Black Women Openly Promoting And Engaging In The Lesbian Lifestyle – WARNING: Semi Graphic Material



Just early on today I posted an article dealing with black women and their love of homosexuality and lesbianism. Lo and behold later on I should just happen to be tagged into a post on Facebook with the above filth(thanks Daniel BrotherDan Ward for bringing this to my attention). What did I tell you before, I told you that in 2017 most black women today pride themselves on how much filth and reprobation they can dive into.

Myself and a number of other thinking black men who frequently comment on this site have stated that the overwhelming majority of black women have lesbian tendencies. Of course, feminism and homosexuality are two sides of the same rusty, decadent coin, I talked about this in Negro Wars. This is exactly what the spirit of feminism does to the black woman, it opens the door wide open for her to be converted over to the lesbian lifestyle far easier than a black woman who chooses instead to embrace her femininity.

This is your modern-day black woman in a nutshell, she would much prefer to chase after another vagina rather than fulfil her true purpose as a woman, sad. I really feel sorry for the black male youth, they have little to no decent black women to choose from, all that is left are the dregs and the scum of black female society.

I keep on telling you that this modern-day black female has absolutely no interest in rebuilding black society, how many times do I have to repeat the fact that she is an employee of the state and her occupation seeing through the destruction of black society thus ensuring that it will never rise up again. Introducing homosexuality into black communities is simply one of the methods black women are using in order to get the job done.

Just yesterday I came across another Facebook post linking to 2 more black women named Dalychia Saah and Rafaella Fiallo who run an Instagram page called Afrosexology:

They were also featured in the Huffington Post:

Yet again we have a situation where black women are actively doing their part in order to continue pushing the loose sex/whore/slut lifestyle and the homosexual agenda within black society yet attempting to disguise their mission as some sort of good will, well-meaning, philanthropic project. In 2017 what most black women are simply saying is that they wish to be accepted as sluts and whores without the stigma and the judgement attached.

This is what black women are saying to you black men now, studs and dykes are more preferable over heterosexual black men. Didn’t I post an article no so long ago(the title escapes me for the moment) with a Facebook screenshot of a woman stating that “studs are the new black men”? Some of you didn’t believe me, well the above video serves as proof that more and more black women are choosing to venture down lesbian avenue.

What was also interesting were some of the comments from women in relation to the above clip, here are just a few of them:






The lesbian epidemic within black society is reaching epic proportions, I knew there was a problem however this has opened up my eyes even further. Again, looks at those comments, the women there were welcoming of what they saw, there wasn’t one comment objecting or calling out the filth for what it is. Not surprisingly the comment section was closed to outsiders, here is the link to the post:

Again, the joke here is the fact that many of these lesbians who claim to hate men will still end up pregnant. Sperm comes from a man, if you are truly sick and tired of men then be through with them completely, stop returning and using men as sperm donors. I understand now why Milo Yiannopoulos, a senior editor at the independent news media outlet named Breitbart is continuously making fun of lesbians and he himself is a homosexual.

This is just one of many reason why intelligent, free thinking black men must cut black women off completely, as I stated before you simply cannot form a union with a group of women who are morally bankrupt. Leave the simps, the manginas, the white knights and the pro blacks to deal with these reprobates. At this stage I can honest say that black women as a collective are worse than the most filthy animals on the planet.

Don’t forget also that most of these black women will claim to be Christian, however as I have explained numerous times before, most black women are in fact Satanists who use the Most High, Christ and the bible as cover for them to continue with their evil deeds unchallenged. When black women talk about “believing in god” they are actually referring to the Devil and their white father through whom they worship him.

Black men with any sense and intelligence had better starting removing themselves from black women, there are spiritual implications to accepting folks who engage in this kind of abominable behaviour. These modern-day black females are the children of Babylon, every act of debauchery and degradation these women have no problems involving themselves in.

Lastly, the penis envy amongst black women in general is incredible to behold, notice how they are forever attempting to emasculate the same individuals whom at the same time they are putting in all of their time and energy to emulate. They spend all day calling black men “niggas” in one breath but in the next they are talking in the same way to their friends.

