Black Women – The Most Racist Individuals Walking The Planet


And some of you black men are still choosing to deal with these racist, mentally challenged black females because??? I keep on telling you this, despite the fact that black women in no uncertain terms have made it clear that they hate dark skinned black men and would much prefer to deal with light-skinned black men, mixed race and white men, there are still a number of black men with whom the penny has still yet to drop.

Again, note the hypocrisy here, the fact that black women will permit themselves to have a preference towards light, bright, damn near white and white men, however if a black man has the same preferences in the opposite sex then he is labelled by black women as being “colour struck” or he is told that he has “a bias against the dark skinned sistas”. Black men need to stop allowing black women to run rings around them using these deceptive 100 hand shuffles.

Black women freely and eagerly run into the arms of white men yet at the same time they attempt to make you as a black man feel guilty for leaning towards non black women. Black men have to free themselves from the “I’ve got to keep it real, stay loyal to and only deal with black women” chains of bondage. If black women were reciprocating then I could understand the bootlicking and the pandering, however the fact of the matter is those black men who remain faithful and loyal to black women receive nothing in return for services rendered.

A typical example of this would be on a Facebook post or in the comment section of a YouTube video, watch the scenario unfold when a pro black simp rallies to the defence of a black woman who is simply being held to account by free thinking black men for her deplorable and dysfunctional behaviour. You notice that the black woman concerned will not like/thumbs up his responses nor will she thank him for sticking up for her.

This same pattern plays out every single time, black man defends black woman, black woman walks off without showing any form of appreciation. For the men who do this that is called being a sucker and being used. Don’t take my word for it, whenever you see a pro black simp throw on his cape, sit back and watch how the scenario pan out, I guarantee you that at the end of the episode you will come away saying that Verbs is right.

If you are constantly showing kind gestures to any individual and they don’t demonstrate that they appreciate what you have done, under normal circumstances you won’t show that person the same kindness again, however not the simp. The pro black simp will allow himself to be perpetually spat, defecated and urinated on by a black woman and will still return to grovel and worship at her feet.

You have to understand that the simp has no standards nor does he hold to any self-respect. If these simps were not enabling black women to continue playing the fool, a little progress would have been made by now in repairing some of the serious damage within black society. However, you have to remember that pro black simps just like the black women they worship are feminists by trade, this is why you’ll notice that the pro black nationalists for the most part and black women hold to the same edicts and creeds.

The simp is one of the main reasons why black society will never be able to get back on its feet and this is precisely why free thinking black men are walking away from black society as a whole and seeking out like-minded individuals outside of its borders. Not holding women to account for their dysfunctional behaviour is ultimate stupidity, allowing yourself to accept the blame for something that wasn’t your fault is pure stupidity yet again.

In 2017 this is the dynamic of most black on black relationships, black men take on the blame for everything while black women are never held to account, scrutinised nor examined on anything. Us free thinking black men are not stupid, we realise that such an environment is a recipe for disaster and failure which is why we have removed ourselves from the society which manifests such volatile creations.

Black society today consists of black women who hate black men, black women who love and chase after white men, black women who have produced problematic black males, black women who are simply not interested in building anything unless it is being carried out by non black hands, black women who love feminism, homosexuality, lesbianism, big government, murdering unborn children, dysfunctional lifestyles, black women who hate themselves and use everything within their power to attempt escaping from their blackness.

Worse of all within black society today we have black men who refuse to read the writing on the wall, neither will they step up and put the pieces of the puzzle together. You simply cannot work on a society that is in this type of rancid condition. Those who believe that black communities can be redeemed with all of these major flaws in place that are not being dealt with must be high from smoking grade A flakka.

The so called black community is a goner, as I stated in Negro Wars until this modern day black woman is dealt with and properly put in her place there will be absolutely no rebuilding nor repairing of the black nation whatsoever. I wrote Negro Wars in 2015 and now in 2017 my statement still rings true to this day, black society as a whole has gotten worse because nobody has the balls to step up and check the destroyer of it ie the black woman, once and for all.

Pro black, red, black and green, black nationalist men at this stage must be looked upon as a complete and utter laughingstock and a joke, how they expect to build anything with a government contracted murderer and destroyer dwelling in the midst of them is beyond me. They ought to know that if an individual hangs around toxicity for long enough, eventually that individual will become contaminated with the filth that surrounds them, this is logic and common sense 101.

