They Continue To Tell On Themselves – Part 3

Exhibit A:


See, I don’t talk, I simply allow the evidence to speak for itself while at the same time adding a little commentary in order to expand on what is being illustrated. Haven’t we thinking black men been stating the above for the longest while, yet everytime we have brought this up black women have accused us of lying and simply making stuff up.

However when the evidence is coming straight from the horse’s mouth it is very difficult to dismiss and push to the side. Black women are dishonest at every turn, when was the last time you actually heard a black woman admit that she was wrong and apologise, I’ll wait? Black women, honesty and apologising when in the wrong died out with the dodo bird.

Black women never apologise because the spirit of feminism within them doesn’t allow them to, it only allows them to portray themselves as victims and this stance must be maintained at all costs. This is a sad state of affairs however it is the truth and as a result must be highlighted in order for folks to receive a more balanced understanding on the issue.

From way back black women have been telling us that they prefer the undesirables, the lowest dregs and the scum of black male society, however perhaps we weren’t paying that much attention at the time. Remember this rap song:

Note the type of black men featured in the video and also note the type of man who Mc Lyte desires, a ruffneck, that says it all really. Listen to the lyrics, listen to the detailed breakdown of the type of man that she is looking for, doesn’t her description sound very familiar? Through their embracing of feminism black women as a group have now become dysfunctional by nature, thus they desire the same in a mate hence why they purposely go out of their way to choose the worst from black male society. Remember, the above song was released in the early 1990s.

This is why I have to laugh at black men who are not dysfunctional yet still attempt to force through relationships with black women. Of course the relationship doesn’t work because the black woman doesn’t work, that is what the word dysfunctional means, not operating normally. Black women do not operate normally and haven’t done so for the past 50 years.

Just look at the above tweets once again, these black women actually believe that it is normal to be cheated on, to argue, to have their men have sex with their friends etc. Black women love drama, they are magnetised through arguments, chaos, strife, contention, fighting, turmoil etc, remember these women here make up the vast majority of black women today.

Thinking black men need to be smart and walk away from black women as a whole. Remember these women above are the type of women who will stir up trouble and call you in as backup to take care the job, the trouble is the men who usual respond to such reckless requests either end up in a jail cell or worse still 6 feet under from being stabbed or having a bullet placed in their heads.

I will keep bringing forward the evidence and placing it into your lap, what you choose to do with it if anything at all is entirely up to you black men. For your own safety, security, peace of mind and preservation of life walk away, simply walk away, stop dealing with mentally ill, mentally broken and mentally unstable individuals. #SYSBM.


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The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

27 thoughts on “They Continue To Tell On Themselves – Part 3

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  2. Just pathetic. Notice how quick they are to call their own “boyfriends” “nikkas”. These women are gross: I seriously wish that 99.9% just suddenly became infertile.

    How are these simps still avoiding the warning signs?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      They live for constant conflict, that is not normal behaviour. This alone by itself should be a sufficient enough reason for black men to simply walk away. The mental illness amongst black women continues, it is not my job to rehabilitate them from their sickness. The pro blacks/simps are spell bound and under heavy mind control. They will short circuit whenever they see things like this because the capacity to reprimand black women on their deliberate shortfalls has been removed by black women themselves through deep programming, training and indoctrination.

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  3. Also beware of the line: White (or non-black) women do it too. Do not accept a lame truth. There are, of course, many bad non-black women in the world. The issue, therefore, becomes percentages. For example, 30% of white women are overweight. Black women, however, are overweight at the 80% level. Many problems exist among all women. Black women, however, take problems to different levels.

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  4. Verbs when you repost these tweets from these women I often read them over and over again wishing they aren’t true or can’t believe they are true.
    Thank God I walked away and I am never looking back….ever!

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    • Jabari,

      Black women are nasty pieces of work, I keep telling black men that the comradeship that they claim to have with us is all a lie, nothing but smoke and mirrors. The reason why they are upping the ante and getting ultra nasty nowadays is because more black men are beginning to recognise this and as a consequence they are walking in the opposite direction.


