Black Women, Their Love Of Homosexuals, Homosexuality And Lesbianism


As I wrote in my book Negro Wars the agenda that black women have been ordered to bring upon black society as per the instructions of their white slave master ie the state is one of death and destruction. Aswell as the violence aspect black women have also introduced the homosexuality aspect to the table when engaging in their efforts to destroy black society altogether in order to reduce it to nothing but a pile of ashes and rumble.

Black women as a collective love homosexuality, they especially are fond of homosexual black males because they do not pose a threat to the dysfunctional leadership positions that have been given to black women over black society by their white liberal father. The modern-day black woman in order to remain relevant to her white daddy must maintain her position of leadership over crumbling black communities at all costs.

This is the main reason why black women will purposely initiate and continuously execute emasculating tactics against black male children, for black society to remain on its face constantly in a state of disrepair, the true leaders ie black males must be psychologically jinxed, crippled, handicapped and hindered from a very young age. Thus through this forced programming when those black males eventually grow up, they are guaranteed to behave in the following manner:

Black women love to celebrate the above, they revel in seeing black men destroyed in such a manner because they get to witness their own handiwork live in effect. This is why you will see black women happily rallying around and fully supporting black men who take onboard effeminate or female roles, does Tyler Perry and Madea ring any bells?

Do the men above look like leaders to you? No, not anymore, having taken onboard feminine traits the leadership element that would normally be associated with masculinity has now been thoroughly purged out. Black women with their homosexual agenda have succeeded with these men above. On a side note if these men above put on weaves, they would look no different to your average black woman today.

Black women have successfully destroyed 76% of black society and they are determined to finish the job. However because black folks have begun to wake up to the black woman’s evil, her white liberal father has decided to step in with big money in order to help see the rest of the destruction through until its end.


George Soros

Enter Black Lives Matter with 3 black feminist lesbians leading the ideologically based movement and a white billionaire behind its funding named George Soros. Whenever you have what is supposedly a “black” organisation being bank rolled by white people, you had better sit up and start paying attention. Black Lives Matter claims to be standing up for black lives, however Black Lives Matter is nothing more than a feminist homosexual movement that is purposely using black deaths as a catalyst to push through the normalisation of homosexuality, lesbian and transsexual values within black society.

Black Lives Matter is also against the family structure, the very foundation and fabric of any society. Don’t take my word for it, here is a screen shot taken from the site itself:


That screenshot was taken from the section dealing with their beliefs under the heading “Black Villages”, here is the link for your own verification:

Many black folks have been bamboozled by this movement, they believe it is all about the respect and the protection of black lives, however nothing could be further from the truth. The hidden in plain sight agendas of the BLM movement are designed to ultimately destroy black lives, not preserve them. Black Lives Matter openly declares their hatred for “patriarchy” which is code for hating men, in this case mainly black men. Here is yet more evidence of this:


It is interesting to note that it is in fact feminism that now has women “working double shifts”, patriarchy would much prefer to have women working in the home fulfilling their natural roles and functions as nurturers and care givers because patriarchy knows best, history itself has proven this. Because of feminism today women as a collective are far more miserable and unsatisfied than ever before, there are studies available that prove this:


You’ll notice that a lot of black women are now turning towards lesbianism in their quest to find peace, love and happiness, however they themselves are the problem, therefore without looking from within and dealing with one’s self first, the problems will persist no matter what side of the fence they reside on.

This is why black lesbian relationships are just as much a failure as normal black heterosexual relations, because black women always choose play the position of a victim, never checking themselves and are always looking for outsiders to blame for their own problems, they will never settle and find happiness, they will forever be embroiled in the same cycle of drama, war, chaos, strife, contention and non satisfaction that they are already so commonly used to.

By the way homosexuals in their dysfunction involuntarily acknowledge that heterosexuality is the normal path for relationships, notice that in lesbian and homosexual relations one party will play the masculine role while the other will take on the feminine. The default blueprint for relationships is male and female, whether homosexuals like it or not, even through their own disjointed relationships they demonstrate the male/female dynamic is the standard.


Let us take a look at another aspect of the black lesbian lifestyle, notice that the woman playing the role of a man in order to engage in sex is still required to use an instrument that represents masculinity. This is why I cannot take lesbians especially those of the black garden variety seriously. If indeed they truly hate men and have crossed over to the other side then why are they using instruments to penetrate their partners which are modelled after the private members of men?

If you are going to be a lesbian then ensure that you embark upon the journey all of the way and embrace the lifestyle properly, do not turn or return to anything masculine under any circumstances, invent an instrument based upon femininity to use during your sexual escapades. However the overwhelming majority of black lesbians cannot do this, they must use dildos when engaging in sex which by itself is an open acknowledgement that the penis is meant to be for the vagina, thus the male/female dynamic through their actions is proven to be the norm once again.

Also, have you been noticing how so many of these black so called “lesbians” are all of a sudden coming up pregnant, how on earth does that work? They claim that they hate black men yet many of them are ending up pregnant by these same individuals. Some of them have been pregnant more than once, what is the deal here? If you truly hate black men then you wouldn’t want to be in the same vicinity as a black man yet alone sleep with him.

This increase in lesbian activity is simply one of the latest manifestations of the black woman’s mentally unstable disposition, even when involved in lesbian relationships black women still cannot get on with each other. As I stated before as long as they continue to blame outsiders instead of looking within and cleaning themselves up first, the problems will continue to manifest themselves, here is an example of this:

Turning towards the lesbian lifestyle will not solve anything for the black woman, black lesbian relationships are even more volatile, chaotic and violent than normal male/female ones, this is a fact which is across the board with lesbian relationships in general regardless of race:

Lastly I would like to touch upon the fact that even though black women love homosexual males, as a straight black man if you have a disagreement with a black woman one of the first things she will call you is a homosexual. This is a shaming tactic that black women frequently use in order to shut down constructive conversations and honest debate, I talked about this very tactic in Negro Wars.

The black woman typically cannot deal with and process facts especially those that do not paint her in a positive light, thus she will typically resort to name calling and slogan slinging in her attempts to deflect from the truth. In her mind the examiner must be demonised and made to feel as if he/she has done something wrong, the typical feminist position of victimhood is put to play once again.

