Proof Dysfunctional Black Women Must Be Utterly Broken Before They Can Be Redeemed


This is exactly what I stated in Negro Wars, how dysfunctional black women can only be redeemed through being completely broken and utterly smashed. The abusive black mother in the video is an example of the process, notice how she started off in typical black female fashion, however by the end of the video she was completely in tears and was genuinely remorseful for the horrible treatment that she had been dishing out to her children all of their lives.

I’m actually very surprised that Anonymous Hacker aka LT.LickMe managed to crack that common black female feminist ultra hard outer shell. It just goes to show how most black women have to be placed in a state of complete helplessness in order to see the light and the error of their ways. I almost fell out of my chair when she apologised, I cannot remember the last time I heard a black woman apologise for anything she did wrong.

As we already know how she was treating her children is the typical way for the single black mother, black mothers by and large do not console, cuddle, hug, kiss, show affection, love and attention towards their children, no instead most black mothers enjoy afflicting abuse upon their seed. As Anonymous Hacker explained, many women, in this case black women commonly pass their pain and suffering from the past down to their children, in the single black mother’s eyes the children are seen as sacrificial goats who must take on the sins of the parent.

Despite this most black women are still on a collision course for hell, most of them don’t deserve a second chance because they themselves are too far gone and still believe that their dysfunctional behaviour is justified, especially when it is executed against children. Did you notice how vulgar her language was at the beginning when she called out to her son?

This is most single black mothers in a nutshell, the language they use to talk to and address their children is reprehensible and by rights they ought to be sent down to the lowest depths of hell immediately for uttering such gutter communication. When I was growing up my mother never swore at me, neither was I permitted to use foul language. I slipped up a few times and paid the price for it dearly.

The government cuts are coming, in fact they are already here however black women as a collective aren’t feeling the pain as the effects have yet to ripple out. Many black women will be reduced to tears like the mother in the video above, remember black men, they must be left to stew and marinate in their own failures, they must suffer by themselves for their own transgressions, do not save them under any circumstances lest you also be consumed in their judgements.

Pro black simps, manginas and white knights would do well to note that it took the power of the black woman’s white lord and saviour to bring her to her knees and to tears, I suggest that you don’t get any funny ideas believing that you can achieve the same results because you will fail miserably. Black women still only have eyes for white men, as far as they are concerned black men can still keep it stepping all day everyday.

I just thought that I would bring this video to your attention because I personally haven’t seen a black woman breakdown, cower, cry and submit like this woman did in a very, very long time. Those who set this up deserve 10 badges of honour followed by a 21 gun salute. For those who haven’t done so already be sure to check out my book Negro Wars where I talk in length and depth about black women and their extensive abuse of children.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

22 thoughts on “Proof Dysfunctional Black Women Must Be Utterly Broken Before They Can Be Redeemed

    • Afrofuturism1,

      The simps can keep it moving because the fact of the matter is most black men simply aren’t in a position to bring black women down to their knees, therefore nothing will change for them which is exactly why I stated that most black women are still destined for hell. It took her white lord and saviour to bring her to tears, the pro black simps, manginas and white knights would do well to remember that. If they believe that they can do the same then I have some beach front property in London to sell them.

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      • Yeah, just realized that it was a white sounding dude. If it were ANY black man (Hardcore Tito, David Carroll, Sotomayor, Adviseshow, Nasheed), the drama would’ve never ended.

        Their being bred out of existence needs to hurry up!

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Exactly, black women are submissive to the wrong individuals all day everyday. Black mothers tell black boys from a young age to “watch out for those white girls”, meanwhile there they are licking the muddy boots of white men all day behind closed doors. What happened to “fighting white supremacy” and “not sleeping with the enemy”? Black women stay hypocrites for life.

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    • Some of these pro-blacks are vying for a black ethnostate to correct the ills that plague black America today. I say the hell with that I’m not interested in playing the role as a “community enuch” nor is it my duty in refixing the so- called community. Notice how the “back to Africa” negroes never nominate those bums, thugs, low tier black men to fix those worn torn inner cities because the bottom line is those low tier men have no desire to be better or learn anything or acquire any resources of any sort so they interrogate the classic black men who has his assets to redistribute his to play captain save ’em and rescue the deteriorating and downtrodden community.

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    • From the passages of the Bible (Saint Karazin version, 2012):

      Christelyn, 20:6

      6: Thy big booty bimbo heathen shalt be saved by the blood of our lord and saviour, Saint Esau. Take the heavenly seed of Saint Esau in thy mouth and be corrected in thy evil ways, and be saved.”

      7: Turn thy back on thy men of character, for they shall be branded “lame”, “weak”. But lest they seek women of equal character, for they detest their mothers and shall henceforth be branded “coon”.

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      • Cont.

        “If they naps offend thee, pluck them out and high thine self to a weave store.”

        “It is better to allow thine snow king to nutteth on thine eyebrows than to burn”.

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  1. I hope more white men become even more disgusted with black Women then they already are and make it known publicly that they refuse to swirl. I honestly hate them, and their suffering is like pornography to me. I rejoice at the destruction of the wicked.

