They Continue To Tell On Themselves – Part 6




Either a disgruntled racist white man or a black woman was behind the first meme, we already know that black women and racist white men are two sides of the same coin plus I also mentioned this in Negro Wars. To be honest if you wish to know the secrets of white society ie its codes, the things that are discussed behind closed doors, one only needs to study its aspiring apprentice, the modern-day black woman. Black women and racist white men think very much alike, after all it was liberal white men who trained the black witch to be the terrorist that she is today.

Notice it’s that same Facebook group again and notice who is there in the midst causing trouble as per usual, that’s right, the black woman. Well, looks like I was right about black women destroying anything and everything they touch, I told you that you never bring black women into anything constructive because they are guaranteed to wreck it:


Of course black women were going to tank the group, I could have told you that from the beginning. Allowing black women to enter a group that is supposed to be for black men and white women only, what, did you think black women were going to just sit there and allow black men to run a group dedicated to white women and interracial relationships? Wake up bruh.

I told you, this is what happens whenever black men bring black women into things, this is why I cannot take most black men who talk about restoring black society and rebuilding black communities seriously. Knowing that the black witch already has a state sponsored role to destroy any and all constructive building black men attempt to embark upon, only a fool would continue to offer black women a line and bring them into the fold instead of cutting them off completely.

I constantly am running across black men who still don’t get it or who are point-blank refusing to accept the writing on the wall concerning this modern-day black female, I don’t understand what part of “she doesn’t like you” they cannot fathom, the spells these black men are bound by are so deep and complex.

However on the flip side these futile attempts to dissuade black men from expanding on their dating options are only making black men even more curious as to what lies for them on the other side of the fence. The shaming tactics, the “you cannot handle a strong black woman, you’re a coon, sellout, Uncle Tom, you’re a weak ass nigga, them white women are going to get you” statements simply aren’t working anymore.


The thinking black man is rising, he is saying ENOUGH to the dysfunctional black woman and her brigade of simps,manginas and white knights, he is looking for peace and tranquillity which he knows is nigh on impossible to find being with a black female. He has decided to take his chances elsewhere, black women have noted this and are trying everything within their power to ensure he(the black male) remains a slave on the liberal plantation.

I for one am happy to see more black men waking up and realising that black women do not have their best interests at heart, that black women desire to keep black men unhappy and that black women ultimately wish to destroy black men completely, after all that is exactly what she was trained to do by her white father, destroy her own people.

SYSBM, the only viable way forward for the thinking black man. As I have stated before the black woman’s opinion concerning who black men choose to date and marry is irrelevant at this point. We thinking black men will date and marry who we want to, black women screaming, cussing aswell as calling us names will make absolutely no difference to the outcome, SYSBM has already been implemented, deal with it and return to the white man you love so much.


Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individuals

Most High Bless

36 thoughts on “They Continue To Tell On Themselves – Part 6

  1. On point again Verbs. Women don’t realise that thinking black men are critical thinkers and we see EVERYTHING.

    The thinking black man continues to rise, here, Negromansophere, YouTube and other places. We can’t be denied with our empowerment due to knowledge.

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    • Tony Starkes,

      They cannot hold us back, they truly believed that the gravy train of being able to treat black men like dirt and because many of us were under their spell we would continually return to them, that high speed express has now derailed. The SYSBM express is rolling at full stream and it cannot be stopped.


      • >The SYSBM express is rolling at full stream and it cannot be stopped.

        The Queans (played by the moose) attempting to stop the SYSBM express:

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  3. Ugh…..
    Why do these hoteps protect these women, again? But it’s white Women who are the threat, right?

    At this point, wall of the hoods, drop off nothing but ammunition by airdrop, and encourage them to KILL EACH OTHER OFF! Let the ambulances come in later to clean up the mess.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      You really have to wonder how much worse things will have to get before the penny will finally drop in the pro black’s head. For most of them just like the black women they unconditionally respect and protect they will perish along side them.

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  4. The real issue is the negative values of the black community: 1) Promiscuity. 2) Underachievement at school. 3) Crime. 4) The use of bad grammar, poor pronunciation, mumbling and arcane idioms by black people. 5) Black males refusal to take responsibility for their children. 6) The low self-esteem among black women that is so profound, they have unprotected sex with any black male idiot. 7) Black males’ total disrespect for all women except their mothers. 8) Rap music with lyrics which enforces bad attitudes.


    • Chris,

      You missing the point sir, the black woman is the one instilling all of the above into black society as she is the one raising the majority of black children.