Black men, don’t fall for the homosexual allegation shaming tactic black women love to throw at you whenever you legitimately question them on their highly inappropriate conduct and terrible life choices, facts are not contingent upon a person’s sexual orientation in order to remain that way, facts are facts regardless of the source or person who is speaking on them.

I don’t call the modern-day black woman a black witch for nothing, she has a million and one Kansas City shuffles up her sleeve which she will use anytime she feels threatened ie whenever her victimhood card is actively being revoked. In 2017 black women are full of trickery and deceit, don’t be that guy, don’t become a victim of the okey doke.


I have to laugh at black women, they are forever accusing black men of “being on the down low”, yet they are the ones who embrace and support homosexuality more than black men on all levels. You don’t hear black men bragging about having homosexual males/lesbians as their best friends and how hanging out with homosexuals/lesbians is “so cool, hip and trendy”. You don’t see black men teaching their daughters how to be masculine, nor do you see black fathers suppressing the femininity of their girls.

You won’t see single black fathers attempting to use their daughters as substitute wives and unlike black women you will not see black fathers labelling their daughters as if there is some type of incestuous relationship taking place. A black woman however will have no hesitation in calling her son “my man”. He is your son not your boyfriend woman, get a grip.

Though I don’t talk about this subject often, the black woman’s open and liberal support of homosexuality is one of the primary reasons why I now encourage black men to date out. You absolutely cannot form a union with a group of women who subscribe to and support dysfunctional and abominable behaviours, though some black men are still trying many others are slowly coming to the realisation that what I have been saying is the truth.

Yet more proof that black women love and support homosexuality, remember this woman, Ambrosia Boss Jones from the post I did on how black women worship and interact with their god the white man part 2? Well she is back at it again confirming that black women indeed do love homosexuals and support homosexuality, take a look for yourselves:



You’ll also notice what happens when others black women step in to correct these reprobates, they get their heads bitten off literally. Trixi Trini was right when she stated that black women encourage homosexuality. Yes, a minority of white women teach their children effeminate behaviour, however when it comes to black women the overwhelming majority of them are actively engaging in such practices, there is a big difference.

Don’t fall for it black men, the many things black women often accuse us of they are already engaging in themselves typically on a much larger and wider scale, most certainly the number of black women at the least who have lesbian tendencies is already off the charts. Listening to black women talk and observing the deep-sea level of filth that proceeds from their mouths, that determination can easily be made.

Reason 18,956,459 as to why black men should steer clear of black women. Sorry, under no circumstances can I recommend that black men deal with a group of women who openly support and embrace a lifestyle that is contrary to the black family structure as well as the prosperity of the black nation. Through black women religiously proselytising feminism/homosexuality approximately 3/4 of black society has already been pulverised.


Be sure to check out my book Negro Wars where I deal with and deconstruct the modern-day black woman in more depth.



Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

132 thoughts on “Black Women, Their Love Of Homosexuals, Homosexuality And Lesbianism

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  2. One of the most disgusting things I’ve looked at in a while…

    Notice that white “studs” are typically very fat and swoll and look nothing like the typical pretty white girls you see at Starbucks? Meanwhile, black “studs”, who look like Bobby Brown having a bad day, simply look like the typical Black chick, just sans makeup and weave.

    Black carpet munchers are literally cannibalizing each other at this point. And many times, the “woman” in the relationship is lighter skinned! Black beasts are disgusting!

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      • Michel,

        The black man who shakes out of the “gotta stick with the black woman” trance is a very happy individual when he sees and begins to experience the abundance of options available to him. Black women never want to examine themselves when they see black men walking away from them, no matter what happens it is always the black man’s fault. Who can possibly deal with a woman who refuses to take accountability on any of her actions?

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      • Stephen Darby from Destined Ministries would be in full agreement with you.

        He thinks exactly like brothers like you. Thankfully, he is not from the ICBI (institutional church beast infrastructure). Check out what he has to say on this link: I have watched his series and it’s as though you and he are blood related, concerning EVERYTHING you have ever said in the history of your forum. He is an older brother than yourself but I guarantee you, both your thoughts are very very similar.

        The link I have provided is entitled “The Black Women’s Secret Love”.

        “Hope Deferred Syndrome”…..Black Women LISTEN!

        The Veil of Jezebel

        The Manboys

        Brother Verbs, please share this video with all who is on your blog………………………you know I will not bring foolishness to your website and waste people’s time with crap……………….

        I am overjoyed that when I met my Black Prince 21 years ago, The Most High forced me to recognize that I was to be in submission to the authority of my other half, the head of our household and the father of all our children, and that He, Christ is the head of My other half, and the Most High is the head of all of us entirely…………………………

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      • Have you noticed that when it comes to nastiness, some black women are always at the top of that rubbish heap? They win first prize on such disgusting abominable behaviour.

        Women from other ethnic colour groups such as the Asians, Arabs keep it on the down low hard if they are just as disgusting, as they at least KNOW they will face the death penalty for their homosexual actions. Have you seen a FEMALE Indian, Somalian, Arabian, West/East/South/Central African, West Indian, Mexican gay rights marches in their OWN countries? The do not allow EVEN straight women to walk around with bare arms much less GAY somethings……………………those ethnic groups KNOW that in the own countries, they can NEVER openly admit that they were born that way.

        It is always the gay men from those countries who are a tiny bit bolder to make a noise about their abnormal sexual behaviour but you find them in the red light districts or deep underground…………there are documentaries about these nasty men but their faces are usually blacked out……………..

        Like Tommy Sotomayor once said……… women and cameras are the wrong combination for public anything……………( I have not quoted him perfectly, but his point is to never give a black women a microphone or place a camera in from of her face. She will shame you and God!!!!!!

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      • Israellion,

        Most definitely, these black women are out here channelling Jezebel and homosexuality hardcore. Yet another issue with black women is the fact that they are no longer ashamed of the decadent behaviours they enjoy taking part in. All most black women live for is attention and carnal pleasure and they will do anything to get them, nobody is paying them any mind which is why they are going to such extreme lengths nowadays.

