Tyrese Gibson Marries A Biracial Woman And Black Women Openly Show Their Insecurities As Per Usual






I don’t know what black women are complaining about because they never wanted nor liked Tyrese to begin with. So what if he hash tagged #MyBlackQueen, regardless black women would have thrown their toys out of the pram as standard. Black women are forever giving lighter skinned and non black females honourary black acceptance cards, case in point just look at Amber Rose. Tyrese’s new wife has now been identified as Samantha Lee Schwalenberg, it was rumoured that she may have been Middle Eastern, however it has since been revealed by TMZ that she is of mixed heritage(Ecuadorian, Jamaican and Afro-American, two-thirds Negroid descent).

Tyrese married his new wife on February 14th 2017, Valentine’s Day. Samantha has more variety and a greater concentration of Negro blood flowing through her veins than the former President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama. Thus, since most black folks classified Obama as black even though he also is of mixed heritage, the same parameters must equally be drawn for Samantha Gibson in order to avoid hypocrisy and double standards. Samantha Gibson is black thus Tyrese was correct and well within his rights to label her as his black queen.

Tyrese was previously married to Norma Mitchell, they also have a 8-year-old daughter together. Norma can be seen with Tyrese in the picture below:


Tyrese talked about his marriage to his ex-wife and how that relationship was full of verbal confrontations and fighting. If a light-skinned woman is raised around these dark skinned harridans, what Tyrese experienced with his ex-wife will typically be the outcome. I believe that Norma Michell was raised around hood, ghetto black women hence this could be a strong possibility as to why she was unable to sustain the marriage with him.

Of course as per the edicts of feminism in 2015 the feminist dirty rag Madame Noire ran an exclusive interview where Norma Mitchell decided to “speak out” about being abused by Tyrese ie how she was the victim in such a volatile relationship. You’ll notice how black women are always the victims no matter what the circumstances, even when they are dead in the wrong it is still the fault of somebody else. That interview can be seen in the link below:


OF course we already know how violent most black women are and how their propensity towards violence is much higher than that of black men. With black women already being the number one abusers and killers of children in black society, such a conclusion is far from a stretch. Most black women live for drama, they love confrontations, strife, chaos, contentions and most of all they love physical fighting, we as free thinking black men all know this.

It is also interesting to note that Tyrese was embroiled in a bitter custody dispute with Norma Mitchell concerning his daughter, this doesn’t surprise me in the slightest as most black women will typically want a child to remain in their custody in order to continue using that child as a weapon against the father as well as using the child as a leverage tool in order to keep that child support money flowing in.

Take a look at the second Facebook screenshot, reading the comment you would think that you are dealing with a racist white male, however this is none other than a black woman who made these remarks, porch monkey, nigga, really? This fits in with my previous post in relation to how black women, pro black simps and racist white men are all cut from the same cloth, that post can be seen here.

Remember when Tyrese first came on the scene in that famous Coca Cola commercial that aired in 1994:

What were black women saying about him back then? The same things that they are saying about dark skinned black men today, “he’s ugly, he’s black as hell, soot, smoke, charcoal, gorilla, midnight, blackula, darkie, black turd, porch monkey and the rest of the usual racist terms and slogans that black women love to use against their dark skinned male counterparts.

Of course it was only as Tyrese began to rise through the ranks did black women change their tune and begin to find him desirable, however it wasn’t because they all of a sudden found him attractive, it was simply because of his growing wealth. The modern day black female is a leech who will suck a black man’s resources completely dry and move onto the next victim without any remorse of sympathy for her prey.

Remember what I’ve repeatedly told you and what I wrote about in Negro Wars, black women as a collective view black men as slaves, as far as they are concerned we are only here to help them satisfy their childish lusts for money and material artefacts, we bring 100% to the relationship, they bring absolutely nothing to the table. That is not how relationships are supposed to work which is why most black on black relationships typically fall apart.


You’ll notice that black women rather than examine this growing trend of black men dating and marrying mixed heritage and non black women and look upon themselves as possibly the main reason behind the mass exodus will instead resort to name calling and slogan slinging(coon, Uncle Tom, Uncle Ruckus, sellout, your mother’s black, you hate yourself, you can’t handle a strong black women, nigga, porch monkey etc). Black women as a collective simply do not respect black men at all.

