Misandry Strikes Once Again

Exhibit A:

This is a feminist by the name of Jenny McDermott, here is a link to her YouTube channel:



In another one of her videos she claims that she is merely a troll and that the video above was simply a troll video, yet killing men and unborn male children has now become an ingrained philosophy in the minds of most feminists and is now an integral part of their religion, though they keep this knowledge very quiet and hidden behind closed doors. I already know that feminists are killing unborn male children because I have had a conversation with a lesbian radical feminist named Nocturnus Libertus here on the website in which she informed me that in the past she had persuaded her “partner” to abort a male child in the womb. Here is a link to her blog site:


If I am not mistaken I believe the conversation took place on my post entitled Black Men, Walk Away From Black Women – 12 Good Reasons Why!. I’m sure that you will be able to find the conversation in the comment section of that post. You’d better believe that if feminists had the power and the resources to exterminate the entire male population worldwide they would do it, feminist adhere to an ultra reprobate mindset, though they are unable to execute most of their degenerate agenda this in no wise means that they aren’t serious about what they desire.


Now feminists would have you believe that feminism and misandry are very different, however nothing could be further from the truth. Both feminism and misandry are one and the same, they both seek to reduce a man and his rights down to nothing and both subscribe to women lording and being the authority over men, don’t be fooled by this Kansas City shuffle feminists commonly play.

You’ll notice that you rarely if ever hear the word misandry yet everyday you are guaranteed to hear the word misogyny at least one, observe this for yourselves if you don’t believe me. As I have explained many times before the feminist position is one of a victim no matter what the circumstances. A feminist could have literally stabbed a person in the chest moments before, however she will expect to be treated as the victim even while the real victim is lying on the floor bleeding profusely in front of her.

Feminism and misandry are equally pestilent to any society, we black men have most certainly seen and felt the effects of feminism and misandry first hand in black society which by the hands of black women has been reduced black communities to near ashes and rubble. You cannot have a fruitful and prosperous society whilst at the same time allowing such decadence and reprobation to flow through it.

This is why I have to laugh at feminists whenever they attempt to present their religion as something that is viable for everyone and which all people can benefit from. Upon hearing such a statement I would have to ask them if they have seen the state of black society lately, which by the way has been underneath the mutant umbrella of feminism and misandry for the past 50 years? Here is an example of the typical misandry and racist hostility black men encounter on the daily from black women, the same black women by the way who claim to “have our backs”:


Always remember, black women and racist white men are two sides of the same rusty coin, they are literally of one accord. Gentlemen, don’t ever be fooled by the fluffy, public friendly edicts, philosophies and definitions feminists present to you in order to make their religion sound feasible and profitable, always judge feminism by its fruits, ALWAYS. Feminism is now on its deathbed, non black women on the whole are realising that they have been hoodwinked by its empty promises and are beginning to return to femininity and true womanhood.

Black women on the other hand are a different kettle of fish altogether, being completely blinded by their pride and stubborn nature, they are refusing to acknowledge that feminism has taken them on a long empty ride and are instead choosing to embrace feminism even further and double down on their ignorance and stupidity. You already know the saying, “some people must learn things the hard way”, since they are refusing to acknowledge defeat black women are going to have to be completely broken and crushed in order to set in place a cautionary tale as to why women should not subscribe to and embrace feminism.

If black women wish to be the sacrificial goats for such an empty, wicked and malevolent religion then so be it, fools who tend to make the decision to continue in their folly typically meet a horrible fate.


Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

17 thoughts on “Misandry Strikes Once Again

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  2. Notice that this nasty feminists appears dyke like. Most hardcore feminists do, and are very ugly, usually FAT!

    White and other non black Women are seeing this more and turning away from it. Black women are still avoiding being “wifed the **** up”, and must learn more and more how much of a dead end street feminism is. White women with sense and Asian women especially realize that everything they have was build by men, while even the hotep ho black women will brag about African matriarchy.