        The west is an absolute joke, this is why it is being run over and dominated by Islam. Feminism and homosexuality are two sides of the same coin, whenever both of these religions are allowed to flourish in any society, the end is near for those people who embrace them and society as a whole. The majority of black women are goners, this is one of the main reasons why I don’t deal with them anymore.

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      • I was once told a sad tale from a black woman that because she does not get on with other black women, she embraces homosexuals. She said she embraces homosexual men, so that she is not accused by her controlling husband of cheating on her behind his back, so homos are the only “friends” she can have without a) a woman hitting on her man every two minutes and him responding and b) can have male friend her husband will not be threatened by. What she said does not make any sense at all, and her circumstances are sick and she needs to get away from the whole thing the homo and the double standard husband………………..hmmmm! It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out how to deal with that nastiness one time!

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      • You’re sick. I mean you are really mentally I’ll. You and the rest of the black men. You all are Legion.

        You’re always talking about how BAD black women are and how terrible and that you don’t want black women. Then why in the hell do you care if those women are lesbians or date white men?????
        Explain that to us!

        I think you’re just a bitter old bald DARK SKINNED male black gay Queen yourself, from Africa.
        Get the mental help you need, black negro!!!


      • Find something else to speak against besides black women.I detest this article you have written.


      • Cheryl Mcgee,

        You don’t come to my website and tell me what to write about, why don’t you remove that sweaty weave off your head and give your hair a well deserved wash?


    • Cannibalize is the exact correct word. Their path will spiral into extreme lust, violence and death (spousal violence between BW lesbians is a thing now). The thankful thing here is that BM are spared the bullshit.

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      • Homos (fruits and dykes) are violent as hell with each other. When one type of them engage in anal impaling, is it any wonder?

        Dykes, possibly due to being so brutish, are the extremes of this, with black dykes being the worst of the worst. You’ve already seen how “regular”, dingaling loving black chicks fights and are violent. Did you really expect the WNBA dykes to be peaceful?!!!

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      • Violence in human beings is a thing. Did you think there was a unicorn land lesbianism with no violence? It’s predictable and sad to see you ignore that spousal abuse is not limited to one demographic but all demographics and try to pin a complex intersectional issue that isn’t just because she look like a man she beats, it’s addiction, it’s trauma, it’s homophobia, job insecurity, racism, institutional racism, lack of access to resources, LACK OF FAMILY CHURCH AND COMMUNITY SUPPORT. Black men are spared the bullshit of spousal abuse and the causes of it? Do tell.


    • This is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever read. Friends of mine, don’t ever send me a link like this again. While black women are not perfect, this “article” reads like a chapter from a Klan magazine. And I’m sure would be read at the next meeting if they knew about it. As a scientist, minister most of my life, and award-winning screenwriter and researcher, I have a book covering ten years of research around the world, that will prove beyond doubt scientifically and medically that black women will have to save the planet in a few years or less, especially black men if they can this time around (they’ve done it before) from genetic destruction. Only our blood is at this time remains genetically strong enough and stores the blueprint to total human DNA. But it is under global attack and has been since the turn of the century, and this time may not be strong enough to do what it did six thousand years ago when all humanity faced extinction. I wouldn’t share my findings with anyone associated with the above line of thinking for all the gold that used to be in Fort Knox! What I reveal in my tome would blow this person off the planet with facts verifiable under a microscope that black women are humanity’s best hope. But I wouldn’t dream of it. Nor visit this site again. Continue dying. Out.


      • Dr Evelyn Khelama,

        Black women save the planet??? Exactly what saving will black women be performing for planet earth when right at this moment they are actively engaging in the destruction of their own people? As it stands in 2017 the blood of the black woman is contaminated with the filth and the decadence of degenerate society. Also, in case you haven’t noticed most black women are only interested in themselves, they couldn’t give a rat’s behind about anybody else.

        Black women save the planet, was that supposed to be some kind of joke? It is the remnant of thinking black men who will continue the race, we are the first and we have the power to bolster humanity. As per usual the black witch seems to believe that she is the pinnacle and the focus of everything, claims to be a minister yet is openly touting, promoting and talking that feminist, eugenics talk. The Most High is not stupid like you Dr Khelama.

        Let this be witness to you black men as to what I have told you before, the so called “professional” black female is just as trashy and reprobate as her hood rat cousin, the only difference is these called educated and corporate black women attempt to hide their ratchet, dysfunctional mentality behind degrees, qualifications and doctorates. You see that, a so called Dr is telling you black men to “continue dying off”, take notes.

        Remember the term “hoodrat” can also refer to the mindset of a black female even thought she may be qualified up to the eyeballs and have a meaningful occupation, don’t ever forget that. This is how the overwhelming majority of black women typically react when confronted with the real world, again black men, take notes.

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      • A doctor without a subject qualification or associated university profile…
        An award-winning screenwriter with no cited film credits…
        And best of all, a Rabbi at a CHRISTIAN church?

        Keep your groundbreaking research to yourself, we’ll be fine doing what humans have done for millions of years, having interracial sex, lol

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      • Thank you , i think the person who wrote that has some serious issues with men in most cases these women have been hurt and just given up on the brothers , its very sad to see this . Being a black woman and a mother of two young men and a daughter , i make sure i let my children know that there is love out there and some day you will be happy. They know from seeing me and their dad together that love is between a man and a woman . We are the only species that wil, have sex with the same sex . Its unnatural and some where deep in side they know its wrong . We are spiritual people guided by the Ancestors.

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      • all the more reason why we need to be working together as a team a unit.
        most panafrican women i find want to be the man, want to only control and not share in the power.
        they want to make the decision ,they want to quickly let me know that they dont need me or any man?

        why? all across the media it teling men how to act and how to treat women in 2017, but its doesnt say anything about how to love and treat a man.

        try not to forget about the good brother while your bashing men and saying we all aint shit

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      • Dear Doctor Khelama,

        You are nowhere NEAR of the same calibre of the doctor who authored Medical Apartheid, Harriet A. Washington. So please do not call your self any type of doctor until you can come up with something such as what that black female doctor I have just mentioned has come up with. If for nothing else, she took her time to educate us with facts, time that most black women these days never take for any part of their community do do something decent. At least that black female doctor for once in recent history has some sense……………… are on the wrong site………………… do not make sense.