This is why I have to laugh at the Shea butter peddling, RBG pro black pundits who continue to call these same individuals queens while at the same time black women refuse to reciprocate the kind gesture and instead choose to spit in the faces of these groups and other black men aswell as give us the middle finger on the daily. As I have stated before trying to appeal to a group of women who don’t like you and who are not interested in you in the slightest is a fool’s errand.

Tyrese Gibson has finally realised that SYSBM is the only viable route forward for the thinking black man. He has finally realised that most black women are indeed as I have been describing them on this site, broken and defective beyond repair. Tyrese like many black men especially those of the dark skinned variety have come to the conclusion that the overwhelming majority of black women aren’t worth a fart in a wind storm.


You have to laugh really, these same black harridans complaining and throwing tantrums are the same individuals who weren’t even in the running to begin with. Tyrese has realised that black women as a collective are extremely volatile and perpetually problematic and I doubt that he will ever deal with a black woman again. I don’t blame him really, many of us free thinking black men feel exactly the same way.

For a black woman to come out and call a black man a porch monkey demonstrates what I wrote about in Negro Wars, that the so called comradeship that black women claim to have with black men is merely an illusion, nothing but smoke and mirrors. Black women are not by the sides of black men, they left us 60 years ago with the introduction of neo feminism and fatherless home welfare policies.

Something else I have stated before, black women are the number one enemies of black men, all you see is black women acting negatively towards black men all day everyday. A minority may make videos here and there pledging their love and support for black men, however at the end of the day actions speak louder than words. Where is this so called love and support in the real everyday world, nowhere to be found.


Black women taking another huge L to the chest, though as I’ve stated before most of them will not learn from this and will continue to blame somebody else for Tyrese now joining the trend of this mass exodus of black men. Black women, you cannot treat black men with such contempt and hatred and still expect them to deal with you. You treat black men horribly and you still cannot connect the dots as to why more of us are now beginning to give you the middle finger in return.

I would say let these black women lust after and pursue their white lord and saviour, however even white men are now beginning to grow tired of the black woman’s dysfunctional ways, even they are starting to turn up their noses to black women altogether. No man desires a masculine, combative, rebellious, loud, irritating, violent, bloodthirsty savage of a woman as a girlfriend or as a wife, it seems that most black women don’t want to accept the writing on the wall.

#SYSBM will continue to trend, black women because of their stubborn and prideful dispositions will continue to take huge loses in the dating and marriage arena and more black men realising the true nature of the modern day black female will begin to take the same route as Tyrese. Be sure to check out my book Negro Wars, where I break down the modern day black woman and her broken beyond repair mental state on a deeper level.

Black women, the most racist individuals walking planet earth today. Remember, they are only bitter at Tyrese because they didn’t get a chance to access his resources and shaft him to high heaven, never forget that. Lastly, remember how black women were praising the fact that Serena Williams had gotten engaged to her white boyfriend, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian? Yet in this situation there is no praise nor congratulations coming from these same harpies concerning Tyrese and his marriage to this beautiful biracial woman. Ultra hypocrites until the end black women are.

Lastly, one of the main reasons why black women are cracking their whips at Tyrese is because his new wife is extremely attractive, we all know how black women being the ultra feminists that they are, hold an extreme jealousy of attractive, feminine women. Just think about the example of the attractive lighter skinned girl in a group of dark skinned black females, we’ve all seen it, her fate was never a good one, enough said. Let the salt begin to flow.




Hypocrites Be Like....


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

41 thoughts on “Tyrese Gibson Marries A Biracial Woman And Black Women Openly Show Their Insecurities As Per Usual

  1. Did you get (emphasizing “get”) my comments from the other day? Simply put what lead to this “mission” of stereotyping ALL black woman? I and all of the women in my family and my close black female associates do not fit your blanket description of all black women. Why choose the base eliment of our society to paint us all this way??? Do the women of your family behave in such a disgusting manner???
    Raised a lady in every sense of the word BY a dignified lady (my mom),
    – Cynthia L.
    Christian Artist, Teacher and married to my super-hero husband, James (a hardworking respected black man).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cynthia Knowing Lyons,

      I’m still waiting for you to show me where I am stereotyping ALL black women. As I stated to you before this accusation is a straw man. You are reminded that in order to stereotype ALL black women, the word ‘all’ must be along side the words ‘black women’, this is basic English 101.

