They Continue To Tell On Themselves – Part 5




Oh really, please point me in the right direction where I can see this phenomenon taking place Saba Asmelash. Of course black women are always the best at hyping themselves up, blowing their own smoke and having the gullible believe that they all of a sudden are in hot demand by non black men, however nothing could be further from the truth.

I have already demonstrated in my article Swirling On The Decrease For Black Women some of the reasons why even non black men are beginning to turn up their noses at the thought of dealing with black women, even those non black males who go out of their way to interact with and date black women are now having second thoughts. When I visited the Facebook page of Miss Asmelash of course it came as no surprise to discover that she is a single mother with 1 daughter.

Very few if any white men are dealing with black single mothers for anything past sexual encounters, black women are already the last choice mate amongst all non black males, single black mothers by and large will not be receiving any play whatsoever. Let’s just look at a few things here briefly. Notice the name of the Facebook group, Black Men Who Love White Women.

I’m scratching my head as to why the administrators ever allowed black women to enter, we already know that black woman simply will not allow black men to have their own space. They claim to not care about who we choose to date and marry yet they are always attempting to stick their dirty noses in our dating and marriage affairs, go figure.

Any group where black women are permitted to enter typically descends into chaos and mayhem, whether on social media or in real life the results are the same. At the end of the day black women don’t want black men to have free choice, as far as they are concerned our choice must be limited to them and them alone. Mind you these are the same women who regularly let it be known about their deep disdain and hatred for black men on the daily. Here is some examples of what I am talking about:



Yet the pro black nationalist will attempt to berate and roast those black men who choose to use logic and common sense in the sight of such hatred and thus choose to head in the direction of women who don’t hate them, namely non black women. Black women as a collective hate black men, non black women as a collective don’t hate us, thus the logical step is to head towards those who do not hate us, this isn’t rocket science to figure out.

The fact of the matter is Saba Asmelash has it completely backwards, white men aren’t trying to win over black women, what we have is a situation where black women are grovelling at the feet of white men begging them for acceptance. Be sure to check out my 3 part series How Black Women Worship And Interact With Whitey Their God as all the evidence required to shoot down Asmelash’s claims is contained therein.

Then she attempts to imply that white men adore black women unconditionally and that somehow white men are now turning their backs on their own women. Wishful thinking and ultra delusion on an extremely high level Asmelash, firstly you know that white men will not tolerate the same garbage that you dish out to black men, hence why when dating or being married to white men black women all of a sudden have no problems rediscovering and embracing their feminine nature.

This wild notion most black women have in their heads that they somehow can replace the white woman as the number one choice mate of the white man is also wishful thinking to the extreme and is also a subject that I discussed in my book Negro Wars. This is yet another example of how mentally insane most black women have become.

Saba Asmelash is one of those single black mothers waiting for her literal white knight to ride in, scoop up her and her daughter and ride off into the sunset happily ever after, however she needs to snap out of her trance as this is never going to happen. Asmelash and black women like her are going to have to accept their lot as rejected women whether they like it or not. Rejecting black men in favour of racist white men is a fool’s errand that will not end well for black women at all.

Remember these are the same black women who will regularly accuse black men of being weak and colour struck as can be seen here in a comment from a black witch relating to actor Woody McClain and his recent tweets making it known how he feels about white women vs black women:


Black women and their musical chairs foolery, dismissing black men one minute but then berating us the next when we decide to take action as a result of being cussed out and walk in the opposite direction towards non black women. I’m not interested in playing black women’s silly games in the slightest, they can take their Simon Says/musical chairs buffoonery elsewhere. Unlike simps/manginas and white knights, thinking black men are not afraid to vote with their feet, we will walk away from such women without hesitation.

Reason 28,967,894 as to why black men need to implement SYSBM and keep it moving. If being a “coon” means having peace of mind, being happy, not having to constantly walk on egg shells and not being penalised for being yourself then so be it, again the coon labelling shaming tactics don’t work on me because I have nothing to be ashamed of. The opinions black women have concerning who black men choose to date and marry at this stage are irrelevant.

Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

46 thoughts on “They Continue To Tell On Themselves – Part 5

      • Lol their interracial stats are DECREASING, and these ugly linebackers think that other men crave them? White and Asian men are use to dealing with ACTUAL WOMEN, they know that they don’t have to put up with a tranny in weave.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Exactly, that is why I wrote that article a while back talking about the fact that swirling is on the decline for black women. How can they look and behave worse than wild animals and still expect any man to be interested in them?

