The Typical Single Black Mother Household – The “BackBone” Of Black Society Strikes Again


The video was originally posted on a Facebook page that celebrates black lesbians page called Freaks R Us. And black women have the audacity to accuse most black men of being “on the down low” ie closet homosexuals. Take a look at this degeneracy for yourselves:

This is what I am talking about right here, everything black women accuse black men of doing they are openly or secretly engaging in themselves. It’s common sense that a high proportion of black women at the least have lesbian tendencies, since most black women through their mutant derivative of feminism have decided to take on board a masculine spirit, that same spirit will automatically look for a feminine spirit as its counterpart hence why we have so many black females at the least exhibiting homosexual tendencies and at the most jumping straight in at the deep end and engaging in the lesbian lifestyle.

Black women typically celebrate things that ought not to be celebrated, they and their advocates wallow in degeneracy, these are not my words, you have seen that Facebook page for yourselves plus obviously you know that there is plenty more where that came from. Black women to degenerate filth is like flies to excrement, put some out there and they will come in their droves out of nowhere. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, back to talking about the video.

What you saw taking place in that video is your typical single black mother household, in 2017 this is how the vast majority of black women raise their children. I told you in Negro Wars aswell as in many articles on this website that black women hate black children point-blank, notice how the women were laughing along with the child’s foul comments.

Black women absolutely take delight in corrupting their youth, they love evil, negativity and filth and thus in their eyes it is only natural that they wish to see their children growing up in the same manner. Back in my younger days had I spoken this way to anyone at all immediately I would have been beaten from pillar to post.

You always have to remember that most black women never emotionally connect with their children, this is how they are able to treat their own seed with such contempt and hatred and not feel any remorse or guilt. That non emotional connection is the same reason why you will not see black women as a collective hugging, kissing, cuddling and playing with their children.

When was the last time you saw a black woman hug, kiss, cuddle and play with her child/children, I’ll wait? Exactly my point, the embrace of feminism has caused black women to become extremely cold-hearted and emotionally detached from their children. They do not see their offspring as individuals that must be loved and protected, they instead view them as weapons, assets and a means to an end.

The above video is part of the great catastrophe that occurs whenever you hand over a large volume of resources to women without putting mechanisms in place to where they must use what they are given responsibly. To be honest men should be the only ones to manage money and other resources, they should never be placed into the hands of women because most women typically are irresponsible and will only use money to satisfy their childish lusts for material possessions.

Women if they are to be given anything ought to receive an amount whereby their responsibility concerning that resource can easily be tracked and evaluated at all times. White liberals have thrown money at black women and black women in turn have gone full primal in terms of irresponsible, unaccountable and reckless decisions.

Walk away black men, simply walk away, the young black girl in the video is a terrorist in the making. In view of this horror you can now see why the pickings of decent, well to do black women in 2017 are slim to none, black women go out of their way to ensure that they contaminate the minds of the young, after all these are the instructions that are handed down to her by the state.

The girl was simply repeating what she has seen the mother do. And just in case you believe that this is a problem only restricted to the US, think again. Here is what is happening on the other side of the pond in the UK:

Black women are out of control worldwide, Like I stated in Negro Wars this problem is an international one. The severe psychological damage that is present in most black women should be enough to persuade even the most ardent pro black Negro to walk in the opposite direction, however due to the spell binding, deep programming and intense indoctrination black women place upon black men starting from a very young age, most black men are unable to break the chains and set themselves free from the curse.

These hypnotised black men at the behest of their handlers(dysfunctional black women)will then turn around and tell thinking black men that we should embrace low brow black female scum, yet at the same time they wonder why they cannot progress in terms of rebuilding black society. No society prospers when the scum of that society is uplifted, exalted and embraced, this is why non black communities remain strong while black communities continue to crumble. Feminism and those who enforce it within black society certainly should not be embraced and accepted.

Don’t fall for the Okey Doke black men, black women are on a state sponsored mission attempting to finish the job of destroying what remains of black society, for your own safety, security, peace of mind and preservation of life start dealing with non black women, through taking such action you will be much better off both in the short and long-terms.


