This Is Exactly Why More Black Men Are Dating Out




Can you feel the jealousy and the pain oozing from the pores of Tammie Jones? Remember these are the same black women who claim that they are not concerned with who a black men chooses to date and marry. Well apparently this is not the case. We already know that most black women are mentally ill and extremely insecure individuals who love to stick their noses into black men’s business.

You’ll notice how black women typically do not respect black men’s spaces on anything, they are always hovering around and above keeping an eye on what we are doing and saying. Notice this behaviour is reminiscent of insecure racist white men who feel uncomfortable whenever they see black men convened in a group discussing issues without their involvement or them being invited to participate in the talks.

I’m sure you black men can relate where you have been talking amongst your black male friends at work for example and some random white guy will interrupt the conversation and say something like “what is going on here then” as if you are all involved in some sort of conspiracy and are plotting and scheming something detrimental towards him.


The modern day black witch is exactly the same way, remember she is the watchdog of her white father, her occupation is to ensure that his kingdom remains unchallenged, therefore she must snoop around and eavesdrop on the conversations and the chatter of black men in order to find out if we are attempting to embark on building and construction works of any kind.

Of course if she discovers this to be the case then she will immediately report the findings to her white daddy. Don’t be fooled black men, keep black women out of any and all conversations that involve planning and building. The same black women back in the days of slavery who railroaded many slave revolts by snitching on the black men involved are the same individuals with the same agenda walking among us today, their mission hasn’t changed.


Black women get extremely uncomfortable seeing a successful black men dating or married to a non black woman because in their eyes he is supposed to be a miserable slave under their watch. Remember, this modern day black female is the task master, the overseer and the enforcer of white supremacy within black society.

Many blacks are still making the mistake of looking for a white man in a suit or in a KKK rope roaming around black neighbourhoods targeting blacks. As I stated in Negro Wars the face of white supremacy has now changed, white folks no longer need to enforce white supremacy on the front lines, the black woman has now taken over that task, the racist white man only lays out the tools, it is the black woman who picks them up, brings them back to black communities and actively uses these same instruments of destruction against her own people. In 2017 the face of white supremacy within black society is the black woman, full stop.

As I wrote in Negro Wars stop going by what black women are telling you and simply judge them by their actions. If black women truly were not concerned with a black man’s dating preferences then they wouldn’t resort to calling black men any and all names under the sun whenever they see them with a non black woman especially a white woman.

interracial couple

The truth of the matter is because of their profound insecurities whenever black women see black men with non black women it hurts them deeply, they feel heavily wounded, yet at the same time they themselves refuse to be honest and look into all of the possible reasons behind why more black men are making the decision to take their chances across the fence, one of the reasons being themselves. Calling black men sellouts and Uncle Toms is not solving the problem, if anything that type of approach is simply pushing black men further away.

By the way the name of the man above is Michael Colter with his wife Iva Colter, a woman who has stuck by him for over 16 years even when he was struggling, they also have a daughter together. What black woman do you know who will stick by a black man through thick and thin? We all know that most black women want a man who is already prepared and ready to go except when it comes to white men, he could be a tramp living out of a cardboard box and she would still accept him.

Mike Colter is best known for his role in the series Luke Cage. Now, Colter is the quintessential example of a black man black women hate, mainly because of his dark skinned complexion. How much do you want to bet that this guy was called darkie, blackie, soot, midnight, charcoal, black as hell, blackula etc all day by black females when he was younger?

I’m sure if we asked him he would confirm that this was indeed the case and possibly worse. Dark skinned black men typically receive the same berating concerning their complexion from black women, this is why you are starting to see an increase in dark skinned black men opting for non black women, as non black women unlike black females appreciate the dark skinned Negro, typically they won’t use the fact that you are dark skinned against you when you say or do something they disagree with.

This is one of the main reasons why I encourage you black men to date out, why should you date and marry women who in the same manner as racist white men openly use the colour of your skin against you? Black men don’t need that nonsense, its bad enough having to deal with racism from non blacks. Black women simply do not stick by black men, Mike Colter no doubt found that out and decided to get himself a white woman.