      • Dr. Eveline, As you see for yourself, this does read chapter and verse like a Klan Magazine. Black men are the new face of white supremacy.

        Black men are worse than the Klan. And this particular person who runs this blog and writes hate manifestos about black women is nothing more than a black devil .From Africa. The white men in white coats need to come and get all these black men and put them in mental homes.


      • GET A LIFE and stop endeavoring to take other people’s with your pseaudo science. The truth reads like a Klan article you say and so we now know that it is “Black” women who are the main cause of destruction from within. You have verified the points made.

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    • The level of nonsense in your reply VERBS. There is no evidence to suggest that Black men leave Black women at a rate of 100% because Black women won’t change. That is an absurdity. There is no research to support a percentage close to that. Pop culture samples don’t prove anything. Its so offensive and racist to make these impossible absolute claims.


      • You can look around and see this. The only men left with these types of women are hoods and thugs. Hoods and thugs are not to be considered men irregardless of the fact they are “Black”. Real thinking “Black” men have certainly exited the building.

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      • For the love of your own children stop the racist misogynist and homophobic crap. One dude went to a restaurant and saw lesbians and the world is ending and then the author sees this as women being masculinized? Go to the collections of African American photography and do a content analysis of portraits on the scale masc to fem for men and women, then do the same in African portraiture and then tell me about the magical lesbian bulldagga explosion.


      • ForbesJamesa,

        You’re wasting your time, we are thinking black men here at Slaying Evil, the facts have been laid out, perhaps you can provide us with some links to counter what has been stated here, then and only then will I begin to take you seriously. By the way, you shaming tactic won’t work on me either, I’m immune to such garbage.


      • No, you are not. One anecdote is not evidence of anything let alone evil and you refuse to even consider proper research methods in your own historical archive. It is sad and pathetic.


  3. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha I am lmao at this topic because I told many of my friends the hell with Black Lives Matter and they though I was crazy I explained to them what you did Verbs. I told people there slogans were to destroy the black family instead of researching the organization themselves they called me all types of names. And I stated to them a white man was behind Black Lives Matter and stated how the hell the organization is credible with a white person running it.

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    • Sean,

      This is the problem with most blacks today, they simply don’t do the research. They trust what they are told by the mainstream media and don’t bother looking to other sources to see if there is a different side to the story. Black Lives Matter just like the rest of these black organisations is white owned and white funded. What part of black is that?

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Precisely why free thinking blacks must separate themselves from contaminated majority. The brainwashed masses are a threat to those who can think and reason for themselves.

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      • Straight up racism from a person who should know better. Please cite the research required to demonstrate that most Blacks today “simply don’t do research”. Reading the newspaper is ‘research’. You’re conflating the idea that media convergence and concentration stifles diversity of opinion with the idea that this means the MSM is not research. This is key, because your simplistic notion of media being either “good” or “bad” or “true” or “false” has led you to cherry pick and misapply even poorer sources in an attempt to smooth over the fact that you have used misogyny and homophobia as correct ways to structure Black existence with ZERO sociological historical or even decent anecdotal evidence. The hatred you display for a wide range of human beings is appalling. Black Lives Matter is a collective. How is it white owned again? Please do not say George Soros.


  4. I am a Sista, and just to inform my Bruthas, there is a rear percent of US sistas that are contrary to the everyday black woman’s agenda. I am a rear Piece, I KNOW what and who I AM and I accepted MYSELF. I AM beautiful, Spiritual, and I love my BRUTHAS!!!!

    Thank you for the info. From your analysis. Stay True to yourself and you WILL find yourself in that rear percent. All you have to do is MANIFEST IT!!!

    Peace and blessings…

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    • Renee,

      Its always good to hear from good black women, though it is an extremely rare occurrence indeed. Ensure that you keep yourself separate from scum black females and you will be fine.

      Most High Bless

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      • Verbs could you please connect with me, I will love yo hear ALL your views avout black people…email me because I might not get ths notification from this blog….Khan Ach


    • Rare not rear. Self congratulations are not something a spiritual person takes part in over a public forum. These men are aware that there are a rare minority and that those who truly fit that bill will show humility. I do wish you the best Love and I hope you are all you claim to be. I really hope by spiritual you don’t mean Jesus or ancestor worship.

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  5. All of this is rooted in fear of a black women’s “self made” counter position to white male power – let’s not locate the black mans role here other than his victimhood at all- like wow. This critique centers white European male ideologies of power and gender – built
    Completely of insecurity and inferitioty complexes and y’all know this! Why do you still do it then? The notion that black women were happier with less agency while confined to the domesttic sphere – one through which racial codes enslaved us through carcercal methods, was a source of our happiness is so violent. Do people not understand that notions of domesticity where shaped by Europeans? We have always had a non binary world of fluid gendering that challenging Eurocentric modernity. The author completely erases histories of rape, domestic partner violence and the plantation spatial logics that are still mapped onto black women’s geographies. The author effectively reduces us black women as pawns who lack any subjectivity or agency – All while centering the colonizers hetero patriarchal vision of womanhood that centers the construct of white female femininity built upon the othering determination of black female bodies as grotesque and masculine. You and many white men share all these sensibilities. Isn’t that significant to you? Congratulations you’ve helped fortify our controlling images – just go ahead and help fortify our prison. As history shows there’s no other option then to fight to resist. Chess is a feminist game for the reasons you fail to understand. A king is no less important with a queen who has more power – her power is his and his is hers – but his obsession with domination of her thwarts the war. Europeans love chess for this very reason and used it to dominate the world – never successful and impermeating of course because once again it was forgotten that the power of the Queen – unique to her own agency is what strengthens the entire kingdom. This will
    Never change for as long as violence is used as a tool of submission both physical, emotional and psychic. Let the queen fight and simply support her in every way. Why are you fighting you closest ally? Tragic.