Finally, do not ever forget the financial aspect of the black woman’s racism towards her own people, despite the fact that she has the greater spending power in black society, she point-blank chooses NOT to put money back into the community but at the same time will quickly berate black men all day for not “giving back to their own people”. Black women as a group stay stuck on hypocrisy for life. Black men, black women have evil intent against you in their hearts by default, attempting to build anything with such individuals is a recipe for disaster.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

40 thoughts on “Black Women – The Most Racist Individuals Walking The Planet

  1. Tonya Verde is the perfect example of pot calling the kettle black, she called the dark skin man ugly but she look like a gorilla with a wig on FOH.

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    • Alex C,

      These critical black harpies hide behind weaves and tons of make up all day, they’ll never reveal their natural look all round because then they would be seen for who they truly are.

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  2. As I often say, how often do black females use the term “nigress” to describe black females. Historically, the word nigress is used for black females. Yet, black women work hard to keep the other N-word alive. Black women have allowed the female form of the N-word to die.

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    • I wish the female form of n1ggar died.

      These women constantly talk about colorism, but will suck the skin off of a white d-ck. I HATE them. I literally hope they start a series of white men rejecting and humiliating these women in public. The only way black society will cleansed is if they start killing themselves.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Black women stay hypocrites with that colourism mess, which is exactly why thinking black men simply need to continue implementing what is best for us. More and more black men are turning away from these dysfunctional black harpies, the pain is beginning to set in for them.

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    • Gregory Chandler, true. But now black women wear a physical ‘N-WORD’ on their body. It’s called a weave. Anytime I see a black woman in public walking around with that ridiculous looking fake hair sewn into the top of their heads, the ‘N-WORD’ immediately comes to my mind. ‘Nutcase’, ‘Nutjob’, ‘narcissistic’, ‘negative’, ‘naive’, ‘nauseating’, ‘narrow’, no good, etc, etc, etc.

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      • Afrofuturism1, exactly. The weave is the most laughable disgusting thing that I could possibly think of on a black woman. And black women walk around with that thing on their head and act like it’s normal.
        Now black women are claiming that women in Africa and women in India wore weaves thousand of years ago, so this proof that black women aren’t mimicking non black women by wearing weaves, and that it’s just a style.
        One black women even said wearing blonde weave is fine because there are black people born with naturally blonde hair. Other than Australian aborigines and the dark skinned people in the South Pacific what black people do you know that are naturally born with blond hair? Black women will do or say anything to justify their ridiculous appearance and behavior.

        Ps- the daughter of EX United States President George W. Bush, JENNA has been hosting the ‘Today Show’ here in the United States for the last couple of weeks. She looks SO DAM good this morning. White women are attractive as hell. Now we see why black women have been playing catch up with them for years.

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  3. The nature, rational, and motivation of today’s mentally ill black female is clear for the world to see. What is a little bit less spoken about is the ever present simps always there to back up and clean up, whatever mess a black woman makes. No matter how crystal-clear black woman make it that they absolutely hate Blackmen, there’ll always be some Simp Negro somewhere talking about ‘ we need to support our sisters’, ‘ our sisters are our queens’, ‘I love black women too much to be with other races of women’, ‘I could never bring a Whitewoman home to meet my family’, ‘ real Blackmen have your back Sistas’, etc, etc, etc. Meanwhile the same black woman, that the simps speak up for and will go to war for, probably would run over 100 Blackmen if it meant she could be with a white man.
    And like you so well stated, black women use the simps in order to attempt to silence other Blackmen who are speaking the truth. The black woman uses the simps in order to rationalize and legitimize her mentally ill destructive behavior. Then the same black woman will go on a rant on her Facebook page about how Blackmen are everything negative under the sun. Those black men who understand the deranged mentality of black women, understand that they are projecting everything they say onto Blackmen when they really feel that way about themselves. This is why these black woman screaming about dark skin man are usually dark themselves, with an entire array of fake hair make up fake eyelashes and everything else they can buy in order to make themselves look less black. Black women are very insecure and they hate themselves as well as Blackmen Whitewomen and everything around them, so they spend their lives creating this false narrative that, they are the ones who are desired, that they are the beautiful ones, that they are the ones who are attractive, that they are the ones who are doing the right thing, and it’s really all the fault of Blackmen. But in the fantasy world black women this is all very true. But in reality we know this is total nonsense .

    But these simps Blackmen are really much of the problem we face as a community because they will tolerate, keep silent about, and support ANYTHING black women say or do. Black women say ‘ you hate yourself, if you are with a non black woman’. The Simp repeats the same thing. Black women say ‘ black women are strong’ (meaning difficult and irrational). The simp repeats the same thing. And so on and so forth. These simps are either too stupid or too brainwashed to actually realize how much they are hated and despised by black women.

