They Continue To Tell On Themselves – Part 4






Meet a pestilent individual who calls herself The Internet Granny. This is an example of the mentality most elderly black females carry. I assume that this woman is in her late 50s to early 60s. You do realise that this degenerate comes from the generation of black women who were the first ones that decided feminism and fatherless home welfare policies would be far better for them than keeping the father in the home and thus keeping the black family unit strong.

These are the same crooked elderly black females who pass down their disjointed philosophies and teaching to their children who then repeat the same cycle. This discussion and more took place on a YouTube video some of you I believe have already seen, the video where the black mother and her daughter are arrested for being loud and belligerent to a police officer, here is the video link:

You’ll notice when you look at my comment thread on the video that The Internet Granny has now removed the majority of her comments. In the beginning she attempted to present herself as a good decent black woman, however I knew this was a blatant deception because through her Google+ profile I was able to view some of the comments she has been making on other videos.

As per usual, you typical black man hating black female but this time the elderly version. You’ll notice that most black women remain bitter and twisted right up until their elder years, with them there is rarely if ever a point just before death where they repent for their evil and make the most of their last days on earth.

We have all come across these types of elderly black women at some point in our lives, sitting in a corner of the house either constantly complaining, cursing and kicking up unnecessary noise or saying nothing at all. Some of these old tyrants exist in our own families. The same mentality that is in younger black women also exists in most elderly black women, remember as I stated before it is these elderly black female terrorists who pass down their dysfunction to the younger generations.

Notice how this old feminist black witch had no problems confessing her approval of the slaughtering of innocent children in the womb, more specifically black males. This is the sick mentality that these women carry around, because the spell has broken and more black men are beginning to check black women when they behave out-of-pocket, the black woman’s solution to this ‘problem’ is to abort unborn black males.

Didn’t I inform you in Negro Wars that most black women are mentally ill, cold-hearted, bloodthirsty, barbaric savages who enjoy the spilling of blood especially the blood of the unborn? Remember my post on 12 good reasons why black men should walk away from black women, in the comment section I had a back and forth exchange with a lesbian who was a feminist and had confessed to persuading her partner to abort her baby because it was male. As I mentioned before this isn’t a joke, black women are actually implementing this savage philosophy.

Yet these will be the same black women who claim that they love Christ and that black lives matter. Black lives DO NOT MATTER to black women. Your average black woman will attend church on Sunday, march in a BLM rally on Monday but on Tuesday will walk straight into an abortion clinic in order to assassinate an innocent life.

I’ll tell you again, most black women worship Satan, they have nothing to do with the Most High, Christ and the bible whatsoever. Whenever any black woman tells you she is a Christian, ALWAYS take such a declaration with a pinch of salt. Always judge any black woman according to her actions, don’t ever get caught up in her fancy words, they mean nothing. Remember, feminism and Satanism are one and the same.

Of course there is always a white knight waiting in the wings ready to jump to the defence of a black witch in distress because she is being hammered with the truth. Umar Adams had no problems stepping up to the plate and psychologically castrating himself for some old wrinkled up vagina. The lack of self-respect amongst some black men is incredible to behold. He completely ignored the nasty comments she was making and instead attempted to reprimand me for not “respecting my elders”.

I don’t respect trash, I must certainly do not respect black female scum who call for the killing of unborn black male children. These types of women and their ilk are not to be respected at all, they are to be shunned, ridiculed, blasted and rejected at all times. This also goes for Judy 57 who also showed support for black women killing unborn black males.

Most black women whether old or young are the Agent Smiths of the matrix, they are the local enforcers of white supremacy within black society, they are the ones who receive money from the state, they are the ones who use the same system they claim is racist to put black men in prison and they are the ones who take delight in practising open genocide against their own people by killing unborn children. How much more white supremacist can you get then all of the above?

Walk away from black women black men, they don’t like you and I will continue to document this fact. The black witch is real, these black women are out to destroy the lives of black men many at a time, don’t give them the opportunity to destroy yours by voluntarily putting yourselves into their hands. Yes, she may have a big behind, however there is an extremely hefty price that comes with indulging in that rump. #SYSBM.



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The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

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Most High Bless

37 thoughts on “They Continue To Tell On Themselves – Part 4

  1. I try my best to advoid black bitches at all cost, I dont socialize with them I dont initiate conversations with them, they are completely invisible to me. I get hate from black bitches at work all the time because they are constantly looking at my IG, Facebook and Twitter pages because its 100% white females and I’m constantly posting memes of ho w beautiful ww are. Now I’m an RN and I work with 3 black whores 1 white dude and the rest are white women. You should see their faces when I mention I dont date black chicks. You can carve the hatred coming from them with a chain saw…lol..and I love it!!!

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      • Even though all the black bitches who work with me are 250lbs and above, they can either try and nag me to death or kick my ass and neither one of those things are happening. I’m 23, I don’t bite my tongue for anyone especially these JABBA THE HUT LOOKING land whales black whores.

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    • Keith,

      The same black women who claim not to care about who black men choose to date are the very same ones who are quick to call black men coons, sellouts and weak whenever they opt for non black women especially if the non black woman is a white female.

      Black women get no love from me whatsoever, they refuse to give black men the same space and respect we give them whenever they choose to date out, hypocrites.


  2. Verbs,

    It’s seems like FACTS and truths do not have any place in this so-called black community.

    Well done. We are speaking up.

    Now their spoilt behaviour is on record, that internet granny a disgrace, bit as long as she has those enablers, she can shuffle past the simps. But not past the thinking black man.