  6. This might be the cooniest most convoluted crock of horse shit I’ve ever read. I was about to leave a long well thought out comment but you coons are exasperating. Sort you fucking lives out.


    • Terry Scott,

      Still calling people coons when you don’t agree with them or cannot refute their arguments? Learn to deal with the facts for once in your life, you are not a child in the school yard, grow up.

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    • we don’t want nothing from LGBT123XYZ ok we don’t want nothing from them ok nothing
      ______Black man For Black Woman________
      ______Black Woman For Black Man______
      Black Power


    • Santola, aren’t you black yourself? Mr. Africa 2017! You sound like Klan. But you’ve got no power, no economy. What are you gonna do? LOL


      • Greetings Person who refers to themself as a Queen. First I must say that Queen is a moniker for someone to bestow upon you, it is not a tittle which should be self awarded as that wreaks of insanity. These men are correct and justified in their views. You ask why they should be bothered when truly the question at hand should be why won’t the “Black” women take heed. Reality is what it is not what you desire it to be. This is the current state of the majority of “Black” females. They have devolved into maniacal lunacy and wholesale depravity. This is who they are and they have led many astray and serve as a great shame and embarrassment. Being upset with those who simply showcase the truth will get you absolutely no where because “Black” women themselves are upholding this ridiculous way of existence.

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  7. Free love.. Real love.. Genuine love… All leads to freedom.. Whoever wrote this post is obviously not happy. They are very busy being concerned about others. Freedom starts with self.. Happiness starts with self. We are all flawed and we are all gonna die. If you wrote this from your heart, I will not judge you because you were at your best. I will say give yourself some love.. Your heart chakra is so imbalanced. Align your energy and amazing things will happen. Peace to you


    • Freedom and happiness begin with morality. No immoral person is happy nor free they are just slaves to their own base desires and the demons which plague them. Homosexuals suffer the highest depression and suicide rates for a reason. Immorality kills and deadens the soul. Spouting free Love rhetoric is nothing more than a convenient way to pander to those whom the modern day “Black” woman worships. It is clear that self hate has reached its’ pinnacle with “Black” women and they desire to serve those who seek only to destroy them. You will not wake up so enjoy your dazed slumber as your soul is overtaken while you pretend to be fulfilled.

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  8. After a ten year marriage with a black woman, I can vouch you hit it on a nail. Almost everything you talked about I expienced. She constantly called me a homosexual while clearly supporting the lifestyle her self. Always playing victim and would do or say anything to protect her victimhood. She literally tried to destroy everything we had. Be vary careful marrying a black women and others that try to emulate them. I’m doing my best to make sure my daughter does not grow up with this garbage. I am now a single dad raising three kids. Take it from me, I wish I knew this 1o to 15 years ago.

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    • Kdubb,

      Incredible, yet black women will come here and claim that what we are saying simply isn’t true. What happened to you is one of many reasons why I encourage black men to expand on their dating and marriage options, the fact of the matter is black women are too dangerous to deal with at this point. Black on black relationships are typically one sided, the man puts in everything while the woman brings nothing to the table.

      She believes her big behind is sufficient enough to carry the relationship through. Don’t get me started on black women, their lack of accountability and victimhood, this is yet another reason why black on black relationships fail. How can you successfully deal with a woman who refuses to acknowledge when she is in the wrong?

      Fortunately for myself I found out about the black witch before it was too late, however many black men are coming across this information once they have been caught in the black woman’s web. It doesn’t surprise me that your marriage collapsed, your ex wife sounds like the typical black female I talk about in Negro Wars aswell as on this site.

      Glad to see you doing the good thing by your daughter and no doubt your other children, ensuring that she and they does not take the same path as her dysfunctional mother. Single fathers and thinking black men need their voices heard, these days all we hear is black women spouting off at the mouth about their so called “problems”, problems by the way which they created with their own two hands. Keep your head up sir.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you Verbs2015. Yes, again you are hitting it on the nail. I carried the whole financial load and was highly active with our children in every way. I never asked her for anything other than to keep filth and trash out of our home. At times she would comply but as time went by she seemed less able to do so. Around the time this black lives matter stuff started (she was involved in that) things got even weirder. I’m almost certain she got involved in some lesbian stuff herself. She seemed to think her body, which she wasn’t keeping up anyway, was sufficient to do whatever she wanted. I was just supposed to love her while she made my life a living hell and was increasingly unstable as a parent.

        At the same time, I’m learning, growing and developing myself and she sits around increasingly becoming a smoker and doing all sorts of crazy things. Should, I mention she had earning potential, if she ever wanted to do anything with it, Juris Doctorate, but she chooses not to. Thankfully, we are done and my children will be better off. As professional male, I’ve got good options and things are looking up.

        Liked by 2 people

    • Why did she call you a homosexual? What preceded this incidence? What did you call her? Do you like Luther Vandross and wear pink? Here’s a tip about your daughters. Don’t poison them with your own hatred to the woman you no longer are married to. Do not try to make them into anything in fear that they might be something else. They feel and hear your fear of the Black woman and they are Black women. They will come to hate you and if you don’t stop blaming her for your choices, you will never get to the point where you figure out what you did wrong in the marriage.


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  10. Wow. This is a literary nightmare. Trash, really. The author is spewing ignorance about a community they probably don’t even claim to be a part of. Queer black women are the downfall of black America? Really? Or have you forgotten about institutionalized racism? The mass incarceration that caused the state of affairs in this country. This is so ill- informed and full of hurtful biases, intolerance, shaming, and blaming. Have you ever even spoken to a queer black woman? Educated AND uneducated. Homosexuality, believe it or not, has opened the eyes of a lot of people in the black community and shown us that despite orientatipn, gender, color, we are fighting the same fight. So instead of slandering your black brothers and sisters, how about building the community? Leadership doesn’t come with a gender or sexuality preference, and your archaic way of thinking is harming everyone. If you believe that patriarchy should rule, your no different from a white supremacist, and I don’t want to hear anything you have to say until you wake up.


