Black Mothers Are The Number One Killers Of Black People Today


I haven’t seen a black woman rattle off so much logic and common sense like this in such a long time, today’s modern-day black woman typically is a grade A numbskull who knows nothing and acts like a petulant child. Everything she stated in the video was true, from black folks continuing on the path of failure by repeatedly voting for the Democratic party to the fact that black mothers are the number one killers in black society today. These are the same issues that I wrote about in Negro Wars.

Of course I talked about black folks in the US and their propensity to continue along the path of madness and failure in my article entitled Donald Trump vs Black Liberals, that article can be seen here. Think about it, how often is it that you run across a black woman like this?

As we all know most black women today dwell in lies and falsehoods, they hate the truth. This is one of the reasons why we black men hardly hear from the extremely slim numbers of truthful black women out there, didn’t she state in the video that she has been getting death threats from other black women just because she supports Trump? This is why black folks as a collective are toxic and anybody with common sense and intelligence will separate themselves from such contaminated individuals.

This is what the so called black community has come down to, nobody is permitted to think as an individual, everybody must think and act the same. This is some Orwellian 1984 nonsense. The black community is dead and black women were the ones who killed it through their betrayal and traitorous deeds. Anybody attempting to save black society at this point is simply wasting their time. The better position is for free thinking black folks to focus on pulling free and saving individuals within the black community who are awake and who are looking for the truth.

There you have it, just as I have been stating for the longest while, black women are in fact the number one killers in black society, don’t ever allow them to run the “gangs on the streets, black male violence, black men are killing other black men” Kansas City shuffle because those figures pale in comparison to the number of unborn lives that black women are snuffing out in abortion centers each and everyday. Bottom line, the biggest killers in black society are black women. The Negro Wars continue, #SYSBM.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

24 thoughts on “Black Mothers Are The Number One Killers Of Black People Today

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  2. Notice that she mentioned it was other black chicks threatening her. Violent as hell!!

    Even with mentioning all that gang crap, whose raising and screwing them? If you removed black women from existence, black society would improve overnight.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Yep, these days black women are far more gangster than black men. Black women will always open their legs to criminals, gangsters, thugs and short term relationship non productive black men, hence why it is very important that thinking black men walk away from black society as a whole. Most black folks are goners, all this talk about rebuilding the community is based upon the notion that such a project is possible, however nothing could be further from the truth.

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      • I love how this assertion blames the downfall of black society on women opening their legs to thugs , criminal and gangstas and yet fails to address why there are so many thugs/ criminals and ganstas to choose from. Why do so many of these comments seem to absolve black men of any responsibility in the problems of black society ??? Is it because these comments are coming from black men?? Logically speaking black women are far more successful than black men as a whole, despite being raised in the same homes. That alone should rip a hole into the theory that black women are the reason for the black community’s downfall. They have higher college enrollment rates, higher college graduation rates ( last study I check found a 65% : 35% ratio . Thats almost twice as many black women graduating than black men. They also have higher employment rates than black men and lower incarceration rates ( although this wont be saying much because incarceration rates are much lower in women of any other race). All in all not only are black women more likely to graduate high school than black men,they are more likely to attend college, and more likely to graduate if they do.

        I mean I could go on to discuss the comparison of different measures of success.. but it seems a lot of black men seem to be just as in denial about their shortcomings as you claim black women are.


      • Kaci,

        Again, yet another issue that I have already discussed many times before on this site, the thugs, criminals and gangsters are coming from broken homes, this is a fact that has been proven and cannot be refuted. Black women are producing the overwhelming majority of the dregs of black male society. Not only that but black women are also choosing to procreate with these same unproductive individuals, I have already proven this in the article below:

        Black men can only go where they are accepted and permitted to gain entry, if black women shunned the thug types and instead homed in on the productive, hard working, thinking black men(much like non black women do) then we wouldn’t have half the problems we do today as a society. Dysfunctional black men are not the root/source of the problem, they are merely a by-product of it.

        The systems of the west are gynocentric and feminist, therefore women will automatically be permitted to have the upper hand over men by default. The so called achievements black women have made socially, economically and academically in the aggregate still amount to nothing because none of these “successes” translate into the betterment of black society, black communities are still going down the proverbial toilet.

        When we look at life in general black women are on the losing team, they are the least married, the least desired, the most violent, masculine and rebellious females on the planet. They kill 5 times more unborn children in abortion clinics than white women, they refuse to wear their own hair and instead choose to take pride in wearing the hair that comes from the heads of non black women.

