Black Woman Candidly Illustrates How To Fake A Pregnancy Test And She Thinks Its Funny



Reason 23,589,897 as to why black men should walk away from black women as a collective. You’ll notice that black women never have any positive advice to pass on, it’s always negativity, evil and deception that these black harridans are keen to spread to the rest of the world. This is the modern-day black female in a nutshell, through government sponsorship she has become a law unto herself, an evil tyrant.

You would think that this individual would know better seeing as she is an author and a businesswoman. It just goes to show you that no matter what their capacity, most black women will still gravitate towards revelling in degeneracy and deceptive buffoonery. She is supposed to be a professional black woman yet here she is illustrating how to fake a pregnancy test.

Things are bad enough already with black men having to deal with 1001 Kansas City shuffles that black women are pulling out of their sleeves on the daily, now this. Now had she put the video across as an educational lesson towards men then I would have given her kudos, however the fact that she used this antic as a prank against somebody else and on top of this is laughing candidly about it is of great concern.

There you go folks, this is what many black women get up to, do you see how even so called “professional” black females cannot help dipping the feet in the pool of ratchet city? She claims to be the credit repair queen of Harlem, if this is indeed the case that she specialises in credit repair then she ought to be sticking to that instead filling up the heads of other black women with evil intent.

At the same time I suppose it makes no difference seeing as the majority of black women have already given themselves over to Satan and hedonistic lifestyles. On the flip side however through this buzzard’s openness we black men have now gained an insight in to one of the many ways that black women attempt to run game on us.

The modern-day black woman simply never fails to disappoint, yet I am not surprised at this because I told you in Negro Wars how black women have yet to sink even lower into the mire and the filth. Now some black women at this point will state that say that non black women also engage in this practice, that I will not dispute. However, black women are the only race of women who openly hate their own seed and will use the theme of children or children themselves as a weapon against men.

Obviously there will be black women out there who will attempt to execute this deception on some poor unsuspecting guy, however at the same time the video being put out there at least gives black men a chance to get clued up on this fraudulent operation. Your thoughts.

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27 thoughts on “Black Woman Candidly Illustrates How To Fake A Pregnancy Test And She Thinks Its Funny

  1. Both black and white women do this kind of shit. If you never plan on having children just get a vasectomy. You can get a no needle no scalpel vasectomy which costs far less than child support in the long run.

    There’s women who will fake pregnancy and ask for abortion money when she’s not even pregnant.


  2. MikeTO, why mention anything regarding what white women do? We are speaking about what black women do her. No matter what, there always seems to be a black man or a black woman, who want to say ‘ white women do it too’……. What is the purpose of doing this, and why only mention white women? I just don’t understand the comments of some men sometimes.

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    • I didn’t only mention only white women. Maybe you read what I typed wrong? I said both black and white women.


      • MikeTO, maybe you read what I wrote wrong. I didn’t say you only mentioned white women. My point was why are you mentioning


      • White women at all. Nothing about this topic had anything to do with White women. But for some reason you chose to bring up Whitewomen in a discussion that has absolutely nothing to do with Whitewomen. The point is not about whether you mentioned black women in addition to Whitewomen, my question is why did you bring up Whitewoman at all and a discussion that has absolutely nothing to do with Whitewomen whatsoever?


    • Billie He has the right to his own free thought. The fact is that almost ALL women are immoral at this point. That is the reality and if you look around you will see that most females are practicing some type of prostitution and other forms of immoral behavior. A boyfriend is nothing but a nicer version of a John so let’s deal with the reality of the state of ALL women though admittedly Blacks are the MOST outlandish.


  3. MikeTO. Almost all of the posters agree that there are many evil and bad non-black women in the world. The issue is of percentages. For example, 30% of the USA white women are overweight. Black women, however, take the fat level up several levels in that 80% of USA black women are overweight. Bill Smith is correct. The white women do it too line is tiresome.

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    • What you don’t understand the government attacked the black community first. Blacks has always been the test community for pretty much everything. Don’t worry white women will catch up to you. It’s your short sited thinking is going think white women are better.