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    • Like I previously stated. Black women can’t leave black men alone. Black women HAVE TO come to where black men are gathered and expressing their opinions, and they have to interject their toxic opinions. It drives black women crazy when black men speak the truth about black women. If what is being stated here is wrong or incorrect, then any logical rational person would just ignore the content of this site, or not come to this site. But because black women are so insecure, so illogical, and so irrational, they will continue to come to a site with opinions and content they disagree with, and STILL feel the need to come to this site and express their difference of opinion. And straight out of the insane black woman textbook, the question is asked ‘do the black women in your family behave this way’? Blackmen we must realize that black women feel the need to control Blackmen, manipulate Blackmen, and tell Blackmen what to do, how to act and how to think. These black women absolutely will not stop attempting to interject themselves into the discussions of Blackmen regarding the state of black women. Black women will do everything in their power to distract Blackmen and try to get Blackmen off the topic. Just ignore or ban them. We don’t need to leave their comments up in order to know just how devious evil vicious and malicious these black women are. We see this every day from black women. Tyrese Gibson made the right choice. The unfortunate thing is he first had to go through hell with a black woman in order to wake up. Tyrese probably felt the pressure to marry a ‘black queen’, and not ‘sellout’. And he paid the price. Blackmen don’t allow black women to shame you into marrying or dating them. Black women have to have control. And what is happening now is Blackmen oh waking up just how evil these black women are, and black women can’t control this awakening. This is why you see black women on this website attempting to distract Blackmen from the issue at hand. The game of the black woman has ended, and black men are not falling for it anymore. Black women are mad as hell because they can’t silence or guilt black men into being silent.

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      • Bill Smith,

        I don’t always reply back to black women who come onto my site, it depends what mood I’m in. The reason why I leave the comments up is for black men who are just waking up aswell as for others to see what we as black men have to deal with. I don’t really want this site to become like Facebook where I am censoring folks left, right and center. Trust me, the holding of black women’s feet to the fire of accountability will continue as Slaying Evil, black women will not be diverting any conversations or topics on this site.

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  3. Cynthia are you out here commenting and correcting most of these black women with this demon attitude if not you are just as bad as them. This is the problem no one is calling black women out for their actions you may be one in the few that do not act this way but more black women like you should be calling them out

    Liked by 2 people

    • Sean,

      This is the typical protocol of black women and their advocates, reprimand those reporting on the bad behaviour rather than check and bring into line those who are actually engaging in the destructive behaviour themselves.

      This is the pervasive backwards mentality that black women at the best of their white father have deliberately injected into black society, utterly appalling .

      Liked by 1 person

    • Sean, express your opinion, but don’t personally respond to these black women demons. Black women want and need attention, and they love to go back and forth arguing and debating. I’m not in anyway telling you what to do or how to express yourself. But these black women absolutely live for getting responses from black men and distracting black men from exposing the nonsense of these black women demons. I like to get to the point. But I do so without directly responding to any black woman. Black women want black men to be distracted. Let us not fall into the trap of these black women demons. Just ignore them.

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  4. Let these whores whine and complain all they want but by the end of the day he ( Tyrese) is not married to you and you’re still bitter.

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  5. Black Women have a right to Black Men.
    BTW: “If a light-skinned woman is raised around these dark skinned harridans, what Tyrese experienced with his ex-wife will typically be the outcome.” What does that even mean???


  6. First off, notice the two harpies above that just HAD to comment on a black man’s stuff.

    Secondly, I remember when tyrese commented on fat people, and guess who got mad? Yep, black women!!! They of course used the “is yo momma fat?” Line. Black beasties are disgusting!!!!

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  7. Verbs, I think this you’re best one yet. Brilliant.

    I was staggered how so-called educated black women speak when I had the misfortune to spend time in one of the most popular black Facebook groups.

    The names they call black men is nothing short of disgusting.

    The women took an L. It’s the second one this week, as UK rapper Stormzy has a beautiful Swedish/Ethiopian girlfriend.

    He knows the score. The writing is on the wall. Men want quiet feminine women, not masculine loud “females”.

    Yet again, first class

    Liked by 2 people

    • Tony Starkes,

      Much appreciatedsir. Yep, the same black women who claim to have the backs of black men are the same ones calling us every racist name under the sun, black women are going to continue taking these Ls until they hit the grave.

