flag, report, flag, report, flag.

Black women are the dumbest individuals currently walking planet earth and they prove themselves to be this way constantly through their colossal failure in being able to defend themselves and their dysfunctional behaviours. This is one of many reasons why I liken most black women to spastics, their reasoning and intelligence faculties are simply non-existent.

I told you in Negro Wars that the overriding majority of black women today simply cannot be trusted under any circumstances, black men must learn to stop hanging around these women because they have already proven themselves time and time again to be detrimental towards a black man’s health.

I’m sure that you also noticed the eagerness of these black females to “take it to the streets”, this is the modern day black woman in a nutshell, an aggressive, violent, bloodthirsty savage who is constantly on the lookout for new plasma to spill. Black women have far surpassed black men in the realms of thuggery and violence by a long shot.

Black men, steer well clear of the black sisterhood devil spawn such as Anderson and her kind, these seedlings of Satan bring nothing to the table but strife, war, contention, beef, chaos, sickness, violence, bloodshed, murder, misery and all other things associated. I keep on telling you black men that these black women don’t like you and I continue put the evidence in your lap, those black men who still choose to deal with black women despite the repeated warnings do so at their own risk. If your hand gets bitten you only have yourself to blame.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

38 thoughts on “Black Women Hate Free Speech And Being Held Accountable – The Pestilent Black Sisterhood Strikes Again

  1. Good article. These trashy black women don’t and won’t realize that any of their videos and pictures are fair-use once it comes across a public forum. Unless they own their image (which they don’t), their legal case(s) will be thrown out of court but of course their “education” didn’t teach them that. What they’re doing as willing participants as menaces to society in the public eye for all to see has no dollar amount.

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    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      For some reason black women cannot seem to get their heads around the Fair Use policy, lol. I have to laugh at them whenever they quote laws they know nothing about.

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      • Verbs2005,

        These are the same type of low-grade black women that will accuse you of being a stalker when you respond to and used their degraded post(s) that they made public to warn others about how this woman/women think. Happened to me mid-August 2016 on Facebook, I was called an ‘stalking a**’ by a low-grade black woman with multiple kids by mutiple dads that I knew since elementary school just because I did the same thing I mentioned above warning others.

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  2. Unbelievable! First Obsidian, now they’re coming for this guy. So let’s get this straight, black men aren’t supposed to be loved or respected by “their” women, nor anyone else, especially white women. And we aren’t even allowed to express ourselves? Why sounds like the mindset of a KKK/white supremacist to me. Really feeling the “black love” sistas LOL

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    • Whtgrlsrawsome,

      Black women honestly thought that black men were going to perpetually remain on the plantation as their slaves, they cannot seem to get their heads around the massive rebellion that is currently taking place. Black women and racist white men, two sides of the same coin. Remember, black women view black men as property, hence their “black men have no rights” mindset.

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  4. First off, notice that every black chick you know has a lawyer.

    Second, notice the huge amounts of make up and flood lights to make this woman look lighter.

    Third, there’s no group who’s allowed to disparage black men with racist comments in social media like black women.

    Just gross. I hope more black men start dating chicks like Meghan Trainor, and that more black chicks keep living to 97 with no freaking man, and eskecially scorned by white men whom they worship.

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  5. 1st time here and I must say as I was reading down the screen shot’d list of comments the fact that not even 1 person thought that all that was unnecessary & way over the top as pure overkill smh Proves yet again how far gone the average blk female is…Useless to be with noting but evil awaits you…

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    • Crock,

      Black females will typically double down in their stupidity and their evil devices. As I wrote in Negro Wars there is no level that modern day black women will not stoop to, none.

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  6. So black women have groups talking about black men all over social media and when black man goes in on them they resort to getting his feelings taken off and blocked on social media smdh. All u have to do is just sit back and watch eventually BW will reveal their savage nature they cannot contain their beastly ways and they think because they have a degree they are so smart they are the dumbest most delusional people on Earth. You have to stay away from them they try to destroy anything a black man does and once again you can tell these 2 simps in the post were probably gay these simps and BW need to be thrown in a blood filled Ocean full of Great White Sharks

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    • >BW need to be thrown in a blood filled Ocean full of Great White Sharks

      Great White Sharks won’t touch them. Even sharks have standards! 🙂

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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    • In response to this and the above statement, there’s strength in numbers, especially for these chicks. When they’re around more of their kind, their inhibitions are lost.

