Ebrahim Aseem – Black Men, Don’t Be Like This Guy, Reject The Single Mother Culture!


Black men, do not listen to other black men such as Ebrahim Aseem or men in general who encourage you to embrace single motherhood. Single motherhood is nothing to be proud of, it is a status that ought to be shunned and rejected at all times, it is a complete and utter disgrace and a shame to womanhood and any women who choose to embrace and revel in such a culture are not worthy of being in a relationship yet alone being married, male enablers of this culture can also be included in the same.

As I have stated many times before and in my book Negro Wars, single mothers must be left to stew and marinate in their own failures, it is not your obligation to be the clean up guy, aka the present day sacrificial goat for her past transgressions. I remember once upon a time when both men and women would sit down and plan to have children, however because of state intervention this has now given women(especially black women) the space to behave recklessly and irresponsibly, many now choosing to use their wombs as weapons against men.

It’s funny how black men and black women who don’t respect themselves automatically expect others around them to readily take onboard and embrace the same sub standards. Male feminist Ebrahim Aseem is a classic example of this frequent self disrespect. As a man with no children he disrespected himself by taking onboard a woman with a very young child, thus he placed a stamp of approval on the decadent culture of single motherhood:


As a practising Muslim Ebrahim Aseem ought to know that within Islam single motherhood is heavily frowned upon, single mothers are openly condemned and are given absolutely no passes whatsoever. I’ve lived amongst Muslims for most of my life, single motherhood is in no wise tolerated, Muslim parents of all nationalities are not encouraging their children to hook up with women who already have offspring.

The standard doctrine in Islam aswell as amongst other races is for a man to start his own legacy and family tree from scratch, Islam currently is one of the biggest systems of patriarchy on the planet. Only when it comes to black society are the men encouraged to accept the bastard seed of another individual, this practice has to stop. Of course we already know that it is black women who have injected this doctrine of self disrespect into the minds of black men.

Of course black women as a collective being the reprobate slime that they are wish to act irresponsibly with non productive black men in their prime years but then down the line turn towards the good, productive, hard-working black male expecting him to pick up the pieces and save her from the consequences of her past sins. No sir, not me.

Let us quickly examine Aseem’s meme, of course the huge assumption in his first statement is the women(single mothers) concerned are worthy of marriage to begin with. We already know that in 2017 most black women are not built for relationships yet alone marriage. “A Real Man Will Love Her Child As His Own”???? No, a real man will reject single motherhood knowing full well that embracing such a culture of shame does not bode well for that particular society as a whole.

A real man is not afraid to start his own legacy and family tree from scratch, a real man knows that 9 times out of 10 the baby father will still be in the picture in some way, shape, form or fashion which inevitably will lead to some sort of friction(Ciara, Russell simp Wilson and Future is a prime example of this and not the only example either) between both men.

A real man is not afraid to put any woman straight, a real man will tell a woman the truth regardless of how she may feel, a real man will set high standards and not waver from them under any circumstances. A real man deals with the truth at all times and does not lie in order to stroke a woman’s ego or to syphon a continuous flow of money from her purse:


Black men, stop listening to black women and their simp enforcement brigades as to what constitutes “a real man”. To most black women a real man is simply a guy who will do anything for them whenever they want. The definition of a real man is never based upon what women say, how they feel or what a man can and will do for them, a real man just is without a woman’s opinion on the subject.

Something else that is worthy of mention here. You’ll notice that of the few of these black women worshipping black men that actually manage to land themselves a woman, the overwhelming majority typically end up getting with light-skinned black women or mixed race females. They themselves know that the closer to black one gets, typically the more masculine, troublesome, violent and rebellious the women is going to be. Look at Ebrahim Aseem’s girlfriend, she clearly is mixed race yet isn’t he supposed to be an advocate for black women?

The key here is to dilute the bloodline in order to obtain more feminine traits, the further away from black you venture, the higher the possibility of finding a decent feminine woman as opposed to a violent, masculine leviathan. That is the truth, many black men can attest to this and this is one of the main reasons why more black men are choosing to expand their dating and marriage options beyond black women.

