Black Women Do Not Want Black Men To Lead Them At All – Do Not Believe Anything Else


I’ve been hearing a few black women talk about themselves wanting to be led by black men, however nothing could be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is the overwhelming majority of black women today are ultra liberal new age feminists who do not want to be led by black men at all. As many of you would know from reading my book Negro Wars in it I talked about the fact that black women are prolific liars, how they cannot be trusted under any circumstances and how anything proceeding from their mouths must be double, triple and quadruple checked and verified.

Allow me to explain once again why black women do not want black men to lead them. Number one, it is pretty obvious to anyone with eyes to see that black women have a deep-seated resentment and hatred towards black men, I have been stating this for the longest while in my blog and I have been providing readers with more than enough evidence to prove this position.

I would say the main reason why black women do not want black men to lead them is because they already have a leader in the form of the state who in turn through continued sponsorship has placed the black woman as the leader of black society. Remember what I have stated before about black women being contractually obligated towards the state to keep black men and black society in the gutter.

Therefore to allow a black man to lead her would be in direct violation of her state employment duties and would also be a breach of her state contract. Black men, do not fall for the Kansas City shuffle that a select number of black women are putting out there talking about wanting black men to lead them, that talk right there is just another smoke and mirrors illusion designed to coax you back onto the plantation they are overseeing for Massa.


Black women are lying bums as standard, they have perfected the art of fabrication and telling porkies. They are desperate to keep black men locked into slavery and misery, black women hate seeing black men being successful or celebrating success when they are not a part of the equation. This is one of the main reasons why black women hate seeing black men with non black women, as far as they are concerned you are supposed to be a slave under their watch, in their eyes we are not meant to be leading which is exactly what black men are given the opportunity to do when they start dealing with non black women.

Watch out black men, these modern-day black women are full of tricks and schemes which is why I commonly refer to them as witches. The problem however with many black men is they listen to the black woman’s lying words instead of making judgements based upon her actions. The observable evidence clearly illustrates the fact that black women will only submit to the leadership of a man if he is non black.

To be honest not having dealt with black women in such a long time this is no skin off my nose at all, I recognised what was going on a while ago, I took appropriate action and thus made the necessary adjustments required. Walk away black men, just walk away, you cannot build with tricksters, deceivers, liars and traitors, the overwhelming majority of black women fit those descriptions.


Black men typically have absolutely no problems with leadership when involved in relationships with non black women, which is all the more reason why black men ought to be abandoning black women altogether and heading over to non black female pastures where they aswell as their leadership skills and qualities will be fully accepted and very much appreciated.

Black women want to constantly talk about how black men are incapable of leading them, not at all. On the contrary, we black men now understand that black women have a government bound duty NOT to be lead by us. Black women are quite comfortable sitting underneath the wings of their father the federal government and they have no intentions of changing that comfortable, cosy and convenient relationship anytime soon.

This is why I continue to laugh at pro black men, if the RBG(red, black and green) movement built from scratch an entirely new kingdom separate from white folks, black women would do one of two things, either they wouldn’t follow black men into that kingdom at all or they would enter into it with the sole purpose of completely destroying it in order to protect their white father’s kingdom, thus ensuring that it would not be threatened and would continue to prevail.

Once again black men, stop trying to lead black women. Their state occupation is to ensure that you lead neither them nor black society. This is why black women deliberately go out of their way to pick the lowest dregs of black male society(unproductive black men) to date and procreate with, they know full well that those particular individuals are not leaders by default. Accept the writing on the wall black men and move on to greener pastures ie where you will be appreciated and loved.


Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High bless

36 thoughts on “Black Women Do Not Want Black Men To Lead Them At All – Do Not Believe Anything Else

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  2. Lol where have I seen that picture with all those fat black Women in red?

    Black women would rather be a white man’s side piece than a black man’s wife, and white men are probably no longer willing to take the risk after the whole vegainator fiasco. No one really likes these chicks or finds them attractive (besides maybe lusting to bend them over to hit them from their smelly, floppy arses) besides black men. We’re typically the only idiots dumb enough to mess with them. It’s gotta stop!

    They hate being black and hate black people (namely the men and children), and they love claiming that we’re colorstruck, so why not just breed them out and satisfy both? We can be happy building a new nation with non black chicks, and absorbing parts of their more productive, functional non black cultures, while they can be happy shooting ghetto gaggers videos all day lol. Fun for everyone!

    Also, most of these women are fat and manly looking/acting/thinking/sounding. They love claiming that you’re gay for not liking them, but you’d have to be gay to screw them!