    Even the term ‘BECKY’ (which I hate), used by jealous black woman to describe White women, is now being used by the Simp ass Negro black men. The ironic thing is, if I’m correct, the term Becky to describe Whitewomen was coined by BEYONCE, who has done everything in her power including nose jobs and skin lightening and blonde weaves, to look like a white woman.

    Black women only use the simps, because only the simps are willing to tolerate an insane ,irrational, bitter, jealous weak, imitation of an actual woman. You can easily read the posts of these mentally ill black women and see just how deranged their minds are. Black women have created a fantasy world in which they are the objects of desire of nonblack men, the focus of love and admiration from white men, and a world in which black women are leaving Blackmen ‘behind’ for greener pastures. But the reality is it is Blackmen who have left black women behind for bigger and better things.
    The black male Simp has actually entered into an agreement to support a group of women who want to see him destroyed. The world of black woman revolves around jealousy, bitterness, anger delusions , double standards, the blame game, name-calling, shaming attempts, etc, etc. There is actually nothing good about them, and despite all the proof we see around us in our everyday lives about how much black women hate Blackmen, you will always find some black man willing to defend the indefensible.

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    • Black chicks heard this song and thought it was about them.

      In all seriousness, they DO disparage black men for the colorism and ugly features that they themselves harbor.


      • Verbs2015, so true. You’ll have a Simp pro black Negro defending the atrocious behavior of black women, and attacking black men online, while the black woman is off somewhere screwing a white man and she wouldn’t give that simp the time of day if she saw him in the street.
        You can’t make this shit up. Blackmen need to realize that black women only deal with Blackmen because they have no other option, not because they love black men.

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  5. I don’t even bother dealing the black female animal. I don’t socialize with them, I never initiate a conversation with them and I damn sure will never ever date one of the beast. They’re like ghosts to me I neither interact with or recognize them, and I’m overwhelmed with joy that so many black men are beginning to do the same thing.. and you know it’s working because every hour there’s a black bitch crying, whining and moaning about a black man dating or marrying a white woman or a bkack man saying he’snot attracted to the black beast whores and I LOVE IT.

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    • Keith, so true. When in public I don’t look at, speak to, or acknowledge black women for any reason whatsoever. Black women are on the permanent ignore list. In the United States there is a show in the morning called ‘TODAY’, and it is co-hosted by a black woman named Sheinelle Jones.
      Sheinelle Jones is an outstanding example of a beautiful woman. And I won’t even say ‘ outstanding example of a black woman’. Because Sheinelle Jones is a wonderful example of a woman. Her beauty and femininity are comparable to any singular or group of women on earth.

      The problem is black women like her, are like 40 or 50, per 100,000 black women. Most black women are so angry and so bitter and so jealous, that they spend their entire lives being angry with Blackmen, looking in the mirror and being sick at what they see, so they do everything in their power to mimic nonblack women, as opposed to focusing on themselves and their femininity. And on top of it all, in the minds of these mentally ill delusional black women, black men are the cause of all of their problems and all the problems on the planet earth.
      Black women are to be ignored. I actually go out of my way not to even look at them when I’m in public. That’s how disgusting these black women are.

      The reason why I brought up Sheinelle Jones, is to illustrate what an actual (black) woman could be like. And she is married to a black man.
      But the idea of finding a black woman like her, are slim to none. And if you do find a black woman like Sheinelle Jones, chances are she worshipping and at the feet of some white man.

      And black women have the nerve to try to shame Blackmen into not dating white women or nonblack women. And black women and black simps have the nerve to ask the question of why would you want to date or marry a nonblack woman. The reasons are crystal-clear at this point.

      Sheinelle Jones is what every black woman should aspire to be like. Sadly I don’t think it’s in the genetic makeup or the blood of the majority of black American females to behave the way this woman does or act as feminine and as friendly as this woman does.
      Women like Sheinelle Jones are one in a million. Just YouTube her to see how a beautiful, feminine, friendly black women behaves. But the reality is black women don’t want to be feminine, black women don’t want to be attractive, black woman want to be men, want to be aggressive, want to be combative, want to be confrontational and want to be every negative thing you could possibly imagine .

      Black women need to be ignored and left alone.

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  6. Pro-whack simps helped progress the destruction of the black community when they elevated their trashy women into sainthood and the face over their community as a god or messiah. They put too​ much value on these low-grade black women which in return date non-black men without a thanks in return to their brothers in arms. The reason why a black woman/women cry out when they see and hear a decent black man/men date out is that the average black male supposed to have no worth, no self-respect and nothing to offer and when non-black women see worth in him, takes him in and validates him then it’s trouble. For example, I can relate this to myself in a way during my childhood years, there was a girl that I liked in elementary school and she didn’t like me back and in her mind she feels that if she didn’t like me, why in the world would any other girl should show interest in me? Basically in her opinion, she cut me off from any chance of happiness with a decent woman just because she says so by not wanting me. This event hasn’t happened yet but what if she catches​ a female showing interest and great value in me? Yes, she would be shook up in disbelief and this is what low-grade black women faces when thinking black men dates out. Shook up in disbelief.

