Remy Ma Goes In On Men’s Rights Using The Same Redundant Feminist Lies And Talking Points – Disappointed But Not Surprised

Thanks to Kumar Frederick for bring this to my attention. It never fails to amaze me at how most black women can always be relied upon to perform their duties as useful idiots. Even though feminism has observably and historically failed black women, they are still choosing to hold onto the defunct religion for dear life.

Enter the renowned female rapper known as Remy Ma, she has just released a diss track called Shether in which she going in on Nicki Minaj. I don’t really listen to hiphop that much anymore, however from what little of the track I have heard Remy Ma practically took Minaj to the slaughter-house big time. However she couldn’t leave things on a high note, oh no, Remy Ma then decided to pop into the feminist, practically defunct dirty rag of a magazine called Marie Claire with her 25 inch Yaki and do this:

She talked about how men have various sports, priests, presidents, supreme court judges etc, however most men are not in these positions, only the people in those privileged positions will gain the maximum benefit from them. In other words these occupations have nothing to do with the vital day to day running of the average man’s life, case in point watching basket ball is not going to pay the mortgage.

Then she talked about the wage gap which has been debunked over and over and over and over again, here is a video for you all to peruse at your own leisure:

She then stated how she didn’t care about the fact that divorce settlements and child support are unfair towards men and proceeded to cite natural female functions as her justification as to why men should stop raising these issues and concerns. Of course black women can never deal with the facts which is why she was unable to refute them with a solid argument. Telling men to shut up because you as a woman experience periods and have children is not winning you the debate Remy.

The as per the black woman’s handbook she talked about the fact that she is “independent”, however we already know that black women are only independent from BLACK MEN because they have come to DEPEND upon the system of their white father. All women are dependent upon the system that has been created by men in some form or another whether they choose to admit this or not, women being independent is a myth within itself.

She then goes on to repeat the wage gap lie which the video above totally debunks. To be honest there are so many videos on YouTube debunking the wage gap myth I was spoilt for choice. Feminists love to repeat the same lies over and over again, they believe that if they continue to repeat them long enough and hard enough that eventually they will actually manifest into reality. This is not how life works, that is not the real world, this is not reality.

As much as Remy Ma is a decent female rapper, she is a complete dunce and a numbskull when it comes down to feminism, its many and often repeated lies and men’s rights. As for that piece of feminist trash scrub magazine called Marie Claire, we’ll see how you fare when Trump really starts to bring down the hammer on feminism and those who support it.

Your silly “we will resist” marches will avail you not, you will be put back into your rightful places by hook or by crook. Being triggered will not save you, having safe spaces will not help you and getting celebrities involved in your feminist circle jerks will not prevent the inevitable from taking place. Feminism is already on its last legs however its proponents and those who benefit from the religion are having an incredibly hard time letting go.

Now it will be very interesting to see if the pro black, black nationalists call out Remy on this blatant display of “coonery”, to be honest to make the statement is to answer it. Of course none of these black women worshipping, shea butter distributing, herbal tea sipping specialists will call her out on this buffoonery because to them “the black woman is god”.

This is the foolish double standard that exists within black society today, black men take all of the blame for things they do wrong and are equally held responsible and to account for the errors and the stupid decisions made by black women. Remy Ma as a married woman with a child ought to be ashamed of herself for this muppet, minstrel, bread and circus performance.

Papoose needs to bring his wife into line, allowing this kind of slackness to slide makes him look like a certified grade A simp and a mangina. This backing of feminism is a bad look especially for Remy, however what would we expect from most black women?

Negro Wars

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

17 thoughts on “Remy Ma Goes In On Men’s Rights Using The Same Redundant Feminist Lies And Talking Points – Disappointed But Not Surprised

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  2. Remy Ma wants to be a man and Nicki Minaj wanted to be white but couldn’t so made herself into a black barbie with a gigantic fake ass. They both would trade places with someone like Katy Perry who has gone on record saying she isn’t feminist and seems a lot happier for it.

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    • Wow Perry isn’t a feminist? Hahaha

      Why did no one ask this “black Mother Earth queen” as to why despite these female body functions, it’s women, namely of the black as hell variety, who are most abusive and poor parents to their kids?

