Black Women Continuing To Hate On Black Men While Promoting Their White Saviour – The Saga Continues


Yet the pro black, black nationalist, red black and green squads will continue to call this black woman a queen and will go in hard on any black men who refuse to deal with her and other black women of a similar character. This is despite her out in the open racism against black men coupled with her promotion of white men as the choice for black women.

Meet Miss Victoria Marie or Tori Marie as she is known on Facebook. As I have stated in Negro Wars and many times on this site, black women hate black men and at the same time worship the ground white men walk on. They are so desperate to have children by their Caucasian masters in order to give birth to offspring who according to the black woman’s own narrative will “have that good hair”.

These black harridans like Victoria Marie absolutely despise anything that is black, she even stated out her own mouth that she is “tired of dark, tar looking niggaboons running around”. The problem is most black men still believe that black women who think like this are rarities, they don’t understand that Victoria Marie’s racist sentiments are shared by the majority of modern day black women today, however most simply don’t say it out loud.

Here is 100% proof right here black men. Black women as a collective do not want to have your children, they are not interested in black unity, black love or the black struggle. They have no interests in rebuilding the black community, they most certainly are not interested in you in the slightest. If the pro blacks were actually getting something in return for pandering and bootlicking services rendered then I could understand their eagerness to defend them.

However, not only are black women not giving these black men anything in return whatsoever, they additionally are spitting in the faces of these same men on the daily and despite this the bootlickers will still return to these same $5 harpies and continue to simp and pander for doggie treats. Black men seriously need to raise their standards, forget the simps and the manginas, they will always scavenge for crumbs and scraps.

Again here we yet another black woman openly confessing her love for light-skinned black men, mixed race and white men, yet brothers like Tyrese Gibson aren’t allowed to do the same when it comes down to marrying a woman of mixed heritage. Black women stay hypocrites until the end, they claim that they aren’t concerned about our dating and marriage choices yet they are the first ones to label black men as coons, sellouts, Uncle Toms etc whenever they see one of us with a non black women.

Niggaboons, really heifer?? Do you see how racist the overwhelming majority of black women are, I’m sure many of you dark skinned black men can relate to being called all manner of names denigrating your skin complexion. How many times have I and other black men trying to warn you stating that black women and racist white men are two sides of the same rusty, decadent coin?

Don’t you find it funny that while black women continuously make it known that they hate dark skinned black men, non black women typically have no problems accepting black men no matter what our complexion? Tell me, when was the last time a non black woman called you darkie, tar, crispy, niggaboon, smoke, charcoal, midnight, soot, nigga etc? Black women use this gutter talk against black men all day everyday, one of many clear indicators of their self-hatred.

Miss Victoria Marie is no stranger to controversy, many of you may not know but in 2011 Marie was a guest on the Jerry Springer show where as per usual of the black woman she was sleeping with another woman’s boyfriend. Of course we all know that most black women live to channel Jezebel, they love being whores and they pride themselves upon how many penises they can mount. Here is the clip for you all to peruse at your own leisure:

Let’s talk about the footage. Notice how Victoria Marie presented herself, she came storming out of the gates ready to swing it out. This is your typical black woman right here, she is always eager to brawl and street fight, the darker the complexion of the black woman the more violent, bloodthirsty and savage she tends to be.

Compare the two women, notice how the white woman looks and sounds feminine in comparison to Marie who looks and sounds like a Rottweiler guarding the scrapyard. Just listen to Victoria Marie’s voice, note how much deeper it is than the white female’s. Of course where would any black female be without her trusty weave/wig.

Marie is a classic example of a black female suffering from self-hatred issues, black women under no circumstances can ever accuse black men of suffering from self-hatred until they themselves throw the weaves, the wigs, the fake eyebrows, the fake eyelashes, the heavy make up, the bright coloured lipsticks etc in the trash. Of course this will never happen because most black women hate being black and thus they use these and other appendages as mechanisms in their attempts to escape from their blackness.