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  2. This was kind of hard to watch and sad as well. I grew up in bad neighborhoods and the abuse of black children was a common fixture. Most of the black children I came across were not loved by their mothers and the fathers have long been run off, or were the typical criminal scum who any sensible woman would never have children with in the first place.

    This multi-generational plague on black men and children has to stop, and only black men can stop it by refusing to deal with the figurative “devil.”

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      • That’s the best solution but you have dark skinned chicks in the likes of Rashida strober who harbor low self-esteem and an inferiority complex; who are trying to prevent the inevitable from coming into fruition (I.e. black men in interracial relationships) by stating that these racially ambiguous mixed chicks don’t represent “real black beauty”, whatever that means . Nonsense. Black is black.

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    • Whtgrlsrawsome,

      Its sad that this is the norm for black children growing up in poor neighbourhoods. Abuse is the only connection that most black women ever make with their children. The buck has to stop with thinking black men choosing to take a stand and expand on their dating and marriage options. We already know that black women will continue to walk the path of death and destruction.

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  3. @TheAmazingSecularist

    I had to look her up and wow, I bout died lol. She’s that “dark skinned advocate” chick. Her play is literally called a dark skinned woman’s revenge, wow. Plus, makeup really is witchcraft, that midnight colored chick looked half way decent…..when she was caked up with five different chicks faces drawn on hers.

    Dark skinned chicks are ugly
    Dark skinned chicks are manly
    Dark skinned chicks are masculine
    Dark skinned chicks are insecure
    Dark skinned chicks hate their lives

    So….why not give em a mercy extinction? Stop screwing em, stop making em.

    Yeah, maybe Asian and Indian chicks lighten their skin, too, but at least they aren’t broke as hell and in the gutter, while buying tons of weave doing it. Every bit of female and general human vice, black women multiply by 8567847&356774334890763123.2134563367809876

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    • @afrofuturism1 Do you happen to be lightskin also? I’m lightskin and my mom is trying to force me into marrying a black chick specifically a dark skin chick, and I was like the ball is in my court and I’m the one that gets to decide who I want to marry and cohabitate with NOT you. My preferences are biracial, white, Asian, Jewish. and middle eastern.

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      • lol everyone thinks I’m mixed/Hispanic, so I think that answers your question. I can’t tell u how many times I get asked by (OLD) dark skinned chicks to sling some d1ck their way.

        I REFUSE to marry a black chick. I thought I had met my future wife, but alas…
        I will have a family though. I’m actually not opposed to polygamy, and would have a white wife, Asian wife, Middle Eastern wife, Indian wife, and Hispanic wife. Maybe even a half breed lol.

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    • I’m stunned you’ve only now encountered that Red Bull-fuelled fruitcake Strober!

      She’s a living example of the brutal multigenerational abuse visited on dark skinned folk. Her problem is not with Hollywood or the media (nefarious as they are), it’s her failure to deal with the Black childhood experience.

      I’d have some sympathy for her if she recognises it, but like the cult of Karazin, she’s blaming brothers (what’s new?) and slut-shaming us into finding her attractive (she’s not).

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      • Yeah I’d seen her before but forgot her name. Just like any dude bored enough to nut up in her.

        Speaking of her looks, it really is something how she tries to look different as hell and way softer featured with all that damn make up. Yeah, other women wear it too, but white women aren’t doing it to look freaking mixed!!!!

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  4. In the previous article: “Black Women Are Being Replaced – MadBusDriver X Lays Out The Truth, Facts And Reality!”, I’ve mentioned that black women in this ilk are dumping their laundry out for the world to see and when a decent black man/men tried to tell them about their wrongdoings, they take it as ‘bashing’. Their targeting audience are non-black people for acceptance and approval in society. These are the same non-black people that viewed and laughed and still laughing at them like abnormal, abominable sideshow freaks of nature in a circus. They want to be acknowledge in existence and at the same time wanting serious help from non-blacks. There’s an old saying that when a person acts out for attention, they’re crying to help. Then you got the other part of low-grade black women that don’t really care what anybody says even a Middle-Eastern or Indian male owner of a local convenience store/gas station that she tries to get in the fight with when she doesn’t get her way and here comes the simps to the rescue.

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    • The ‘ you are bashing black women’, tactic is SO old and so tired. When will black women and black simps realize that this garbage won’t work anymore. ‘White women do it too’, ‘your mom is black’, ‘only gay or homosexual men talk about or focus on women’s hair (weave)’, ‘ you hate yourself’, etc, etc, etc.
      Black women can’t stand to hear the truth about themselves. So what they do is attempt to name call, shame, and guilt Blackmen into not speaking about how evil and wicked these black women are.
      Black women have been exposed and they don’t know what to do about it.
      And also notice how black women mimic and say everything that Blackmen do and say. Black women repeat what Blackmen are saying about black women and try to put it back on Blackmen. The problem is is that Blackmen are not guilty of the things that we are speaking about every day and we see all around us. As always black women feel the need to be Blackmen and try to replace Blackmen. I’m done with black women. Good thing I NEVER started with them!!!

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