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      • I totally agree, sometimes I can’t figure out who I hate more, the black bitch beast or the totally pathetic SIMP negro… its neck and neck.

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    • Warmachine,

      I dealt with her case thoroughly, I simply waited long enough and eventually her true colours shone through, lol. If a black female goes out of her way to tell you that she is “a good black woman”, 9 times out of 10 this is not the case and it will only be a matter of time till she shows her fangs and claws.

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      • If you haven’t already watched Hardcore Tito’s response to an old simp “Fearless”, please do so, as he deconstructs the baby boomer’s selfish mindset, the fertile ground that seeded the feminism movement and the welfare state.

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  4. First off, DAT’S AN UGLY B***H!!!!

    Secondly, is Umar the new name of Simpdom?

    Thirdly, these black witches are ubiquitous, north, south, east of west. Everyone grew up with a raggedy black aunt or grandma like this that was always in a corner talking mess. Every black comedian has a joke about it.

    Most black families have a “big momma”, like in the movie Soul Food. No men, just an old cankered wench that runs things to the ground but everyone loves her and looks up to her.

    I usually don’t call for violence, unlike these leftists and liberals, but if these chicks became the victims of the black men usually killing each other, it couldn’t happen to a more evil group.

    They are literally demons. Separate, and cut off all contact. If one demons is on vacation from hell and tries to start some mess, do what rednecks do and put some sweet hot heat between dem eyes. As they roll back to return the damned to its father, Satan, sit back and enjoy your quarry!


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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Black women today literally are the Devil’s minions. They pass off their dysfunction as normal behaviour, they have been doing it for so long that most folks have fallen into the trap of accepting their ways as normal(for them). Most of these elderly black women are pieces of trash and were most certainly the same way when they were younger, they’ll receive no passes from me whatsoever.

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  5. I love the puppy meme dude lol. Yeah, The Internet Granny is a typical bwgtow/breukelen bleu follower along with the troll Judy57. They started the whole “Abort black male babies” thing on YouTube just to upset black men, but it’s only strengthened the sysbm argument while invalidating theirs.

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    • Whtgrlsrawesome,

      I will continue to state that black women such as Judy57, Internet Granny, Breukelen Bleu, Christelyn Karazin and others like them are a curse and a pestilence upon black folks. Since black society is already too far gone to be repaired, thinking black men simply need to walk away from black society as a whole and start doing their own things. Since black women hate black children anyway, we are doing them a favour by dealing with non black women, we will be producing more of the mixed race children that they love to worship and fawn over so much. Seems like common sense and logic to me.

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      • You know something else, I bet there are a few white women looking at this horror and thinking: time to hoover up all these BM… coz lets face it, these aborting Satanists unwittingly put a premium on available BM, thus hastening their demise, whilst replacing them at the same time.

        Fools. Let them roast…

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      • Just wait until I make videos about black women. I’m an Asian man who will be speaking out against black women. These women will be pissed because I’m not black. There are several reasons I’m against black women. The main reason is supporting abortion. I’m a pro lifer and always have been to me who gender are aborted isn’t the issue it’s abortion itself.

        Women who have abort will have karma come back to haunt them. According to studies women who have abortion have 4.5 times great risk of breast cancer in their 50’s. This mean they are more likely to kill themselves.

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      • MikeTO,

        By all means, these black women need to be put in their place by any and all. The black woman’s abortion stats are absolutely horrific and she feels no sorrow nor remorse taking the lives of the innocent unborn, especially if they are black males. Its no wonder black women are so unhealthy and coming down with all manner of ailments, this is their recompense finally catching up to them.


  6. Man do I have an interesting story for you fellas. So I recently went out to eat with my folks and my Asian date. This was the perfect opportunity to see what my folks think of me and her. The verdict? My own mother, a black woman in her 50’s, told me herself that she can’t wait to have herself an Asian daughter in-law.

    Elderly black women like internet granny (talk about no creative thinking lol) is one of the reasons why more and more thinking black men are exercising their options elsewhere. This has become a generational curse, and the only way to fix it is to not procreate with them. #SYSBM, exercise your options.

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  7. This is funny because I have a Aunt in her 50s that is so bitter hardly anyone but in the family wants to be bothered with her. She is a witch always trying to start trouble within the family because she is miserable with no man. She is so gone that she was so called dating a married man and after he smashed several times he never returned her calls fool you were a jump off what did she expect lmao. Sigma I love your story because I have yellow fever like hell let these simps fester in the waste of the BW while the thinking BM expand their options.

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  8. Verbs2015, look how both Internet Granny and Judy57 accused you of being a white supremacist but they’re willing to use their techniques such as abortion from a known white racialist in Margaret Sanger, the teacher of Eugenics and founder of Planned Parenthood that murders not only black male and female children but other races of children as well. If they only knew without the black male, the black female will not exist, so these old heads black women are in agreement without commonsense to the destruction of their future female descendants in addition to the males.

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  9. I want to talk about the video posted above.

    Did you notice that everyone was fat? Everyone was belligerent? Everyone was nasty looking? This cannot be any coincidence – this is literally the average black woman in a nutshell. An obese beast that will not shut her mouth even in the face of authority. Now I’m not saying that the police are always right – but any sane individual would know to behave sensibly in order to not get arrested. These black women probably believe themselves to be some kind of anarchists – they are simply fools who should have been shot instead of arrested.

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  10. The picture on the home page is what Internet Granny turns into at sundown.

    Just douse her with garlic and holy water and keep it moving.


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