A White Guy Vents Over How Badly Black Women Treat Their Children

Exhibit A:


It sounds like this gentleman has been reading my book Negro Wars, in the book I have an entire chapter dedicated to how black women interact with and treat their children. Black women as a collective are very nasty individuals, in my opinion based upon observation they have become the most selfish and evil women on the planet.

Reading over his Facebook comment Todd Dunn hit the nail on the head, we have a situation within black society today where children are raising children. This problem has been greatly exacerbated with the introduction of fatherless home welfare policies and even more benefits that governments particularly in western countries have been freely handing out to single mothers.

Todd Dunn is absolutely correct when he states that black women don’t care about their children, I talked about this in Negro Wars under the chapter Black Women And Children. As mentioned in the book aswell as on the website many times, black women don’t care about their children, they only have them as a means to a government payroll end aswell as to use them as a weapon against the father whenever required.

Remember also that your average black woman hate black children because they are a constant reminder of what race she belongs to ie the same race that she despises with all her heart and is trying her best to escape from. As mentioned before most black women hate being black, if they could click their fingers and become white then I estimate between 90-95% of the black female population would disappear instantly.

This is one of the main reasons why I encourage black men to seek love and companionship elsewhere, since black women hate themselves and anything that reminds them of who they really are, black men instead ought to date and marry non black women and sire children by them, this way mixed race offspring will be produced which black women will instead worship and fawn over.

We already know that black women love light-skinned, mixed race and white children over black children, this is one of the main reasons why those black women that can will get together with non black men especially white men. According to their own narrative black women want to have “children with that good hair”.

This is indeed confirmed when we look into the case of Ari Nagel aka The Sperminator, a Jewish maths and computer science professor who on the side runs a business of donating free sperm to single women aswell as lesbian couples and the fact that the overwhelming majority of his clients are black women. I wrote an article on The Sperminator documenting this case back in December 2016, here is the link:



It is indeed true that single black mothers are the main culprits responsible for the high levels of crime and violence within black society, most criminals come from single mother households, a fact that has long been established and is not up for debate. Where there are a high number of black single mothers the crime and murder rate in that particular area is bound to be at astronomical levels.

Black women as a collective are an extremely savage and brutal group of individuals when it boils down to raising their children, most black women are emotionally disconnected from their children permanently, they don’t hug their children, they don’t play with their children, they don’t cuddle them, they don’t show their children any love, affection, care or attention.

The only time that black women will engage with their children is when it is time to abuse them, abuse which they deliberately mislabel as “discipline”. Because black women are not emotionally attached to their offspring this is the main reason why they have the ability to beat their children for minutes on end and not feel a shred of remorse nor pity for the child concerned.

You have to understand that black women pride themselves upon how much damage they can inflict upon their children, the harder the so called “punishment”, the more accomplished and satisfied the black mother will feel. Remember, this isn’t even taking into account the verbal and emotional abuse black women love inflicting upon their seed.


Let us draw this contrast, when was the last time you saw a black woman hugging, kissing or playing with her child/children in a park? Now when was the last time you saw a black woman abusing her child/children in the name of discipline? Exactly my point, it is the deliberate failure of most black mothers to put in place the building blocks in order to establish a stable foundation in their children which leads to the rampant production of thugs and criminals.

Black women severely lacking any sense of morality themselves purposely instill the same malevolence into the youth, when dealing with this particular issue you must always keep in mind the contractual obligation black women have towards the state. It is their government bound duty to keep black society broken and flat on its face, it is also their duty to funnel as many young black boys and black men as is possible into the judicial system where they can be transferred into the prison system where they will be used for free labour.

This is your modern-day black female in a nutshell, a government sponsored terrorist, an employee of the state, an Agent Smith on the federal payroll actively working against her own people fuelled by her deep love for money, material artifacts and worthless relics. Of course white folks can see this as they are the ones who are responsible for unleashing this leviathan upon black society, this dysfunctional modern-day black witch is their own creation.

At the same time this Frankenstein creation is now beginning to affect other communities, one only need look at the number of white Trump supporters who in recent times have been set upon by the devil spawn of the black female, not to mention other white and non black individuals who have been the targets of black on white violence. Black women and their seed from Hell have now become a pestilence upon everyone.

Dunn is not the first non black person to point out the serious issues plaguing black women today and I’m 100% sure that he will not be the last. As black women continue to sink lower and lower into the catacombs of filth and decadence, more folks will begin to step forward. This is a blatant sign that more and more folks both black and non black are beginning to grow tired of this modern-day black female and her unruly dysfunction.

Single motherhood is NOT a badge of honour, it is a sign of failure and those who willingly engage in the practice must always be shunned, shamed and rejected.


Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

18 thoughts on “A White Guy Vents Over How Badly Black Women Treat Their Children

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  2. Yeah, all the non married females in my family (I.e. 99.9% of them) brag about leaving bruises and even welts when they beat their children.

    I hope more white men start stating things like this, as well as letting it be known their oooen disdain, disgust, and lack of attraction to these witches.