      I looked up Stormzy and I peeped his girlfriend too, she is a stunner. I see he is a dark skinned brother too, no doubt black women have given him hell about that in the past.

      The SYSBM high speed express continues to roll on at full steam and there is nothing black women can do about it.

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  8. This is a slap in the face in to Black Women’s inferiority complex. Look for the YouTube succubusses to make Vlogs about this bitching. Many Black Men are fooled by these bi-racial or light-skinned leeches. They are the same and sometimes worst than the dark-skinned counterparts presently. I knew a Waffle-colored heffer being an escort while still being married to her husband. I’ve seen it time and time again. I wasn’t surprised his first marriage didn’t last very long.

    Everything is the fault of the Man by (Black) Feminist proxy. They can do no wrong and know it all. Yet,they continue to fuck things up while struggling.& upholding this “Strong Black Woman” myth. I find your average BW rather an ill-fated, dysfunctional creature. Has to be when you wear someone hair on your head for a month and refuse to wash your hair. Or gain weight and be a fat-ass for a “fat-ass”. Or thinking 5’3″ and 175 lbs. is “Thick”. Naw…your Fat/Borderline-Obese.

    I would never advise BM to date WW in the States as they are the same side of a different coin. But BM, run far…very far away from these defunct derilicks. They bring NOTHING but poverty, problems, dysfunction, and disease. Tyrese (nor any man) should have to answer who he has made as a choice of wife. BW complain they have it bad to finding Men. Black Men really have a shortage when it comes to relationship and marriage material. Most modern BW aren’t built for either.

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  9. Bill Smith u are 100% correct I know all they want to do is argue and go back and forth. But I do not want these demons on here I know this is Verbs post i basically checked her. Sometimes i just get tired of these devils always trying to infiltrate when positive black men have something going on that is why I said something. But I know you cannot have a constructive conversation with those ingrates.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel the need to respond to these mentally ill black women also. But as we all know you will never win an argument with a black woman, and you will never change their minds about anything. Peace.

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  10. Sean Camp, black men would be better off talking to a brick wall, and probably be better off in a relationship with a brick wall, than with a black woman. A brickwall probably has more warmth and affection for a black man than your average black woman does. A brick wall won’t call the cops on you anytime you get into disagreement, a brick wall won’t take you to court and get you put in jail for child support, a brick wall won’t lie about you and what you’ve done in order to take your children away from you. Black women do all these things and more. But no matter how much we as black men talk about these things, and reveal the truth about the nature of black women, you will always have these black man simps who will defend support marry, date and have children with these black female demons no matter what they do. These demon black women know that there will always be some black man Simp to come right behind them support them and defend the evil that they are doing. Every day I see Blackmen smiling joking clowning around with black female demons with long fake hair, whorish clothing, and the worst possible attitude you can imagine. And when you look at the stupid ass Blackmen they have a look in their eyes like they just won the lottery just for being able to speak to one of these black female demons. Those wise black men who are actually aware of what’s going on will continue to separate themselves from these black whore demons. But the evil ways of these black women really warm not end because there’s always some black man Simp acting as if these black women are worthy of something. Most of these black females are worthy of being thrown in the garbage. Most of these Blackmen are weak stupid ignorant simple and will worship black women no matter what black women do say or think. The simps Blackmen don’t understand that black women hate them. The only reason why black women even deal with the Simp ass Negroes, is because no other race of a man is stupid enough or simple enough to deal with them on a large scale.

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  11. y’all bitches juss jealous because tyrees got himself a light-and-bright. we’z winning out here, y’all blacc bitchez juss kant handle a strong blacc man, we’z more edumakated than y’all! #blackmenwinning

    …said no Black man, ever.

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  12. All of these comments are so shameful and it leaves me in total sadness for the African American race. I am near tears as I write. Totally passes anger to the true emotions of being hurt and saddened. Such self-effacing behavior. What if your mothers could read these comments. Whenever we speak of women this way it does not exclude your mother, sisters or daughters. It’s blasphemy actually, such disdain for the very thing that created you. Wow, talk about life in the darkness and the residue of slavery. This has gone to a whole new level. I’m scared for the life I carry inside me in this moment. I am shamed by this behavior. Please my people, the best gift you can give yourself is to purchase a ticket to the motherland and spend some extended time around your people in context. Pride is what is lacking here. Also remember we play a role in our creations which are merely a reflection of oneself. Off to mediate and cleanse myself of this energy. I love you my brothers and I will always keep the light on for you!