Since black women have transferred themselves over and now belong to the state, their opinions concerning who black men choose to date and marry at this point are irrelevant. Black men, stop listening to these dysfunctional, lunatic black harpies, date and marry who you want, at the end of the day it is your life not theirs. Because most black women are single, miserable and alone, they want you black men to be in the same boat with them.

Lastly, as I have mentioned before you’ll notice that the issue of interracial dating within black society only goes in one direction, against black men. Whenever black women decide to get themselves a white guy nothing is ever said about it, all of a sudden there isn’t an issue. Black women and their hypocrisy shining through once again and the pro black nationalists additionally enforce this hypocritical stance by also remaining silent when black women cross the fence.

This is why both of those groups cannot be taken seriously, if you are going to label black men as coons and sellouts for dating and marrying non black women then do the same when black women date and marry non black men. Expand black men, don’t allow miserable and bitter black females to dictate your companionship destiny. #SYSBM.


Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

36 thoughts on “This Is Exactly Why More Black Men Are Dating Out

  1. Great post. We keep telling these black women, but they don’t listen. They show the behaviour and attitude of children, thus we must treat them as. Shaming, name-calling and questioning a black man’s sexuality is standard behaviour; don’t fall for this men, do as you want and as you will.

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    • Tony Starkes,

      Sir, black women simply aren’t interested in self improvement for black men. Most black women are indeed children trapped in adults bodies, they never grow up and mature which is why they are the anathema of the thinking black male.

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      • >Sir, black women simply aren’t interested in self improvement for black men.

        And they’re apparently aren’t interested in self improvement for white men. As Verbs said many times, you cannot build anything with these destructor queans.

        “why would you still want to deal with a group of women who are mentally insane and mentally damaged?”

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      • Thebackhandofreality,

        Black women are typically the worst when it comes down to management of finances. Unless responsibility, accountability and a worthwhile puspose are attached to the funds, most black will spend money like reckless morons. Joint accounts is a no no, that is where Robert De Niro went terribly wrong. A good woman will help her man save money when and where it can be done, not frivolously spend it on worthless materials.

        Kali Muscle is another prime example of what happens when you give black women free and easy access to large amounts of money, his wife was financially irresponsible and burned out his funds, hence the pending divorce.


    • However valid ur point may be, they are no excuse for selling out. There are plenty if nice black women abroad or from abroad.


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  3. Every one of us can recall receiving our special brand of of discipline during childhood (being beaten with belts, shoes, coat hangers, flex cords) and was told it was normal. Of course we know better now, but most of us can still feel the emotional anguish and confusion of being violated by our caregivers, something that could never make sense in a child’s mind.

    Some of us took that trauma with us and vowed never to experience it again. I did and am now determined to take a different path. I’m seeing a Becky who’s a good deal younger than me, but has an honesty and depth way beyond her years which scares other people. Not me, I feel blessed to meet her.

    The thinking BM, once they reflect on their pasts and put 2 and 2 together, see the bigger picture, and are doing things differently for their own survival and future. Ain’t no hotep, Rasta doctrine can convince me my childhood was anything other that what it was. For me, it’s #SYSBM all the way.

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    • And they use the same religions forced on them during slavery to justify it!

      Blacks are lost! We typically only take pride in things forced on us by other people, but then get made when others don’t respect us.

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    • Michel,

      As @TheBackHandOfReality continues to say, SYSBM until the wheels fall off. What you have outlined above is exactly the route most thinking black men are now taking, they see the serious gross misconduct executed by their mothers and they wish to make a change ie not repeat the same behaviours.

      When black women say “yo momma black” if anything our mothers set down an example of the type of woman NOT to go for. You have to laugh at black women, bringing up mothers when it comes down to a black man’s dating preferences. Besides who on earth thinks about their mother when they are out looking for love and companionship, lol?


  4. Hilarious yet sad! These women (and I use that term loosely) are truly a joke.

    We should have NOTHING to do with them. You cannot build with an individual who literally tries to undermine you.

