Jeremy Meeks Married Out – Black Women Proven To Be Hypocrites On Accusing Black Men Of Being Colour Struck

Remember this guy, the one whose mug shot black women went absolutely insane over a while back:


There were even reports of black women sponsoring his bail. Well, it turns out that Jeremy Meeks has been married all along and here is his wife:


Despite all of the support that black women showed him, despite all of the fawning, gushing and swooning black women did over this guy, he was already married to a white female. Meeks is no fool, it isn’t a stretch to assume that black women may have been a catalyst behind his criminal past. Jeremy Meeks made a clean break, literally. Meeks is now a model and had his first debut show not so long ago.

At the end of the day nobody views black women as datable or marriage material, at minimum Meeks saw the very ugly side of modern-day black females and decided that he would stand a better chance at having a smoother and easier life if he married a non black woman. The black woman’s deplorable reputation precedes her, men left and right from all races more and more are beginning to give black women a wide berth.

The black woman and her obsession with light-skinned and white men just goes to show what I talked about before, how whatever black women accuse other people of doing, they are usually engaging in exactly the same activities. Aren’t these the same black women who are constantly accusing us black men of being “colour struck”? Yet when Meek’s mug shot was released on social media look at how black women drooled, dribbled and most likely masturbated over it.

Let us also not forget the great white hope to black women himself, Jacob Michael Mason:


Remember him? Don’t you remember how he arrived on the YouTube scene professing his love for “chocolate girls” and how as soon as black women discovered he was single were littering the comment sections of all his social media pages begging him to give them a chance and date them? I looked at the comment section from one of his Facebook posts in 2015, nothing but black women up and down praising him on his good looks and begging him for a date.

I saw all kinds of black women in his comment section, old and young, professional to hoodrat, church going women to RBG black females, an entire spectrum of black women descended upon Mason’s Facebook profile to pay him homage and to worship their king:

Of course to black women the white man is god, he is their almighty lord, saviour, master and father, he can do no wrong, he must be praised, exalted and worshipped at all times, yet these are the same woman who accuse black men of having a preference towards lighter skinned woman. Not that this is true and even if it was, so what? That is our preference and we have the right to prefer whom we prefer.

Black men, stop listening to black women and their colour struck accusations when in the blink of an eye they will get on their knees without hesitation or a second thought and lick the muddy boots of light-skinned and white men all day everyday. Do you see now why I commonly refer to black woman as witches, always throwing out accusations against others, yet they readily excuse themselves of doing the exact same things.

SYSBM black men, black women don’t want you but at the same time they don’t want you to be happy elsewhere either. Be smart black men, stop dealing with these used up $5 black harpies. Black women will remain using redundant shaming tactics, however it seems that they haven’t gotten the memo that these magic tricks simply aren’t working against black men anymore.

More black men are dating and marrying whom they choose regardless of how black women feel and what they say about it. Besides black women don’t like black men anyway because according to their own words “we can’t give them children with GOOD HAIR”. Self hatred on steroids if ever I did see it. Lastly, Jeremy Meeks confirms what free thinking black men have been saying for the longest while, that black women as a collective prefer criminals over hard-working, decent black men #SYSBM.



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32 thoughts on “Jeremy Meeks Married Out – Black Women Proven To Be Hypocrites On Accusing Black Men Of Being Colour Struck

  1. I bet these same sistas that were gushing (in more ways than one) over this dude are now saying that he is an ain’t sh!t n!gga who is a felon!

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  3. Black women, as hypocrites, make the false claim that black men tend to date fat white women. Given the fact that 80% of black women are overweight, obese, or morbidly obese, most black men that date black women are dating fat black women. Black women are hypocrites in constantly talking about fat white women when so many black women look like land whales.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      This is the problem right here, black women feel as if they have the right to be hypocrites, sadly most black men give them a pass on their hypocrisy instead of holding them accountable for it.

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      • A Becky of mine today remarked about how she had put on weight and didn’t fit into a cardigan she was wearing as before (she was super skinny) But the thing I like about her is 1) she was honest about it 2) she still looks feminine.

        Would BW ever admit to any of you that she was overweight?

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      • Michel,

        Most of these western black women today walking the earth don’t even look human bro. We both see it here in the UK. Black women as a collective lack the ability to be honest, that is anathema in their book.

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  4. @Verbs

    Oh trust me, I know personally how desperate these dark skinned chicks are for cookies and cream colored dingaling. I’ve been accosted by a few chicks downtown wanting (their words) “some of that Puerto Rican dick”. Disgusting!

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  5. Verbs, Exactly BW talk down on BM but when they do the same thing it is ok. As you stated sadly they get a pass most of the time so they are allowed to continue this rampage of foolishness. I completely ignore them they do not exist in my world.

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    • Sean,

      That is the best thing to do, I don’t see black women apologising for their sins both past and present, they have made it clear that good black men are not on their radar and they have no intentions nor are they interested in dealing with their dysfunction.

      It’s an open and shut case as far as I am concerned, abandon ship and look for love and companionship elsewhere.

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  6. Those black moths just cannot resist flocking toward that divine, godlike light.

    But when that light chooses the light of another, the black moth gets burnt to a crisp, but not before yelling “you bitch-ass coon nigga, you hate yo’ mamma…”

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  7. Hello…
    This blog is very hurtful to me as a black woman… I LOVE my black men. I’m definitely not attracted to my light skinned black men… I love them dark. Yes I seen the picture of Jeremy but for me it was just a nice picture. Nothing other then that… It’s not shocking that most black men are going for the white females… Us black women will be ok. It’s still some good black men out here that love us black women as we are.


    • Tee,

      in 2017 you represent an extremely small minority of black women, we as black men rarely run into black women like yourself and most commonly encounter members from the angry and bitter black sisterhood who support the killing of unborn black male babies and wish that all black men would die, sorry, that is the reality of the situation.


  8. These are the most disgusting comments I have ever read. Black women have gone crazy over Idris Elba just like they are doing Jeremy Meeks. Idris has dark skin. I wish we as black people will give each other a break sometimes.
    I once was at a mall and I saw like 5 couples where the man was black and the women was white. Let’s be honest if you see a mixed couple, it is more than likely a black man with a white woman. And now we’re going to criticize black women for liking a light skin black dude? At least he is black.

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