Out Of 23.5 Million US Black Females Less Than 940,000 Qualify As Wife Material – SYSBM, The Only Viable Option For The Thinking Black Man


Just a quick post, I was thinking about the number of viable black women that are potentially available to black men in the United States and for the black men who wish to stick with black women from the US, the conclusion is quite grim.

According to the black demographics website the black female population as of 2013 was 23.5 million. When we look at the November 2016 presidential election 94% of black women who voted supported Hillary Clinton compared to only 4% of black women who voted supporting Trump.

This is not surprising to me and many others because we already observe that the majority of black women subscribe to feminism, they love big government, they absolutely love being given free money to sit on their overweight behinds doing nothing and to use their sexual reproductive organs irresponsibly with no consequence. Hillary Clinton represents all of the above in spades.

Therefore at this point based upon our general day-to-day observations and experiences, it would not be unreasonable to translate that 94% into the total US black female population. 94% of 23.5 million is approximately 22.1 million. Thus out of a population of 23.5 million black women, 22.1 million subscribe to feminism, do not support family values, support abortion, do not accept the man as the head of the home, have little to no moral compass, dislike children yet embrace single motherhood etc, etc, etc.

Now let us work out the Trump percentage translated into the total US black female population, 4% of 23.5 million is approximately 940,000. Therefore out of a population of 23.5 million, only 940,000 subscribe to family values, oppose abortion, see the man as the head of the household, have a moral compass in place, love children, prefer to have children within a marriage/committed relationship etc.

What makes matters even worse is the fact that the figure of 940,000 is reduced even further when you take into account only women who are young and viably fertile ie are aged between 18-35 and are available, who knows what final figure we would be dealing with. This is extremely scary on the one hand in that it shows the true extend to how badly broken black society is.

Of course if you are a black male who practices interracial dating this astronomically low figure will not phase you in the slightest as viable non black women are in a much higher percentage range which will easily make up the shortfall.

Out of 23.5 million black women, 22.1 million are contaminated and defective beyond repair whereas on the flip side way less than 940,000 are of quality material. No wonder most pro black men remain single. In light of this revelation SYSBM is definitely the only way forward for the thinking black man. All the best to black men who wish to “keep it real” and still want to try to find their queen out of a total US viability figure of less than 940,000.

By the way some according to some reports black women voted for Hillary Clinton at a rate of 96%, worked out from this percentage 22.5 million US black women are contaminated filth, it just gets worse for black men who still love and chase after western black females. Remember, we haven’t even brought in other factors such as attractiveness, health, wealth, social and economic status etc. The more categories you introduce, the worse things become.

When I continue to state that the overwhelming majority of black woman are defective beyond repair this is not a loose statement being declared, this is nothing but the truth being laid out. I just though that I would do things this way just to give black men a rough idea of how bad things actually are concerning black women from a different perspective. #SYSBM.

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The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

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Most High Bless

21 thoughts on “Out Of 23.5 Million US Black Females Less Than 940,000 Qualify As Wife Material – SYSBM, The Only Viable Option For The Thinking Black Man

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  2. I would’ve say the number is much, MUCH lower than that. Many of the black female trump supporters did it out of no real liking of trump or his policies, they simply saw a bandwagon to jump on and knew that cuckold white conservatives would throw them around and put them on tv to express their views to seem not racist. Examples of this are the flip clippers Diamond and Silk, Kiki Greene (the one that Sotomayor went off on), and even that embarrassing loud mouth Brunnel.

    Also, for those that say “whiet womminz duz it two!”, look at the fact that the overwhelming majority of women in the pro life March were white, feminine women. The whores matches against trump were more multicultural, and featured more single women. And which group is most likely to be unmarried and single?…….

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I agree, the figure is much, much lower, I just want to throw some figures out there just to show black men the severe magnitude of the problem. Imagine how diligent and patient you would have to be to sift through such an extremely low number of women trying to find “the one”.

      Exactly, hardly any black women attended the pro life march, they want to reserve their right to slaughter unborn babies. That is another post coming.

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      • And yet they’ll be the first one jumping up and “catching the Holy Ghost” in one of these churches, acting all spiritual. They make me sick! Make a post about THAT. It really is disturbing how black women are known and joked about as being the loud chicks in church, yet are still so dysfunctional….

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      • Afrofuturism,

        Their church attendance means nothing, we only need look at how they behave during the week away from church, that evidence there is enough to draw a solid conclusion.

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  3. Some reports say that 96% of black females voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Anyway, black women voted, as one, for Clinton. I also understand that 13% of black males voted for Trump. That shows some political movement, by black men, away from black women.

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  4. Man, I’m so tempted to so this article to some of my brothers who are still holding out for “the one”. But sadly, it will only cause them to buckle down harder and claim only the black woman is their queen.

    I’m glad I’ve been redpilled a long time ago. Once you understand the truth for what it is and embrace it, you’re gonna do everything in your power to get as far away from the dysfunction as possible. #SYSBM is essentially the redpill for us thinking black men. The more I see the dysfunction in today’s society (even amongst my relatives), the more I know #SYSBM is the right path for me.

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