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  1. Saba Asmelash is serious out of her mind. Why in the world is she trying to stick up and be in good graces with black American women and their culture when she herself is a Eritrean East African black mixture woman? Kimberly Diamond Washington herself is not a black American woman. I want to know why these non-black American women or non-American black women siding with the lowest group of women in the world?

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    • LOl because that curse is international. We just across the board have a bad bunch. Look at what black chicks did to black men by siding with white men during slavery, and that was way before feminism and welfare

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    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      Black women are beginning to have a global influence amongst black women in non western countries, it seems that many black women around the world have been captivated and spellbound by the westernised black witch and her dysfunctional conduct.

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  3. OK, let us dissect her argument a bit more. First and foremost, most white men, above and beyond, will ALWAYS choose their white women to have a family with. That means when he’s ready to settle down and have his own kids, white women will always be his first choice. Now secondly, even if he decides to look for a relationship outside of white women, do you know who is his number one choice to wife up interracially? Asian women. So before black women can even replace the white man’s primary women (white women), they first have to try and replace his first interracial choice in Asian women. That will never happen.

    Black women just hate to see us thinking black men happy when we don’t have to deal with them because, like you said Verbs, non-black women don’t hate us overall. Do you guys ever noticed how quickly us thinking black men are snatched up by non-black women when they find out we’re single, have no kids, and have a successful career? Black women could only dream they have that same type of power over relational choices haha.

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    • lol Asian women are damn near held in higher esteem now than even white Women. Let’s compare Asian chicks to black chicks, shall we?

      Asian chicks are stereotyped as submissive, docile, demure, quiet, motherly, wifely, thin framed, long haired, and feminine.

      Black Women are (accurately) seen as argumentative, violent, hell raising, loud, bad single mothers, whorish, brutish, fat or built like dudes, short/nappy haired, and manly. Tell me, why would white men, who are used to actual women, choose to risk a life in marriage with such a “she” beast? I say risk because dealing with these chicks at this point is literally dangerous!

      If I don’t get a white wife, I’ll marry an Asian (probably Japanese). If not one of them, I’ll get an Arab or a south Asian (probably Indian). If not one of them, a latina, and if push comes to shove, a half breed. I ain’t settling for some tranny, Tyler Perry looking Aunt Jemima!!!!! Y’all can f**k Mammy if y’all want to, I’m going to greener, or maybe whiter/yellower pastures! I bet your balls will like it when she come into bed with that rag on her head! Sexy! lol hahahahaha

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      • Sometimes I’ve wondered if genetics play a big role with how females behave. When you look throughout the history of man, black women overall have been known as aggressive women while asian women have been known for being submissive. Of course you have your exceptions here and there, but overall these have been the rules since civilization got started.

        As far as getting a wife, asian women stand at the very top of my list (very good prospects so far). Latinas, would fall behind them, then Indian women, and then finally white women. Black women are no longer an option for me, as I would rather go celibate for the rest of my days than to procreate with them. Unlike Muhammad Ali, I have no interest in wanting my kids to look just like me.

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      • SigmaJones,

        It’s a simply process of applying logic and common sense to the problem. Since black women as a collective don’t like black men the logical and sensible thing to do is to go elsewhere. There is a serious problem with black women that they themselves point blank refuse to acknowledge. It is not my duty to rehabilitate them, if they wish to remain defective beyond repair then that is their business.

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    • SigmaJones,

      Exactly, at the end of the day black women are a very last resort to non black men whereas when it comes down to black men we are the second most desired men on the planet amongst non black women. Despite this black women are still claiming that we are losers and the scum of the earth, what a joke.

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  4. Well I’ll expand on this topic later.I as a black man,love black women.Now we as black men have told bw,that throwing away good bm will catch up to them.I don’t care about the ratchet bw,because like my mother said, you don’t want them anyway.


    • The best comment this far. Not all Black women are masculine, but I do agree a large number of Ametican Black women are outvof control. As Black people if we do not stop this interracial nonsense and hatred towards our own, we will be extinct soon. This is a dangerous game both Black women and men are playing. It is very troubling to read a lot of these comments. Many are playing right into the enemies hands.

      Salute King๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘


  5. Now on the topic, what saddens me,is bw are playing checkers,while women of other races are playing chess.First,wm have never raised a bw marriage rates.White men marriage rates are dropping all over the globe,so simply put,bw are not understanding numbers.It will be hard for wm to raise bw marriage rates when wp all around the world are at negative birthrate. By 2050,wp in Europe, USA and Australia will be minorities, so blacks by themselves are out breeding despite a lot of abortions.Another problem that bw will have is,on average ww married to bm are having 3 kids per family, whereas ww married to wm are barely averaging 1 kid .Another problem that bw will have to deal with is wm addiction to drugs,painkillers which btw is flying off the charts.Let me clear up some misunderstandings,bm aren’t chasing after Becky.Why would bm chase after something a wm is willing to pimp to them.Case in point,Selena Gomez just spent 30,000 on The Weeknd birthday, so who is chasing who.

