I Told You Most Black Women Enjoy Being Sluts


Her Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/702_black_barbie/

What I stated before concerning giving women stashes of cash without any responsibility attached to it rings true with this woman right here, most women are irresponsible with finances and will use the large sums of money received to satisfy their childish lusts for material possessions. Black women as a collective are the quintessential example of this reckless behaviour.

I keep trying to you tell black men that you cannot form a union with a group of women who not only hate you with a passion but who are also morally bankrupt. The black woman in the video above is your standard black woman today, everything she does she expects payment for in some form or another. It’s actually hard to believe that there are black men out there who are still chasing these gutter trash whores.

Remember the article that I wrote in December 2016 where I predicted that in the event of welfare cuts under the Trump administration more black women would resort to prostitution, escorting and robbery? That article can be seen here. Well it looks like this Instagram whore has decided to start racking up her clientele early.

I have to laugh at so called “Instagram models”, many of them prostitute themselves out to the highest bidder, what part of a modelling career is that? I guess with the advent of social media these women now feel that they have the right to alter the definitions of certain professions. A whore is still a whore whether she is in the local newspaper, Backpage.com, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc.

Of course this weaved out harridan has made some modifications to her body in order to make herself look more appealing. Of course being a black woman you noticed how all of her clients were white men. This is the dream of most black women today, to either be the side chick of a white man or be his sex slave. At the same time you’ll notice that white men will rarely if ever wife up these black women unless the woman is drop dead gorgeous and has no children.

This poor excuse of a black female actually believes that she has made it because she has rich white men paying her big bucks for sex, has a 6 bedroom house, a pink BMW in the garage and money in the bank. You’ll notice how she thanks “god” for her new-found wealth. Well, obviously we know which god deals with materials, money and things of this world, Satan himself.

She is prostituting herself out to the highest bidder and she believes that the Most High is responsible for her wealth and riches?? Do you see the madness and the mentally insane mind state of your average black woman? Additionally, I have to scratch my head and wonder why there are so many rich white men willing paying top dollars to sleep with black women who have already been contaminated by Ray Ray, Jamal and Daquan?

At the end of the day though white men are treating these black women as they ought to be treated, as whores, sluts and cannon fodder to be used and thereafter tossed out with the trash when finished with. It is only foolish black men who are taking these sluts and trying to make wives out of them to no avail. The saying stands true to this day, “you cannot make a whore into a housewife”.

The joke is pro black Negroes will still proclaim this woman as a queen, yet when questioned they will not be able to tell you what part of royalty and nobility involves prostitution. Sorry, most black women today are gutter trash, amoral individuals who are only out for themselves.

Living by yourself yet you purchased a 6 bedroom house, make that make sense. Most black women take this route in some form or another and they wonder why they remain perpetually single. Be aware black men, most black women are turning over tricks at an alarming rate. This is a degenerate trend amongst black women that will continue to grow.

The sad thing is once this slut has rinsed out her vagina and finally makes the decision to lay the whoredoms to rest, you already know that there will be some simps/mangina/white knights waiting in the wings who will be more than happy to take her onboard. Gentlemen, stay away from black women, most of them are exactly like this shark above, no moral standards and have absolutely no problems throwing their contaminated bodies at any man willing to pay them a tidy sum.


Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

31 thoughts on “I Told You Most Black Women Enjoy Being Sluts

  1. Wowww and she thinks this is a “blessing”? Really? This is so sad and typical. Yes she may as well be on the auction block selling herself to the highest bidder like a slave. I bet she doesn’t even have a life insurance policy or even a investment portfolio. Nope she just spends all her $$ on items that depreciate such as cars. Pathetic

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    • Dara,

      She sadly represents the overwhelming majority of black women today, there are so many of these Instagram whores online now its ridiculous. I feel very sorry for the youth, young black men are having to deal with stuff like this. This is one of many reason why I recommend black men seek love and companionship elsewhere, you cannot form a union with a whore, it simply won’t work. This is an international problem by the way, this isn’t just a issue in the US.

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      • Yes, it’s worldwide, even in the UK too.
        Black boys are trapped within this toxic environment until adulthood, or the time the mother finally disposes of them, their minds devoid of logic and reason, emotionally led and quick to violence.
        Some folks could see their neighbours (White and Asian) who don’t behave like this and began questioning their own childhood, starting the process of soul and mind cleansing, then proceeding in a more productive path.

        It’s #SYSBM all day every day 24/7, worldwide.

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      • I see this all the time.Many black women with White,Indian,Arab,Oriental men who are with many of them and the women are dressed and like whores and they treat them as such. If a black guy only approaches them even in a respectful way they “bark” and they look at black men with derision.Black women are the most whorish women.They are “loose” whores especially to non black men.I see so many Indian,Arab,and Oriental stores owners talking nasty to them in their corners stores and these women love to be treated like that from these men.In terms of sex-relations black women are the biggest interracial daters in terms of sex with men of other races.The men just don’t marry them or wouldn’t go out with them as partners because they don’t respect them but black women are fucked by men of other races at a phenomenal rate.

