The Disrespect And The Hatred Continues – Why So Salty?








This is how black women genuinely feel about black men across the board, yet these same women still expect us to interact and deal with them? Do you see how mentally ill and mentally insane the majority of black women are? Common sense and logic says that if a group of individuals do not like you then you simply avoid them and go to the individuals who do not have a problem with you.

Yet when black men begin exercising that common sense and logic and go towards the non black women that do like them, they are immediately labelled as coons, sellouts, Uncle Toms, weak niggas etc. Exactly where do black women get off, they have categorically illustrated their hatred for black men time and time again, yet at the same time get extremely salty when they see a Negro happy with a non black woman by his side.

The spiteful, selfish and hateful nature of your average black female is on display right here, they do not desire good black men yet they don’t want to see anybody else with us either. As far as they are concerned we must remain miserable on the plantation not being permitted to exercise other options, however they are allowed to indulge in as many options as they choose, hypocrisy at its finest.

This is one of the dirtiest psychological operations I have ever come across and many black men are still falling for the Okey Doke. Black men, why are you allowing women who point-blank don’t like you dictate who you ought to be choosing for dating and marriage purposes? Notice that in line with racist white men black women now refer to black men across the board as “niggas”, always remember that racist white men and black women are two sides of the same rusty coin.

This is why I continue to document black female skullduggery, this way black men who still choose to deal with black women and get bitten in the process cannot turn around and say that they weren’t warned beforehand. In light of the constant drama, conflict and chaos most black women bring to the table that “phat ass” just isn’t worth the trouble nor the time.

A large number of black men who continue to chase after black women don’t seem to understand that in 2017 most black females simply are not built for relationships, they are not relationship material. As sad as it is most black women today are only fit for sex and nothing more, even then in view of their astronomically high STD rates these days it is an extremely risky gamble to even venture down that path with them.

Remember, these are the same black women who claim to not be bothered concerning who black men choose to date and marry, however as we can see the opposite is quite the case. Black women are extremely jealous of black men, they do not have the same reach and the same power we have in terms of interracial dating and this predicament burns them daily.

Oh well, you ought to have thought twice before accepting feminism and fatherless home welfare policies 50 plus years ago, now that the consequences of your reckless decisions from the past are finally landing on your doorstep, as per usual you go around attempting to guilt trip black men into still paying you interest, dating and marrying you in order to ease the coming woes and heavy judgements, not a chance sunshine, not on your life, I will not be falling for that Kansas City Shuffle at all.

As I stated in my book Negro Wars black women are going to have to drink down their judgements undiluted at full strength, there is nowhere for them to run to whereby they can escape their coming recompense.

We must continue to push forward black men, since black women have made it clear that we must accept them in their masculine, broken down state, I propose that we simply employ logic and common sense seeking out functional feminine non black women who are not broken, who are not carrying out a government sponsored agenda to ensure that black men remain flat on their faces and who are willing to work together with men instead of being in constant competition against them. Remember black men, it is not your job to rehabilitate mentally insane, dysfunctional, broken black females.

At this stage I simply have to laugh at black women, they complain about the very men that they have produced via their own hands. Not once do they ever step up to accept responsibility for their defective products. Pointing to the flaws in certain demographics of black men doesn’t phase me at all because at the end of the day these same black women quibbling over problematic black males trained, programmed and indoctrinated them to be that way.


Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

31 thoughts on “The Disrespect And The Hatred Continues – Why So Salty?

  1. Notice how the Arab named Hotep ho still clings to African matriarchal feminism, saying that women who know their role and place are “weak”. Feminism isn’t new to black women, it’s in their nature. White men and Jews just watered the seed anew, they didn’t plant it. I’ve come to realize this by looking through history: black Women are just defective women: (regardless of time) PERIOD!

    Well, if they hate us “weak niggas” so much, I say, as always, just let em go! In sure there’s tons of non black men just dying to marry and build families with black women……….said no one ever in the history of the earth.

    But……..Becky and Chun-Linare a good choice!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Except when black women start seeing more black men with Suzy, Ming Lee or Lopez, that is when they will really start getting nasty on a physical level. They talk the “I don’t care” talk very well, however they don’t walk that walk at all.

      My sentiments exactly, since we thinking black men are “weak niggas” shouldn’t we be lining up with the women whom they claim are also “weak”, seems like the perfect fit to me. Weak is the buzzword black women use to describe women who are feminine and submissive aswell as black men who do not tolerate dysfunctional and violent behaviour, smh. Mental illness is at an all time high with most black females today.

