Black Women, Racist White Men – Two Sides Of The Same Coin, I Told You So




Here we have a meme that was clearly created by a racist white male and lo and behold who do we see propagating and promoting that same meme, this decadent black female who goes by the Facebook name of Laphai Shay. These are the pestilent treacherous scum bucket black women that walk among us pretending to be the friends of black men while secretly holding a deep disdain and hatred for us behind closed doors. Don’t be fooled by that smile, I’ve seen Laphay Shai/Shai Laphay at work, she is a nasty piece of trash who enjoys throwing black men under the bus.

This doesn’t surprise me in the slightest because I have been telling you for the longest while that black women and racist white men are two sides of the same coin, they are of one accord, they think in the same manner, I told you this in Negro Wars. Even with this you will still have the pro black nationalists who will continue to defend these women and call them queens. Here is some further black female skull duggery:




Remember Miss Sheniq Watson from this article:

Remember, us thinking black men are constantly being berated by pro black, red, black and green Negroes because we have decided to take our chances and expand our dating options in the quest to find a woman who is not masculine, violent, belligerent, rebellious, bitter etc, plus many of us still want to have children and so finding a woman who has her maternal faculties intact is also of the utmost importance.

Pro black men simply don’t want to get it, if they want us to stick to black women so badly then they should at least be working on them and periodically returning to us in order to demonstrate their progress. Instead these shea butter peddling black men continue to return with the same defective beyond repair model and then get upset when we recognise the scam for what it is and reject black women as a group once again.

It doesn’t make any sense to grovel to a group of women who do not like you, as I have stated before in this type of situation common sense and logic says that you should try your chances elsewhere. Of course as soon as that move is made you are called a coon, an Uncle Tom/Ruckus and a sell out not only by black women but also be their crony bootlicking simp flunkies.

Large numbers of black men simply don’t get it when it comes down to black women and just how broken and mentally damaged they really are. They see problematic black women are now the main feature within black female society, yet it still doesn’t compute in their minds, they still believe that they can defy the odds and find “the one” even though they have been roaming around single like nomads for the longest while. Here is one such fellow who still cannot connect the dots:


Now I don’t know for certain but I would be willing to guess that this guy is single. What is up with these guys and their continuous claiming to a woman that belongs to the state? Either Longchamp still hasn’t gotten the memo or he is actively refusing to accept the writing on the wall. Your so called “queen” is government property bruh, this has been the case since slavery, she has never belonged to you, wake up.

Just look at the contrast, on the one hand you have a black man standing in the corner of black women backing them, yet on the other here we have black women spitting in black men’s faces and giving us the middle finger. I suppose simps will be always be simps. Here is another kind hearted black woman with something “good” to share about black men:


Yet according to the pro black narrative despite these serious discrepancies we are still supposed to date, marry and procreate with such dysfunctional women? No sir, not me, nope, sorry, I’m good, I’ll pass, let somebody else deal with that mess. Again, if a particular group of women are making it known in no uncertain terms that they do not like you, the logical and common sense approach is to then head over to women who do like you and who will appreciate your company.

Black women as a collective do not like black men, I have evidence brimming over the pot on this site to demonstrate the fact. As per usual black women are quick to call out black men on their short falls, however at the same time they are extremely sluggish to acknowledge the fact that they are the ones who created these same defective black men that they are now complaining about.

What manner of stupidity is that, black women have been complaining for the past 40-50 years about faulty products that they created with their own two hands. This is yet another example of many which deals with the mental instability of the modern day black female. This is one of the reasons why I advise black men to expand their dating and marriage options, no man wants or is obligated to deal with mentally insane, mad hatter women.

Do better for yourselves black men, stay away from these obstinate black harpies, as I have stated many times before and will continue to reiterate BLACK WOMEN ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS, they will stab you in the back and shaft you whenever opportunity arises. It is time for you to accept the writing on the wall and move on. Remember, black women and their simp squads push exactly the same anti black narratives as their racist white liberal father.

The black woman is the new face and the local enforcement agent of white supremacy within black society. #SYSBM.

Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

32 thoughts on “Black Women, Racist White Men – Two Sides Of The Same Coin, I Told You So

  1. I’m willing to bet that all 3 of those black harpies have multiple bastard kids by multiple dudes.

    P.S They are mad because we black men can look like our natural self and we can get any non black women we want while they spend hundreds of dollars buying fake hair and nobody want them.