      Numbers 1-4 are merely the end products of the black woman’s handiwork. Number 5 has been debunked many times over, black women through feminism embrace single motherhood, they deliberately choose unproductive, low brow black men whom they fully well know are not good fatherhood material. Here is an article I wrote recently on the deadbeat dad myth:

      As for number 6 you’ve just said it yourself, they are having unprotected sex with idiot black males, they’re not having sex with good, free thinking productive black men. Their low self esteem is their own fault, this is what happens when you abandon black society, chase after white men and white society and accept feminism and state benefits. Remember, it is white liberals who are sponsoring black women to sit on their behinds doing nothing and also to use their sexual reproductive systems irresponsibly. If the system would stop giving black women free money then things would change overnight.

      As for number 7 you are going to have to provide me with some examples of black men having total disrespect towards all women as I don’t personally see this occurring.

      Dealing with number 8, again this stems from black women and their hatred for children, they play those same raps songs for their children in their cars, thus the children grow up repeating and emulating the same. This single mother social experiment that white liberals have carried out in black society has been a complete and total failure, its time to throw in the towel.

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  5. Black women live to make life miserable for black men. Black women want black men to be as miserable and bitter as they are. When black women see black men seeking happiness with women who actually love and respect them, a bell goes off in the empty head of these black women demons, and they say ‘I cannot allow a black man to be happy’. The hoards of black women demons will gather and flock to any area (the internet and real life), where they see black men happy, and make it their goal to eliminate any peace, happiness, and joy a black man has with non black women. This is why if in public with a non black woman, and you happen to be in an area (unfortunately) populated by majority black people, be aware. Because black women and the simps they lead, want to see black men suffer, and you and your non black partner might be physically attacked. This is why even on this website, you have black women coming here to debate, name call, and generally do any they can to disrupt the thoughts of black men. Black women have been made to be in control of the black community by their white daddy. When black women see Blackmen who aren’t simps or follow behind and do everything a black woman tells them to do they can’t handle it. Anywhere Blackmen are on the Internet, you will see black woman trying to get involved in their business. But if you attempt to tell the average black man out evil and wicked these black women are, these simple, stupid, weak simps will start talking about their mothers, sisters, aunts, etc, and start rambling about how great, supportive, and loving black women are toward black men. These black men are either too stupid to see how destructive black women are, or they choose to ignore it because a black woman is giving them some ‘pussy’. And these black men repeat the same garbage that these black women say, ‘ white woman do it too’, white women don’t really love black men’, ‘ white women mess up the lives of black men’, ‘I need me a strong black woman’, etc, etc, etc. I can’t put into words how evil these black women demons are, and how simple and stupid these black male simps are. The black female demon and the black male SIMP are responsible for the hell like conditions you see in the black community. But in the small minds of these pro black idiots, white people and white supremacy are what is causing problems for black people. The black woman is the mother of civilization, mother Earth, the first woman on the planet, the most beautiful woman on the planet, black women are nurturing and caring and loving, etc, etc. And these black simps actually believe this garbage. You heard the speech of Jesse Williams last year. This guy has a white mother, and yet he’s on stage at an award show talking about how great black women are. Black women have taken over the minds of most black men. And if you say one word about black women you’ll have waves of fools calling you a coon, a homosexual, your mothers black, you hate yourself and all of this nonsense they’ve been perpetuating for years. Most Blackmen are just too afraid to actually speak the truth about black women, because they are afraid of black women because they are weak, and grow up in a world controlled by mentally ill black women.

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    • Whtgrlsrawesome,

      I don’t really like Facebook, it is such a liberal piece of trash social media platform. Being constantly censored on there because of complaints from you guessed it, black women and their simp brigades is the main reason why I began posting on my own site more often.

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  6. Hope those brothers learnt their lesson and vow to never let black women in their private groups again. It might be harder to do so on Facebook since it is a liberal site. But anywhere else, put them out the door. As long as black women aren’t involved with us, we black men get along just fine without them.

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  7. Sir(s),
    You seemed to have ignored my question as to why you lump all black women together into the basest stereotype of subculture available to narrow opinions. As a lady, in the true sense of the word (in conduct), I will only choose at this point to unsubscribe and I’ve already prayed that you find the true source of your narrow and biased view against ALL black women and be delivered from this further spreading of poisonous rhetoric against us ALL with absolutely NO DISTINCTIONS MADE. Sad for the one who bore you, if she too is black. Or IS she “ghettoish” trash to you too?

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    • Witch, you really think we’ll miss you? Where did he say “all”, dumdum?

      The fact that you take offense means that you must be one of the number, otherwise, why get bent outta shape? Not that most black chicks are IN shape, but you know what I mean.

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    • Cynthia Knowing Lyons,

      As I stated before, you are using a straw man, you have been asked to provide the comments or sentences where ALL black women have been implicated, you have failed to do so.

      Black men, please take notes, this is what happens when black women cannot prove their points and cannot control the conversation. I asked her a simple question, please show me where I have stated ALL BLACK WOMEN, she was unable to provide such.

