Western Governments And Their Systematic Kidnapping Of Children

Here is a rather long video of a black couple who children were taken(kidnapped) by Child Protective Services(CPS) in the US. This is a major problem in western countries, western governments are determined to show parents that their children actually belong to the State. Europe, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United States, even here in the United Kingdom the story is the same. Here is the clip, those with children would do well to pay attention:

The brother at mark 1.14.00 talked about how when he tried to reach out to other black men he was met with silence, nobody reached out to him because he was not affiliated with a Hebrew Israelite camp. This doesn’t surprise me at all because as I have been stating for the longest while that most black folks are contaminated and disingenuous.

Most talk a big talk but when it comes down to putting the pedal to the metal, most of these same big chested, motormouth individuals are nowhere to be found ie missing in action. Belonging to a Hebrew Israelite camp would have made no difference to this couple, black society as a whole has purposely been infused with a selfish mindset by the modern day black woman. It is sad to say but in a black person’s time of need he/she can rely more upon the help of non black people than his/her own, that’s just the truth.

The overwhelming majority of the Hebrew Israelite camps just like the pro black squads are very cliquey and close-knit. You must give up who you are as a person for the group, you most definitely are not allowed to have your own opinions, you most certainly are not permitted to retain your individual personality ie who you are. You must follow the group rules, you are not allowed to question anything even if you observe blatantly error.

Any failure to comply with all rules and regulations will result in your immediate expulsion. This is why I understand why many folks including myself view these modern day Israelite camps as cults, they are no different to the institutional church beast infrastructure. The same way I tell folks to walk away from these failing churches is the same way I advice black folks in the knowledge of who they are to walk away from or avoid joining groups and instead walk as individuals fellowshipping with like-minded people outside of the prison bars of such camps.

Turning back to the matter at hand, there are plenty of cases of black children being kidnapped from parents, I can remember the recent case of Kiarre Harris, a single mother whose children were removed by CPS because she decided that her children would be better off receiving their education at home, much like the couple above.

Then I remember another case which occurred in 2011 where a black husband with his wife and 6 children moved into a make shift house after the husband had lost his job as a welder. Everything was fine until somebody reported the family to Child Protective Services who as per the usual protocols immediately swooped in and removed the children from the couple. The radio show host Alex Jones covered that particular case and gives a thorough breakdown of the CPS in the video below:

CPS or Social Services as they are known in the United Kingdom particularly prey upon innocent close-knit happy families or single parents who are middle working class individuals. You’ll notice that low life bums and government dependents especially in the single mother department rarely if ever have their children removed from their custody.

CPS/Social Services as Alex Jones explained is all about the breakup of the family, they hate seeing happy families which is why whenever they come across one they make it their mission to destroy it. The problem with the Hebrew Israelite couple stems from the daughter who was not the biological offspring of the husband. As he stated he took her on as his own, a move I believe was a big mistake.

The problem in dealing with other people’s children especially if they are of an accountable and understanding age is that there will come that day when you will hear those familiar words, “you are not my father”. Old boy’s mistake was being a simp and dealing with a single mother, as he himself stated it was the daughter who reported them to CPS because the parents refused to accept her application to become a whore.

The mother no doubt is your typical black female, she gets pregnant by the scum of black society and then expects the good guy ie the clean up man to come along and save her from the consequences of her bad choices. For this woman she struck it lucky, however the daughter’s whorish behaviour and spoilt brat mentality(which was allowed by the mother) has now caused them to lose all of their children.

The reason why the daughter is a whore is because the mother most probably was a whore before she “found God”. I’m sorry, I have to be harsh on the mother here because it was her lack of adequate mothering skills in the earlier years that caused her daughter to go astray and want to either jump into bed or run off with every single man she met whether online or in person.

Many black women are undergoing a phase of repackaging themselves in order to cover up their true agendas aswell as their whorish sins of the past. If a woman genuinely changes for the better then I have no issue, the problem is how common is it to find black women who genuinely change for the better? Very rarely if ever does this happen.