    • Jane Doe,

      Institutionalised racism, oh you must mean the type of racism that black women are pushing forward through their love of white men, looks like you didn’t receive the memo:

      You’re not fooling me in the slightest, clearly black women are quite comfortable sleeping with the same men whom out of the other side of their mouths they deem as the enemy of the black nation. It seems obvious to me that most black women would rather find themselves on the penis of a white man as opposed to rebuilding black society. Black women as a collective are locked in with their white father, they are not interested in black love, black unity or fighting institutionalised racism.

      Sorry, I don’t work with homosexuals and their supporters, societies that embrace and promote homosexuality do not prosper, they perish. History has shown us this over and over again, even the times we are currently living in now we are witnessing before our eyes society sailing down the toilet because there is little to no moral compass left. Homosexuality is a selfish and decadent culture that only profits homosexuals, this is not to mention the fact that the lifestyle of homosexuality brings absolutely no profit to a society whatsoever.

      Liked by 2 people

      • If we talked about all the statistically based facts about the health detriments of homosexuality the same way we did about smoking, NO ONE would want to promote it. And I thought liberals loved science and numbers.

        Add to that the fact that blacks are already sexually irresponsible.

        Liked by 2 people

      • “Looks like black women are pushing through with their love of white men”

        Yeah, I’ll take a white man over you black NUTCASES any day of the year.

        Any day.

        You’ve got nothing . No economy, no power, you’re talking trash all day about black women. Yeah gtfo. I’ll take a hard working, SANE, white man any day over you guys.


      • Black women’s choice of life partner is NOT a very good or strong example of institutional racism. What are the institutions directly related to managing, limiting and biasing or excluding Black women from the same freedoms white women have for example? The truth is there are many institutions that contribute and certainly racial preference is learned by 5 with a white bias, but to call this a good example of institutional racism in order to shoehorn your misconstrued ideas about Black women into a point about why you think Black men don’t experience institutional racism directly but rather indirectly through women is more convolutions. Your ignorance of the contributions, persecution and history of gay people is vile and hateful pure and simple. The incidence of gay and lesbians in the population is not controlled by cultural variables it is biological. Gay people didn’t bring down Rome. And they didn’t bring down Sodom. Read your bleeping Bible. The sin of the Sodomites was inhospitability to strangers and those not like themselves. The use of the term sodomy to describe gay sex comes at the same time as the race theory that gave us the slave trade, and it is purely a stigmatizing and not accurate term for a sex crime that isn’t a crime at all. You are the Sodomite. You are the one turning out those unlike yourself. Keep in mind, God destroyed Sodom and turned Lot’s wife into salt but not for the selling of Lot’s daughters into prostitution and not for bum sex. For being jerks of Biblical proportions.


      • If we talked about statistics, afrofuturism, there would be numbers in your post. There are none. Ergo, no statistics, and no facts. Smoking is a habit that is addictive and entirely non essential. It is not something people are born to do. People are not public health hazards. People are PEOPLE. The FACT is that the genes that cause same sex attraction are known, the proof is in the tens of thousands of other species where this arrangement exists, and that biology has a good explanation for it. And the gall to accuse “liberals: of ignoring science and numbers in a post with no science and numbers. Blacks are not sexually irresponsible. You on the other hand, are.


      • No. It is peer reviewed published and decadal and you can easily look it up and your should have for this article, and for a man calling out lack of research amongst Blacks erroneously in a post where you yourself corroborated that Blacks do research it is time for you to do research. Asking me to continually do your job is intellectually lazy. A term you love to use, ironically.


      • Forbesjamesa,

        I have made claims and already proven them via evidence, you are to do the same. Like I stated before, until you start producing receipts, you will not be taken seriously at all by myself. At this moment you are simply rambling, making one statement after a next yet failing to prove your point.

        You believe that making many comments here amounts to evidence, sorry, that is not how things work.


      • You all are not going to build anything . You don’t really think BW still believe you guys are going to build something, do you???LOL!!!


      • The smears of hypersexuality, immoral sexuality and the baggage they comeswith are still operating in supremacist culture and you have the nerve to pick up that tool of the oppressor and cast it against your own. Shame.


    • Stop
      No one has their foot on your neck any longer “Blacks”. At this point in history it is NOT THE “white” mans fault.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. while i do agree with all of this, i myself tried to leave and date other races, and thanks to the feminist agenda its the same with white women as well.
    they are all up and down on the gay agenda as well. they are no longer the safe go to ones anymore. they are apart of the agenda as well, instead of running from race to race ,we need to be men and stand up for ourselves ,and lets be honest the only reason we dont say anything is because we are afraid that if we do we will not get laid, so we just shut up and agree or jump from race to race , when the real problem isnt the races its the fact that they wont tell women to be accountable for their actions he same way they drive it into mens head

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Why I don’t deal with a lot of these STANKS I will not even deal with a bi woman that is some nasty mess. And there is so much crap out there aids and shit these whores can’t control their selves next they will be with dogs and cats.

    Liked by 4 people

    • You know how you get STD’s? Know zero about transmission and shout loudly about what is wrong with other people’s love lives. Don’t worry about bestiality. Worry about the fact you think bi women are the reason HIV is a risk for you. Use a condom, use lube, and don’t have sex with any other woman than the one you intend to marry. Otherwise the dog is calling out the pussy for prancing while he be doggin’.


    • No, they were both excellent dancers, singers, musicians, writers, entertainers and had family pressures that pushed them to get lost in working. They also knew how to write for white America at a time when it was suddenly possible to cross over in a way not allowed before. Remember it took Quincy Jones and a team of lawyers storming MTV to get them to play “Billie Jean”. Do not erase the talent of these men.


  13. Excellet article as usual. As a side issue/consequence is a theory of mine regarding the 50% genital herpes infection rate amongst BW. 70% of Americans are infected with Herpes Simplex 1 and is commonly known as cold sores and fever blister. If a person with infilmmation of Simplex 1 engages in oral sex with another, there is a chance the cold sore will infect the vaginal/penal area of the uninflected person. Obviously a person with an outbreak would run like Hassan Bolt from a woman with Simplex 2 showing but it is quite plausible and there is no doubt one would accept oral sex with a person with a cold sore. Transmission of simplex 1 to the vaginal area causes simplex 2 and is the reason BW have the highest vaginal herpes rate. There are far more lesbian BW than any other group of women.