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      • These white men don’t even have to pay these women.Black women like white dick so much that’s the only reward for most of them.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      These black women of today are Satan’s minions, they are perfect recruits for his army. They gravitate towards all that is bad and shun and reject good things that they ought to be embracing.

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  3. Well…This doesn’t surprise me. This screams Vegas. I used to live there briefly. Many whores (especially the Black Ones) are flaunting like this. You can really tell who is tricking out there. This is why they all end up broke or poor still tricking. Never picking up a career, business, or investment acumen to not whore themselves out anymore. Many Black Women have given up on the idea of a Black Family and would gladly live a “Feminist” lifestyle and whoring themselves to non-Black Men for resources and a lifestyle.

    This is “Dating-Up” and moving up according to Black Women. This is just a more whorish version of “The Bachlorette” honestly…lol. Modern Day Black Women do not want mates, partners, and families. Many want a sponsor, sugar-daddy, or sperm donor. Or their stupid enough to think they can “marry” into a Eurocentric culture. Many know that they aren’t good mothers or mates. Many know they are full of shit. But there is some stupid bastard to give them a kid and leech off their resources.

    @Verbs2015…The whoring is now in full circle. You should see how many ads of “Models” only seeking White Men…lol. I’ve read forums of these racist who sleep with these women and perform all types of Ghetto Gaggers acts (including gangbangs) with these Black Women. It gross yet hilarious at the same time. Many of these men just use them for perverse pleasure and end up marrying an Eastern European, Asian, or Latina…lol.

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    • Ryan,

      Most black women do not think long term, they only live for the here and now which will end miserably for them down the pike. You’re right, most don’t invest or pick up a career, they certainly are not interested in raising families. Feminism 5.0 on steroids has now become the ride or die path for the majority of black women today.

      Yep, I talked about black women being used by white men for all manner of sexual fetishes in Negro Wars, this is my point, how can I sit here and still tell black men that these black women are still relationship and marriage material, that would be pure dishonesty on its face. Ghetto Gaggers and similar material isn’t even a turn on, in 2017 the level that most black women have sunk to is astounding.

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  4. Ryan. She is about to be replaced by a younger model from Ukraine, Thailand, Brazil, etc. etc. After that she will be broke and attempt to hookup with the same type of guys that she rejected in her high school days.

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  5. Brothas, for the sake of your Black Male Sovereignty, Salt and Worth, Leave these so-called “wannabe conscious” seasoned, used and dried up, biohazard carrying, former cocaine purse femicunts alone! Do not allow such uncouth/unclean trifling hottentot hooker mouths to spit in your face with slutwalking, sexual liber-lutionary rhetoric! Thats what they are! And I being codified is gonna label and regard them as such. Just think! what’s the worst thing a toxic yet dysfunctional childlike infantile minded BEAST can do to you? (scoff) Man we gott a stop giving these femicunts our time and energy. Because even though you, she WILL AUTOMATICALLY Resent you for it…
    Truth To Power Be Told

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  6. The funny thing is these BW who gladly slut themselves out to white men and when they marry black men they will not do anything remotely sexually for her black husband that she would do with a white man this is a constant complaint at the barbershop. Many BM in the barbershop always complain that their wives say I do not do this and that sexually but will let a white man dog them out. I remember there was a black stripper who went to Dubai a few years ago and she came out and stated how bad the Arab guys treated her sexually she stated they would poop on her urinate on her but with a smile she stated the money was good. After she was used and tossed out now she was looking for sympathy from the media smh. They always end up losing to women of other races white men and foreigners will never marry a westernized black woman they are sexual trash to them but as stated their are always simps waiting to save them they need to let these demons wallow in their on filth and trash.


    • Sean,

      When it comes down to Ahmed, Sadiq and Abdullah, black women will bend over backwards for them sexually because those Arabs have the money. It’s the same with white men. Black women will only employ stringent rules in relation to sex when it comes to good black men.

      Again, you have to always remember that black women view us as slaves and non black men as gods, thus they will give their all to the gods and the bare minimal scraps to the slaves. Never forget that the black woman and the racist white man’s mindset are one.

      Black women are going to have to deal with and work out their inner demons by themselves. It is not our job to rehabilitate them, let them walk the path of death and destruction since that is the road they so choose.


  7. Olivia. Stop with the: white women do it. Also stop with the: all women do it. That line is old and overused. One has to take the lame conduct of other women and multiply it several times for black women. For example, 20% of the white women in your area are probably overweight. The black women in your area are overweight at the 80% rate.

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  9. Ryan you said there are “ads of whores that seek only white men” I too have been noticing just how whorish many black women are in general especially the americanized western black women. I’ve honestly never met a group of women that degrade themselves in such a way so often and never seam to think twice before twerking on camera 24/7. Can you tell me where the ads of whores that only seek white men are I want to post it to my facebook group to show them what’s going on.


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