Going back to the case, from the further information that I have been given it has been brought to my attention that the father has now been sent to prison for 13 years, 13 years on charges that were completely fabricated by CPS as he proved himself and his wife to be innocent when he presented his evidence in the Kangaroo family court. I’m not sure what the current case is with his wife, however no doubt if she receives a sentence it will be less than her husband’s.

Do you see how yet again we have another situation where a black woman has ruined the life of a black man, in this case it was the black woman’s daughter who was the catalyst behind these terrible chain of events. Gentlemen, don’t deal with single mothers, they typically are more trouble than they are worth, this black father found that out the hard way.

In the United Kingdom many folks are taking a far different approach in dealing with Social Services, the long and short of it is they aren’t and are choosing instead to flee to different countries in order to protect their children. Here is a news clip in which the process is explained:

The entire system is rigged against you from start to finish, as soon as Social Services/CPS enter your lives, their sole aim is to remove your children from the home by any means necessary including lying, having “witnesses” and so called “experts” make up false information that swings in the state’s favour.

I admit that I still want to have children, however I point-blank refuse to have them in this country chiefly because of this type of underhanded skullduggery. If I had children and Social Services attempted to take them, blood would most definitely run in the streets. Your silly pieces of paper do not give you the right nor the authority to remove my own flesh and blood from my possession, what the law says matters not.

As Alex Jones stated the kidnapping of children is very big business and the reason why the overwhelming majority of the time these corrupt departments of government get away with it is because most of the general public have become domesticated and extremely docile. Governments couldn’t have gotten away with this type of lawlessness 60 years ago, however because society as whole has lost its moral compass, there is no longer a conviction within individuals to stand against evil, stand beside and fight for those who have been wronged.

Apart from the declining education standards, one of the main reasons why more people are beginning to remove their children from public schools and instead opt for homeschooling is because many parents are starting to realise that public schools in reality are government training camps and the teachers within them perform the duties of being spies and snitch agents.

Most Social Services/CPS cases are referred to them by the schools hence why many parents are now beginning to give public schooling the middle finger and rightly so. Teachers are supposed to teach, not perform the duties of spies and snitches on behalf of the state. Hospitals and doctors make up some of the other ways that a person’s children can be reported to CPS/Social Services.

If you have children and you take them into a hospital or to see the doctor especially for anything serious, you’d better believe that the details of that child’s sickness or injuries have been logged and in many cases a CPS/social services worker will come knocking on your door in order to “make sure everything is ok with your children”.

The first visit made is called “First Contact” and it is at this point where most parents make their biggest mistake. Instead of instructing Social Services/CPS to take a hike and get lost, most folks mistakenly cooperate and invite these serpents into their homes believing that because they have done nothing wrong they have nothing to worry about……wrong move. The purpose of that first visit is to put a contract in place through collecting the details of the child/children in question. Once you allow these buzzards into your home that is it, you have now contracted with them and CPS/Social Services will continue to harass you until they have removed your children. Never forget, removal of children is always the aim.

As a rule you should never cooperate with people who are not operating in your best interests, remember cooperation = contracting. If you don’t cooperate it means that you are not contracting with them. Remember these government authorities use the information you freely provide to work against you and your family, we’ve seen this before.

Remember when the police arrested somebody back in the day, part of the reading of the individual’s rights was that “anything they said would be used AGAINST them in a court of law”, however now that particular section I believe has changed to ‘anything you say MAY be used as evidence” or something to that effect. Governments are extremely crafty so you have to operate in the same manner. Remember, in legalese terms “may” means “will”.

The bottom line is this, this corruption cannot be dealt with comfortably, government has to be taught to respect the people and unfortunately such teaching usually involves war and bloodshed. I personally am of the opinion that if possible black folks ought to leave western countries and set themselves up elsewhere as things are only going to get worse, the west is fast becoming like the third world anyway.

At least in a third world country you will be left alone and you for the most part are free to live your life without government interference. I have experienced this free-living first hand so I am not just talking for the sake of being heard. In any case a passport should be a vital part of a black man’s arsenal just in case things go haywire in the west which is already looking like a strong possibility.

