They Continue To Tell On Themselves – Part 2

Exhibit A:


The reason why I continue to document the malevolent nature and the ongoing skullduggery of the black woman is because I wish for black men to have a clear understanding as to what black women truly think of them. That way black men who look upon the evidence, still choose to deal with black women and get bitten in the process only have themselves to blame as they have already been pre-warned.

The general message that black women put out to good black men everyday is that we are nothing, worthless, we are of no value ie we simply aren’t a good choice of men to them. Of course we already know that the black woman’s prime choices of men consist of thugs, criminal, gangsters, the unproductive men of black society on the one side and white men and other non black men of any standard on the other.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, black women don’t like good black men, they only like black men who are defective beyond repair like they are and even then these delinquent black males are simply performing the duty of substitutes until they can obtain their real literal white knight in shining armour. Of course the problem is non black men as a collective are not interested in black women, they are the last choice on the plate.

Just look at that tweet, this is commonplace within black society. It is painfully obvious that black women as a group do not like black men, it is also painfully obvious that black women use black men wherever and whenever they can. Black women have absolutely no allegiance to Negro males, they hate black men with a passion and if they could eradicate all black men with a click of their fingers it would be done instantly.

Black men, if you are going to go on dates with any woman regardless of her nationality, the best way to go is Dutch, that way you don’t feel like you are being used for free meals and the women don’t feel obligated to repay you in some other form after the date(though if they want to that is not a problem either). Going Dutch works in the best interests of both parties, however women who frequently use men for free meals will not share my sentiments.

Going Dutch in many cases can also be used as an early indicator to determine how much of an effort the woman will be willing to put into a relationship. A woman who is not even willing to pay for her own food on a first date will most probably turn out to be a lazy, selfish slob should you enter into a relationship with her down the line.

Because of the vast number of pestilent simps we have roaming around licking the muddy boots of women, women believe that they are supposed to be the main focus of attention at all times, from the first date right up into the relationship. This is especially evident with the black woman who believes that she is a sacred cow that is to be worshipped, honoured and feared before all else always.

This nonsense is straight out of the feminist propaganda machine, giving black women and women in general positions of honour and virtue that are not warranted, neither have the women in question worked for or earned them.

Black women are simply using you fellas, as Ms Clark even stated she didn’t want the “niggas” for the long-term(“niggas” is now the standard term black women use to describe black men across the board). How on earth are you supposed to build with a woman like this? The common sense, logical conclusion is you can’t, however as I have stated before some black men are still forcing through relationships with these kinds of women only to have them miserably collapse after only a very short time of operation.

Ms Clark represents the overwhelming majority of black women today, this is why there are so many single black men who continue to chase after these black harridans, they refuse to accept that black woman as a group do not like them even though the evidence is indisputable.

By the way Ms Clark was on a dinner date when she wrote that garbage, however it seems that her intended black male victim had in place some plans of his own in order to avoid being used as a free meal ticket:


This is 2017, black men are waking up and men in general are no longer tolerating the nonsense most black women are bringing to the table. This is not the first time I have heard of a man skipping out in the middle of a dinner date and I’m sure that it won’t be the last. As I stated in Negro Wars, the modern-day black woman’s value has sunk deep into the negative, at this point she isn’t even worth a bar of soap. #SYSBM.

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

23 thoughts on “They Continue To Tell On Themselves – Part 2

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  2. A bit of linguistics and history. As to linguistics: a male performers is known as an actor. Female performers are known as an actress. In earlier times, black men were described with an N-word that ends in an “r.” Likewise, black women were described with an N-word that ends in an “s.” White supremacy, along with black women, have freed the black woman of her historical N-word classification. Today, the N-word with its various spellings almost always describes black males. Black women no longer carry the burden of the N-word. Therefore, black men should understand that white supremacy and black women have joined forces to describe black men with the N-word. To that end, black men should avoid the use of the N-word.

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  3. Black Women are the least productive women on the planet. They don’t cultivated men who build, and only like defective men. Similarly, the $5 net worth speaks for itself.