As for the black man who was in the middle, I have no idea what he saw in such a hideous looking individual that would lead him to make the decision to sleep with her over his girlfriend. Sorry, Victoria Marie looks terrible, the picture above has clearly been run through a filter, however the Jerry Springer clip shows us the raw Victoria Marie who looks a complete mess.

At the end of the day Victoria Marie is now a happy woman, she eagerly opened her legs to her white lord and saviour and as a result as she herself stated she now has two biracial children, children I might add with that “good hair”. However you’ll notice that she still isn’t married which shows you that she is of no value to white men past a sexual encounter. As I stated to white and other non black men in Negro Wars, these black women who are throwing themselves in your direction are still defective, you are not exempt from these black harpies malfunctioning on you, you would do well to remember that.

Lastly, you’ll notice that pro blacks will refuse to call out Victoria Marie for her grade A coonery and buffoonery. What she did on the Jerry Springer show is the ultimate example of cooning and Tom foolery combined. Always remember that cooning is a behaviour not an opinion, this is why I have to laugh at black women and pro black men who call other blacks coons simply because they hold to different opinions on various issues and topics.

Save yourselves black men, let the pro black simps deal with these racist, mentally challenged black females. Yet again you have been provided with a clear example of black women actively enforcing racism and white supremacy within black society. As I have stated many times before the face of white supremacy has now changed, look no further than your modern day black female as the mascot leading the white supremacist charge against the black nation, it’s in your face plain as day.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

44 thoughts on “Black Women Continuing To Hate On Black Men While Promoting Their White Saviour – The Saga Continues

  1. Well said, Verbs! Well said!

    The so-called Queans, SIMPanzees, pro-black pyramid-heads, and manginas have absolutely NOTHING to refute what you’ve accurately stated!

    As the saying goes in tennis – game, set and match!

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  3. You pretty much summed it up. This black female demon, who claims she can’t stand dark skin men, is simply projecting. Black men remind her too much of her black self. She doesn’t want to look like or be who she is, so she attempts to place her insecurities, self-loathing, and low self-esteem at the feet of black men. What’s really going on here is that, as usual, this black female demon, wants to be a white woman, wants to replace white women at the side of white men, and eliminate black men from the face of the earth. In the mind of the mentally ill black woman demon, all of their problems are the fault of black men, and if all black women could just find a white man savior, all of their problems would be solved, and their lives would be magically transformed. But there are two things standing in the way of their delusional fantasy from coming true, black men and white women. Black men because as long as black men exist and have children, black men will produce black women who hate themselves. Black women hate themselves. And black men remind them too much of themselves, therefore they hate them.
    No matter what a black woman claims, black women absolutely HATE, and are extremely jealous of white women. White women are everything black women try imitate. Black women try to look like white women, mimic white women, and if they could they would become white women. As long as white women exist, black women will be looking at a woman they want to replace, but know they can’t. You see the black woman demon in the Jerry Springer video and the way she was acting. I can guarantee you she brought none of that attitude to her white man Savior and their relationship. These black female demons will be on their best behavior, act the sweetest, become absolutely docile and friendly angels for white men, but would never even consider being this way for a black man. As long as white women exist, black women understand they have a competitor that they can’t defeat.

    This is all about the black woman demon’s deep desire to be a white woman, replace white women, who black women idolize, and a white woman at the side of her white man God. But black women know this will never happen. So they direct their frustration toward black men like the demon above. Or they do the the fraud Cynthia G does and rant and rave about white supremacy and white people, while sitting there looking like a very poor Halloween costume like caricature of a white woman, and screaming about how white women are trying to interject themselves in to the business of black people and the black community. Cynthia G everything she could to be a part of the white community, got rejected, and now she is very bitter. But she still hates black men and wants to be a white woman. Most black women have this twisted rational. They claim they aren’t jealous of white women and don’t care what white women or what white people do, yet these black women do everything in their power to look like white women, and would jump off a building if it meant they could be with a white man. It’s only a Simp that is in denial or too stupid to see just how much black women hate black men, and want to see black men eliminated or even exterminated from the earth.