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    • Sevenkingsblog,

      Regardless of what you say about white women it doesn’t put black women in any better position. Overall in the aggregate white women are doing far better for themselves than their black female counterparts even with their various problems. Besides, there are more women on the menu for thinking black men than white women. Also despite your defence of them black women still don’t like you as a black man especially as a heterosexual one, that’s the bottom line here and one of the main reasons why I advise black men to expand on their dating and marriage options. To date and marry an individual who doesn’t like you doesn’t make any sense at all.

      You simply cannot make any relationship work if the opposite party holds a deep hatred for you. That is the equivalent of urinating in the wind. I have several articles on this site that explain why black men and black women are no longer compatible. I believe with many black men they are having a hard time accepting the truth concerning this which is why most black men who still choose to hold out and deal with black women remain chronically single. So called “good black women” in 2017 are slim to non existent, it’s time to move on.

      The Most High will hold black women accountable for the destruction they have brought upon black society, I don’t want to be near them when he opens up the can because it is going to get very ugly. Problems don’t disappear by themselves, they have to be solved. The problematic black female is getting worse because there are very few black men who have the balls to step up and identify her as the main problem within black society.

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      • Plus in the case of Selena Gomez, the White-led music industry is pimping her out as a young Latina girl commodity for their own pre-pubescent fantasies. More than likely likely she is fully aware of this. She’s showering the Weeknd with gifts as a “come rescue me” plea, one that the Weeknd would gladly answer…

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      • The Most High will hold both Black men and women accountable. You are a stiff necked people void of correction. It is sad to see all of this hatred towards one another….not good.


  6. But in the end,the bm vs bw has to cease.I will never marry a ww,because imo,the black spouse is solely responsible for making the relationship work.I wouldn’t advise any bp to marry white.Because as youtube blogger Cynthia G asked Christelyn Karazin, if swirling is so great,why does white supremacy still exist.For the bw who want to swirl,let them go ahead,they better save their money,the prescriptions for painkillers is expensive, and rehab is even more expensive. If bw who want us eradicated,then I say so be it.Just remember, GOD is going to do something that bw break their neck not to do,and that is hold white men accountable for his behavior. Case in point,Africa gives their many resources and is still paying the European continent apart colonial tax,and yet ,The European continent is BROKE. GOD BLESS


    • @sevenkingsblog

      BM vs BW will cease because the BM has been chosen to be eradicated. Whether he dies by the gun, inside prison, or aborted doesn’t matter to the Western system. Having kids is the one avenue left to successfully propagate himself and since BW are hand in hand with the very same system, what hope is there for the so- called “nation”? BW aren’t looking to build anything with BM, so why the hell should I?

      Like @Verbs2007 says if one group of women hate you, do yourself a favour and go elsewhere. My Becky and I happen to be very compatible on personality and quality levels, and that’s enough for me. I couldn’t care less about “upholding the nation”. What for? How I live the rest of my live depends in part on the type of women I attract. If my woman, who happens to be white, and we have kids, to hell with the “nation”, we’ve succeeded by propagating myself.

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    • Salute King๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘That is the right mindset. Those of us with good character must preserve vour culture. Allow the swirlers to die off.


  7. Yet another one of these matrixed BBB desperately reaching for the top shelf, whilst standing on the bottom shelf and trying not to fall off. File under “insignificant failure”.

    But its not just these bitter bitches we gotta watch out for…. Becky and I were walking down the road past a Rastafarian. Alarmed, she asked me “did you see the look he gave me?” I didn’t, but knew straightaway what it was about, some drunk Jamaican, probably watching Sa Neter TV, all up in his feelings. She’s still in disbelief over it.

    A dusty ass Predator-looking nigga is mean mugging our relationship? Hell to the fuck no, this “coon” will not allow it, and you can shove your “nation building” bullshit up your arse.

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    • Michel,

      This is the mental insanity of the modern day black female right here, she is on a collision course towards destruction yet she still believes that she is on a winning streak. This is the problem with the overwhelming majority of Rastas, pro blacks and hoteps, they preach about black love and black unity, however they fail to deal with the problematic black female, a woman by the way who is NOT interested in black love and black unity in the slightest, neither is she interested in nation building.

