Black Woman Throws The Homosexual Card At Black Men Once Again – Typical Quean Behaviour




Introducing Miss Sheneka Sterling and the utter nonsense that preceded forth through her illogical hands onto a keyboard. You’ll notice that black women are extremely obsessed with homosexuality and the sexuality of black men, we know already that they love homosexual black males, many of them confess to having black male homosexuals as their good friends and best buddies or just homosexuals in general.

As I have stated many times before black women love homosexual men because those types of individuals no longer pose a threat to the leadership positions black women have been given over black communities by their white father aka the state. This is the main reason why black women will go out of their way to effeminise black males from a very young age. I warned you about all of these things in my book Negro Wars.

Do you see the ridiculous nonsense this black harpy is spouting? So because you are a successful black man who didn’t throw his seed around recklessly ie you don’t have children nor a woman and you own a reasonable amount of assets, in the disjointed mind of the black female this now equates to you being a potential homosexual. Do you now see why I continue to mention the mental insanity of most black women? Sheneka Sterling actually believes that this type of illogical foolishness makes sense.

You’ll also notice that when it comes down to black men being single, in the eyes of most black women the men are always the ones at fault. Notice how her dysfunctional statement fails to take into account the fact that in 2017 most black women simply aren’t relationship material anymore, hence the main reason why the overwhelming majority of them are single.

I’m 40 years of age, I don’t have any children, I own a reasonable amount of assets, however in my case I had to date out in order to find a decent woman. Unlike many black men I have accepted that finding a decent black woman in the west is the equivalent of catching a fart in a wind storm, it simply isn’t going to happen.

Black men, watch out for Kansas City shuffling trickster black women such as Sheneka Sterling throwing out illogical and defunct edicts. You’ll notice how black women feel that they are the police, referees and the authorities over who and how black men date. You’ll also notice that most of the black women who throw out their “commandments of dating” typically are single mothers.

These black single mothers have so much to say about how black men ought to be organising their dating lives(even though most black women are defective beyond repair individuals), yet they have very little if nothing at all to say when it comes down to their reckless decisions including their out-of-wedlock children.

Black women are losing ground at a rapid pace with these ridiculous shaming tactics, a weak attempt at getting black men to just settle for anyone and everyone. Sorry, I don’t deal with single mothers, I have integrity, I have high standards and I also have respect for myself. I as a black man exercising self-respect will be starting my own legacy and family tree from scratch.

The reason why many successful black men are single is because there are black women like Sterling lurking in the shadows attempting to pass around looney and off the chain philosophies. Black men, why are you even listening to black women like this, you already know that they are full of garbage and they can’t even run a bath yet alone their own lives.

The overwhelming majority of black women today are feminists by trade, they run towards and embrace single motherhood with all their strength, they have no idea about raising a family correctly, they do not value the black family unit, after all they have been commanded by white daddy government to keep black society in the gutter, and black women are only too happy to oblige.

Black men, don’t fall for this crackpot crock of nonsense and stop listening to these discombobulated black harridans, they know nothing, their wisdom is equal to that of a child. I will keep telling you that you cannot reason with the unreasonable, nor can you form a union with a group of females who suffer from a severe scatter brain mentality.

Of course Sheneka had to be a weave head, yet another indicator of a woman with a mentally unstable mindset. SYSBM black men, stop dealing with these pestilent black females, seek love and companionship elsewhere, don’t settle for $5 black female scum and trash. Stay away from single mothers and stop providing the job of clean up man. Most certainly beware of the black woman and the shaming tactic witchcraft technique she commonly uses against you.


Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

19 thoughts on “Black Woman Throws The Homosexual Card At Black Men Once Again – Typical Quean Behaviour

  1. If a BM is not dealing or does not remotely acknowledge BW that’s all they do is call BM names because they have no access to destroy that BM life. You call someone gay but you have gay friends BW are absolutely crazy they are illogical on all levels. They are steady falling into the depths of hell where they belong please BM do not deal with these demons.

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    • Sean,

      Straight talk, I’m happy to report that Sterling was catching serious fire in the comment section, in the end she had to delete the post. Sorry, black men are waking up now, foolishness from black women will no longer be tolerated. SYSBM is ultimately the best option for thinking black men.


  2. Let’s see:

    Hair hat. Check.

    Masculine appearance. Check.

    Ghetto name. Check.

    Idiotic remarks. Check.

    This Hair Hatted Hooligan is your average black woman in a nutshell. Also, speaking of the gays, have you noticed how common is it for a gay man to possess the ‘sassy black woman’ traits? This says a lot about the relationship between black women and gay men.

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    • Gays are literally imitating black Women, they use the same phrases and colloquialisms. That “yas” stuff is shared between the gays and black women, as is the puppy dog filter and flower headband.

      Also notice that most of these women look like trannies to begin with. You’d have to be gay TO like them.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        I was taking a walk through my local market yesterday and at the same time observing the black women there. Every last one of them was wearing a weave and on top of this they all looks incredibly rough. Black women on the whole look so masculine these days, this is why I say that the bloodline must be diluted or departed from altogether in order to obtain a decent woman.

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  4. How does she know a dude like that isn’t a virgin? lol
    I think she claims black men with it all are gay because she wants to shame them to dating her when she has hit the wall.
    A man in 30’s actually are higher in demand when he has the assets, nothing gay about it.
    He owns all that because precisely he isn’t or never married and don’t have to worry black women stealing his shit with child support or alimony.

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  5. she was mad because nobody wanted her like I said if BW cannot get BM with sense to date them the start name calling. They have no control or access to ruin a BMs life and that drives BW crazy.

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  6. Once again, these BW do not think when they post that shit. It’s telling she deleted it, and she knows why. White women will see that post and feel even more emboldened to scoop up some more Black men. They sense blood in the water…

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