Most folks love the west because of its conveniences, however those conveniences are fast disappearing. Not only that but most people have become slaves to those same conveniences, technology is a double-edged sword indeed. Those of you with children must take great care because there is a CPS/Social worker hiding around every corner looking for the opportunity to snatch your children, especially if you are a solid, close-knit family or a hard working individual. Don’t be that person, don’t become a victim.

P.S Thanks to Lilian for giving me the heads up on this story.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

18 thoughts on “Western Governments And Their Systematic Kidnapping Of Children

  1. Greetings Brother Verbs,

    The infantile vitamin D Thing I was telling you about and children taken away, when in fact, the children have a temporary metabolic bone disorder! ALL BLACK FAMILY’s SHOULD SEE THIS CLIP ALSO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1mJuvizWNI

    Brother Verbs, your jaw will drop after you see that video interview.

    Lastly here is another clip from a former CPS worker Carlos Morales who is now a whistle blower concerning the tactics that too will require major orthodontic surgery following what you hear on this radio interview as well: Red Ice Radio – Carlos Morales – Legally Kidnapped: The Case Against Child Protective Services: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iNtoUSEIhQ

    Blessings to you and yours.

    Kind regards,


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  2. Pathetic and sad. Social services needs to be eradicated. They typically only take children away from/target people who are actually trying to be good parents and do right by their children, all the while ignoring actual blatant examples of child abuse. This namely stems from single mothers, who, especially in the black community, will have children in the most debaucherous, deplorable conditions and yet never get harassed by these groups. All they get is more handouts from the government!!

    As for leaving to go elsewhere, keep in mind how little known much of this information is. I say, first spread this information and hopefully, make the awareness strong enough to where people can proverbially take it to the government. We’ll never have anything long term in any country if we refuse to at least fight first before we run. If that involves fisticuffs, so be it. If chances still look bleak, then leave. For Europe, I would suggest countries like Russia where they are much more pro family, and anti cultural Marxism. Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, and Singapore are good as well.

    And I’ve noticed the very cult like nature of the Israelites, which is why I could never rock with them that hard. Quite frankly, just like the hoteps and many of the more mainstream Jesus freak types, they talk a bunch of stuff, and have a lot of wealth many times to show for it, but never want to build anything. Much like with the government, they refuse to help or team up with anyone actually trying to build something of tangible resource for blacks, but will throw money all day at Lost causes, thugs, women, and people who really just need to get off of their @$$&$ and go to work. That’s that HNIC mentality, which ironically is held most by negroes who build NOTHING!!


    • Afrofuturism1,

      Single black mothers especially are almost never get targeted because they already fit the decadent agenda of socialism, broken families. If a black single mother’s children are removed for whatever reason, 9 times out of 10 they will be returned to her.

      That’s exactly what it is all about, as long as you are a broken home and dependent upon the government then you are good to go.

      In terms of leaving the west it’s up to the individual depending on their personal circumstances, some folks might be better off leaving because they will have more to lose than others. Russia definitely is pro family, over there they pay their people to have children plus they don’t push the homosexual rubbish either. Japan may have been a good spot if it wasn’t for their ongoing radiation problem. That sucker is still leaking to this day even though it isn’t in the news.

      The Hebrew Israelite camps are no different to the church beast institutions, it’s all about image, money and prestige with those guys now, just like the church they deliberately mix in truth with lies in order to play on the uncertainties in people’s minds. The HNIC is everywhere, Hebrew camps are most definitely included. Just like the church beast pastors once these Negroes begin to taste the money and the fruits of a lucrative income, that’s it, they are locked in and won’t let that lifestyle go for anything.

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      • The first thing that should be asked of these black religious groups is what of tangible substance they offer to blacks.

        When you think of it, how is social services not working overtime in Chicago and Detroit? Once again, their mission is done there, those families/communities are spent.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Straight talk. Black religious groups are a joke these days especially the institutional church. They so don’t put back anything into black society. Exactly, Detroit and Chicago are basket cases, exactly in the state social services want them in.