    • That comment is rediculous but the very end is easier to debunk by just stating : Black people as a whole only make up 14% of the population, statically what you claim is impossible.
      All LBGTQ movements in all forms, especially in entertainment, have been led by White people.
      Your comments are based on ignorance at best, racism at worst.


    • If by excellent you mean lacking research, methods, rigor and any reflection of reality with gross factual errors, inability to properly describe institutional racism (for one) and a deeply homophobic and misogynist view of Blackness that is ahistorical and political because two groups (nation of islam) and the Southern Black Church refused to look at their own homophobia and instead decided to blame homophobia in Black culture on white folks, problem solved there are no gays in Black culture just effiminized Black mama’s boys created by Mattel and Oprah to undermine the Black man. It’s ridiculous. White cops shoot Black men for fun. That’s KILLING them and not making them feel like anyone cares from day one. Some cheerleaders in a parade are the problem. Shake your head.


      • ForbesJamesa,

        Rambling on in your attempts to demonstrate some form of intellect and professionalism, yet all the while you are making yourself look stupid. Put up or shut up, you need to show what is inaccurate about the article instead of beating around the bush trying to make yourself look important.

        Liked by 1 person

  14. IT IS WHAT IT IS because itzallconnected.

    Sexism, racism, and colorism are pre-programmed, mental, illnesses founded, and grounded, in extremely low self-esteem. Why do “men” who beat, rape, murder, slander, abandon, and deny the beauty of the same richly melanated [black] women who birthed, and loved, them expect to be supported by The Divine Mother? When will the majority of melanated [black] “men” accept “response-abillity” for their poor choices? In every patriarchal society, the women are what “the men” make of them.

    The average melanated [black] male suffers with, and from, at least 2 of the above three mental illnesses. The average melanated [black] male feeds his white paper plated ego by critiquing the average melanated [black] woman’s weak imitation of a “white lady.” Why would a self-aware, fully conscious, melanated [black] woman take that level of mental illness home and put it in her bed? Why/How should a melanated [black] woman worship the penis that only she can make? The power resides within she, who makes the penis; not within he, who must be taught what to do with that penis by a woman starting with toilet training.

    In all ways, for always, the energy put into the world by each of us comes home to all of us–as us. Integrity is what holds your life, and your ass, together. Where there is no integrity, there is no need for dignity. Back in the day, the original understanding of “hoe, and spade”, included helping The White Man dig a deeper hole. Karma is what karma does. You take on the [group] karma of your mate. White-man-made-history documents that everywhere the pale-skinned [white] male went, the 3Ds [death, disease, destruction] went with him. Before you choose the wind beneath your wings, learn which way is up. Only the spelling of KnowThing has changed. Tragically, in spite of centuries of warning that still include death, and castration, many of “the brothers” are now wedlocked, or dick-deep into an unfathomable hole. At the end of The Last Daze, both heads on the average black male will hang in shame. Perhaps, Jesus is saving them for last. 🤔

    “Forgive the black (wo)man everything, except the white (wo)man.” – The (Once) Honorable Elijah Muhammad


  15. If I am to accept his argument the I would have to believe he was ordered by his White daddy to put the blame on the shoulders of Black women, no responsibility from the Black man for the purpose of creating a gender war among us.

    If I am to accept his argument I would have to believe that the White daddy have ordered Black daddy’s, brothers, uncles, cousins etc… to rape their young female kin, destroying them from the start of their lives. (1 of 3 Black girls are sexuality abused)

    If I am to accept his argument I would have to believe Black men have been ordered by their White daddy to degrade Black women, calling them bitches, hoes, thots, beating them, using them, betraying them then, as in the case of this fool, blaming them.

    This so-called Black man that wrote this article have to be an agent ordered by his White daddy to destroy our relationship with our Black women.


  16. Good lord the idiocy of this. The author doesn’t comprehend gender. The author doesn’t comprehend sexuality. The author ignores history and Black history at a level that is almost pathological. What we do see of recent African American cultural history is a pastiche of videos and media postings that demonstrate little more than the ability to find women or men using Google and casual homophobia against a cheerleading team because apparently they were not Barack Obama. The author blames Black women for secondary racism via the white oppressor oppressing Black males while ignoring the effect white masculinity and heteronormativity as well as institutional racism against Black men that keeps them underemployed, less educated, and less well paid while working harder and longer hours as well as overly incarcerated. The author cites no data quantitative or qualitative for the assertions that Black women are plantation mentality driven psychopaths bent on emasculating Black males and uses the aforementioned cheerleading team as an example. Drag and dance and performance as well as gender bending are as old as time. The pharaoh Hatshepsut made herself a man in order to take the throne. She ruled long, and well, and with stability. The Wodaabe are a tribe in Africa whose rite of male passage is a drag beauty contest where the eligible bachelors of the villages dress up as beautiful women and the women with the most wealth choose the most beautiful of them and so on. Clearly, the notion of drag in the African and Black context is millennia old and spread across many cultures. In fact, colonialism (the umbrella practices and ideologies that brought slavery to Africa) also brought Christianity which made a concerted effort to stamp out traditional African practices especially ones that included gender diversity. If the author cared to watch the documentary on these cheerleaders, these brave men facing racism, ridicule and systemic attempts to marginalize them on their way to self affirmation they would have understood that it was not an easy thing, that these men were already stigmatized as gay because despite what this person seems to think, the traits we call “effeminate” are naturally occurring and not some infection. They are also male traits. Since these men were rejected by their communities (the MEN not the women, hello) they chose to revel in their rejection. What a petty and angry mind takes the lesson of Angelou’s I know why the caged bird sings and turns it into something base and ugly. And lest I not forget, this baseless argument has two sources: the Nation of Islam, and most particularly Farrakhan and the Southern Black Church. Both have promoted the idea that emasculation of Black men by Black women under the guise of social progress is the real problem (the real problem is homophobia), and since neither NOI or SBC ideology has any place for gay people, they must explain them as not from within the community, but as implants, possibly evil. Farrakhan’s homophobia (which he recently seemed to soften) is obvious. He was formerly a Calypso singer called the Charmer who hung out in lounges filled with Black Lesbianism and Gayness, and wrote and performed songs like “Don’t Touch me Nylons” and “Is she is or is she ain’t” both of which are about trans identity (transvestitism and transsexualism) in a period from a culture where one song might be an aberration. He spent a good deal of time and money trying to suppress this past as well. The Southern Black Church is simply imposing the same biblical literalism at the expense of the gospels of christ and has been taken to task by almost everyone. Black women are pillars. They are rocks. They drive their communities. Black men are vilified and demonized in popular media in a way that Black women are not. Black men reap few of the rewards of male privilege and shoulder a disproportionate share of the burdens of racism yet few of the gains made by Black women. There is massive Black leadership. JayZ and Beyonce formed the first wholly Black owned media production system from brainstorming to product launch. Oprah. Obama. In the sciences, in politics, in sport, and in all other areas of life. It is hampered by the same issues that affect individuals. Systemic racism and unfair roadblocks based in social determinants and direct impedance from institutions large and small. If there is to be better representation and appreciation of Black men, there needs to be comprehensive systemic and social change in white supremacist power structures as well as more community based initiatives for families and individuals. Black women were the only group smart enough not to vote for Trump (4%). Black women lead political, cultural, social, economic and scientific growth. What they are not doing is rendering their sons impotent by choice, design or influence. This is shameful gibberish