      I can just imagine the scene, he’s giving you Becky the red eye yet he himself has no woman. Most of these guys simply cannot put 2 and 2 together, they will bend over backwards and defend black women to the hilt yet black women refuse to reciprocate. These guys can’t even get likes and thumbs up on posts and on videos praising black women. However, let it be a white guy doing the same thing and black women will flood out his comment section and his inbox in an instant, that speaks volumes.

      Look at Jacob Mason, black women from both sides of the spectrum are flooding the comment sections on all of his social media profiles on the daily, the only way a black man can achieve the same is if he pimps black women and tells them what they want to hear ie lies to them. Derrick Jaxn is prime example of this. Most black men are truly in a trance, spellbound like state, their counterparts are constantly giving them the middle finger yet they are still begging and grovelling at black women’s feet(which makes black women hate them even more by the way).

      Not me, I get the message loud and clear and so I keep it moving.

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      • @Verbs2007

        Yes, it came as a shock to both of us, because there aren’t a lot of Rastas left knocking around. She never ever got those types of looks before, especially in London.
        And yes, I’ve no doubt he’s not just single, but single and pissed up, yet he feels the need to stare out my woman? Erm, no.

        I’m of Jamaican background, and have never subscribed to the “Red- Gold- Green- Irie- Jah Bless- White -People- are- Evil” doctrine, specifically because those espousing it are the typically dreadlocked, cheap beer drinking, loud, incoherent, boastful, ignorant, umnotivated wasters. And you can bet he’s spent his life hollering at his headwrap,ped skirted, shea butter counterpart and getting absolutely nowhere, because she despises his begging ass.

        Luckily things have changed since 1980s Britain but these Rasta stragglers cannot just let it be and leave us in peace. If seeing a white girl makes me a sellout race traitor, so be it. Fuck them.

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      • Seriously! Lol the one with that huge weave sounded like a dude I used to sing New Edition songs with lol

        I honestly have no clue what anyone sees in the majority of black women, besides maybe a Johnson bigger than theirs lol

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        I walk the streets of London everyday and the pickings are horrible. This is just in terms of looks alone, I’m not even bringing in the dysfunctional aspect, lol.

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  8. Just walked through Walmart to see a dark as midnight black chick trying to hold hands with her crackhead looking snow king. Meanwhile, she kept threatening to “slap the $hit” out of her two equally dark skinned children.

    I am now more convinced than ever that there needs to be an extinction of non-mixed black women. They contribute nothing, they offer nothing of wifely/motherly value, let alone societal value, and they hate themselves. These beasts need a mercy killing. Stop ****ing them!!!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Its typical to find these black harridans roaming in Walmart stores. I have a good friend who lives in Atlanta, he refrains himself from going to Walmart unless it is absolutely necessary because of the hood rats.

      You’re right, it’s the same thing I have been saying how black women have become a burden on black society and their nurturing instincts as a group have completely vanished. Their recompense is coming and it will be just.

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      • Oh the Walmart on brainerd road in Chattanooga is BAD. Place full of weave, or more recently, those chef hat looking shower caps that these harridans go out in public wearing. THESE are things we have to mate with?

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    • Hey, you have to see this new video sarge wp did called “the real problem with black men”. The title in of itself is a misnomer, he’s shifting all the blame towards the educated mobile black men for the death of the black community; insinuating that black men is too mentally, spiritually and emotionally weak to compete for wealth, resources, power, etc. He’s goes on a tirade saying that black men who date and marry a non black women is stealing from that non black men’s patriarchy. Here is the video:

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      • But let me guess, Sarge is doing well financially himself, right?

        Thinking black men who had to leave the “community” behind, gather resources BY HIMSELF and find a suitable partner, one the “community” loudly disapproves of? Does that sound weak?

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      • TheAmazingSecularist,

        I haven’t seen it however I am very disappointed with Sarge WP. He used to be on fire holding black women to account for their skull duggery, now he’s reduced himself to pandering and simping. Surely he should know by now that black women don’t appreciate anything from black men and they will still spit in his face when ready.

        It seems that Sarge WP has now become just as mentally insane as the black women he is now defending. Blaming black men is a fool’s errand as they are merely the end product of the black woman’s handiwork, however it is the preferred technique of those still attempting to appeal to the black witch.

        Sarge WP needs to visit Africa and see the amount of millionaire and billionaire black men there are. The problem is not black men, it is black women.

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      • This is one thing I can’t stand from these simping black men. One moment they’re speaking the truth about the black community, and then next they’re saying the fault lies in the educated black men for not holding up the foundation. Stop trying to be luke warm on these issues. Either you despise the debauchery of black women or you love it, there is no in-between.