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  2. Verbs,

    That last picture – every single one of them are overweight.

    We have many many options in 2017, as black people in general are led by their noses by liberal/left politics.

    As a thinking black man, one must remember that there are large sections of non-black women who find us attractive and masculine and who have seen enough good examples to distinguish. Black men travel, settle and discover the world more than black women; an example when I visited the island of Gozo, I met a fellow black man with his (lovely) mixed family. Complete with his Finnish wife’s mother. Married, settled and has lived in Finland for 28 years, just goes to show there is life for us outside of the UK/US. He said it was tough at first, but now he is fine, and enjoys it. Clean living, in a clean country. He was from Nottingham, UK (Verbs will know).

    So this was a recent example. Get out there and get away from the madness. Don’t let black women try to convince you that women are not interested. They are. Women in other countries appreciate masculinity us thinking black men offer. Another great post from a great blog.

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    • Yep, sad to say that even in the UK brothers have the same difficulties in finding a suitable partner. Travelling is one guaranteed way of getting exactly what you want without the Westernised games and shit.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        The food varieties in the central areas of London I must say are some of the best, its when you begin to branch out that you see the food quality dropping off significantly.

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      • Michel,

        No doubt, travelling definitely helped me break out of the “gotta keep it real” spell. Women in the UK are on nothing but games, London is the worst, travelling up north there is a slight improvement overall but not by much.

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      • Yea Michel, i have met many cool UK brothers over in Asia and even before i knew about this sight they were expressing how bad black woman are in the UK. I found that surprising at first but after more UK brothers start telling me about the BW in the UK i was like we are brothers in the same pot from the US to the UK with these BW problems.

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    • Tony Starkes,

      Travelling is definitely a massive red pill and a big eye opener especially when you visit different countries, see how feminine, kind and courteous the women are and then compare their behaviour to how black women treat you on your own soil.

      Black men are the second most desired men on the planet, I don’t know where black women get off talking about black men being in the same position as them in terms of interracial dating, they wish we were in the same position, that way they could ensure they wouldn’t be left alone.

      You’re right, black men shouldn’t fall for the Kansas City shuffle black women frequently run about not being desired by non black women, this is so not the case. Black women are professional liars by nature, remember also part of their government sponsored employment is to beat down and suppress the self esteem and self confidence of black men.

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  3. I love it, I’m so proud of Ricky Smiley’s son for not finding black bitches attractive. I’m 23 and I stopped dealing with the unattractive monsters back in the 8th grade, its been white girls only ever since. They see the Tsunami wave of bm/ww couples and it’s absolutely terrifying to the whores, so they use the played out shaming tatics to try and keep bm on the plantation of misery. The look of desperation and anger in their eyes is so hilarious when they see a black man with a white woman, but they had better get use to it because now that’s all you see everywhere you go.

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    • Especially when you consider the Kardashian show is still on TV, and its shown worldwide, the BM/WW express will just keep on sailing out to sea, with more and more boats being added to whole fleets and squadrons, the interracial navy adds more personnel, and is now preparing to invade, ready to lay waste to every and all land territories belonging to the Big Booty.

      Prepare the armada!

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    • Keith,

      Their tricks and dodgy shenanigans simply aren’t working anymore, black men are waking up at an astronomical rate and there is nothing black women can do to stop the uprising. If they are going to treat their own counterparts like garbage, what do they expect is going to happen?

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  4. In an earlier post, I noted that the N-word has historically had a male and female form. The female form was spelled niggre*s with the letter “s” on the end. The male form of the word was spelled nigg*r with an “r” on the end. Today, the spelling is often varied, even when the pronunciation is the same. Decadent black women, and white supremacists, have been successful in giving the N-word solely to black males. As a result, today one seldom hears a black female addressed as a niggre*s or any variation of the word.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Yep, yet another reason not to deal with them. Everybody else can see that most black women clearly are mentally ill individuals, it’s only die hard pro black men who refuse to read the writing on the wall.

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      • >it’s only die hard pro black men who refuse to read the writing on the wall.

        Then let those SIMPs die hard!

        “The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.”

        – General George S. Patton


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    • Hopefully they’ve added postage stamps…



      • >Hopefully they’ve added postage stamps…


        Forget the postage stamps, place the contents in a sealed lead container, slap a HAZMAT sticker on the container and call it a day!


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