  17. No my dear, your job wasn’t to regurgitate semi disguised republican nonsense pretending it was a cogent argument (held together with pictures of Madea and some lovely Black boys in fine outfits, a collage not a collection). You are intellectually lazy. This article is a badly crafted polemic and not in any way a serious work of research. Since the subject is really sensitive, I’d expect you would do better. I notice my long reply where I torched the crap above is not posting so perhaps you deleted it? Do you get paid by conservative funders to write this garbage?


      • There is no straw man here. That’s two misuses of two terminologies in as many posts “intellectually lazy is the way you wrote and are defending this article. Straw man is a deliberate misrepresentation of the author’s argument. I did not do that, by your own words I have not made an argument. You can’t have it both ways.


  18. Im glad the conversation has started about some of the problems that we are having amongst the Black community. Now we can start rebuilding the Black community to what it was or were before the white man started playing mind games with it in the past. A Black woman is her brother’s keeper,same as the Black man being his sister’s keeper. We need each other more than ever. If we dont love ,appreciate and support each other nobody will.


  19. The entire premise of this article is false. If you have the capacity to love another human being of any derivation, you should do it.
    Love, if you can.

    Our entire mission on Earth is to Love.

    Typically men who harbor this much animosity are in the closet and expressing their self-hate. Don’t let anyone convince you to hate, hate is one of the great mistakes we can make.
    Operate from a position of Love,
    then analyze.


  20. In what aspect are you categorizing black women. Black is a color. I disagree that “black women as a whole support homosexuality.” Firstly I am not black, I am an afro-caribbean women, in no shape or form do I support this non-sense. This homo/effeminization of Melanated men varies from country to society to community. Although there is homo-sexuality in the afro-caribbean communities, it is not supported by the masses. The sistren do not stand for this ignorance, nor do they effeminize their boys. Homosexuality is not broadcasted in those places like in the U.S. I’ve seen so many articles where “black women” as a whole are lumped into the category of demonizing society, melanated men, supporting effeminized melanated men ex. This does not occur across the board in african/nubian/afro-caribbean/African “american” societies


  21. I agree But no need to date outside of your race. It is the American Black woman that has been corrupted. I advise going to an AfricanDating( listed below) site and male order a woman with some sense. This is the modern way. Get to know eachother online then meet in person. I suggest Sudanese, Gabon places where polygamy, Ifa or Islam is the practice. I then advice prenups be standard thing to do in all marriages and that if possible marry 2 or ideally three wives if you can afford it financially. This will cause a natural balance in attitudes if she knows she does not have sole control over your heart. There are twice as many women on this planet as men so this is the natural order of things otherwise 50% of women on this planet are doomed to either be nuns or lesbians.
    find a Sudanese or Gabon woman here:


  22. I just chose not to date at all, for one I can’t find a black woman my age(38) that hasn’t already been scarred and worn out mentally, two I don’t have kids and finding a black woman my age with no children is next to impossible, I can’t bring myself to date a white girl, and any other race sees me as trash as far as dating goes, so what am I supposed to do?? I just chose to say fuck it, I’m not dating at all, it’s an american woman problem, no matter what color I find them simply hard to get along with. It was hard at first not answering calls and text and keeping to myself at the bar or whatever. The more time passed and I came to enjoy it and myself a lot more. I just say don’t date period!! It’s all a pain in the ass


    • Coop,

      I don’t know about other races seeing you as trash, this is 2017 not 1957, times have changed, so have women. Since you say that it is an American woman thing I don’t see why you don’t travel and see what the women are like elsewhere(assuming you haven’t done so already). Seeing as you are in the US you have Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Colombia, Eastern Europe, Asia just to name a few to choose from.

      I do notice a somewhat common trend amongst many black men from the US assuming that they are going to be treated in the same foul manner by non black women as they have been by black females. Also, it may be a case of checking over yourself first, if you are dysfunctional to begin and have issues within yourself that have not been dealt with, don’t expect things to run smoothly with any woman you meet.

      I don’t completely dismiss what you are saying, dating these days can indeed be a chore, however one of the things that makes it hard is when men allow women to introduce dysfunction and permit them to get away with certain things. Having a standard and sticking to it helps.


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  27. Very poor analysis. The social engineering that are taking place among African people especially the black woman has not been addressed in you analysis. It issue of the Racist and class agenda is lacking. You have rather joined with the enemy against the victim.


    • Raswad Nkrabea,

      On the contrary, the white man and his role has already been factored in by default, it’s the black female’s part in the homosexual agenda that is now being questioned. Black women are NOT victims in this whole affair, far from it.


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