SYSBM is the most viable option for the thinking black man. Black men, don’t allow yourself to be shamed out of expanding your dating and marriage options as you have nothing to be ashamed of. Remember these black women who are attempting to shame you do not wish to see you happy, they most certainly do not have your best interests at heart and I have indisputably demonstrated through article after article how these same women hate and despise black men to the core.

Ebrahim Aseem the male feminist and bootlicking simp is not providing women or men with fuel for the body, what he is instead offering up is industrial grade A garbage and toxic sludge which ought to be disposed of immediately. Don’t be like Ebrahim Aseem and other men like him, don’t be that guy, reject single mothers and the feminist single motherhood culture.


Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

59 thoughts on “Ebrahim Aseem – Black Men, Don’t Be Like This Guy, Reject The Single Mother Culture!

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  2. Only black men are expected to not have their own legacy.

    These fauxtep Islamic types make me SICK!!!! They and their whores brag about African matriarchies. They embrace feminism, not run from it and towards submission and family values!

    Like Verbs said, breed em out, breed em out! They love claiming that black men are “colorstruck”, and we all know they actually are. Let’s give everyone what they want!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Islam is currently one of the most patriarchal systems on the planet. I hear that Muslims from Middle Eastern countries don’t accept this modern day black version aka The Nation Of Islam as legitimate. Islam is all about patriarchy and family values, the women being submissive and operating in their natural roles. We’ve already witnessed through black society that matriarchy doesn’t work at all, women are supposed to be lead not be the leaders themselves.

      Diluting the bloodline or departing from black women altogether is the best way forward for thinking black men, you simply cannot form a union with women who are openly giving you the middle finger. Besides, black women have made it abundantly clear that they do not want to be lead by black men, therefore in light of their declaration the common sense thing to do is to look elsewhere for women who don’t have a problem being lead by us. #SYSBM.

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      • Exactly, the only way to drain the poison out of us it seems is to dilute the hell out of us.

        And what’s up with these hotep hoes running around talking about feminism and how men don’t tell them what to do?

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        These hotep females have simply changed the outside label/packaging, however their contents are still the same, they are still feminist gutter filth.

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  3. Also, if blacks wanna sit there and be primadonnas to kneel for the national anthem of a country that they claim has done them so wrong in this past, how in the hell can they regard Islam, Mormonism, or seventh day adventism with any kind of loyalty?

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  4. Hey Verbs2015, I think this is an interesting vlog you should check out and do a blog on. This Pro-Black Feminist Propaganda has to be eliminated….

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  5. Verbs, exactly it’s funny how BW and simps use a real man. You are right in their eyes a real man is a guy who will bow down and do what the woman says. And if a guy does not fall for their foolishness BW always say you are not a real man. The other thing that is crazy to me is that the men who step in to save these single mothers do not realize they are being used these BW are not grateful at all. Also in the States I do not think many men know this if the biological father does not pay child support and you have been taking on responsibilities for the single mothers child if you break up with her she can take you to court for child support. Do you see how flawed this system is, but believe me the BW knows about this law it is no reason to mess with BW none they will ruin your lives and think nothing of it as long as they get ahead no matter how much you did for them and their children that are not biologically yours.

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    • Sean,

      This is why I continue to state that black women are too dangerous to deal with, the dangers they pose are on so many fronts. Agreed, black women don’t appreciate anything especially if it is coming from the hands of a black man. They just aren’t worth the trouble, black men simply need to stop dealing with them, it’s that simple in order to witness peace and harmony enter into your life.

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  6. I am a black woman and agree with the blog and comments on this post. I know a lot of black woman would hate me for this but they really need to look at themselves as a whole. We act like savages. It’s a sad truth when we are are considered poisonous. The feminist movement was the worse thing that could’ve ever happened to us. It wasn’t created for us to join..it only further separated the black family..It was another tactic used AFTER slavery that the black woman fell for and look what it has caused. A lot of black women look down on me for my thinking and say I think “white” I’m not black enough or a sistah… Well I don’t want to be a sistah if it includes acting like a savage beast that is continuing to create generations of savages. I have a son that’s 18 and he doesn’t date full black women and I understand. I asked him why some years ago and he said Mom you should see how these black girls think and act, I can’t deal with girls that act like that, they are so ratchet. I completely understand him and it’s sad that at his highschool out of 1000 black girls it’s not one acceptable. I have an uncle that refused to deal with black women in the states. My family is military so we have lived overseas and the blacks in the states and Europe are completely different. This says a lot.