      I hope more of these chicks start burning through their scalps like Countess Vaughn, and generally looking even more ridiculous and unattractive then they already are.

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  7. Brothers,

    These females should be considered HAZMATs (Hazardous Materials) unrivaled in their toxicity and should be treated accordingly – in other words – AVOID at ALL costs!!!

    They’re so toxic that even poison dart frogs won’t even go near them!

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off. And if the wheels fall off, replace them with new ones and keep it movin’.

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  8. @ thebackhandofreality you are correct Great Whites would stay away from them BW would contaminate the Ocean you do need hazmat and bio hazard warnings when BW are around they are worst than the Plague. BW are worst than a post apocalyptic wasteland.

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  9. Brothers, just keep on doing us. The only thing we need to do is be ourselves, date out and live happy lives.

    Online we’re fighting a losing battle, in the real world, we doing real good.

    Just keep on keeping on, lads.

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  10. I didn’t know the Veganator lost his job. Smh. Anyhoo seeing those screenshots here and in another group, THIS only solidifies my decision that there are some EVIL, WITCHCRAFT practicing, emotionally unstable, no account black women out here who JUST don’t want to get right with anything.

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  11. All of this because some mentally ill black women didn’t like what someone posted on his page. Notice how far they were willing to go to have this man’s life destroyed because they didn’t LIKE something he posted.
    Now could you imagine dealing with one of these disgusting, deranged, and delusional black woman demons in real life. Imagine the hell you would be put through if a black woman didn’t like something you did or said in real life?
    Black women are like children. If they don’t get their way they throw a tantrum and absolutely will not stop until they get what they want or they see the person who is allegedly ‘causing them a problem’ destroyed.
    This is why I refuse to speak to , acknowledge, or even look at black women unless I have to. Like an above poster pointed out, not one of those lunatics ever thought to point out that this might be a little bit over-the-top or too much to go through because you didn’t like what somebody posted on their page. But they were all applauding one another and thinking about more ways they could destroy this person’s life. And of course there are always simps encouraging and defending the mentally ill black woman’s irrational behavior. Of course these black women wouldn’t give these simps the time of day in real life, but you can’t tell a Simp that.
    The thread of comments posted by these black woman shows that the mind of black woman is focused on causing problems for Blackmen, destroying Blackmen, calling Blackmen names, and doing everything they can to make the lives of Blackmen a living hell.
    You cannot get anything positive from a group of women who hate you. The black woman cannot be reasoned with, bargained with, and she absolutely will not stop ever until Blackmen are dead or destroyed (Sotomayor).
    What man in their right mind would want to deal with the group of women that hate themselves, hate Whitewomen, hate Blackmen, and basically hated everything around them because they hate themselves. And of course whenever Blackmen bring up just how evil and arranged black women are, black women always come with the same tired ‘ you have mommy issues’.
    No, we have issues with the group of women who act as if the Worst Behavior on the planet earth is justifiable, and should not and cannot be questioned by anyone.
    I’m so sick of black women, I don’t even like looking at them. What a vile, vicious, bitter, evil, group of women. And when a black man finds happiness with a white woman or nonblack woman, these mentally ill black females will come out of the woodwork screaming ‘ you have self hate, ‘ you can’t deal with a strong black woman’, ‘ you have mommy issues’, ‘ you are gay’, etc, etc.
    Those comments buy those black women in that thread, are indicative of the state of mind of black women. Black women enjoy strife, drama, arguing, and any type of negative behavior that no sane man would want to ever be around. And yet the same black woman will try to guilt Blackmen into being with them.
    Avoid black women at all costs in order to live. Interact with black women and you will die a slow painful death.

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  12. In public with a black woman a part of me wants to take him to the side and say don’t you know that your life is being destroyed by being with this demon? Part of the reason why Blackmen can’t get past dating in dealing with black women is because they been raised in households full of single black women. In the minds of many Blackmen it’s sacrilegious to say anything against black women or even question their behavior. Also many black men are just not in the circles where they have access to speak to or deal with nonblack women. Many Blackmen live in communities were all Vaysee 365 days a year are black women. So by default Blackmen get involved with these evil black women.
    But those of us who live in areas where there are nonblack women available have the opportunity to seek happiness with nonblack women.
    I personally couldn’t imagine having to deal with a black woman on a daily basis. The attitudes of these black women are just horrible. And their attitudes should not be tolerated cannot be tolerated and will not be tolerated by black men who have a brain in their head.