    And you got dudes like Sotomayor and Sarge WP who think that if they put the black Woman on blast enough, while still going easy on them, that she’ll come back to the us. Eff em! Why would you waste time trying find a good one or invite them back?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Black women are steadfast and locked in with their white father and even if their resources were to be cut off tomorrow, very few if any of them would come back to black men. I agree, at this stage they have shown us their treacherous and traitorous nature, SYSBM is the only way to go from here on out for the thinking Negro.

      Sotomayor has lost his conviction due to the fact that black women are throwing themselves at him from all corners, with so much vagina to choose from he has gotten punch drunk off it. Both Sotomayor and Sarge WP don’t seem to fully understand that this modern day black female is genuinely state property. Besides, why would you still want to deal with a group of women who are mentally insane and mentally damaged?

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      • Indeed. And this dude keeps getting his his videos (how he makes money) taking down and flagged by them, to where now his property is being repoed. But black women are queens!

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Wow, his house is being repossessed now? I never knew anything about that, I don’t watch him anymore. The only time I know about something relating to him is when you inform me. One man living a such a large house doesn’t make any sense, it’s not like he has 6 children.

        This is my point, black women don’t like him, they are going out of their way to destroy him yet he is still pandering to them, big mistake. You never give black women any room to work against you, none. The black vagina has caught him out big time now.

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  5. @Verbs
    I think he just lost his car. He’s constantly talking about losing all this money that tons of stat sites are saying he should logically have quite a bit of.

    They make fun of him for “child support”, yet will preach black unity and wanting black men to succeed.

    This is the long, sad, lonely road of Simpdom. NONE of these sons of single mothers should be “saved” unless they show the potential themselves. Many times they are too far gone and lost.

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    • At the end of the day, Sotomayor is still the product of the single mother dysfunction here in America. As much as he continues to shine the light on the dysfunction of the black community, he still tries to satisfy his urges by dealing with black women. I never forget when Sotomayor himself admitted that his best relationship to date was when he was with a white woman. But because he has children by black women, his fate is sealed to deal with them until his children are at least fully grown. And even then, he won’t be able to have a more stable family he wishes for.

      For any thinking black man out there, put it within your subconscious mind to not have sexual relations within black women. I’m like David Carroll, if you give me the options between practicing chess and a naked black woman, 10 out of 10 I’m playing chess by myself. Call me a lame all you want, you just ain’t worth it haha.

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      • Having sex with a black chick or dinner with isis? I’ll take my chances with Daesh. Pass the salt please, lol.

        He and several others will admit this, but still try to save black women. Much like the black women and white effeminate cucks, he’ll see all day the hell that black women enact, but when he finds one story of a white chick who just cusses someone out, he says “they’re just as bad!!!!” Yet he will praise any black chick that can speak a little normal English or loses a little weight or is a little bit attractive.

        This is what simps do. The best woman I know is white, and I may not have her much longer. But don’t worry, there’s tons of beautiful black queens that want me for $55 an hour. Black men are cursed…….

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      • SigmaJones,

        The modern day black witch is his weakness and he has admitted this on many occasions. I find that most black men omit the spiritual aspect to the black woman, this is the area that will give a black man the deepest understanding of who she is, this is why I call most black women witches and additionally state that they are devils in the flesh walking planet earth.

        Sotomayor really messed up that relationship with the white woman because he wanted to show her off where he should have kept that relationship a secret. He knows what black folks are like(especially black women), he should have known that Negroes would go after her. Indeed, now he is stuck with the black witch until his children near the end of their teen years, what a shame.

        If more black men looked at this modern day black woman from a spiritual perspective then they would have a much better understanding of the devils they are choosing to deal with.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      He’s lost his car aswell?? to be honest buying a car that was worth a maximum of $70,000-$80,000(with all of the mods and extras) for $120,000 was a fool’s errand to begin with. That’s my point, his behaviour in terms of financial management resembles that of the black female. He was trying to show off and now it is beginning to backfire. You’ll notice when somebody upsets him how quickly he reaches for the fact that he is wealthier than they are.