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    • Dara,

      You’re in a very small minority of decent black women who still exist. Know that it is very rare that a black woman comes on this site and agrees with what is being said even though they see all of what I am talking about going on around them and most of them are involved in the same.

      Your son has sense, even he can see that black women as a collective suffer from a multitude of issues, he wants no part of them and their problems and I personally don’t blame him.

      As a black woman who is not contaminated all you can do at this stage is separate yourself from the black female scum in order to prevent yourself from being infected with their degenerate garbage. It’s exactly what I wrote about in Negro Wars, how the overwhelming majority of black women love wallowing in their own filth and how they pride themselves based upon how much more filth they can dive into, sad.


      • Thank you and I definitely separate myself from the “typical” black woman as much as possible. All I can do is make sure my own child does not get caught up in the web of lies and disrespect. Again your comment was truly a compliment coming from you!

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    • Michel,

      Aseem is a grade A softy, assuming the baby father of that child is currently not in the picture, if he ever decided to return Aseem would be in serious trouble, lol.


  7. Another reason why #SYSBM works…

    We don’t need to brag.
    We don’t show off our girls to the whole world.
    We’re not busy lecturing brothers how to live.
    We don’t take to some neo-Egyptian cult to get pussy.
    We don’t need to emasculate ourselves to attract women.

    Most of all, we just get on with our saving ourselves without all that drama, without something to prove.

    Ebrahim Asseem, well done on your relationship.
    Now shut the fuck up.

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  8. Lol my man what is your deal with black women??? The “reprobate slime that they are” that’s heavy and you’ve got issues. As a single black Muslim woman in the Nation of Islam, I know most of your articles (from what I’ve seen) aren’t talking about me but you seem really angry and so highly emotional.

    While I agree that black women have their issues that must be fixed, as a Nation can rise no higher than its woman and we set the standard, there’s a way to expose that without such disrespectful language. I don’t mind harsh, some of your work is valuable, but there is a limit.

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    • ImJustSaying,

      The anger that black men feel is fully justified, you speak as if black men aren’t permitted to express anger at the endless death and destruction dysfunctional black women have brought upon black society.

      I speak plainly and directly on this site, not many folks execute this type of practice anymore, I also make appropriate designations according to an individual’s behaviour. Calling dysfunctional black women reprobate slime to be honest isn’t harsh enough.

      If I wasn’t presenting the facts along side my arguments then you might have had a case with regards to being emotional. Direct, plain and harsh speech coupled with facts and evidence does not equate to being emotional. This is an emergency situation for black society, there is no time to sit down to have cups of tea and chat around the camp fire.

      I have written an article in which I explained why I talk so much about black women. Please see the link below:


      Lastly, please remember that black women have been dogging out and defacing the image and the reputation of black men via the mainstream media for the last 40 years, at this point I am simply counteracting the propaganda they have put out by draining the swamp. There is a lot to cover hence the many articles.


  9. Guess what?

    For every black single mother…..

    There is a single father…. Most likely a BLACK single father.

    This article really has me perplexed. Like….. Do you think black women impregnate themselves? I seriously don’t understand.

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    • Wtf,

      There are more single mothers than single fathers, that is a fact and 60% of black women have multiple children by multiple men. The single black mother to single black father ratio is not the same, you need to conduct some proper research.


  10. This is funny! You all clearly know nothing of Islam or the Prophet Muhammad (pbh). I’m just curious to know who hurt you all. There are you had so much to say about single mothers but what about the men who laid down with these women and made them single mothers? You stated women are made to be led and not lead so who has to be accountable since we apparently can not think for ourselves? black men make legacies and leave their legacies behind.if you’re gonna hold single moms accountable…hold the dead beat dad’s accountable too. They too aren’t mentally capable or ready for a relationship let alone marriage. They too should be left to stew and marinate in their own juices. Are there some problems with black women yes. However black me are just as messed up and ignorant too. Loving black men is just as dangerous to. And to the sister who agreed with this hateful rhetoric. I pray Allah (swt) gives you guidance and helps you to learn to love yourself.