  5. Black women crave conflict and confusion and chaos. This generation of black women are not the be trusted. Just yesterday I ran into a black woman who I will admit had a nice body and a cute look about her. She’s only 25 and already has two kids from two different men. There was a white girl at the same event I ended up talking to, 24 already finishing up her masters, no kids, single and with an even better body. #SYSBM

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    • Lol black chicks just can’t compete. Most of the good liking ones are half breeds. I’m at school right now, and most of these dark skin chicks look like they’ll be playing in the super bowl come Sunday.

      There’s honestly no reason to even talk to black chicks unless you’re into sadomasochism.

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    • Reggie James,

      Exactly what we are talking about you experienced in your own personal life. Black women have their priorities completely backwards especially in their younger years, you could actually say that they remain like children until they hit their mid 30s or when they have 3 children from 3 different fathers.

      Since they believe that educated thinking black men are lame and boring, no problem, we’ll simply take our behinds elsewhere. However, they in turn should not expect us to be the clean up men once the reality of them destroying their lives finally sets in, I am not that guy!

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  6. In the USA and the world, men are judged by the ability to earn money. Likewise, the women of the world are judged by a woman’s physical appearance. A black teenage male can join the military and get an income that is higher than the average teenager. Later, in life, a black male can get a job with the federal government and have an above average income. Black women have a different problem with the issue of physical appearance. Given that the white woman is the standard of beauty in the USA, how can the average USA black women acquire a beautiful appearance based on white beauty standards? [By the way, I make no comment as should society use white women as the standard of beauty.]

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      • afrofuturism1 Problem is that the stereotype about black men liking big ass has been debunked. Maybe a few black men like fat ass, but most do not. Note the “Asian cuties” link above. Many of those Asian women weigh in at 80 pounds to 100 pounds. During my time in the Philippines, I would see black men going after these small babes.

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    • Beauty in the US is considered to be white women. That’s just the way it is. It’s set up to be that way. Likewise the appearance of the sexually attractive man has been white too. That is, until black men started forging an image of themselves away from racist caricatures towards one of power, grace, creativity and sexual prowess.

      The same cannot be said of black women; how is it that, despite them proclaiming “Black Is Beautiful”, and using the media to do so, they are still using hot iron combs, weave and skin bleaching creams? They could have wholesale rejected the European standard and built an image for themselves, like black men, but instead, they would rather measure up to the White woman…

      It’s all in the mating game: Whereas both black men and white women *market* themselves, black women are busy * *selling* themselves.


  7. Let me share with you brothers how dysfunctional the black community has gotten. I like to write and read poetry. It’s a hobby of mine and I enjoy honing my craft. But, look at the difference….

    My Asian date listening to me reading my poems: “You’re such a fantastic writer, please write more to me!”

    Black women: “Aint nobody got time 4 dat!”

    Need I say more? #SYSBM.

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    • SigmaJones,

      The reality is that many black men have hobbies and interests that they have to keep a secret from black women due to the ridicule they will receive from not only them but other family members aswell.


  8. To all the fellas, Look at some of my previous post i talk about Asian women a bunch. They are some of the nicest females on the planet treat you like a king, non confrontational, laid back, you will have hardly any issues with them. I will say this once again if Asia was near the States like the Caribbean and Latin America it would be super over for black women. Greg you know this because you said you were in The Philippines they have Asians over there with phat asses and pretty with that good personality so black women would lose that battle every time. I have been over there myself, just got back from Thailand been there several times, Cambodia, and Vietnam. I keep telling some of my brothers here in the States to visit Asia especially South East Asia to see how a man really should be treated. But the black women are losing to the Spanish women and white women badly as well. If black men start going to Asia in mass exodus like they go to The Caribbean and Latin America, i am telling you that would be the final stake in the black women demonic heart. Who the hell wants to put up with a woman who wants her man to screw her friends and leaves a man for being faithful what is that. Afro u are funny with that Asian link i keep telling dudes to get over there lmao. BW are lucky that the flight is to long for some guys.

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    • Sean,

      Agreed, Asian women are the group least contaminated by the filth of feminism, they have some of the nicest temperaments I have ever come across. Black women are losing big time and it is their own fault. When they go out of their way to treat their black male counterparts like garbage, what do you expect us to do?


  9. The problem with black women is simple. Men are judged by their ability to make money. Women are judged by their physical appearance. Therefore, a black man can get a common union job or a government job and have an income that is above average. However, given the white standard of beauty, how many black women will have what is considered an above average physical appearance? The result is that black women are a defeated group.

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