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      • @Verbs

        I’ll sure you’ve seen the Israelites United in Christ (IUIC) group online, those Hebrew Israelite church members have a presence in the UK. I’m also sure that Rasta who was giving my Becky the evil eye has heard of them too. Complete cult, if you ask me. Dick monitors to boot too.

        Also a story out of London where a young black mother pretended her child died on the bus, the child was murdered before:

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      • Michel,

        Indeed, I’m very familiar with IUIC, GMS, GOCC, ISPUK and quite a few others. Joining any one of these groups is no different than taking part in a boot camp. Thanks bro, I’ll be checking out that story.


      • London Borough of Islington -v- Al-Alas and Wray and others judgment

        Check out this major eventual justice, which was extremely close to a major miscarriage of justice, had an autopsy not been carried out on this young couple’s beautiful child. It was Great Ormond Street Hospital, who eventually murdered their child due to gross medical negligence, whilst being hell-bent on blaming the young couple for murder. This couple’s baby died from the most extreme, severest form of vitamin D deficiency and the parents were initially blamed for the death of their own child. Due to a major breakthrough, and thoroughness of the coroner, the parents were exonerated but at the cost of their child. They had a second child who was removed at birth whilst the case of their first child was ongoing. Despite the parents being found NOT GUILTY, the social SERVICES STILL went to family court to contest the return of their second child and complained that they did not agree with the criminal verdict of innocence.

        Did you know that social services still take away your children even if you have NOT been found guilty of criminal behaviour towards your children?………………..because this evil formula worked since Tony Blair and David Cameron were in power, it is STILL going on today in UK while real evil parents get away Scot free.

        Lastly, please look at letter written in June 2017 this year, from Isrjusticefoundation: http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/forced-adoption-uk-all-time-high-state-stealing-children


    • Mr Afrofuturism1,

      Guess what reasons they are taking children in England for?

      1. Emotional abuse or future emotional abuse. You cannot shout at your children, you cannot encourage your children to do well at school, you cannot impart moral teachings to your children in case it upsets them and they are overheard telling their friends at school that they think their parents are a little unreasonable with rules and regulations at home.
      2. Spousal abuse. If the mother is being beaten by her husband or in fact, the other way round, she/he is considered a danger to her/his children, as if she/he is unable to protect herself/himself, she/he is unable to protect her/his children. This is done when either of the parents calls the police to report their spouse of physical abuse.
      3. If one or both of the parents have a low IQ or no school qualifications.
      4. If either of the parents were in foster care when they were children. They are considered to have inadequate ability to love and care for their own future children.
      5. If the mother or father has ever suffered from depression or some kind of mental instability (now resolved) in the past and there are records with their G.P. (doctor).
      6. If one of the parents had been sexually abused as children and sent to care or had reported it as children and nothing was done at the time.
      7. If the parents had been drug/alcohol addicts in the past before they ever had children
      8. If the parents had attempted to commit suicide before they had children and there is a record of this in the hospital, even though that parent sought counselling etc. for their past issues before having children.
      9. If the child is considered to be obese. If you see what they classify as obese in children nowadays, you will laugh. The child is nowhere near the size of the odd fat child we once saw at school back in the day.
      10. If the child is autistic or ADHD or whatever jumped up learning issue that never existed back in the 50’s, 60’s. 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.
      11. If the child is severely disabled and parents ask for equipment from the hospital etc. to assist in the care of that child at home. A parent had pleaded with the council and hospital to provide a stairlift (like the ones they have for old people) and wheelchair and a sit-in shower (the one with the metal chair and lifter thingy) and the social services twisted it and simply said the parents were unable to cope with their disabled child. The child was adopted by rich strangers who were provided with a house fully kitted out with the same equipment that the biological parents had asked for previously. The social services says that they have reason to believe that the stress of looking after a disabled child would cause the parents to physically abuse them out of frustration.
      12. If a parent seeks temporary rehousing following a flooding from the resident of the flat above. The ceiling has caved in. Council/housing/maintenance officers are called to review the damage and they secretly call social services to say the house is squalid and unfit for children, as though it was the parents fault……..
      13. If a child accidentally vomits/wets themselves/or has diarrhoea at primary school/nursery, the teachers blame the parents and assume that the child is expressing fear of some kind of abuse going on in the home. You know how they say that a child who wets the bed is being abused, they say that a child who has a toilet accident is somewhat being abused and it is a cry for help…………….