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The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

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Most High Bless

30 thoughts on “The Typical Single Black Mother Household – The “BackBone” Of Black Society Strikes Again

  1. I stopped dealing with black whores back in the 8th grade and started dating white girls exclusively I saw the writing on the wall then, but its when I was bused to a predominantly white suburban white high school when I really saw the different and OMG was it night and day(pun not intended). I saw real feminine, thin,pleasant, nice girls with their real hair who weren’t tatted up who didn’t already have a kid who didn’t cuss like a street corner dude who weren’t fighting in the hallways every day. I compared and contrast and it was a no brainer. Malik Smiley did the same thing and it was a no brainer to him as well. When talking about bf I do not use the word “woman” to describe them because they haven’t earned that title. These whores are Raising little whores and the cycle will keep repeating its self until bm stop dealing with the slime and dating other races of women. The interracial dating /marriage numbers for bm are very high but they need to be even higher to combat the wave of filth and despair that these black whores produce.

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    • Keith,

      Agreed, black men here in the UK as you already know are dating out at well over 50%, we realised a long time ago that the black woman was a mentally damaged problematic individual. Malik Smiley is a smart young man, he knows the score and has taken the appropriate action required.

      At this stage it is US black men who need to up the interracial dating ante, many are still determined to “keep it real” which is proving detrimental towards them. You cannot keep it real by dealing with mentally insane individuals.

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      • And most of the U.K. Black dudes are dark. Hahahahaha, I hate these beasties. Let em die!

        I hope more white chicks start going to the Caribbean for dingaling and mix the hell out of them. Maybe then they won’t need freakin white liberals like Sean Penn to build basic infrastructure.

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      • Exactly, I did see that the interracial dating for black men is over 50% in t he UK.. I think the marriage rate is close to 50% as well, and those numbers are growing to that level here in the US as well…FAST!

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    • @Keith

      Ain’t that the fucking truth… In fact the more black men save themselves and date out the more degenerate the BBB behaviours will become, to themselves and their bastard offspring.

      Your story mirrors mine a little: went to school in the suburbs, in a very diverse area, and thus was exposed to White, South Asian, Welsh, Irish families, and thus became a suburban black kid. My first girlfriend was a blonde Christian, and have mostly non-Black female friends, all of which treat me very well (in fact so well, I don’t know how to handle it, given my harsh upbringing).

      Brothers in the UK have seen the dysfunction up close, and have corrected that shit for their future, whilst getting themselves some top-notch candy!

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      • Lol..I understand exactly what you’re talking about. The white girls that I started dating where so nice and treated me so well that I thought they were up to something.

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      • @afrofuturism
        You bring up an excellent point that I don’t think is talked about much.
        The fact non black women seem up to no good because of how well they treat you is exactly what the sheboons hoped for in damaging their sons. They want to make sure they are not able to have healthy relationships.
        I wish all sheboons would just disappear tomorrow.
        The more I think about them the more they turn my stomach. Animals every last one of them.

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  3. Beautiful……..said no one.

    These children learn disrespect from these hell whores. They send them out acting that way to be hated by the world, then act mad when the world is nonchalant or even happy at their deaths.

    These nasty chicks are cannibalizing themselves at this point and carpet munching. And yet black dykes are always winding up pregnant! I thought they didn’t like dingaling?!!!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Yet the pro blacks would have us believe that there are plenty of good black women out there, even though most of these guys are as single as it gets and have been for the longest while. Black women don’t have a moral compass, with them in 2017 anything goes.

      Black lesbians especially the dykes are nothing but a joke, they claim that they don’t like black men yet everything they do imitates and emulates the Negro male. They don’t even copy the best black men either, no, they must copycat the thug, gangster, criminal types.

      My statement still stands, most black women today are broken, defective beyond repair individuals, you simply cannot form a union with such a wretched group of women, most of these pro black Negroes cannot seem to figure this out or at least on purpose they refuse to use logic and common sense.

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      • Indeed, black straight chicks, dykes, drag queens and trannies are indistinguishable.