        Most black women are overweight(80%), black women have the most children outside of committed relationships, the are the highest abusers of their own children, they in fact hate black children hence why they only connect with them through violence or they choose to kill them, black women are the most disease ridden women on planet earth, even just having sex with black women comes with huge risks attached. Lastly most black women are single.

        So, as you can clearly see for yourself black women are failing in many more areas than they are being successful in. Black women have their priorities backwards, typically putting money, academic and social status first over finding a good man and having a family. And by the way the incarceration rates for black women are increasing despite them having a clear advantage over black men.

        The so called “successes” of black women are only as a result of them siding with feminism and fatherless home welfare policies from the state. Black women had to sell their own people down the river in order to become successful, they could never achieve any significant levels of success off their own backs.

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      • Interesting how when it comes to accountability, women (in general, but black women specifically) want no part of that. However, they’ll take all kinds of (unwarranted, undeserved, untrue) praise. We can at least come to the consensus that there is an issue in the black community, right? However, in order to make improvements on our lot, we first have to explore the root of our woes. Ultimately and unfortunately, it falls on the shoulders of either one or the other.

        It couldn’t be us men firstly, because the societal construct already stacks the cards against us (in general, but black men specifically); and an intelligent, strong black man who believes in brotherly love and unity is viewed as more of a threat than a gang of wayward thugs with a crate of paramilitary arms and a hair-trigger attitude. You women owe (at least part of) your success thanks to the State and/or us via child support (but, again, copping to that would be like sour grapes).

        The beautiful, sweet irony to all of this is that the latter of the two choices that many women (in general, but black women specifically) are attracted to in their younger (and foolish) years are not the intelligent (i.e., lame) but the thugs for some reason! And, by the time these educated, independent, strong black women get some sense – albeit, they’re older and wiser (???), but they got a few kids in tow (with either a wayward thug-in-training, and/or a fast-just-like-her-momma young woman who got a taste for a thug). Wash, wrinse, repeat. I’m seeing this with my own eyes as the generation I’m in perpetuates this diseased way of thinking.

        Who needs to own the blame? More so than the other, it’s women (in general, black women specifically)! And, here’s why: It is commonplace in the pimp world that a woman chooses her pimp. Therefore, you have to be accountable for the ripple effect of those choices. Even if you believe that men should share in that blame OWE YOURS FIRST! Work on your part of the change that is needed instead of deflection (a woman’s number one defense) and mabe you can begin to be celebrated for saving our communities. Because Lord knows that if miraculously we as a community were to get some act right tomorrow but it was in no way due to your actions, you’d still be on the forefront looking for that praise.

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      • C Philmoore,

        Black women will always take the convenient route of judging a situation from its mid-way point, they will never look at a situation from its origin because they know from there the blame can squarely be placed upon them. This is why I do not appeal to black women as a collective anymore, you simply cannot form a union with somebody who absolutely refuses to hold themselves responsible and accountable for anything.

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  3. We simply need to pull away and begin to specifically discern ourselves from the rest. If rachet broads mate with the thugs, let them have it. Those who are indeed free will find one another and breed accordingly. Society as a whole will soon see the clear distinction between the two and such “unproductive” fruit will eventually die on the vine.

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    • Check this out (courtesy of Kid Organic)! The queans will definitely blow their weave over this! This strongly REFUTES their “black men ain’t shit” narrative!

      In his intro, he usually gives a shout out to SYSBM.

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  4. This article fails to assign any responsibility to black men in any of this. What about the men impregnating these women ? Are you one of those folks who solely blame all the faults of the community on black women?


    • Kaci,

      I’ve dealt with this argument many times before on the site, since black women are still choosing to open their legs and procreate with non productive, short term black men they ultimately are still to blame. Black women have already made it known that they much prefer dealing with the lower dregs and the scumbags of black male society, when making decisions like that then expect the expected. You cannot convert scum black males into decent black men, however most black women to date have still refused to accept that memo.

      Its easy to lay the blame at the feet of black women because they ultimately decide who they allow to enter into their bodies.

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    • I would concede to your point unless you’re then insinuating that rape or otherwise nonconsentual sex is rampant in the black community. Are you? You, as a woman, make the choice to lay down with a thug that you know is no good, but for some reason his tattoos get you moist. Then, because you know that the State will take care of you, you then don’t terminate the baby that will quite possibly be a ward of the State. Stop trying to pass the blame and owe your lot! This is getting insane.

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  5. BW who split their legs to low-class thug niggaz, then turn round and blame the man are, quite frankly, idiots.

    REAL women think long and hard about the quality and type of man before bearing his seed.

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