  13. @Blovesall,there are a lot of blogs & youtube videos of bw & bm hating each other. Those our the scourge of our society, and in the end they will serve no purpose.There are just as many videos of bw claiming undying love for bm.Add to the fact that bm marriage rates to bw went from 85% to 90% in the last 3 years. The only problem I have with bw is they keep getting into movements like the feminists movement by ww,or Christelyn Karazin swirl movement,which is a train wreck waiting to happen. And these movements never benefit them.Christelyn Karazin hasn’t told bw that 48% of white men w/o a degree is unemployed, and it’s getting worst.I want bw to make better decisions, some of our people will get it, some won’t. I will always love black women, stay healthy.GOD BLESS


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  15. As an African woman, it’s kinda hard but I have to agree with what you’re saying. Black women (especially African Americans) are very abusive, angry and masculine. They complain about everything that is NOT their business and forget about their own problems. It’s no body’s business who Tyrese dates or marries. If he calls her his black queen then she IS his queen. Blacks comes in many different shades. If she mixed and identifies as black or white or biracial she has the right to and it’s not anyone’s business. Oh and cultural appropriation stuff they complain about what is up with that? I am African, have lived in Africa my whole life and I don’t get offended by a white woman or Asian wearing cornrows. I take it as a compliment that they like it so much that they wear it. Oh and I didn’t invent cornrows so who the hell am I to be offended. In fact I’ve never met any African who is offended by “cultural appropriation”. I’m probably ranting at this point but I just need to vent to someone who might understand. I’m glad I found this site. Somebody needs to call black women out on their double standards and discrimination.


    • Nije,

      Westernised black women are a serious problem. They wreak havoc everywhere they go, they are lazy and literally complain about the smallest and most minor of issues, this is one of the main reasons why most of them are single. American black women are the worst and as you have probably noticed they are the mascot of destruction that many other black women across the globe and now beginning to emulate.

      I have many articles on this site illustrating the fact that black women simply aren’t not interested in black men, black love and black unity, their allegiance is to the state who they have now decided to set up as their substitute husband. Tyrese finally realised that black women as a collective are more trouble than they are worth and so he opted to go for a woman of mixed heritage.

      Even now black women are still going in on him and his wife, I’m glad he has not been taking the attacks lying down and has been firing some shots of his own. Black women like yourself who actually understand what is going on are a rarity, you are now a minority group.

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  16. And your falling right into a little trap. Same as black women. Before you know it we’ll all be divided over the most stupid reasons ever. When in reality instead of ganging up talking down on black women just find one that you consider to not be so bad . It’s that simple . Same as for black women if you think black men are so bad why trash them instead just keep moving until you find one that suits yourself. This little boys to men club you got going is right up the alley for all the people just waiting on our divide and fall. We can choose to just not surround ourselves with people who act a mess. That’s what other cultures do. They simply choose to no want to live around hoodlums of the same race so they go live near upscale people of the same race. You don’t see them bashing each other. In reality we are being laughed at and they are happy to see us doing what they’ve always done and replicating actions and repeating demeaning words they like to use. So great job. We are doing such a great job at failing.


    • Tiff,

      Black men and black women have already been divided for the last 60 years, where have you been hiding? Black women brought about the division when they decided that fatherless home welfare policies and feminism would be better suited towards them over the black family and keeping it strong. Sorry, the division has already been set in place.

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  18. yes in your book as usual, the division is cause by the the system, keeping the man out of the house to keep welfare, white women were in a better economic position that black women, since you hate black women so much, clone yourself white if you didnt do that already, black men are geared for extermination, I heard that 30 years ago, black men will be extinct here in this country, (but not all ) also minister louis Farrakhan said that a couple of years ago ,and it is not because of black women, so you dont have to worry about black men going to white women


    • Sharon,

      The system cannot divide unless people volunteer to partake in the schemes that cause division, this is where black women come in. The religion of self hate belongs solely to black women, black men aren’t walking around wearing blonde weaves and blue/green/grey contact lenses. Black men are builders, more of us will survive than yourselves.

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  19. That is why i am single black women want a man to kiss their ass bad attitudes broke and think their ass makes the sun and moon rise


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