        I know a black chick that actually tries to stay in shape, but because she’s not fat and has no really pronounced secondary sexual features, she looks like a black dude. She ain’t cute in the face, that’s why as much as I hate them spending money on it, most of the chicks who wear weave need it. They don’t look feminine! The fact that the black chick I know is a tomboy and has literally nothing feminine about her doesn’t help. And yep, she talks about she wants white/Latino wang! Pathetic!

        Oh yeah…….she dark skinned. Shocked?

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    • Oh, they definitely like ding-a-ling, the stranger the better. Black lesbianism means nothing, because they’re still jezebels at heart, they thirst for dick.

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  4. In both of those videos, guess who you didn’t see there? A man. Any kind of man that would nip that kind of smack talk in the bud.

    The little bitch in the first video is undergoing intense BT-1110 training, to be released in five years time to terrorise the “community”, receiving state money to do so.

    The second little reprobate will no doubt be another statistic in London’s knife crime problem. He’ll either be using one (because he got ‘dissed’) or somebody else will teaching him a lesson about the consequences of running his mouth to the wrong person.

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    • Michel,

      Its funny you should mention knife crime because my neighbour’s son was stabbed a number of years ago because he thought he was invincible hard nut, they soon taught him otherwise. And as per usual the boy was being raised by the mother who poisoned his mind so that he also would think badly of his father(sounds very familiar).

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  5. The kid in that picture already has that classic BT-1000 look. Just another quean of the ratchet hive for future SIMPs to worship.

    Brothers – avoid the bullshit. SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  6. Verbs, just a quick note to relay how real SYSBM is round these parts:

    Last night me and Becky were in a canteen in a department store, and I couldn’t believe my eyes… THREE other interracial couples:

    One young couple, brother looked like a baller.

    A clean-cut brother, with his wife and four biracial kids.
    An elder in a tracksuit, sat with his snow queen.

    Apart from the loud kids running around, the evening was fantastic and super chill. No gay hoteps in sight!

    Compare that with what I saw on my way home, by a McDonalds – a teen BT -1100 DSE screaming ‘rape’ at the bus stop because the dude she was with had the gall to step to her. SMDH.

    Save yourselves. You deserve it.

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    • Michel,

      SYSBM is the only way forward for the thinking black man, I’ll keep repeating this until the cows come home. I’m glad to hear that more black men are exercising their options to the fullest. Black women due to their loose cannon unpredictability are simply too dangerous to deal with at this point.

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  7. The “hardness” and invincible mentality of the boys is the women’s fault. The boys grow up seeing their moms do dumb, irresponsible acts, and her basically a slap on the wrist at most. They think they can do it, because their sister can successfully imitate it.

    The problem is, the women are sponsored terrorists, and the boys are simply sheep for the slsughter, used to fill up jail or hell.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Reason 8599383 why thinking black men should not deal with black women. I still stand by my statement that the overwhelming majority of black women today are possessed by evil entities. That behaviour is nothing short of deviltry. Black women love wallowing in filth and degradation, they pride themselves on how much degeneracy they can dive into.

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    • She also hates biracial children. The “mutts carry diseases”, apparently. No doubt she was referring to the children of BM WW couples.

      A nasty whore, yes, but here it is, yet another black female, sneak dissing and hating on interracial relationships.

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  8. Single black mothers are PROOF that black women are destroying black society. The children they raise grow up to the thugs and ratchets we see today. Kids of other races are suffering in black-majority schools because of these animals.

    And to the black women who point at the absent fathers? Those men are SIMPS and SCUM. Black women are naturally attracted to the lowest of the low black men and procreate with them… and then expect these losers to stick around. They don’t acquaint with decent black men and perhaps that it is a good thing in the long run.

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  10. I consider having a child with a black female to be a form of premeditated child abuse. If I had my way I’d lock the two of them up the second the negro pulls his dick out. It’s such a shame that most white men don’t even want these animals. They would be doing us a favour by taking them out of the community. SYSBM men can only do their part by looking outside the race.
    It’s time the negress experiment ended once and for all.

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