The mental discombobulation of the modern-day black woman has reached a critical stage, save yourselves black men and date out, you’ll have more of a chance finding a decent woman doing so. The black woman continues to embark upon her mission to destroy black society using the tool of homosexuality to help accomplish the task at hand #SYSBM.


Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

25 thoughts on “Black Women Openly Promoting And Engaging In The Lesbian Lifestyle – WARNING: Semi Graphic Material

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  2. I’ve always said the homosexual/lesbian/bi-sexual lifestyle is immoral. If you are lesbians(or gay for that matter), there is no reason to expose your sexual escapades for people to view. This is the main reason why Feminism & “Gay-Rights” are a problem and should be abandoned. This lifestyle is non-conductive & does not promote normalcy. Thank you for bring this to our attention. I’ve been stating to myself the only people that promote and are for homosexuality are Black Women.

    They feminize and turn-out their sons. Also, they have no problem straddling the fence with many issues. This only shows women are NOT meant to be the head and cornerstone of any household that holds a traditional-alpha male. The funny thing is the joke is on these Black Lesbians. Black Women often claim Black Men are the biggest abusers in the relationship. The highest domestic violence cases often happen with Black Lesbians.

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    • Ryan,

      All true. The homosexual lifestyle only profits homosexuals and nobody else, plus they are not comfortable keeping their lifestyle to themselves, they go out of their way to push their escapades onto those who are not that way inclined. Now in the UK they are teaching homosexuality to 5 year old children. What does a 5 year old child have to do with sex yet alone homosexuality?

      Black women are the pillars of all things decadent and evil within black society, they revel in the darkness, they hate the light, this is why I say that thinking black men need to cut these women off completely. They are literally bad news in more ways that one.

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  3. Another disturbing fact is many BW that has had kids are suddenly becoming lesbians in their late 30s,40s, and 50s. See no normal man wants them after they are run down do they resort to lesbian love how pathetic. Also this remains of when BW always say they are independent but when they and a BM break up or divorce they take u for child support and ailomony also get a mans pension in some cases if u are so independent why do you need a mans money. That is what the hate men slogan reminds me of but u do everything to look like a man and use a strap on to penetrate your lesbian lover smh.

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    • @Sean. I’ve been noticing this trend since the late 90’s in Atlanta before the whole “Gay-DL” Black Men phenomena. Many men of substance and means see through the feminist mindest, many sex partners, bastard kids, STI’s, dysfunction, and overall poverty that these women bring to the table. I don’t see how they would be a prize or asset to any man with prospects and assets. But let them tell it otherwise. On these dating sites, it’s like a parody. How many of you men seen this bullshit?

      “I know my self-worth”, “Strong,sexy, & Independent”, “God-Fearing”. It’s all non-sense. I really hope more BW do become lesbians because they look desperate and their options are scarse. Maybe with after all the debaucherous sex they will have, they can figure out how to get rid of that Asian-Fish Market smell that they have been harbouring. Most men I’ve known (and spoken to even of different races) cannot stomach the horrid stench of a BW twat. And I’ve been with different races and BW absolutely have been the most smelly by far consistently.

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      • Ironically, many of the chicks with “god fearing”, “Christian woman” who “knows her worth” on their profile have most of their pictures featuring their butt or cleavage. Aaaaaand most got kids. Aaaaaaaand most are fat. Aaaaaaand most are ugly and look like dudes.

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      • Ryan you are absolutely right BW have the worst smelling vaginas as you I have dated women of different races and they have no smell at all but BW nope. See that comes from their bad hygiene and what they eat.

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      • @ Sean. The ONLY women that can possibly top Black Women are Indian/Pakistani/Hindu Women. I can only image they smell like spoiled curry chicken and stale saltfish. Black Women “smell” because of the reason you stated. But it’s also from STI’s and bacterial vaginosis. Even the most beautiful ones smell like sardines.