      Do you see what happens when you give this black female even a miniscule amount of room to manoeuvre, she’ll kick in the front door, proceed to destroy all that you have and thereafter turn and go after you. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, pandering to black women will profit a black man nothing. Sotomayor behaves in exactly the same manner as the black women he talks about.

      He hasn’t done himself any favours isolating himself either, that has made him an even easier target. I left a comment on one of his videos where he was complaining about being heavily attacked. I told him that he needs to work with other black people on the front line, however as you have stated before to him its all about being the HNIC. Thus he refuses to work with other intelligent black men on the front lines because he wants the cream all to himself.

      I write “stay individual” at the end of all my posts, however this doesn’t mean that I won’t work with anybody else, it simply means that one should retain their own personality and remain unique as opposed to forfeiting who they are for a group or other people. We are all made unique, we should be proud of our individual uniqueness.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Sotomayor does exactly what black women do, deliberately reaches out to the scum, gets his hand bitten(which is predictable) and thereafter states that he doesn’t want to work with “us niggas”. The truth of the matter is he simply wants the cream all to himself except when it comes to working with as you put it the best of the best whites, however working by yourself has its price, as I stated before you are more vulnerable to attacks being a lone ranger.

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  6. >We already know that most black women are mentally ill and extremely insecure individuals who love to stick their noses into black men’s business.

    Brother MBD (Mad Bus Driver) calls this phenomenon “Reckless Eyeballing”…

    The Queans have made their choice (SIMPs and Thugs), and we thinking black men have made ours (any female except the Queans).

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off! (Thanks for the props, Verbs!)

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    • Thebackhandofreality,

      Both of those clip will have black women seething. As I have pointed out in this article, black women as a collective are highly insecure, they DO care about the dating and marriage choices black men make, hence why they kick up such a fuss when black men date out.

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  7. Black women are completely gone. They are always up in arms when a black man dates non black women but like you stated Verbs it is ok when they date non black men do you see the mental illness in that. How could you even take black women seriously nowadays during my travels throughout the day I try to avoid them as much as possible they let off a evil vibe. When they see a black man dating or marrying a non black woman part of that anger is they lost a black man who they cannot destroy his life they have no power when this happens black women take joy in destroying black men lives stay away from these devil advocates.

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    • Sean,

      Yep, they are always up in arms yet they claim that they do not care about our dating and marriage choices, mental insanity right there. I’ve suggested that when black men see black women they ought to cross the street. As you’ve stated, when black men date out they are no longer available to be targeted which is exactly why black women hate black men dating out.

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  8. I disagree when it comes to Tommy Sotomayor. Tommy is a sell out,he told black activist Saye Taryor that white people are better than black people. Well let those Edomites save his butt.Christelyn Karazin and her swirl nation is next,I’m going to buy Tommy and Christelyn swords so they can fall on them,and I won’t shed a tear.I have no sympathy for Tommy.GOD BLESS

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  9. These types of black men will date out because white women are extremely EASY and they strictly want sex first or oral they NEVER want to put in the effort of her being his girlfriend or dating and getting to know the woman first basically these are the black men who love the type of white women without morals and are trifling,ratchet,cum dumpsters and trashy who would not only sleep with them but their friends too…. These are the type of white women these black men would rather be relationships or marry than to be in a relationship with a woman who has morals….

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    • Truechannelgold,

      Black women are the most morally bankrupt individuals walking the planet, you claim that white women are easy yet it is black women who lead in STDs, smh. Not only that but yet again the out of wedlock birth rates are highest amongst black women. Where is the morality with black women again???

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  10. This is honestly the stupidest blog that i’ve ever seen in my life. Your making black women the criminal by generalizing and stereotyping them all together in a group. Every race has good people and bad people. I love how if a black women disagrees with a black man dating a white woman its racist. In turn, if it was vice versa, the black woman is defying her culture and is ashamed to be black.

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