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    • Bill Smith,

      Exactly what you said Bill, claiming that white supremacy is our biggest problems yet here black women are trying their best to mimic and emulate the “oppressor’s daughter”. This is one of many reasons why I cannot take black women seriously, they claim that white men are racist(I don’t deny that there are racist white men out there), yet here they are chasing after, worshipping and throwing themselves at the same individuals whom they claim are the enemy of the black nation, what a joke.

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  4. Do you notice how black women call black men niggers or niggas, but they never use the female form of the N-word and call themselves a niggress?

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  5. On that clip:

    I’ve never seen dogs run as fast out of the gates as fast as this sheboon did. Of course her hair hat couldn’t keep up with that mach 5 introduction.
    The white girl, even when brawling still had a sense of dignity and femininity. Compare that to the black bitch who somehow became “unclad” (to use a Nigerian word lol). Don’t know what the brother was thinking sleeping with that she devil, when he had a fine ass girl on his side, smdh….

    The stupid thing here is, he’s a “charcoal”, “black as hell”, and a “nigboon”, but she still split her legs for him… So which one is it? We’re “dark as hell” or we good to fuck until Josh comes along?

    SYSBM until the motherfucking wheels drop off.

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    • Michel,

      These black harpies live for drama, they revel in and absolutely love strife, chaos, contention, war, arguments, beef etc. The only way I can understand how some black men are still choosing to deal with black women is if they are under some sort of hypnotic trance or a witch’s spell. The brother sold him self very short sleeping with her, she’s doesn’t even look of any quality whatsoever. Yes sir, SYSBM for life.

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  6. Gregory Chandler, exactly. If everything these black women say about black men is true, then wouldn’t the same thing apply to black women also? If black men are ‘tar niggaboons’, like the black female demon above claims, then aren’t black women ‘tar niggaboons’ as well? But as we all know black women live in a fantasy world, where anything they say is true, nothing they do or say is illogical or wrong, black women are desired and being pursued by nonblack man all over the planet earth, etc, etc , etc… But we all know and understand that black women just make stuff up and then they begin to believe their lies and somehow then it becomes a reality for them in their warped delusional mentally ill small brain.

    Notice how all of these black women who are allegedly happy and relationships with nonblack men and with white men, still have something to say about Blackmen. You would think that if they found their white prints they would just be happy living their lives. But as we all know black women are obsessed with seeing Blackmen miserable, trying to control Blackmen and obsessing over what Blackmen are doing thinking feeling and saying. Notice how all these black women who claim to be swirling, the content of most of their videos and blogs is about Blackmen. These black women aren’t focusing on black women and their relationships with white men or non Blackmen, these black women are focused on Blackmen above anything else. Black women are obsessed with Blackmen and very jealous of Blackmen. Black women are jealous of Blackmen because Blackmen are able to do what black women only wish they could do, and Blackmen are able to be there natural black selves and do it. This is why, despite their ridiculous claims that black women are swirling black women are leaving Blackmen behind, which we all know is a fantasy created by black women, any time a black man gets with a white woman or nonblack woman he’s called every name in the book and black women lose their minds. If black women are moving on without Blackmen, why are black women so obsessed with who Black men are dating and who black men are marrying?

    The reason black women are so obsessed with Blackmen and who they are dating and marrying , is because black women know and understand that Blackmen are the only men on the planet that are really dealing with them in any large numbers. Blackmen have options other than black women. Black women have no options other than the black man. So when black women see Blackmen dating and marrying nonblack women and speaking about how evil these black women are, black women know that their world is crumbling around them. Black woman would love to believe that the only option a black man has is to be miserable with some mentally ill black woman, be told what to do but this black woman, and had to think about this black woman. Black women are very fearful that their world of telling Blackmen what to do, controlling Blackmen and ruling over Blackmen is not gonna be able to go on any longer. This is why when a black man is in public with a white woman black woman lose their minds. Black women think to themselves, ‘why is this Blackmen able to do what I wish I could do’? ‘Why is this black man, who I have told the world is nothing, be able to be with a Whitewoman, but I can’t be with a white man’?

