White Man Exposes Black Women – Worship Of White Men Is Failing The Swirling Black Sisterhood


This is typically the kind of pathetic behaviour that most black women will engage in when dealing with white men, they won’t look upon the white man and appreciate him for his personality or his character, they instead view and treat that white man as their god and worship him simply because of his skin colour. I told you in Negro Wars that most black women seek to be impregnated by white men in order to bring forth biracial children who will be lighter, thus according to the black woman’s narrative will be closer to “godhood” and will also have that good hair.

You’ll notice how most black women will consistently complain about the fact that black men want them to be submissive, want them to cook, clean the home ie carry out reasonable womanly functions, yet these same hypocrites will perform the same duties without duress and protest when dealing with white men. As I have stated before, black women though they are feminists do not mind being lead by men just as long as those leading them aren’t black men, this in addition conveniently links in with the black woman’s contractual obligations towards the state.

The grovelling and the bootlicking this white guy received pales in comparison to some of the more extreme lengths black women will resort to in order to please white men, I’ve already laid out just some of the evidence in my 3 part series dealing with how black women worship and interact with white males, part one can be seen here. It is pretty sad the deplorable lengths that black women will go to in order to birth mixed race children. Most black women have no dignity and certainly have no self-respect, this yet again is part of the feminist construct.

The main reason why I no longer appeal to black women as a collective is simply because they have made it abundantly clear that they are not interested in good black men, their first choice of mate is the white man and if they cannot land themselves a white king they will instead settle for Tyrone or Dirty Dick Rodney. I don’t have any problems with this decision most black women have made, I have fully accept it and additionally have made the necessary adjustments in my life accordingly.

As I have mentioned before the problem I have is when these same black women years down the line with many out-of-wedlock children finally realise that the men they like the least are the best candidates for long-term relationships. They then attempt to embark upon a mission to guilt trip the same black men they rejected in the past into now accepting them in their run down, excess baggage and in many cases overweight state. It’s funny how the penny never drops for black women until they’re outside of their prime years and they begin to get a taste of what it is like to raise children without a father in the home.

Sorry but I do not accept used goods, I most certainly will not accept another man’s seed ie take on somebody else’s children as my own, I will not be performing the duties of a clean up man for irresponsible, unaccountable, mentally ill and mentally retarded black women. That is not my job, I have respect for myself aswell as high standards. Notice how the white guy himself admitted that there are black men of good character who exist, however as I have mentioned many times before most black women simply are not interested in good, hard working, free thinking black men of upstanding character.

The long and short of the story is white men also have their problems. Notice he mentioned the pestilent black witch known as Christelyn Karazin, she is the wicked sorceress responsible for feeding the minds of gullible black females with the notion that white men are so much better than their black male counterparts, Karazin has transgressed beyond measure through giving black women false expectations concerning white men, that is if they even manage to snag themselves a Caucasian male to begin with.

Remember in my article on how swirling is on the decease for black women, this is one of the main reasons why. Just as women in general do not like men who lack self-respect and self-confidence, the same goes in reverse. Men are turned on by submission, however submission is very different from grovelling and flat-out worship. Men are most certainly turned off by women who go out of their way to disrespect themselves and who lack self-confidence, those attributes in a woman are not attractive in the slightest.

Black women are taking incredible L’s they are losing on all fronts and now there are even black women coming out of the woodwork, stepping forward and having to admit that black women as a collective are on the losing team, here is one such individual:

This black woman actually has some sense, she has chosen to deal with the many problems black women have instead of resorting to deflection tactics. Most black women don’t seem to get it, they seem to believe that if they relentlessly continue to denigrate and talk about the shortfalls of black men, that somehow through this action they themselves by default will improve, be exalted and be looked upon more favourably. However as we all can see for ourselves their strategy simply isn’t working.

Even non black men who’ve had no issues with dealing with black women in the past are now beginning to turn up their noses to and snub black women as a group. White and other none black men are taking note how black women treat black men and they too are deciding that they want no part of being associated with or being linked to such wayward individuals. White men grow weary and tired of being fawned over and worshipped by black women.

Black men, those of you still choosing to deal with dysfunctional black women ought to be taking some leaves out of the books of non black men, they most certainly recognise when certain endeavours are not worth embarking upon and this is how many of them now view black women, you ought to be doing the same. Leave these defective black female Frankensteins to the pro black simps and manginas.

This is one of if not the main reason why despite the endless bootlicking and grovelling at black women’s feet, the pro black, shea butter, herbal tea sipping Negroes still get no play. Their point-blank refusal to hold their queans accountable is backfiring in their faces, where they believed that pandering to black women would gain them favour the complete opposite has occurred, their “black queens” have instead been giving them the middle finger. #SYSBM.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

10 thoughts on “White Man Exposes Black Women – Worship Of White Men Is Failing The Swirling Black Sisterhood

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      If black women could bring back the days of slavery they would do it and they would equally enjoy seeing us back in physical chains and shackles. You’re right, black women will do anything for their white father, lord and saviour.

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  2. Yep, trouble is coming to the (swirling) black sisterhood if they watch and listen to the video message from this guy’s mouth. These black women in question want money and power of domination associated with that white male so-called privilege and skin color. They will blame thinking black men in fear of we’re alerting men of other races to stay clear of them. Maybe the alerting part is true but it’s the women’s choice to broadcast their bad behavior to the world via reality TV and drama. They ultimately make the final decision on how people view them by how their image is controlled.

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    • Indeed, and you have simps that are concerned about the “negative” image of black women. Whose fault is that? They couldn’t have that stereotype if it wasn’t true!! If they tried to put in movies the image of black women but graft it onto Asian or Indian women, it would never work, because no one would buy it. Everyone KNOWS that’s how black women are.

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  3. So this white guy’s near-British levels of self deprecation is telling his Frankenstein, “please like me for who I am, please?”. Looks like the monster creation doesn’t understand that particular command.

    Maybe the dashiki brigade can help them out?

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