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      • You mean the chicks that voted +50% for patriarchy, and have patriarchy as their roots, whereas blacks brag about matriarchy as their roots?

        The “universal evil vagina” Cuck fear is as bad as the white boogeyman story.

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      • TRUE. Everyone catches up eventually. Take option addiction and suicide rates as an example. Black men were once the highest in both categories and now they have been stripped of that standing by white makes and females respectively. Statistics should be observed in both directions as fairness and justice cleanly places one on the side of right


  4. This does not surprise me at all which was displayed in the video. Did you guys noticed how horrible she looked who would be foolish enough even to let the monster touch them.

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  5. No matter where black men meet to discuss, the issues that affect black people, and how black women are very responsible for much of the problems in the black community, there will always be some black male SIMP talking about ‘ white women do it too’, and ‘ white women will catch up to you (black men)’. The thing that kills me about these simps is that they speak just like black women. Notice these blackmale simps and these mentally ill black women is they always go back to white women. White women have nothing to do with this story yet you have some black man Simp talking about ‘Whitewomen do it too’, for absolutely no reason. To listen to black women and these black male simps you would think there are only white women/white men and black women/black men on the planet earth. And you actually have grown Blackmen coming to the site talking about ‘Whitewomen do it too’ and ‘Whitewoman are gonna get you Black men’. These blackmale simps fail to realize that there are not just white women and black woman on the planet earth. But the real reason why the simps always go back to White women is because they are repeating the same stuff they’ve been hearing from these black female demons for years. These simps follow anything and everything these black female demons do, say, or think. And then the same blackmale simps will sit around and wonder why black women don’t have any respect for Black men. Black women don’t respect Blackmen, because most of these Blackmen are simps, and most of these black women know it. Like I’ve always said the simps up probably worse than these black female demons at this point. It never ceases to amaze me how simple and stupid these dam simps really are. We can’t even avoid these simps on this site. Pathetic.

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      • These simps and pro-blacks have selective hearing when hearing any information that doesn’t fit their agenda or narrative; nobody in this thread was worshipping or putting any white women on a pedestal. This “white people do it too” response is just a deflection tactic used to absolve black people from any personal responsibilities for their actions.

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  6. Absolutely. In the mind of mentally ill black women and black male simps it MUST go back white women. No one said one word about white women regarding the topic. But somehow the topic or subject of white women always seems come up ‘somehow’. Like TheAmazingSecularist said, no matter what black women do, the line of ‘ white women do it too’ , will be dragged out in order to excuse the behavior of black women. The really sad thing is you have black men, who black women hate, despise, and want to see destroyed and miserable, are actually repeating this tired ‘ white women do it too’ garbage. Here you have a website that is devoted to informing black men, allowing black men to express their opinions, and a website that actually isn’t afraid to speak the truth about black women, and you STILL have black male simps coming to this site spewing the same nonsense these black women demons are repeating on a daily basis. Once again, the black male SIMP feels the need to defend the indefensible black woman demon. Part of the reason why these black women do the evil they do, is because there is ALWAYS a black male SIMP to jump up , and defend, deflect, and distract from the point, and what black women are doing to destroy black men and black communities.

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  8. I think @MikeTO isn’t a black man, he’s an Asian MGTOW bloke from Toronto.

    The point still stands though, why mention white women at all, when the article was clearly about a deceitful black bitch?

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    • >I think @MikeTO isn’t a black man, he’s an Asian MGTOW bloke from Toronto.

      Doesn’t matter. It still makes him a SIMP in my book.

      He’s more than welcome to the Drain Bamaged Queans.

      Thinking brothers such as ourselves have different plans. And it doesn’t include the Queans.

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  9. “This “white people do it too” response is just a deflection tactic used to absolve black people from any personal responsibilities for their actions.”

    I hope so, because the alternative is being an apologist for this evil bitch, knowing the system’s appetite for sticking brothers on child support.

    I’d rather take my chance with a Becky…

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