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  2. The reason why most of these simple black men will endlessly praise black women who hate black men, is because these black men have been raised in a universe of black female dysfunction. In the mind of many black men, black women can do no wrong. You could present all the evidence in the world to prove how much black women hate black men, and these black men would simply shrug their shoulders and say, ‘its not just black women’. No matter what black women do or say, black men will never place the blame at the feet of these black female demons. These black men will blame white supremacy, white women, the media, and they will even black black men, as the cause of black women’s destructive behavior, and their deep hatred for black men. I think these simple black men, who praise black women and call them queens, might actually be worse than these demonic black women. When a black man who is aware of what is going on, calls out black women, exposes their behavior, or questions their behavior, you will first get the evil black women calling you a homosexual, weak, and all of the other names they will call you in order to shame black men into not exposing black women. But right behind these black women, will be a group of simple and stupid black men talking about, ‘we need to respect our black queens, black women are the most beautiful women on earth, the black woman is the mother of civilization, white woman want to look like black women, etc, etc, etc. Black women hate Blackmen. But black women will use the same Blackmen that they hate in order to use them (black men) as a shield and protection from justifiable criticism. In the minds of black women nothing they do is wrong. And no matter what they do there will always be Simp black man out there defending them. Black women are the main cause of the the problems in the black community, and black women are the ones who cause black men stress, conflict, and make the lives of black men a living hell. But black women know that there will always be black men to defend this nonsense. So you will have black men debating and arguing with one another over these demonic black women, while the black woman watches, laughs, and goes right back to the same destructive behavior she has always done. The minute a black man with some intelligence mentions one word about black women, here come the simps talking about ‘your momma is black’, ‘a black woman gave birth to you”, ‘the reason our sistas are angry and bitter toward black men, is because of black men like you, and how you are talking about them’, etc, etc, etc. These black male simps are raised by single black women, who have controlled them, and told them what to do since birth. These black men look at black women as being all powerful, all knowing, and free from bad behavior, treachery, being a whore, lying, cheating, being violent, confrontational, etc and the negative things we see from black women on a daily basis. This is why you have grown black men talking about ‘the black women is God’. In the minds of these simple black men, black women are their gods. These black men worship black women, the lives of these black men revolves around black women, and they praise black women no matter what they do or say. These black men are too stupid or they are in a state of denial, to be able to realize just how much black women hate black men. But you can’t tell black men this. Black women want to be white women, black women want to be with white men, and black women want to eliminate black men and white women from the planet, so they can achieve their delusional fantasy. Some black men will simply never wake up and it is a waste of time attempting to show them the truth. The entire situation is pathetic, but it’s not surprising in the world of black people where black women are in control of everything, dictate to men how they should think, and attempt to silence and shame anyone who speaks the truth about black women.

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    • Well stated. White woman wanna look like black women……hahahahaha!!! NO ONE wants to look like black women, namely actual black Women! That’s why they pay so much to look non black while supposedly being poor and destitute and “be need’n sum hep!”

      I have an immense disdain for them, and literally see them as genetic failures. They weren’t born white, Asian, or even Hispanic women, and they’ve proven themselves unequal to said groups. Why do these jokes even exist?

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      • It’s ridiculous to think white women want to look like black women. What it really comes down to is the fear and frustration black women have that white women can wear and rock anything black women do better. Black women hate black men who are masculine and white women who can be themselves and get the attention of every group of men out there. And they won’t stop until they’ve stamped them out. The good news is that there is no possible way black women can win against white women.

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      • Reggie James,

        Black women have destined themselves for failure, it doesn’t profit any black man to get with a black woman lest he ends up sharing her doomed fate.


      • Afrofuturism1,

        They can denigrate black men as much and as often as they want, it still changes nothing. We black men overall are the ones who are moving ahead in leaps and bounds when it comes down to it.

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    • This is one of the reasons why I find myself nowadays mostly talking to fellow black men who are either married to, or currently dating, non-black women. They realize as well that the black community cannot be saved. When you have black simps and betas defending the dysfunction of black women at every angle, there is nothing left to be done but leave. The only hope is that a few of these simps will eventually swallow the red pill and save themselves as well. But many of them will be lost. It will have to take a divine intervention from The Most High to turn the black community around now.