      I will add to the list tomorrow……….

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  3. Also, why are women not penalized in terms of social services? If they can’t handle taking care of their kids, at most they get the kids taken away. If the same happens to a man, he’s jailed?!!!

    Keep in mind black men that these queens that “march for you” are the first ones to call said white government services on you.

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    • Exactly,

      The blog brother Verbs did a few days ago entitled, “Proof Dysfunctional Black Women Must Be Utterly Broken Before They Can Be Redeemed” is a prime example. Now the woman portrayed in that particular clip is what black women who are like her should have to face in a family court. As God has given the human race another chance through his only begotten son’s death, black women need to realise just how lucky they are to be given that chance. The thing is, some black women are too cruel to grab that opportunity to change their ways for the better and find other tactics to terrorise their children in more subtle ways than the actual physical abuse.

      I need not go into those tactics, as we all have experienced them in some form or fashion and are the so-called “survivors” of such abuse.

      The godly rules of parenting has all but flipped on it’s head in this society. Those who want to raise their children in a moral and upright manner are the ones branded child abusers and religious zealots etc. and those parents who blatantly abuse and kill their children and have been witnessed doing so, get away with it and all kinds of excuses are made for those evil parents. They are jailed mind you, but when they are released from prison, they get new identities, counselling, new homes, new partners and have more children without their past being exposed…………..

      Whilst innocent parents whose children are sick, the parents are blamed for the child’s sickness (including the broken bones, as not all broken bones in an infant is caused by abuse, there are several metabolic bone disease that cause brittle or weak bones) if the child is misbehaving and the child needs to be taught how to behave appropriately, the parents are deemed too harsh even if the parent has simply scolded the child, it is deemed as emotional abuse, if the parents demand that their daughter dresses modestly, the father is deemed to hate women or the mother is deemed a prudish or a controlled wife who is following the orders of a man who hates women. If a black man loses his job, he is considered lazy and unable to provide for his family so a white man and his white wife are deemed perfect candidates to take care of this black child……….the list goes on and on and on. In England any child born before 2003 to parents who were not married to the State (but were still very much committed to one another), the father of that child was not recognised by the State as the child’s father. Therefore, if anything happened to the mother (if she died, got sick, or was an unfit mother, the father would have to apply to the courts for parental rights and responsibilities before considering taking on the single dad role. The law has changed now but it has not made the slightest of difference, hence the development of the “Father’s Rights Group” (the founder of that group has now died) where a group of fathers dressed up as super heroes and scaled the houses of parliament in order to protest to have equal custodial and visitation rights of their children. There are other similar groups since then, but there are no black father groups that I know of in England.

      Secondly, please see an artical about Senator Nancy Schaefer who may have been murdered alongside her husband following her campaign against the corrupt CPS tactics:


      Blessings to all my brothers and sisters on this site in the meantime


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  4. This is why you DO NOT get a marriage license, it doesn’t which country you live in. When you sign a marriage license any children you have is NOT yours. That means you made an agreement to this.

    “In this regard, children born to the contract are regarded as “the contract bearing fruit.”
    The clerk said it is vitally important for parents to understand two doctrines that became established in the United States during the 1930s:

    The first is the Doctrine of Parens Patriae.
    The second is the Doctrine of In Loco Parentis.

    Parens Patriae means literally “the parent of the country” or to state it more bluntly — the State is the undisclosed true parent.Along this line, a 1930s Arizona Supreme Court case states that parents have no property right in their children, and have custody of their children during good behavior at the sufferance of the State.
    This means that parents may raise their children and maintain custody of their children as long as they don’t offend the State, but if they in some manner displease the State, the State can step in at any time and exercise its superior status and take custody and control of its children — the parents are only conditional caretakers.”