    • Afrofuturism1,

      She has the typical feminist look minus being overweight. Most black women will take feminism with them to the grave, they will have to learn things the hard way. As I have stated before as long as black women have the state as a substitute husband, they will continue to rail against black men and black society. At least more non black women are starting to get it and beginning to distance themselves from such a decadent and empty religion. Matriarchy is a complete and utter failure, black women have more than proven this through their deliberate mishandling of black society.

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      • Funny how the ones always being called queens are the only ones still embracing this across the board. Just IMAGINING a black housewife that bakes cookies and homeschools her kids is impossible. There’s so opposite of it that to see them that way is hard to think of.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        So true, black women as a collective have fallen so far from femininity and womanhood as this point they are unrecognisable. When you think of housewives non black women(primarily white women) immediately come to mind.

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  3. Here is proof black women want to be with the racist white men. Black women want to be white for sure.

    “They complained that their ex-wives spent too much money on materialistic goods for their children, like designer clothes, video games, CDs and toys.”She points out that for many African-Americans, buying expensive things “conveys social acceptance by symbolizing participation in a white consumer-oriented culture.”

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  4. In the 2016 presidential elections, 53% of white women voted for Donald Trump. In the same election about 4% of black women voted for Trump. 13% of black men voted for Trump. Therefore, black men were three times (3X) more likely than black women to vote for Trump. (96% of black women voted for Hillary Clinton). Whatever, one’s political views are, there is a marked difference between white women and black women in matters of conduct, politics, etc.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      I’m glad that you continue to reference the demographic percentages concerning the 2016 presidential election as they speak volumes in demonstrating the difference in attitude and overall life choices between white women and black women. One thing is abundantly clear, a black man is many times more likely to find a stable female amongst non black women vs his own counterparts.

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      • And the sad part is, these mainstream conservatives will rarely bring in black male conservatives, but parade around the worst examples of black female “conservatives” they can find (i.e. Diamond and Silk)

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Agreed, it seems that many of these mainstream conservative whites wish to see the destructive matriarchal infrastructure within black society perpetuate despite witnessing the colossal damage it has brought upon us. I’ve always stated that most whites regardless of their political views and positions feel very uncomfortable with black people gathering wealth, power aswell as building, and who are the builders within any society, the men.

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  5. @Verbs

    Just look at how crappily Herman Cain was treated.

    Also, even whites who advocate spanking don’t beat the hell out of their kids like blacks do, but will sit up there and say “mother of the year” whenever a black chick does it IN PUBLIC. Remember the (I think) Baltimore mom?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I talked abouts the Baltimore mother in Negro Wars. I’ve never heard of Herman Cain before, I’ll have to look him up. Yep, whites typically advocate behaviour among blacks they would never accept themselves, I see that pattern aswell.

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      • Hermain cain is a freaking business genius. Trump needs to hire him. I’m glad he’s using Ben Carson though. The only black people that liberals and most conservatives will use are fags or black Women.

        And isn’t it just disgusting how black chicks will BRAG about inducing violence towards their children in their homes?


  6. lol Verbs u gotta check out this black chick named yassmin abdel-magied. She’s some Muslim black chick who touts that the religion is the most feminist religion. Google image search her and see how light skinned she tries to seem

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I’ve just look her up and seen the clip of her saying that, there is a pecking order in Islam, women are beneath men and black women are at the very bottom of the totem pole. The Arabs are laughing at this woman on the one hand yet on the other she is serving the purpose of drawing more people especially western women into the religion.

      The amount of white women I now see here in the streets of London wearing Muslim regalia is off the chain. Blacks were enslaved by Islam for 1400 years, over 3 times longer than the European slave trade. In fact in some Muslim countries especially in Saudi Arabia many of the rich and wealthy Arabs still own slaves to this day. Islam is far from feminist, Yassmin Abdel Magied is simply running a slick Kansas City shuffle.

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