    A educated, married, Muslim mother.

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    • Bell,

      There is no such thing as a deadbeat dad, I have an article on this site proving that black men are the most involved in their children’s lives, the deadbeat dad mantra is a lie that black women enjoy peddling in order to invoke the spirit of victimhood.

      The fact is black women especially choose to procreate with men they already know are no good, I have many articles proving this aswell. If black women stopped choosing to procreate with bums and instead chose upstanding, hard working black males then they wouldn’t be in the situation that they currently are in.


    • Bell, don’t read none of his trash articles. He’s NO author. You might as well listen to every homeless person with a sob story if you believe what he writes just cause he got a website. It only costs $20.00 to have your own website. Anyone can be an author these days. He’s not accredited, so his opinion is actually as worthless and his message. I bet he’s on child support or have the courts looking for him cause he don’t support some bastard baby.

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  11. Yes, please don’t mess with black women. Mess with white women and let their fathers and brothers lynch you in the street and call you niggers in front of your kids. Black men are a disgrace to our entire race. All ya’ll do is beat women, kill your brother’s, molest teenagers, get your family members hooked on drugs and act like idiots in the streets. That’s why everyone is afraid of ya’ll. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t mess with any black women, most of ya’ll got herpes and HIV anyway.

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    • F*** All Black Men

      Times have changed, this is 2017 not 1947. That is all you racist black women call black men all day, niggers. You are just like racist white men, 2 sides of the same decadent, rusty coin.

      Black women walk around parading the hair of European women on their heads, you twerk and fight in public and feel no shame, have multiple children by multiple men, assassinate over 1800 unborn children per day in abortion clinics but black men are a disgrace to the Negro race????

      Black women surpassed black men in violent activity a long time ago, you won’t see black men engaging in street brawling for the fun of it. Its a shame that black men are killing each other, if black women were being killed at the same rate as black men, you black females would have fixed up real quick.

      You do realise that women molest children at a rate of over 70%, in relation to drugs you black females are renowned for harbouring drug dealers and gang bangers in your houses, plus you have no problems receiving money from these same individuals. Black women lead the US with herpes, not black men.


  12. Black men lead the nation in AIDs and black women are suppose to care that ya’ll don’t want us. Faggot ass bitches.


    • F*** All Black Men

      Really, then why is it you black women kick up so much fuss whenever a black man decides to expand on his dating and marriage options? Tyrese Gibson, Maliq Smiley, Bow Wow, cases in point.


      • SHUT UP BITCH. You probably got AIDS. I bet you on the down low. Seems like black gay men only spew disrespect cause ya’ll want those big black dicks for yourself.

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  13. For any black woman reading this, please get you a white or Spanish man. They care about their women more, they have jobs, have security and most likely don’t have any baby mama drama. White men have values and want the best for their women. While black men get jealous when they see their woman getting ahead in life. You know why? Cause most of them are too ghetto and ignorant and can only have conversations in their local hood. Notice how a lot of black women wont even bring their man to their corporate function? Why? Cause they’re ignorant and cant’ hold a conversation without using slang words. LEAVE THIS DUSTY MONKEY MEN ALONE. They are not worthy of us anymore. We’ve surpassed them. #getyouawhiteman #SnowKingLover4Life #leavethetrashintheghetto

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    • Lmaoo this funny. But I agree with the lady above. Black women need to step outside their comfort zone and date other races. Only black men degrade women. White men cherish women way more. I’ve married to my white king and he treats my like a Queen. All of the black men I’ve encountered have been nothing but disrespectful.


    • F*** All Black Men,

      White or Spanish man? You act as if white men are lining up to take you on board, perhaps you haven’t seen the latest:


      I have to laugh at black women, you are the ones who have created this mess in black society through sponsorship from the state, now you wish to escape from the whirlwind that is your own creation, its not going to happen.