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    • MikeTO,

      This is all true, I remember discovering this a while back. I don’t understand why people get permission from the state to get married when the Most High(the one who created marriage in the first place) has already given man the authority to be married without any interference from government. This is why it is better to sign a marriage covenant which has nothing to do with the state, here is an example of one:


      They used to have marriage covenant pages printed in bibles, back in the day folks who got married would simply fill out the relevant page and that was it. Obviously with governments having taken over marriage most bible printing companies don’t bother including the marriage covenant page anymore.

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      • Hear this bullcrap,

        African parents had their child removed from their care permanently after going to their G.P. to discuss the fact that their child’s development has regressed following vaccination (the parents did not say that the child’s regression had been caused by the vaccines, it just so happens that the child’s regression took place hours and days after the vaccination, as well all know now vaccines do cause retardation and autism in children. At the time the parents were not aware of this, but they were concerned for their child nevertheless). The parents were accused of lack of stimulating their toddler and they also accused the parents that speaking to the child in both English and their native language was causing the child to “be confused and educationally restrained” and therefore the parents were neglectful by “trying to force the child to speak a language not recognised in England and Wales”. The social services lied to the parents that it was against the law to teach the child a language that is not taught in schools such as, Spanish, French and German………………..guys, if you here the crap that was thrown at the two parents……………

        To make matters worse, the parents had the customary marriage blessings that usually takes place back home and when arriving in England, had not gone to the registry office to “get married to the State”. As such, the social services also accused the parents of being illegal immigrants, even though both parents had been born in England but raised as children in their African countries. In spite of the parents proving that they were born here, the parents were deported back to Africa but were not allowed to take their child with them.

        Can you imagine?????

        I hear Indian, Arab, Somali, and I will even throw in Polish, Russian and any one who is not French, Spanish or German, speaking with their children in their native language, as well as English. Why are these West African parents being told that their speaking to their child in their language neglectful and “restraining the child’s stimulus and education?”

        Secondly, since when is a customary blessing considered illegal immigration????????????

        I thought that marriage was the sexual union between man and wife (woman) and like we all know, a holy covenant between them and the Most High?

        The customary blessing thingy in Africa is just a celebration of the sexual union between man and wife (woman) and to also bless the future children that will come from that union. Secondly, these customary blessings is also top announce that the couple are now man and wife so that everyone knows not to try and commit adultery etc.

        How is it therefore that if the couple come to Europe that their not marrying the State, but born there, are considered illegal immigrants???????????????

        How is it that the child who has become ill following their vaccination is permanently removed from the parent’s care????????????????????


      • Also did you know, that the State are very much aware of the Godly union between man and woman but pretend that they do not?

        Did you know that if you have “got married” via the State registry office signing, if you want to end that contract there are two types, annulment or decree absolute.

        If the couple did not have sex during that “contract” and no longer want to be together, they cannot get a divorce, they have to go for an annulment. A divorce, as they put it, is when the couple have had sex and no longer want to be together. Not many people know that. They think that an annulment is simply there if the two people realise that they made a mistake because they were too drunk that day and were having a laugh!!!!!!!

        Anyway, who would like to be “joined together” by someone who could be an atheiest, homosexual, or paedophile???? When you go to the registry office to “get married,” for all you know, that person who is countersigning your “marriage certificate” may have someone’s child chained up in their underground dungeon somewhere in London? It is those same people who think that the “Power invested in them, (probably by Satan himself)”, can come into your home and take away your children. How does one know if the family court judge did not have his hands down the knickers or pants of a minor prior to making the decision to have your OWN child removed from your care permanently???????

        Either way, signing the document to say you are “married” does not mean you are married in the Godly sense. This is why I do not get it when the older black generation in this country (England) scorn younger black couples who did not walk down the aisle and they do no see a gold ring on the couple’s fingers, but they live together, are considered fornicators. When a so-called “unmarried” couple had informed their family members to take the child so that they are not put up for adoption with strangers, the family told the couple that it is because of their “fornication” that God has punished them!!!!!!!! What a ting!!!!!