        As an educated black man, I don’t owe the black community a thing. Did they pay for my books and tuition when I was in college? Did they get me a job once I completed my degree? Did they even give me counsel when I was going through some tough times? Nope, none at all. Allow me to share with you the Law of Equivalent Exchange: In order to receive, something of equal value must be given in return. So until the black community helps me out in my time of need, I’m not obligated to help them out.

        Oh and for sarge wp, how can I be stealing from the non-black men’s patriarchy when their women WILLINGLY submit themselves to me? Don’t worry, I can wait haha.

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  9. Michael,yet despite what you say,white people are at negative birthrate,so they’ve been chosen.Their crimes against poc has judgement laying at their doorstep.This is why you have white Nationalists groups growing all over the globe. In the last 3 years bw being married to bm went from 90% to 94%,so all black women don’t hate us.Since those rates have risen,that is why you have Hollywood putting out all these ir movies.You guys need to understand something,white people are pulling out all stops to make sure that bm &bw don’t make black babies. I agree with you when it comes to ratchet bw,they will soon fall on their own sword.But I’m going to ask you guys the same question Cynthia G asked Christelyn Karazin, if swirling is that great, why does white supremacy still exist?Christelyn Karazin doesn’t have a answer, maybe you guys can do better. Again you guys better check for whitey,some of you guys live in Europe, in a continent that is broke and on verge of collapse, there is a reason for that.GOD is going to deal with everybody, not only the wicked.Now the European collapse may bring more ww to you.Good luck to you, I want black people all over the globe to survive and I think we will.GOD BLESS


    • Answering your question, concerning BW, “swirling” IS white supremacy, a desire by BW to maintain the mating totem pole established by white men. If Christelyn Karazin is presenting swirling as an ideal alternative to the system, that’s down to her deluded thinking.
      Now I don’t know what the agenda is concerning WW going after BM outside of procreation, but if the goal is to wipe BM out, they’ve had ample help from the traitorous BW. As soon as they accepted government aid to oust the BM from within the family, they sentenced the “nation” to generational death. For that reason I refuse to help that along by aligning myself with a BW as a partner. If melanin was so precious to the “nation”, explain the near 2,000 daily visits to the abortion clinic?

      Anyhow Babylon is crumbling for sure, the recompense for building empires on sand. How ironic that it has to crumble in order for BM to prosper? I intend to take full advantage of it. If that leads to selecting a non-black partner and having biracial children, so be it.

      Black people will be fine, but some of us will look a little different…

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    • Sevenkingsblog,

      Again sir, highlighting the short falls of another race is not helping the black woman. While you are busy pointing out the discrepancies of white folks black women are still going down the toilet at an astronomical rate. In fact black women are trundling downhill faster than anyone else including black men.

      You talked about the marriage rate increasing between black men and black women, however what you failed to mention was the fact that the divorce rates amongst black women is the highest of any group. Most black women cannot stay married because they have never seen a solid blueprint of a marriage to go by. Most black women are single for a reason and it has nothing to do with black men and everything to do with their upbringing.

      You need to understand that black women as a collective are not interested in making black babies, hence why they slaughter most of them in abortion clinics, neither are black women interested in black love, black unity and nation building. They are fully invested in the European man and his system and they will do anything to protect it including destroying their own people which is what we see today.

      As for the issue of swirling, the overwhelming majority of black men who date out are doing so as a matter of survival, preservation and to continue their lineage and family tree. Since most black women do not like black men and openly show it, what else are black men supposed to do? Attempting to form a union with a group of women who hate you is a fool’s errand, hence why most black on black relationships typically don’t last.

      As I stated in Negro Wars, white supremacy within black society is being enforced by BLACK WOMEN and their pro black, simp/mangina/white knight squads and brigades. I hear mostly black women and pro black men calling free thinking black men niggas and coons more than anybody else. I haven’t been called a nigger by a white person in years, however a black women called me one yesterday.

      Know that most blacks are destined for destruction along side the destructive whites you speak about because of their love for this Babylon system, only a remnant will be saved. It is that remnant that I speak to through my articles.


    • Afrofuturism1,

      They never do, they continue to grovel and beg at black women’s feet only to get kicked in the face time and time again. I remember black women ran him off YouTube when he was railing against them, he eventually returned and now he has chosen the path of the pander bear.

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  10. Salute King๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘That is the right mindset. Those of us with good character must preserve vour culture. Allow the swirlers to die off.


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