    Any man who enters into a relationship with them is an idiot, period. I have NO clue why white men would even jack off to them, as these whores might get pregnant somehow from that!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      This is why I continue to document and archive their skullduggery, that way there are no excuses black women or their advocates can use in defense of such deplorable conduct.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Exactly, this is the reason why I now only deal with thinking black men. The few black women that get it don’t argue with me, it is only the rebels who come here to pick fights. As I have written in Negro Wars black women as a collective enjoy wallowing their their own degeneracy, they are not going to change.

        Therefore it is now up to thinking black men to understand the black woman’s position, accept it and move on. The black man’s options are plentiful, he simply needs to break the spell and realise that he does not have to remain loyal to such traitorous females.

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  4. I do feel a bit sorry for the woman in the image, I mean no man should leave a date with the bill, no matter what. Just part of being a man.

    But after saying that I gotta say that when I’ve gone on date with white girls even though I end up paying they always insist on paying, I usually have to pretend like I’m going to let them and then pay for it. May last girlfriend and I would joke around and try and steal the check, because every now and again she’d like to spoil me. Only broke up because she got a job in Austria she was a Welsh citizen living in America for work.

    Different mentality.

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    • Reggie James,

      In light of the daily evil that black women commit against black men and feel absolutely no remorse in doing so, I personally don’t feel sorry for her in the slightest. Her intentions against black men as confessed from her own mouth have been evil from the start, she simply received a taste of her own medicine.

      Black women rarely if ever offer to pay for anything for their men, as far as they are concerned like the petulant children they are they believe that they must be worshipped, pampered and catered to at all times without reciprocation. No thanks, not me. Contrast this with non black women who in general are must more generous and who do not have a problem putting their hands into their purses and treating their men from time to time.

      Just take a look at this black harridan right here, upset that her boyfriend took a bite out of her slice of pizza, she even went and bought another slice. Black women are ultra misers, they don’t like sharing their things with anybody else, even their significant others. They are the most stingy women on the planet yet they want you to be generous with them:

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      • What a silly goose. And the boyfriend is a major-league SIMP for even dating that quean.

        My Becky ALWAYS offers me a slice of her pizza. Happily. Without all of the drama. She goes out of her way to take good care of me and I go out of my way to take good care of her. And that’s the way it should be. Which DEFINITELY isn’t part of the quean’s DNA.

        Brothers, avoid the BS. SYSBM!

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      • Well, I’m used to getting the family’s left overs at dinner time, but when me and my Becky eat out, we pay for our own meals and we share our shit. No fuss, no drama, and we get to taste each other…

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      • Michel,

        You yourself see how different it is dealing with black women as opposed to white women. How things are with your Becky is how things ought to be as standard across the board. It’s so much simpler on so many fronts for black men to deal with non black women.


    • Reggie, I would leave a woman with a bill. The guy might have seen what she was posting about using men for free meals. Believe me he did not just walk out for no reason so forget that if she was talking reckless to him or if i saw that posting i would have done the same thing. I will not treat anybody with respect unless they treat me with respect. This guy did nothing wrong in my eyes.

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  5. White supremacy and black women have abandoned the female version of the N-word. Black men are left alone as being described by the N-word.

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  6. There is a good article why men shouldn’t pay for dates. If you’re meeting for the first time it’s probably not a good idea to have a meal with a stranger you might not like. I think going to drinks is better and if you like each other you can go for a meal.
    Something Tom Leykis teaches is to setup dates after dinner time which means usually after 7 pm.

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    • Agreed. This may be a European thing, but going for drinks is usually first base for casual meetings, not dinner. Going for a meal is an intimate thing to do, and definitely too intimate for a first date.

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  7. In year 2017 and beyond, drinks at 9 p.m. or later. (Of course, you are busy at the dinner hour). Save the dinners until you see if there is something there. Also, take her to a place that does not serve food. Leave your credit cards and debit card at home. Take only enough cash to pay for a few drinks. SAVE NO TO DINNER HOES. Many women are financially supporting themselves by getting men to pay for their dinners.

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