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  3. For evidence that black women do not love their children, one only need to watch an NFL or NBA game. The black players are named La’jadarius, Jaquantarious, D’Qwell, etc. One can always expect a few children with outrageous names. Nonetheless, a problem exists when such names become the norm among USA blacks. Black mothers, having little or no love for their children, are setting their children up for failure, or at least, reduced opportunities in life with these names. For example, what sort of sane businessperson would name his or her restaurant: Food Poisoning?

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    • Black chicks will put the worst products and names out their, and then wonder why no one is buying. They’ll have twitter handles like “BossBitch” and “BadassAngel”, then wonder why everyone looks at them and sees a thot!

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Agreed, the black woman’s habit of giving her children the most stupid and ridiculous names is a curse within itself. Many of these young men can’t even get a job interview, the application is thrown straight in the bin as soon as HR sees Jamarquavias on the form.

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  4. Whilst I applaud Mr Dunn for his bravery, I can’t help thinking he’s only concerned now because the BT 1000 is affecting his life.

    When the destruction was limited to the ghettos, the white men could feel smug, superior, even finding the state of the “community” funny.

    Now, thanks to brothers dating out, thereby highlighting the BW’s dysfunction, they’re concerned.

    Don’t be fooled, his assessment is 100% correct, but only because his racial superiority is threatened by all the mixed kids being born.

    The BT -1000’s job of enforcing black men is failing, out of control and is only a matter of time before it’s shut down.

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    • Michel,

      You’re right, many white folks are feeling threatened not only from mixed race children but also from the devil spawn of the black witch now starting to prey upon them. The curse they created within black society they must also suffer at the hands of themselves. They cannot stay on top forever, you cannot built a kingdom upon corruption, blood, pillage, murder, rape, exploitation, theft etc and expect it to remain standing forever, that is not going to happen.


  5. Its crazy how violent they raise kids to be, they don’t value the father figure outside of just complaining about him. And then when he is there he is either emasculated by being talked down to or he is emasculated behind his back when the woman talks to the children.


  6. Also with many black kids being raised by single black mothers the kids are becoming increasingly gay just look how the young men are dressing and some of the rappers wearing skirts and dresses saying that is fashion no that is gay. If you get a chance look at a album cover by a rap artist named young thug he literally has on a dress. These are spawns of single black mothers they were talking about Grammy nominations that is how I saw that mess. Black Women are the worst of society and they are breeding the worst of society.

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  7. I bet you’ve also noticed that when a black woman wants to fight another (which is always), there is zero consideration for the children present. The child is usually upset and crying, while the black beasties pound each other. How do you think these children end up becoming thugs and ratchets? They are merely emulating what they have seen their mothers do.

    Tommy Sotomayor has said a lot of things, but I definitely agree with this one: black women are the worst stewards of children in the world.

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  8. “A White Guy Vents Over How Badly Black Women Treat Their Children”

    …and how SIMPs like Ebrahim Aseem worship them…

    In the words of the great MBD (Mad Bus Driver):

    “This is the Trump era – Thor is bringing the hammer down on that ass!”


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  9. This article spoke directly to me. I was abused by my mother, she would strip me naked, beat me and then I recall one time she took my head and bashed it into a wall after whipping me naked. I was also abused by a babysitter and 2 elementary school teachers, all black women. I even told my mother about how the babysitter treated me and she sympathized with that cunt, and told me that she raised me to respect my elders. I have accepted the fact that my mother or father never loved me. I am taking it one day at a time, as I learned love and kindness on my own and through other people not related to me.


    • Gryphon,

      I wrote about the various barbaric practices black women execute upon their children in the name of “discipline” in my book Negro Wars. Most black women are not, loving, affectionate individuals at all, I actually wrote an article for the website http://www.negromanosphere.com dealing with how cold hearted and ruthless most black women are and how their children are usually the ones to suffer as a result:


      This is a very important topic because it explains why so black children are growing up to be extremely violent and not care about life, no fathers in the homes coupled with ultra violent mothers who love throwing hands and use all manner of weapons against their children all day every day. I recently came across a video on Facebook with a black mother assaulting her son with a pan in front of visitors who came to the home, she was trying to show off as most black women do.

      Sadly, most black children grow up being abused by their mothers and they are taught to believe that type of behaviour is normal. I remember being in school and the black boys would brag about which one of them had the most brutal mother when it came down to abuse which black women deliberately mislabel as “punishment”. True freedom is separating yourself from parasitic, devilish and toxic black females, they mean you maximum harm and they definitely do not have your best interests at heart.

      Glad you have made your way out of that extremely rough patch, in order to ensure that you continue decontaminating from such a rough past you must stay away from toxic black women. I personally hang around very few black females these days and the ones I do talk to and hang out with on very rare occasions are all feminine in nature.


      • Thanks so much Verbs. It means a lot to me. I plan to do a video about this subject on Youtube. Feel free to check out my channel. It is Griffonred.

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      • Gryphon,

        Glad to be of service. I’ll be sure to check out your channel. Indeed, the more folks that talk about the black witch and the rituals of trauma she puts her children through, the better.


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