      I don’t deal with the “not all” crowd, I simply put the information out and it automatically falls upon the guilty parties. As Obsidian Radio is always saying, if it doesn’t apply let it fly ladies. Hit dogs will holler, keep that in mind too.

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      • The fact that this darling child of S̶a̶t̶a̶n God followed you to subsequent posts attempting to draw the discussion back to the “NOT ALL!” strawman is also noteworthy to all Black men.

        They will not leave you alone until they have distracted you long enough to mess with your mind and soul.

        Fortunately, there’s the delete button…

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      • Michel,

        For the most part they avoid me, all they see here is article after article calling out their dysfunctional behaviour, they know I’m fully locked into holding their feet to the fire just like they are fully down and locked in with their white liberal slave master and his agenda against black society. Black women are already in major panic mode over my book Negro Wars, not one of these popular black female YouTubers has dared to come against me or challenge the work, they are all running scared plus Negro Wars is now beginning to pick up more steam.

        I’ve outlined many of their tricks here on the site aswell as in the book, it is exactly what I wrote about, how they have failed to update their magic tricks, spells and enchantments. Black women still believe that the old Kansas City shuffle techniques they have been using for the past 50 years still work, they never bothered returning to their white liberal father so he could update their book of spells, illusions and trickery.

        Black women are like a car running out of petrol, they are spluttering, shaking, jolting and bucking all over the place in complete panic trying their best to think of ways that they can keep black men from expanding on their dating and marriage options. The problem is nothing is working for them, free thinking black men continue to relentlessly advance down SYSBM Avenue at lightening speed. This is how black women react whenever somebody mentions the book Negro Wars:

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  8. Once again the mentally ill black woman absolutely refuses and cannot leave black men alone. Hopefully this black female demon who I will not name will keep her word and we will never hear from her again. But because black women are mentally unstable, I’m sure she will be back. I don’t understand how an adult can’t see that a person is not speaking about all black women when they make statements about something. If what’s being discussed on this website doesn’t apply to particular black woman then why would you take it personally and feel the need to come and respond or comment about it? If any black woman out there is not like the ones that we speak about on this website then just live your life and ignore what we are saying. But every time you see a black woman come to this website and start commenting about what Blackmen is speaking about, only supports and backs up what we say about the majority of black women and how evil, mentally ill, unstable, and confrontational they really are. Despite the claims of black women, we as Blackmen can see just how fixated black women are on Blackmen and what they are doing and what they are thinking. Black women can’t stand to see Blackmen who they can’t control or tell what to do, so black women MUST attempt to distract, confuse, shame, and guilt black men into doing what black women want them to do. With these black women don’t understand is there tricks in the game simply won’t work on those Blackmen whore aware of their evil behavior.

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  9. That black witch is mad because she cannot control the thinking black man I told you to leave before demon black men are talking and building shut your mouth and never return go back to your hell pit we will not tolerate your foolishness black woman demon. You see what happens when black women cannot destroy thinking black men they get frustrated and pull their weave out I love unsubscribe demon please Verbs keep giving it to them and to the shea butter pro black fools you are on the hit list to rot with your black queens.

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    • Sean,

      Most definitely, after all black women haven’t let up for the past 40 years using the mainstream media to drag the image and the reputation of black men through the mud, they are still doing so up to this day. Black women simply won’t control what goes on here at Slaying Evil, I will continue to hold their feet to the fire. This is precisely why I stopped posting on Facebook, that is all black women were doing over there, flagging and reporting my posts. Indeed, the shea butter distributing pro blacks will perish with their “gods”.

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  10. Remember this brothers (bottom line) – the Queans and their court are NOT interested in black men – only their RESOURCES. They’re vampires who latch on to some SIMP, drain him of his resources, then move on to the next SIMP. They cannot generate their own resources without the help of the State. Black love is a myth. It doesn’t exist, hasn’t existed, and NEVER will exist.

    Don’t be a SIMP. SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  11. The way I see it now, no amount of hollering, bitching, yelling, slogan slinging, shaming, mean mugging, cock-blocking, hotepping, bedwenching, media hogging, propaganding and racist meming can stop a brother from capturing the Becky (or non-BBB woman) of his choice. Any BM that decides he wants the best from his mate, he can get one outside his race, no problem.

    The SYSBM armada has all naval fleets in formation, ready to rain holy hell on all simps, hoteps, racists, bastard offspring and BBBs. Launch the cruise missiles!

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    • > The SYSBM armada has all naval fleets in formation, ready to rain holy hell on all simps, hoteps, racists, bastard offspring and BBBs. Launch the cruise missiles!

      Aye, sir!

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      • Thebackhandofreality,

        That was a cool battle, I remember that film. Black women can’t win this one yet at the same time they are too stubborn and prideful to throw in the towel. Oh well, they will have to learn their lessons the hard way.

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