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      • SigmaJones,

        At this point its all about separation from the contaminated group, this is the only way thinking black men can move forward.


    • Bill Smith,

      Well executed, it is because black women are in control of everything within black society is the reason why it is in such a mess. This is why separating ourselves from those who are contaminated is of the utmost importance.

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    • It’s true! Black women scream cultural appropriation because they dont want to admit white women beat them on all fronts. Look at even twerking the best most athletic twerkers are white ladies.

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      • Oh my god! I don’t even like twerking (in public), but…..deeez 🥜!!!!!

        Hell, that jackass liar Dolezal did more for blacks through the NAACP then most black women. Black chicks are a JOKE!!!!

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    • Absolutely. What bothers black women so much is they know that anything they claim is ‘theirs’, i.e. dreadlocks, cornrows, etc, white women look better doing it, and really all non black women look better doing it. How many times have we seen white women hip-hop dancing, wearing cornrows, wearing dreadlocks, and black women losing their minds screaming ‘ white women are appropriating our culture’, white women want to look like black women’, etc, etc. the truth is black women know and understand that they cannot compete with nonblack women. Black women already hate nonblack women and mainly White women, because black women are jealous of Whitewomen this is the reason why they hate them so much. Black women have very little things to cling to to make them feel good. So when black women see Whitewomen with dreadlocks , Whitewomen with cornrows, white women with big butts (even though black women don’t have a monopoly on big butts. And I don’t like big fat asses, but black women cling to big butts because that is literally all they have), black women feel super threatened. And the response from these demonic black woman would be ‘ you are jealous of white men’. Blackmen aren’t going around wearing hair on their heads that looks like the hair of white men. If I as a black man walked around with a wig on that look like Brad Pitt’s hair I would be laughed at and mocked and ridiculed. But black women walk around every day by the millions with fake hair in their heads attempting to look like nonblack women but mainly the white women who they hate and are jealous of. Blackmen are able to be themselves, and that drives black women crazy. Black women don’t realize they are the biggest running joke in history.

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      • You hit the nail on the head. They cling to what very little they have because they know they aren’t even the best at what they’ve got. Only thing I’ll give to black women is their skin does age better. But even booties most black women have fake butts and the big booty praise comes from this desire not to work out, those asses out of pants usually look like cottage cheese that was stirred with a fork

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  5. Black Women are always blaming something or someone else about their misfortunes but never look at themselves. Verbs is funny these shea butter peddling guys lmfao how do they defend these women and these women do not even want them unless they are getting something out the deal. And most of these guys are single do what they are preaching is null and void. Also at any given chance black women will stab you in the back no matter how good you treat them they will be quick to use the state against you. It’s no way a black man with common sense should mess with these demons

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    • Sean,

      Lol. You simply cannot defend failure, though these pro black, Shea butter peddling bandits still try their best to do so. Feminism continues to fail black women and lead them down a road of utter destruction and black men who still support these failed black females are heading towards the same fate. You cannot defend the indefensible, besides black women cannot be trusted anyway. You stand in their corner today, they are stabbing you in your neck tomorrow.

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  6. In 2016, black women said: White women are no good. In 2016, black women also said: Vote for Hillary Clinton !!!!!!!!! Black women, as a group, are a bunch of clowns !!! Black women seldom go to the gym yet, somehow, like to claim that black women have firm and toned butts. LOL. The modern black woman has a butt that is floppy and sloppy !!

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    • oh she has 19 separate charges for prostitution from 2014 until present. Most recent prostitution arrest was also a DUI


  8. She had to report to AIDS Awareness classes too as a result of her multiple prostitution (trespass without burglary = soliciting at vegas hotel casinos) arrests. I believe she has a disease too because her face got all puffy and her body is shaped funny from years of selling it.


    • Shay Laphai had to report to AIDS Awareness classes too as a result of her multiple prostitution (trespass without burglary = soliciting at vegas hotel casinos) arrests. I believe she has a disease too because her face got all puffy and her body is shaped funny from years of selling it. If you don’t believe it, call Nevada Justice Court of Las Vegas and inquire about Shaqunda LaPhai Davis…………its all public record.


  9. Verbs,

    You should re-post some of these earlier articles for the benefit of those who weren’t here in the early days of Slaying Evil. They are just as timely now as in 2016-2017 and would get three times as many hits today.

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