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  3. Keep in mind Verbs Remy Ma was locked up for a few years need I say more about that hood rat who is a tranny for real and Papoose held down the family while she was locked up. So how can she say anything negative about men when her own husband took care of business when she was acting like hood rat thug. I think Papoose is a good dude for real but he just needs guidance to get over that black woman hump, he also was there for her during her well documented miscarriage and pregnancy issues but she still talks negative about men black women are absolutely gone.

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    • Sean,

      A sad state of affairs indeed. She just couldn’t put the hood rat behaviour down even for the sake of her family. Her husband holds it down while she is in prison and she still cannot see the writing on the wall, smh.

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  4. Remy Ma who? Since rap took off in the 1980s, USA black women singers, rappers, etc. have been missing in action. The top three USA black women singers, rappers: 1. Beyoncé, 2. Beyoncé, and 3. Beyoncé.

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  5. Sad, but it’s the fate that befalls anyone dumb enough to marry one of these black chicks, especially one with weave like THAT. Just pathetic, and notice that the crap she does or the holding down the fort her husband did is unmentioned.

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  6. I don’t know the details, but my opinion is that Papoose is the definition of a Simp, and he is reflective of the mentally of black men. Remy Ma shot someone in the stomach, spent like 8 years in jail, and Papoose CHOSE to remain with her, then married her. What man in his right mind would marry a woman who would shoot a person in the stomach over

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    • A dispute over an alleged theft. I am no fan of Nicki Minaj or Remy Ma, but Remy Ma has big ridiculous looking fake breasts, and then has the nerve to talk about Nicki minaj having fake parts. They both look like clowns who do everything in their power to appear less black. The greater question is why papoose would choose to be with a felon who attempted to murder somebody? This goes to show you that there is some Blackmen no matter what women do they will come back to them like dogs how many times have we seen women destroy men’s clothes set things on fire breaks things and he’s meant to write back with the same woman in a few days? How many times have we seen men physically assault women and women will be right back with the same and within a few days? There is a prevailing mentality in the black community that you need to hold down your partner no matter what they do no matter what they break no matter who they are Saltman matter what they say. The comments from Remy Ma are no surprise because most black women think they can do whatever they want say whatever they want and not be challenged or questioned about anything they do. If you dare to question anything a black woman does the black woman will start to call you a homosexual, you get no pussy, etc, etc. papoose is a type of black man that has a real tough exterior but on the inside he is just another blackmail simps that will allow women to do anything they want to say anything they want and will not walk away from them or question him about anything. And you actually have some Blackmen applauding papoose for sticking by this felon who attempted to kill somebody while she was in jail. Pathetic. A lot of what goes on in the black community is the fault of Blackmen because Blackmen are so weak and afraid of black women that they allow anything to go one without so much as even opening their mouths. This is why black women think they can do anything they want to. Because there will always be some simple Negro there to support them defend them or not even speak about the garbage of these black women are involved in.

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  7. He should have not married her at all, come to think about it he should have just got full custody of the kids she was locked up so she could do nothing about it.

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  8. I don’t think Papoose and Remy Ma have any children together. Which makes it even more pathetic that Papoose would choose to be with such a beast. The black male SIMP (aside from white daddy) is the main enabler of these black women demons. And the black male simp might be a bigger enabler of these black women demons than white daddy. Black males are in contact with black females from a very young age. Because these young black boys are being raised by single black women, in a world of black women, they are taught from my young age, ‘ you need to respect black women’ , ‘ real men respect black women’. So from the time Blackmen can remember they have always been taught by these black woman demons that they need to respect black women, support black woman, look past any evil thing that black woman do and allow black women to act do and say anything they want to, and if you actually challenge or question black women you are not being a man. The black male SIMP might be worse than these black woman demons. I say might be, because I know these black women demons are the worst thing to walk the planet earth. But when I see these black male simps defending and marrying and dating and supporting these black female demons, no matter what they do, makes me really want to call out these spineless black men, who are afraid to call out black women, who are afraid to question black women, and are (to be honest) simply afraid of black women.

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    • Those simps’ mind are far too gone to be saved. Like you said, simps and thug niggaz are raised in an environment of nothing but BBBs.

      Which makes me hopeful for the next generation, because the likes of that “CASH ME OUTSIDE, HOW BOW DAT!” 13 yr old tearaway will be hunting down the same simps and thug niggaz to mess with in the future. The new threat to the black community (and perfect ally of SYSBM) are the new hood white chicks. Once they get their hood on, it’s damn near over.

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