      You can talk about snow king lover and getting you a white man all you want, the fact of the matter is only a tiny fraction of black women who wish to date out will ever be given the opportunity, most black women who want to swirl will never be able to snag themselves a white man, this is something the high priestess of swirling Christelyn Karazin should’ve warned you about.

      By the way, stop trying to post as if you are two different people, you aren’t fooling me in the slightest and I will take your claim of being married to a white man with a pinch of salt as since you are already trying to be sneaky and deceptive, nothing you say can be trusted.


  14. I love my Snow King and I don’t care what black men have to say about it. He doesn’t disrespect me, treats me like Queen and he is truly my equal. Ladies stop struggling with Tyrone ghetto ass and live life good with Tyler.

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  15. All black men do is smoke weed, sell drugs and kill their brothers. Lets weed them out like germs that they are.


  16. And nobody cares about those dumb ass ghetto links. You ain’t a real author, nobody cares what you talking about but your cousin and them. White women look at you all like niggers except for the fat ones. So keep those pigs in a blanket.

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    • Denise Pearl,

      Thanks for the comments, they confirm exactly what I have been saying on this website concerning the overwhelming majority of black women, I guess being accredited as you stated is not necessary, your own actions on the site have proven me to be accurate and more than qualified to talk about dysfunctional black females.

      I see you there calling a black man a nigger once again, this is exactly why more white men who used to date black women are beginning to walk away from you aswell, calling your male counterpart a nigger shows your mental instability and mental insanity, and you believe that white men would still want to deal with a loon?

      Racist white men and black women, two sides of the same coin. Walk away black men, just walk away, you don’t have to put up with this garbage. #SYSBM.


  17. This NIGGER talking about evil but sound like the KKK. Talking about church. Nigger you can’t take NOBODY to church with your ignorant ghetto ass message.

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  18. ATTENTION: This is NO real author. He’s a SCAM ARTIST. Trying to teach ‘the WORD’ to black people but degrading us at the same time. HE’S A FRAUD. DO NOT LISTEN TO HIM.


  19. HE’S A FRAUD. He created different accounts to pretend other people agrees with his message. DONT BELIEVE HIM. HE’S A FRAUD AND a SCAM ARTIST. HE IS NO AUTHOR. HIS STATISTIC’s ARE UNFOUNDED. HE’S A FRAUD. HE’S A FRAUD. HE’S A FRAUD. HE’S A FRAUD. HE’S A FRAUD.

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    • Verbs, you have driven sista DenisePearl a.k.a. F*** All Black Men into quite a tizzy. But I thought she was happy with her imaginary “Snow King”? They always tell on themselves in the end. The mental illness and delusion is real.

      SYSBM, gentlemen, this is yet another case in point. Leave these broken black women for the simps like Aseem to rehabilitate.


      • Schadenfreude,

        Exactly, claiming that she has her snow king yet was spending all of her time firing cannons at a black man whom she claims she has no interest in. Claiming that I was commenting under different accounts yet her she was switching up her name, lol. These black sirens stay lying their mouths off, only a minute handful of them will ever be able to swirl, most black women will never get near a white guy. Christelyn Karazin ought to throw that disclaimer into all of her interracial videos.

        Indeed sir, the mental illness and the mental insanity in the overwhelming majority of black women is very real, you cannot reason with defective beyond repair individuals. #SYSBMFORLIFE


  20. Being in a relationship with a single mother is the very definition of being a cuck, which revolves around being taken advantage of or used without any benefit to ones self. Let me explain, the word cuck comes from the cuckoo bird, which is known for leaving her eggs in other birds nests expecting them to raise them as their own offspring, also known as a brood parasite. In short, the moment you develop a relationship with a single mother, is the very moment you become a cuck, plain and simple.

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  21. He’s not Muslim he’s a black Hebrew. He’s a good friend of mine. God forgives circumstances like being a single mom. No one signs up for that. But a man that can fill in a void is a real man. Let’s uplift each other as black people and not tear each other down.


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