        You see, this is why you also see that when young black couples who have their children taken away, through no real fault of their own, they never, ever, receive support from their families or wider black communities and black churches, as they consider the couple to be fornicating and therefore disqualified to being parents…………………………

        Brothers, Verbs, and sisters,

        This is why I agree with many of you regarding coming out of that false religious bondage. You will never, ever, ever get the true support you need when you need it…………

        This is why there are multiple reasons why the Most High said to us in the ten Commandments and later on through is Son, if you consider anyone or anything else to be your “God” then watch and see what will happen in your life……………..stop giving the power to the social services, school teachers, doctors, policemen, etc, the POWER to rule our lives and let the Most High who designed and created US, therefore is the only one who knows how to restore any damage caused to us either by our own afflictions or afflictions caused by others. Trust in the teachings and guidance of the Most High and not by the Satanic Evil people who think they are the Gods of us…………………………………


  5. Good afternoon Brother Verbs,

    Brought this up again, as it is getting much, much, much, worse in the UK.

    Please discuss this again. Could not fin done concerning black children. However, this is the year that most black children who were fostered or adopted in 2000/2001 are now returning back to society as recovering drugs addicts, severe mental health issues, alcoholics, raging anger issues, and survivors of physical and mental abuse at the hands of their adopters, AND HOMELESS ,with no “education”……….the evil adopters are those who are mainly of African/West Indian origin placed in the lower middle classes (civil servants etc.) who were unable to have children of their own or experienced divorce (with perhaps one child) or widowhood. This is just the UK black children who have this year, turned 18 or 19 years old and have come back as Zombies, and much, much worse off than when they were taken off their parents in the first place. You will find that most children came from homes where support rather than punishment should have been offered where actual abuse had not taken place. You will also find that in the inner city council estates, poverty is often mistaken for neglect, which is a major tragedy, for reasons, I need not get into as you, yourself live in London and know what is is like to be poor (not spiritually mind you) at some point in one’s life.

    The above documentary is based in England and some parts of London and does not feature black children but black children suffer tremendously nevertheless. I think that black people in UK would do good to do a documentary similar to the one above. The problem is, black people would be far too ashamed and embarrassed to highlight such a social cleansing. The other thing is, there is no such thing as a nuclear black family in London anymore. The generations have yet to retire and most born in the 1970s have not survived relationships long enough for children being born into them to maintain the same parents. This is because those born in the 1950’s were children who had been indoctrinated by the feminist movement and all the other evils attached to it, that by the 1970s and 1980s black mothers had emigrated to England/Americas from Africa/West Indies and thought that there were better than their “bush” parents back home.

    1970s born black children, have children of their own taken away, even though it was their own mothers previously who should have been visited by the social services…………………Brother Verbs, most black people currently in their late 30s up to the age of 50, were severely beaten ferociously and sexually abused incessantly, by their black mothers and family members and nothing was done…………………now 1 in 5 black children in council estates from 1997 until now are still being

    Please watch, and please make another comment. Lastly, black pregnant mothers in England without sufficient vitamin D better watch out. They may give birth to a baby with extremely weak bones, which would be prone to fracture and the parents get blamed for it weeks or six months down the line during a routine check-up. They may never see their babies again after that………………


    • @ Lilian,

      There is stuff on the line in UK concerning black families, do not worry, innocent black families are fighting back too in the UK: Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgrTC01PJCc. African woman and her husband eventually won their case. I am unsure if her husband was allowed back in the home. He did not do anything to his child. I think these people sound Somalian, but the website say’s Zimbabwe……..at some

      Another one is so sad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6u0vfUQh0eY about the horrible effects of being in care as a black child in London. It is an evil empire.

      Keep looking and collate the evidence and write to the Houses of Parliament every single year! I know this website is not about social services, but clearly this was brought up again maybe because another child in UK has been adopted out of their family again and perhaps you have witnessed it or had a parent cry on ones shoulder.




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