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  13. Bill Snith I agree totally I could not imagine living with a black woman now. You would mess around and go crazy yourself if you had to live with one of these beast.

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  14. As usual, Verbs2015 drops the science and evidence that Black Women cannot be trusted nor dealt with on any level. I read the blog and seen plenty of men like Erick Berry get raliroaded or screwed by black women. At this point, I’ve realized (and internalized) Black Women are not suited for our best interest as men and as the race. Most forward thinking Black Men must extract themselves from Black Women if they want to survive(& live a stress-free life) at this point. Even the ones in your own family sadly.

    I’ve had to do the same towards women in my family. I’ve gotten tired of dealing with the the dictomy of “Femimism”, Religion, or/and plain old Whorism. Never taking accountability, thinking they are always in the right, and their utter narcissism, hypocrisies, & selfishness. Modern-Day “Buck-Breaking” does not happen or is not introduced to Black Boys through White Supremacy at first. It’s Black Women. They are making these Black Boys worship and over-value the purpose of these disloyal Black Women. And de-valuing their lineage, gender, and purpose as Men later on in life.

    Black Women have adopted Feminism and has picked up the degenerate & unfavorable Euro-Centric ideology of lesbians that wanted power over men via Feminism. It has only allowed Black Women to run free, fuck up, and blame others for their shitty short-comings. I feel for Erick Berry. Black Men must realize he must protect himself and his assets if dealing with Black Women. Deal with them on a minimum conversational level but no further than that.

    You cannot have any information online as it is public domain and will use it to intimate, harass, stalk, and/or even murder you. Erick Berry is very fortunate it was only his job that was lost. Luckily for me, I don’t associate with BW on social networking sites. Nor do I let them know where I’m employed (Thank God, I’m self-employed). These bat-shit, basket-case bitches will do everything in their power to try to destroy or ruin a mans life within will.

    @ Verbs2015…Awhile back in one of your other blogs, I left a YouTube link showing you the Black FemiNut Cunts who are starting this “Defense League” (
    The reason I mention this is because I knew eventually you would see one of these gun-toting lunatics online. Also (it’s a very small world we live in with eight degrees of separation), I’ve seen Mrs. “A Olivia Anderson” ( in person. Literally, no lying or kidding either. I think this Black FemiCunt lives in or near my City. That gun-range is in my city and I’ve been in that gun-store before. I’m not surprised she is just is a walking oxymoron. Now I have to be aware of not only the racist but these “Faux-Black” FemiNut Cunts who are armed and unstable.

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    • Rex,

      Thanks brother, these black feminazis are a serious problem and through more black women being thrown onto the scrapheap, they are able to reach and recruit even more mentally disjointed black females. Yep, these same black harridans rarely if ever come to this site because they know full well that there is no protection for them here. You and me both, I have seen many black men being shafted by black women on Facebook aswell as in real life. This is one of many reasons why I encourage black men to abandon black women altogether.

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      • Well, the more BW pick up their guns, the more others feel justified in reacting defensively.

        Play stupid games, win stupid prizes…

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  15. Now these insane, bitter, mentally unstable black women demons, are leading the way for black women to become (black) man hating lesbians. These alleged pro black/feminist black women, are simply lesbians, who hide behind feminism and ‘ black consciousness, in order to carry out more terrorism to destroy the lives of black men.
    And to think now these black women demons are walking around carrying guns???? How long before these black beast women begin shooting black men under the guise of ‘they (black women) were being abused’.
    Black women are liars. Black woman will say anything or do anything in order to get their way. Even if it means killing a black man or killing black children.
    How long before we see the ‘black lesbian defense force’, out there to protect black women (black lesbians and man haters), from the predatory, destructive black man, who oppress black women, black lesbians, and all women?
    Anything on the part of black women, to target, place blame on, and hate black men. Black women are very dangerous and very violent. Stay away from them.

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