    It’s like a nightmare for black women to see the black man, who she hates, be with the white woman she hates. So the only response a black woman has to the situation she can’t control, is to call Whitewomen fat trailer park trash and call Blackmen, that date Whitewomen, coons, uncle tom’s, sellouts, homosexuals, weak, ‘ you can’t handle a strong black woman’, etc, etc, etc.. The entire mentality of black women is so easily dissected and transparent it’s laughable. The tired old tactic of shaming black men into being with black women are over, and black women don’t know what to do about it. Other than call names of course. Black women are straight up joke.

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  7. She just hate herself notice how she stated she hates tar looking black men but she is darkskin lol. This creature is a joke like most black women leave them to the shea butter herbal tea sipping lmao Simp masters to save while us thinking black men continue to get far away from these demons. These fools do not understand white men do not want them they just want to slut black women out lmao at these black women clowns Ringling Brothers should never run out of business with all these simp and black woman clowns running around.

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  8. Sadly, this week I had to bury the sweetest, most beautiful white woman on earth. She was my best friend and I loved her. We wanted a future together. She was so beautiful….


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    • My condolences, brother. I have an extreme hatred of cancer – especially since it claimed my father 4 years ago. Still haunts me to this day.

      The best way to honor our fallen loved ones is to continue to live life to the fullest and to the best of your ability.

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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    • @Afrofuturism

      Had a family member pass due to cancer, it hit us all very hard (as she was also young).
      My advice: take the pain ,honour it and embrace it, it’s all you can do for the time being. In the future that pain will spur you on to live your life on your own terms with zero fucks given.

      Stay strong, bro.

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  9. The white supremacy of old is what racist white men practiced in the late 19th to mid-20th century and now the new face of ‘white’ supremacy is the majority of black women in the United States. See, when it all comes down to how you view it, the black woman in this mindset wants to be the white man and will try to challenge him for wealth and resources like the white woman counterpart did I.e. white American feminism.

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    • So many questions, first one (you can probably guess…)
      How the fuck does someone make anyone drink bleach, willingly? Mix in a bottle of Jack Daniels???

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      • Here’s some of the details:

        “The two were sitting in a van shortly after Elder got off work early Monday from her job at an area bakery when the couple got into an argument. As the dispute turned physical, Elder — who authorities say weighed about 77 pounds more than her boyfriend — allegedly climbed on top of Ellis and grabbed him by his dreadlocks to gain control of him. Ellis, 26, was lying between the bucket seats at that time.

        “The defendant placed her knee on the victim to hold him down,” Cook County assistant state’s attorney Joseph Carlson said during Elder’s bond hearing Thursday. “There was a bottle of bleach inside the van; the defendant and victim struggled with the bottle. The defendant then poured the bleach on the victim’s face, dousing him, and causing the bleach to go down his throat.”

        Elder eventually got off Ellis and left the van. Ellis drove himself to the apartment of a friend, where he told multiple witnesses Elder poured bleach down his throat. Ellis collapsed on the landing of his friend’s apartment building and began to foam at the mouth.

        He was rushed to the hospital, but died hours later from his injuries. An autopsy revealed Ellis had a bruise and abrasions to his left cheek and bruises to his head and back as well as chemical burns to his stomach and esophagus. Tests of the contents of the man’s stomach revealed his pH levels — the measure of concentration of hydrogen in the body — were between 12 and 13. Normal pH levels are 5 to 6.”

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      • Verbs2015, black women are beyond sick. Atleast with a sick person there is a POSSIBILITY of being cured of their sickness. With most black women there isn’t even a chance of them being cured of their mental illness. They are beyond being cured. At this point black women are just a running joke about to be exposed and avoided.

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