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    • Sean,

      I didn’t really want to post the video, however what black women are doing has to be exposed. This is why I refer to black women as the seedlings of Satan, the love the evil and they hate the good. Normal black men are repulsed by this type of behaviour, since most black women subscribe to feminism thinking black men can and do view them as potential lesbians, hence why more black men than ever before are abandoning black women altogether. Feminism has really done a number on the heads of modern day black females.

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  4. Oh boy, what a mess… and **STILL** hotep niggaz will still stick around waiting for the scraps and leftovers.

    Luckily for us BM we’re watching this from very far away, because we’ve saw this and agreed, “yep, its fucked, let’s save ourselves”. Me I’m about to do that: met a gorgeous Becky a few months ago, have a lot in common, and it’s becoming serious.

    Leave them all alone to cannibalise each other, whilst we prepare the popcorn…

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    • Michel,

      The black men who are sticking around believing that one day they will find “the one” simply don’t understand how slim to none their chances of success really are. Notice that most black women are single and most black men who still chase after black women are also chronically single. It goes back to what I have been saying about black men and black women no longer being compatible.

      Yep, the pro black, hotep shea butter Negroes will look at this mess and they they will still call these women queens, they simply cannot connect the dots and apply logic and common sense to the equation. Here black women are openly spitting in their faces once again yet these pro blacks still don’t want to get it, this modern day black female is a complete goner.

      Its bad enough when black women are stating through their words as well as their actions that they hate black men, however now they have doubled down even further and are declaring that they love frolicking around with the same sex over dealing with a heterosexual black male. #SYSBM is the only way to go. Black women walked away from black men over 60 years ago yet the pro blacks are behaving as if black women are still standing beside them, smh.

      Yes sir, that “reasons to date out” counter is indeed ticking up at an incredibly rapid rate.

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      • lol I googled hotep shea butter, and the first link was some sort of a “black girl nerd” complaining about the “sexism” of hoteps. Black Women are the ultimate feminists.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Lol. I saw that link aswell. Black women have to hold on to feminism because it enables them to constantly play the victim and additionally they use it to excuse themselves from being held accountable.

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  5. These miserable God forsaken black rats are going to get what’s coming to them real soon, most BM I know can’t wait to see their total demise

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    • Blackragecoming,

      And as they continue to throw themselves into the fire, more black men are opting to separate themselves from such contamination and are instead heading over to greener pastures.

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      • I hope more do it. I can not stress enough (as if it’s a mystery) how undesirable black chicks are to non black dudes. They’re used to feminine women, they know they don’t have to put up with that crap.

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  6. Also, I’m converting some of my blog entries (comic book reviews, White girl Wednesday and other beauty days) into YouTube videos to finally start up that YouTube channel. It’s gonna be those, video games, and tons of news and social commentary. Go watch this video to revisit some old favorites and get the taste of these black dykes out of your mouth. Then, thumbs up the video, share it on all kinds of social media, and even leave a comment. #SYSBM

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  8. When I was a political prisoner in solitary confinement for 6 years at Attica, I found the library of books that were confiscated from the revolutionary prisoners after the 1971 riot. I found a Klan Bible which had the unedited version of the Willie Lynch Doctrine. It explained what was done to our women to subconsciously to turn them against their men habitually. The current version that circulates everywhere is nothing compared to what the Klan Bible actually contains. What the book “Negro Wars” reveals is the fruition of that Klan Bibles essence and purpose.

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  9. Maybe just maybe a lot of these black women have been lesbian just afraid to come out. Im a lesbian but I still respect & cherish black men bc without them I wouldn’t be here.. I’m not loud ghetto mean or trying to emasculate bm.. even though I’m not sexually attracted to men I still let them “be men” most guys just want to feel in charge & I have no problem respecting a strong black mans views.. Lesbianism isn’t about “hating men” it’s about a romantic bond between two women literally has nothing to do with men.. SOME lesbians are like that they try to humiliate bm really for no reason.. but those are the women who ARE bitter for whatever reason. But long story short.. you CAN be a lesbian respect & love bm & even the black community… we can’t help what we’re attracted to


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