    Also, telling porkies, wtf?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      They don’t like or want good black men yet they hate seeing us with non black women, go figure. Everybody is beginning to see the black woman for who she really is, a dysfunctional reprobate who enjoys bringing death, destruction and misery upon those around her, especially black men. Black women are being rejected by all because of their own works, not because of what anybody else has done.

      Porkies is British slang for telling lies, lol.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        The black woman has become a worldwide problem, though there is more an issue in western countries we still have to remember that some black women from non western countries are beginning to follow the corrupt ways of those in the west. SYSBM does indeed have the potential to go international, that possibility cannot be ruled out.

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      • @Verbs

        “Telling porkies”, lol!

        For our US-based readers, “telling porkies” is short for “telling pork pies”, which in turn is Cockney rhyming slang for lies.

        If you learn a few words of slang, our American brothers, next time you come here, you might impress that English girl enough to let you “pot the pink” maybe even the brown…

        #SYSBM from the UK

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      • >Also, telling porkies, wtf?

        They’re not only telling porkies, they’re looking PORKY – as in bloated-out-of-the-frame porky!

        Avoid those land-barges!


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  3. Been observing quotes of Negroes Wars, and have concluded this Blue Print is Liberating truth to the brain dead black men existing in the land of UnGodliness, Sins, Abominations, U.S.A. The Seal of this Evil is clearly seen when Black women openly engage in changing their natural images, to the Images and hair style of the Unclean Leprous Beast, A disregard for the Commandment, You shall make no Graven Images (Images made by the works of the hand and a Evil Imagination) Casting down the Natural Look approved ,by the Most High, and Drawing a Lying image and hairstyle instead of the Natural face. The Blackwomen Leads among all women who openly violated the Commandment. Those who Shine the Light on the Vanty and Evil of Blackwomen are marked for Death. But Such is those who are created to be Fire Priest of the Most High.

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  4. I mean just look at the situation with Tamron Hall and Stacey Dash there is a gold mine there of just what black women will do to get the attention of white men. But yes agreed, they do not want to be led they want to be in charge and they are in charge. And look at how terrible the black community is today with their leadership.

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    • Reggie James,

      The black community under the leadership of the black woman has been reduced to a pile of ashes and rubble. This simply goes back to what I have been saying about black women as a collective being extremely selfish. They only care about themselves, as far as they are concerned everybody else around them must suffer and not have.

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      • Indeed. Most educated and succesful, yet her communities are trash and her net worth is $5. I’m still shocked on that last one. I think white women’s is around $40,000+, but they’re just as bad, right? It’s what all the white cucks who can’t be a man tell me, lol.

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    • >I’ll stink to the pink and avoid the stink lol

      What can brown do for you? Deliver nothing but death and destruction.


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  5. So, while with a cousin, I kept seeing the lust for white pecker on display. Wants to be white so badly, wants to be in the white country clubs, wants to ride that white willy! And yep, dark skinned! Yet they’ll get mad at us for dating out!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Black women in their mentally insane mindset continue to embark upon that journey to reach whiteness, however the journey is in vain as they are and will always be black. Writing 1000s of interracial novels, wearing white women’s hair upon their heads, funnelling black men into the judicial system where they can be used as free labour by countless prisons. Black women are the local enforcers of white supremacy within black society and seeing this thinking black men are not allowed to respond by dating out???? I don’t think so, we date and marry who we want, the black woman’s opinion concerning this subject at this point is irrelevant seeing as how she is state property and no longer the responsibility of the black man.

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      • I wanna aks this question in all seriousness…

        What power does the black woman actually have over our dating options? If a brother is set on getting a white girl (for example), what the fuck can she actually do about it?

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      • Michel,

        All the black woman has at her disposal are shaming and name calling tactics. They have no power over our dating options other than the above witchcraft(that’s exactly what it is). The problem is a lot of black men succumb to the spells and enchantments black women place on them beforehand, thus they refuse to accept what is blatantly before their eyes and choose to stick with the devil, literally.

        When you see that a group of women don’t like you common sense, intelligence and logic says go to the women that do, however many black men refuse to take that final step and thus they seal their own fates.

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  6. Dating a black woman is like dating an aggressive and uncouth MAN. Yes, man. Black women lack any form of femininity – that’s why they cannot accept a black man leading the relationship.

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  7. What power does a black woman have over a black man’s dating options, indeed?

    It would be like spitting spitballs at a Navy destroyer.

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