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    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward, exactly. Black women have spent so much time and energy trying to make the world hate Blackmen as much as they do, and convince the world that Blackmen are hopeless, worthless, and deadbeats, who are not worthy of a look, let alone having a relationship, that black women are utterly confounded, confused and very angry when they see black men in relationships with non black women.

      In the minds of black women , people are supposed to do what black women say, feel how black women feel, think how black women think, and people are never supposed to question the opinions of black woman about anything. So when black women see Blackmen in relationships and happy with nonblack women, black women go crazy. Black women are so used to controlling Blackmen, and telling Blackmen how worthless they are, it DESTROYS the only thing black women have had control over- black men.

      Black women live to control the lives of Black men and to make the lives of Black men miserable. Black women hate non black women, and especially white women. So when they see a black man who is happy with the nonblack woman who is happy with this black man, who black women have tried to destroy, it drives black women crazy. Because it’s a situation that black women cannot CONTROL.
      As we all know and have seen one black women can’t get their way they throw fits, they throw tantrums, and they feel no pity or fear or remorse, and they absolutely will not stop until Blackmen are destroyed or dead (Tommy Sotomayor).
      If black women can’t control everything and get their way they will do everything they can to shame Blackmen, call Whitewomen names, etc, etc. all in an effort to keep Blackmen from being happy . Happy , being something that black women have never known or felt .

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      • I agree and the girl that I liked and was referring to this subject as an example is 30 years old (31 in November), 3 kids and currently pregnant with her fourth child and has multiple low-graded children’s fathers.

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    • Well I hope she does see you with a non-Black woman, whilst she struggles with taming those three children. I want her to look at you with utter contempt, whilst you’re pissing yourself laughing, happy and free. I want that for you in the near future.

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    • @afrofuturism1

      Absolutely. My parents immigrated from the Caribbean. And they observed the behavior of American black women firsthand. And they weren’t impressed. So they advised my siblings and me to avoid them and associate with decent people. And that wasn’t a lesson that was lost on any of us. We managed to thrive, prosper and avoid the bullshit, and continue to this day.

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  7. Thebackhandofreality, my family is from key west Florida, but before that they came from the Bahamas and some from Cuba. My family had the same mindset, but as much as I’d like to think it’s just black American women, it’s not.
    Caribbean black women, when they get to America, behave the same way black American women do. And the children of west Indian immigrants, who are born in America, are no different than the black American woman demon. We could say, ‘ the reason west Indian women are acting this way, is because they are influenced by black American women’, which might be true, but it’s no excuse.
    I understand that their might be a different dynamic among west Indian people as far as family dynamics go, but the idea that because we are west Indian, so we are above the nonsense is not true. The west Indian black women is just as evil and devious as the black American woman.
    But the west Indian black woman does have a greater respect for black men, than her black American counterpart. When the west Indian black woman comes to America, they develop the same attitude as the black American female.

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    • I know a few Caribbean blacks. The men, as long as they aren’t around American blacks, thrive. The women, however, gravitate towards the hood and ghetto. I know one hood ho in particular who talks candidly about her love for porn, how she was “initiated” into sexuality at a young age by a female relative, and her non black dingaling.

      You may say “it’s American culture”, but how many Asian chicks have you seen just twerking and waltzing into welfare lines?

      On top of that, for all of their posturing, look at Caribbean and African countries! Are they the definition of vacation spot to you?

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  8. If I’m not mistaken, the dark-skinned brotha pictured to the left of Jesse Williams in the first pic is actually married to a beautiful Korean woman. They have a YouTube channel where they talk about their interracial family and show off their 2 beautiful little girls. Well…she does most of the talking. 🙂 He is Kenyan, and he is not that dark. Someone obviously darkened his image to try to make him look unattractive. I can only guess who the culprit was.

    Here is one of his wife’s videos talking about why she loves black men.

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  9. I have great news for you guys. Do you know FlyGirl? She is apart of the BGTOW movement and I saw her on divorce court! You should down load the video just in-case it gets deleted. lol
    Listen to both videos, she is the same person.

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  10. I have been telling you guys for awhile now I do not engage in any type of dealings with black women. There is no way I want to be around that negative energy and do not worry about the simps they will be buried in the hell pit with the black women demons anyway foolish souls they are.

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    So fucking SAD!!


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